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Amelia was in the hospital wing for a couple of days. Despite Madam Pomfrey and McGonagall’s complaints, Jake and (admirably) Sirius refused to leave her bedside. She woke up nearly fifty hours after her attack and had no idea who had done it. Madam Pomfrey informed them whoever had done it had wiped her memory of them, but still left all memories of the assault itself. She shuddered as she remembered the horrors that she’d faced. Jake and Sirius were furious, ready to kill whoever had done it but at the same time they were relieved to see Amelia was okay, although shaken to her core. Whilst she was unable to leave the hospital wing that night, Jake and Sirius were basically forced to go back to their dorm and sleep by James, Remus and Hayley. Whilst they hadn’t had much time for chat after Amelia woke up, she made it clear that whatever had happened, she was not going to break up with Sirius, despite the fact that that was the message of the torture session. If anything, it had made her like him even more, seeing how much he cared about her.

Snape couldn’t think. He couldn’t focus. Lily, his beautiful, amazing Lily. Shagging that little scrotum Jake. Him and his fiery little friend Kingston. She deserved what she got. And so would he. He’d teach Hunt to mess with his Lily. His beautiful precious Lily. Before she’d met him, she loved him. She had long, flowing red hair, wouldn’t hurt a fly and treated him like he was her best friend in the world. Now she was a nasty little emo who had treated him like he was a turd under her shoe. If hurting both of them was the only way to bring back his Lily, then hurt them he would. Snape had never been able to live down crying in front of the others. They teased him and mocked him mercilessly. Snape had to win back their respect. He had to destroy Hunt and his bitch of a best friend. They would never mess with Severus Snape or his friends again.

Hope couldn’t help but feel dreadful. Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t persuade herself that what happened to Amelia was not her fault. She had been the one who told Snape to do anything he could in order to break up Sirius and Amelia. Despite this, she had never dreamed Snape would go so far. She should have done. After all, this was Snape she was talking about. The Slytherins were a nasty bunch and were always willing to do anything to get what they wanted. Hope had been blinded by the prospect of getting Sirius for herself and she was never going to go that far again. She wasn’t going to give up on Sirius but at the same time, she couldn’t go around torturing Kingston. As much as she hated her, she couldn’t help but feel horrifically guilty about what had happened. Still, she had to pretend to know nothing about it and uphold her end of the bargain. And yet, she just didn’t have the stomach for it.

Jake was woken by James, who was beckoning him over. Jake slipped down the stairs into the common room, where they headed onto a sofa. Jake’s watch told him it was just gone 8. Everyone else was still in bed.

“Listen, Jake,” James started. “You’ve been spending a lot of time with my sister right?”

Jake’s heart skipped a beat. He tried not to sound panicky. “Yeah. Why?”

“I know she’s got some guy wound around her little finger. But she doesn’t want me to find out about him. She’s always like this, trying to go behind my back. Have you seen her with anyone?”

Jake relaxed slightly but knew sooner or later James would start to draw the right conclusion. He and Hayley were going to have to be a lot more careful. Their latest incident with Amelia had taught him that.

“Sorry James mate. I haven’t seen anything or any guy. But then we don’t see each other as often as you might think. Still, if someone guy is doing stuff with her, you can bet he won’t keep it quiet for long. Maybe you’re being paranoid.”

James smiled and clasped Jake on the back.

“Probably. Just keep an eye on her for me. It’s good to know that someone I trust is looking after my sister.”

“You trust me?” Jake was knocked back slightly by James’ openness.

“Well yeah, I do. You and Amelia, you’re part of our family now. Especially seeing as how she’s bagged Sirius. You two are basically Marauders.”

Jake was slightly overwhelmed but grinned at James.

“Thanks James. That means a lot. I just hope we find who hurt Amelia.”

“Believe me. We will. And they will regret what they did…”

Breakfast. Jake wasn’t hungry as he picked at his food. Sitting next to him, Remus and Sirius were having similar luck. Surrounded by Marauders, Jake almost grinned as Hayley arrived and sat next to her brother, who was facing him, with Lily and Hope next to him. Everyone was pretty sombre for obvious reasons and no-one was really up for talking. Suddenly, a deafening noise made them turn their heads. Snape, his voice colossal, was standing on top of the Slytherin table, clearing his throat. Tears were flowing but he looked triumphant. James and Sirius exchanged worried glances. This was not going to end well. Unfortunately, Dumbledore was out dealing with some top secret business and McGonagall was checking on Amelia. None of the other teachers had the voice to silence Snape.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. Lily Evans, our beloved head-girl is nothing but a ferocious little whore.”

There was uproar as everyone turned to look at Lily. All the Gryffindors were stunned but Lily only looked at one person. Jake. He knew exactly what was coming next and was already on his feet with his wand out. He fired a curse at Snape but Sirius dragged him back into his seat, unaware of the reason behind his outburst.

“And why is our illustrious leader a whore you ask?” Snape continued over the uproar. “Because she spent the entire summer and presumably some time since then, wrapped up in bed with the newest member of our fair school, Jake Hunt! Thanks for listening folks!”

Everyone stared at Jake. The first to react was James who dived across the table, throwing a fierce punch at Jake who didn’t bother to shake him off. After a few seconds of mayhem, Sirius and Remus dragged James off Jake, who had tears in his eyes and was gasping for air. He turned to look at Hayley, but she was gone, a trail of tears in her wake. No-one had noticed amongst the chaos. As Sirius and Remus restrained James, Hope was looking at Lily in shock. Lily was humiliated, her head buried in the table as she fought and failed to avoid the sneering looks and remarks she was getting from everywhere in the room. Jake stood, only to find himself facing a wall of angry faces and annoyed people. Sirius and Remus had looks of despair clear on their faces as they hauled James out the room. Lily, who could no longer face the mortification any longer, followed them, with Hope chasing after her best friend. Jake had so many thoughts rushing through his head. Snape. How did he know? Hayley, what was she going to think? He had to talk to her! Lily herself needed to be spoken to about this mess. But Jake’s underlying thought was of Amelia, lying in a hospital bed and how much he needed her right now. And so, with his world crumbling around him, Jake ran out of the Great Hall, whilst Snape was being taken to detention.

James sat on his bed, having eventually been calmed by Sirius and Remus. He couldn’t believe it. Jake…and Lily. He had horribly erratic images of the pair welded into his head and he wasn’t enjoying that one bit. He knew he had no right to be angry. Lily was a very independent young woman and didn’t have to tell him every detail of her social life. But at the same time, he was furious that she would shag Jake (who looked exactly like him) as soon as she met him but ignore him for over 6 years at Hogwarts. Everything Lily had done this year had been for Jake, he could see that now. He had been an idiot to think that she’d ever like him…

Jake tried to hide his tears as he entered the hospital wing. Amelia was up and quite eager to leave but Pomfrey insisted she stayed another night.

“What’s wrong?” Amelia asked, concern evident in her face as soon as she saw her best friend visibly shaken.

“Snape. He’s… He’s…”

“Don’t let him get to you Jake! You’re so much better than him!”

“Amy, he just announced to the whole school about me and Lily’s summer exploits! Who knows what Hayley’s gonna think!”

Amelia was silent for a few moments. She then gestured for Jake to move closer so she could whisper something to him, before backhanding him in the face.

“Ow! What was that for?”

“Why are you here you numpty? Why aren’t you currently talking to Hayley and making things right with her?”

“I don’t know. I just need you right now Amy!”

Amelia sighed. What she was going to do now was hard but it had to be done in order to help Jake.

“Look Jake. You don’t need me. Not anymore. It’s time you grew up and stopped clinging to me all the time. Now get your arse out of here and start talking to the girl that means the most to you in your life: Hayley. Because I’m not bailing you out this time!”

Jake opened his mouth, then closed it again. Amelia wanted to hug him and tell him it would be alright but at the same time she knew it would defeat her point. Jake nodded and then muttered a rather pitiful goodbye before scurrying out. Amelia sighed. She’d just given her best friend his marching orders and she hoped he didn’t screw it up with Hayley.

Jake knew where Hayley would be. Luckily, she wasn’t up in the girls dorm, or he would never have got to her. She was exactly where he knew she’d be. Their favourite spot. The Room of Requirement. Jake spent ten minutes trying to get in but knew the room had taken Hayley to a place where he wouldn’t be able to find her.

“Hayley,” he called. “Babe I know you’re in there, let me in.”

No luck. Jake slumped down by the side of the room, continuing to coax Hayley until eventually the doors flew open. Jake was cautious as he stepped inside, aware that Hayley was probably in a volatile mood and could well try out some of the new spells he’d taught her in case the Slytherins tried anything. She was sat in the middle of the room, deliberately facing away from him. She was crying, that much was obvious. Jake had to admit, even with her hair a wreck and in her slumped, foetal position, she was stunning. He put a hand out and touched her shoulder gently. She spun on the spot and cursed him. Jake jumped back as his hand burned like liquid fire. Hayley’s face was tear-stained. She didn’t wear loads of makeup but the mascara she was wearing had run slightly. Her eyes were full of fury and Jake knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

“Don’t you dare touch me!” Hayley snarled, her voice uneven and cracking. “To think, that I was going to…How many other girls have you shagged? How many other lies have you told me?”

Jake took a step towards her and immediately regretted it as she screamed again and fired another curse. Luckily, her wand arm was so unsteady that it missed and crashed into the wall behind Jake, who stepped back.

“Listen Hayley, it wasn’t like that. I haven’t lied to you about anything. If you’d asked me about me and Lily then I would’ve told you the truth but I didn’t think it needed to be said.”

“DIDN’T NEED TO BE SAID!” Hayley sounded completely deranged. “You’ve been shagging one of my best friends, not to mention the girl my brother adores and you didn’t think it needed to be said?”

Jake bit his lip. He lunged forward and knocked Hayley’s wand out of her hand. She kicked out at him but he held onto her. For a few seconds she struggled but then she stopped, huddling up to him and resting her head on his shoulder as she cried.

“Tell me what happened,” she sobbed. “The whole story. No lies, no bullshit. Or we’re through. Forever. I’ll never speak to you ever again and I’ll tell James everything. You understand?”

“Yeah,” Jake whispered. “It all started over the summer. We met in a little café near my house. Cute little place. Lily was sitting on her own and she wasn’t looking too happy, so I sat with her. She told me that she’d been bullied by her older sister and that she needed cheering up. So then I kissed her. I’m not sure why, maybe because of how sorry I felt for her or maybe because of how gorgeous she was! You wanted the whole story!” he added quickly as Hayley snarled. She pushed him away and turned to face him.

“Then what?”

“Well we got a bit more serious. Things happened really quickly and we sort of decided that if either of us needed any comfort or anything that the other one would be there. It was a summer fling, we had sex a few times. That was it I promise. I thought she was a muggle, I was astounded to see she actually came to Hogwarts.”

Hayley sat and thought for a little while.

“How many times did you…?” she asked.

“Five or six,” Jake replied bluntly.

“And you felt nothing for her? You just thought she was a pretty girl who wanted some comforting?”

“Pretty much.”

“You think I’m prettier than her right? Fucking hell I sound insecure!” Hayley was angry at herself now.

“She has nothing on you Hayley. Ever since I met you, Lily has been nothing but a mistake from my past. If I could go back and fix things I would. But I can’t.”


“What?” Jake was confused by that.

“No. Don’t say that. It’s not fair on her,” Hayley took a deep breath. “I’m not angry at you for what happened between you and her. To say you would erase it isn’t fair because I’m sure you two had lots of fun!” She winced as she said this. “But how can I trust you if you don’t tell me things like this?” she was tearing up again.

“Look Hayley. I thought if I told you it would mess things up with us. How was I supposed to tell you? Oh yeah, by the way, I’ve shagged Lily Evans, just thought you’d like to know?” Jake snapped and then knew that was a mistake.

“I don’t care!” Hayley yelled. “You have no right to get angry at me! How would you feel if you found out something like that this way? I’d happily tell you anything you want about any of my previous relationships! But for you not to tell me something like this! Especially after we both saw how Lily reacted? I feel sorry for her, it seems she got a rough deal from you! How do I know this is different?”

“She never told me how she felt about me!” Jake was on his feet and yelling as well. “I thought we both felt it was just a temporary thing, a bit of fun. Next thing I know, she’s throwing a temper tantrum after seeing me and you together!”

“She’s not exactly good at hiding her feelings! It should’ve been fucking obvious to you how she felt! Just answer me something. Do you even give a shit about me? Or am I your next Lily?”

“I love you Hayley! I love you more than I love anything or anyone, even Amelia! I don’t care about anything else anymore and if you leave this room hating me then I might as well throw myself out the window!” Jake cried.

Hayley was silent. This was the first time either of them had said those three little words. They’d wanted to save that for a special moment. For Jake to say what he’d said, she was torn. She loved him too and wanted to believe him. But she couldn’t trust him, she knew she’d be a fool to fall straight back into his arms.

“Hayley Potter. You are the love of my life. And I need you to believe me. I need you to trust me.”



“I’m sorry Jake. I thought I loved you. I do love you. But… I can’t trust you. After this whole thing with Lily… I just need some time alone. I don’t hate you and I don’t want this to end. But I can’t see another way. This isn’t forever, this is just until I get my head sorted out. I’m going to talk to Lily. You’re going to talk to Lily. And then, once I can focus long enough, I’ll see if I can look you in the eye. I‘m not sure how this is going to end Jake but I hope it ends with us together again.”

“Hayley, please…”

Jake was the one crying now. She turned to face him but her head was down. She kissed him on the cheek then walked out, leaving him alone with his thoughts…



A/N: Wow the things that Severus Snape will do huh? Could this the end for Jake and Hayley? What about James and Lily? Come on guys, let me know what you think :) R and R. Oh and by the way, thank you so much to everyone who helped TTaT reach 1000 views it means a lot. HP

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