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 Chapter 10: My Unusual Friend

Thursday October 21st, 4:06 pm




Heavy bags

Large consumption of chocolate

Something happens once a month



Secretly a woman

Belongs to a secret cult that uses all of his energy. A cult devoted to chocolate.


Day(s) of symptoms:

Started Saturday, it is now Thursday and instead of looking better he looks much worse.


“What have you got there?” James asked as he plopped down next to me on the couch. I quickly snapped my journal shut and threw it into my backpack.


“Just working on homework,” I said casually, trying to disguise the fact that I was lying through my teeth.


“Alright,” James said without a second thought. “Two things. One, tonight we have a meeting with Dumbledore so I don't think we'll get back until late. Two, this Saturday is a Hogsmeade weekend and I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me.”


I put a hand to my heart and feign swooned, making sure to make a scene out of what was happening so people could see that James and I were going on a date. “I'd love to go on a date with you James,” I said quickly placing a kiss on his cheek.


James seemed slightly dazed by my kiss. I had never been the one to initiate kisses so my little act had thrown him off. I giggled lightly as he stared at me in a confused way before clearing his throat. “Well then, must be off. Sirius and I have detentions to complete.”


I stayed on the couch and retrieved my homework. I worked steadily without further interruptions. I was almost done with my Potions essay when I heard someone coming down from the boy's staircase. I looked up and saw Remus coming towards me. Merlin he looked awful. He looked even more pale than before, if that were possible. His walk was lethargic and his shoulders were hunched.


“Remus are you alright?” I asked in a concerned voice.


“Feeling a bit peakish,” Remus said in a hoarse voice. “I think I'm going to have a lie down in the infirmary.”


“Do you need help?” I asked, moving to stand.


“No,” Remus shook his head firmly. “There's no need I can make it on my own, thanks.”


Before giving me a chance to respond Remus seemed to gather all his remaining strength before quickly walking out of the common room. I resumed working on my homework without glancing up at the clock. After what felt like hours I stretched my arms above my head and looked at the clock seeing that it was quarter to midnight. I glanced around the room and realized I was the only one in there. My mouth fell into a frown when I realized that James and them hadn't returned from Dumbledore's office, surely the meeting would be over by now.


I sighed and gathered all of my things and went up to my dorm room. The lights were off and the sounds of light snores filled the room. I stumbled over to my bed, tripping over various scattered items. I looked over to Lily's bed and was shocked to see Lily there. If the Marauders were in a meeting with Dumbledore shouldn't Lily be there as well?


I shrugged off my backpack and went over to my closet to retrieve pajamas. I picked up Sirius's sweatshirt and slipped it onto my body. The material barely grazed mid thigh on me but I loved how the sweater seemed to hug me and the scent of Sirius still clung to it.


I stretched my arms above my head and looked out of the window in our room. Our room faced the lake and the dark forest. The moon was full tonight and it shed some light on the otherwise dark ground. I was about to turn and go to bed when I saw two figures running in the distance towards the castle. I moved and pressed my face near the glass window trying to get a better view. I could only make out the silhouettes of the two bodies. They were moving slow, one of the bodies seemed to be supporting the other person. Once they neared the castle I stopped breathing.


The torches on the walls of the castles illuminated the figures. Peter was supporting Sirius. Sirius's head was hanging on his chest like he was a rag doll and it didn't appear like he was moving on his own. They quickly vanished inside of the castle and without a second thought I sprinted out of the the dormitory and the common rooms and into the hallways.


I could hear my bare feet slapping against the cobblestone floors. My legs were cold as the chill night hit them but I didn't care. My heart was hammering so loudly I could feel it in my ears. After what felt like hours I finally reached the infirmary. I threw the doors open and saw Peter standing by Madame Pomphrey as she was rushing around the room gathering potions. Sirius was lying on the bed, motionless. His shirt was off and I could see large gashed all over his torso and arms. There was one on his arm that was particularly deep and an even flow of blood came from it.


I walked slowly over to his bed, my presence so far going unnoticed. I stood next to Peter and he looked at me shocked, his eyes wide. “Avery, what are you doing here?” His voice was harsh and alarmed.


“Sirius,” was all I could manage to say.


“You shouldn't be here,” Peter said taking my arm and trying to pull me back. I retched my arm from Peter's grasp.


“I'm not leaving.”


“What is she doing here,” Madame Pomphrey's shrill voice rang once she'd reached the bed and aligned the potions on the bedside table. “Oh never mind we don't have time for arguments.” She retrieved her wand and started waving it over Sirius's wounds. The blood flow slowed down a considerable amount but didn't stop completely. She then took out a wad of tissue and poured a potion on it and started dabbing at Sirius's wounds. The wounds started healing but not fully closing, especially the one on his arm.


“Mr. Black,” Madame Pomphrey said softly. “Mr. Black could you please wake up.” Madame Pomphrey sighed, “we need to give him this potion to fully heal and he needs to be awake in order to take it.”


Sirius shifted but didn't respond.


I moved closer to him and took his hand in my own. With my free hand I pushed his hair from from his eyes and said in a soft voice, “Sirius, please wake up, we need to give you a potion.” Sirius shifted again and his eyelids twitched but he didn't wake up. “Sirius,” I said in a more stern voice but he still didn't wake up. “Oh sod it,” I said before slapping him across the face.


Sirius's eyes shot open, “ouch, that hurt Muze.”


I let out a sigh of relief before smiling at him, “well maybe if you weren't such a lazy arse I wouldn't have to resort to violence.”


“Alright Mr. Black,” Madame Pomphrey said loudly as she moved be aside to get closer to him. “I need you to drink some of this potion. You'll need to consume this potion every four hours so I'm afraid I can't give you a sleeping potion for tonight as I'll need you waking up at odd hours of the night.”


“I can do that.” I offered stepping by Sirius.


“No Miss Muze, you are to go back off to your dorm room.”


“No it's fine, I don't mind. I already took a nap earlier today and I'm not tired,” I said lying. “Besides I'm sure you hardly get good sleep with students always coming here.” I could tell what I said was true. Madame Pomphrey had heavy bags under her eyes and her eyes were bloodshot.


She seemed to contemplate what I said for a moment before sighing in defeat, “fine, but only you Miss Muze. Mr Pettigrew you are to return to your dorm room.”


Peter didn't argue and left the infirmary. “Right Miss Muze, you are to have Mr. Black take one sip every four hours. If after the eighth hour there haven't been any changes to his wounds please wake me up.”


I nodded and took the vile from Madame Pomphrey. She turned and walked to her room without another word. I turned back to Sirius who was looking at me with his usual amused expression on his face. “My sweatshirt looks good on you, especially the no pants part.”


I rolled my eyes and tried to laugh it off but suddenly felt embarrassed for my appearance. “What the hell happened tonight, Sirius?”


Sirius's amused expression fell from his face as his look hardened. “I fell out of a tree.”


I didn't buy it for one second. There was no way that falling out of a tree would cause those deep cuts. Maybe a bit of bruising and a broken bone, but not deep gashes. “Don't lie to me Sirius.”


“I'm not. I er-thought I saw a unicorn and I was with Pete and so we climbed a tree to get a better look and then I fell.”


“I'm not an idiot.” I said growing furious that he didn’t feel like he could tell me the truth.


Sirius sighed dejectedly and looked over my shoulder, avoiding my eyes as his eyebrows furrowed. “Alright, I'm a horrible liar but I can't tell you what happened.”


“Why can't you tell me?”


“It's not my secret to tell. Please, maybe you'll find out, maybe you wont but it's not my decision.”


“Does this have something to do with Remus?” Something was clicking for me. Judging by the scared look on Sirius's face my guess was correct. I felt like I was so close to figuring out what the thing was with Remus. It was like the answer was right in my face but I couldn't figure it out. Like I've said before, I've always sucked at puzzles.


I gave up trying to get the answer out of Sirius, if it had something to do with one of his friends I knew he would never tell me. He was loyal to them and even though he and I were friends he wouldn't betray one of them for me. It was annoying but one of Sirius's better qualities. I sighed and sat down in the chair next to him. He realized I was done probing him and smiled at me warmly, relaxing now that there was no longer the strain of the lie.


“Well you better not get yourself killed before Halloween. I would hate to miss the concert.”


Sirius let out his bark-like laugh. “Wouldn't dream of it, love.”


I smiled but couldn't help but let a yawn escape my mouth. Now that the adrenaline had calmed down my tiredness had kicked in. I looked at my watch and it was almost one. I moved my chair closer to Sirius's bed and laid my arms on his bed and rested my head on them.


“What are you doing?” Sirius inquired.


“I'm going to go to sleep,” I said as I tried to make myself comfortable.


Sirius laughed, “love, you don't have to be so self-sacrificing. Come here,” Sirius shifted in his bed so that he was pushed all the way to one side. He patted the empty spot next to him. I looked at it wearily. “I wont bite, promise.”


I rolled my eyes. I was tired and there was no way I was ever going to get comfortable in the position I was currently in. I stood up and laid down on the bed. Sirius moved his arm so that it was supporting my head as he held me close. I rested my head in the crook of his arm careful not to touch his bare body because it was still covered in the potion.


“Better set an alarm for the potion,” Sirius said into the top of my head.


“Oh right!” I said as I set an alarm on the clock next to me.


Sirius chuckled into my head. His voice sounded distant as he slipped into sleep, “if I die its on your head.” His arm tightened around my back as he pulled me closer. I couldn't help but let a small smile fall on my lips before I closed my eyes and fell asleep.




The sun was hot on my face as it shone through the large windows in the infirmary. I opened my eyes halfway as they adjusted to the new light. Once they'd adjusted I looked around the empty room. It was silent, not even the chirps from birds could be heard. I looked down and saw Avery sleeping contently as she stayed in the crook of my arm.


I couldn't help but notice how innocent she looked as she slept. Her face was completely slack as she slept, no trace of emotion read on it. Her hand was tightened in a fist on my chest except for her thumb which laid by her mouth as if she were going to suck on it. I went to push the hair back from her face but immediately jerked my hand back.


What am I doing?


That kind of gesture would've been so intimate, a level Avery and I weren't at, nor a level we would ever be at. And yet in that moment all I wanted to do was push back her hair from her face and let the sun warm it.


My hand seemed to be moving on it's own accord as I let go of my hesitancy and pushed the hair back. My hand lightly grazed her cheek as I moved it down. She stirred slightly but didn't wake up. Her balled up hand loosened and spread over my chest. I looked down and noticed how small her hands were, they were probably the size of my palm. As if I were testing this theory I placed my hand on top of hers, easily covering it with my own.


“Should I come back later?”


My head jerked up at the sudden interruption. James was standing at the foot of my bed with his arms crossed over his chest and an amused expression on his face. I quickly removed my hand from Avery's and sat up rigidly. My sudden movement caused Avery to wake up. She yawned as she stretched her hands over her head.


“Morning,” she said to me and James as she took in the scene around her. I was surprised by how relaxed she seemed. If this had been a few weeks ago she would be panicking, probably running out of the infirmary and locking herself in the library. I'd noticed that ever since the incident with Slytherin she'd changed, been more open with us, less timid. “I'll go get Madame Pomphrey,” she said before leaving the bed and disappearing into a room.


“You two looked comfortable,” James said once Avery was out of earshot.


I shrugged and tried to remain calm, “I couldn't let her sleep on the chair.”


“Right,” James said in a disbelieving voice but he knew better than to push me and dropped the subject.


“I think we may have to worry about her figuring out about Remus.” James's playful look vanished. “She's noticing all the odd things going on, shes' smart she's going to figure it out soon.”


“We'll deal with it when the time comes,” James said in a hushed voice as Avery and Madame Pomphrey emerged from the room.


“Right then, let's have a look at the wounds.” Madame Pomphrey has Sirius sit up as she wiped away the potion on his chest. She inspected the cuts which looked better but weren't completely healed. “Well I think that once you finish the rest of this potion your wounds will heal, unfortunately I think the wound on your arm is going to leave a scar due to the severity of the cut. Drink the rest of this potion and I can send you off Mr. Black.”


I sprang up from my bed and chugged the rest of the vile potion. The fact that it tasted like one of Hagrid's dirty socks didn't bother me one bit. James and I made our way down to the Great Hall for breakfast and Avery mumbled something about skipping breakfast to shower and get dressed.


Women. I'll never understand them. Them and their...hygiene. If I haven't showered I just stick my head under a sink and it takes about two minutes. I've never missed a breakfast.


Once in the Great Hall James and I spot Remus and sat by him. He looked dead tired and there's a fresh cut on his face. He looked at me and I immediately sensed that he's feeling guilty about last night. To reassure him I clapped him on the back and said, “don’t worry about it mate.”


Remus's shoulders drop and I know the subject wont come up again but I also know that inside Remus will be beating himself up for attacking one of his friends. We all know the dangers that come with Remus turning into a werewolf but we don't care. We can't let Remus do this alone, we're his brothers and we will not abandon him.


“Where's Pete?” James asked as he dug into his scrambled eggs.


“He's skipping breakfast, Tina broke up with him this morning.” Remus answered.


“Blimey,” I muttered. Poor Pete. This was his first real relationship and I know he really cared for Tina. “What happened?”


“She asked him why he doesn't come back until late hours of the night and when he couldn't provide an answer she broke up with him for not being honest. It's my fault.” Remus hung his head and I couldn't help but feel bad, he just looked so damn dejected. No matter how many times we tried to drill into his head 'it's not his fault we want to do this' it doesn’t matter. He bottles up every incident and blames himself.


What I like best about being a guy is that one moment there can be a problem with us and then next we're having a contest seeing how many pieces of toast can fit into James' mouth. And just for the record, it's six pieces of toast and half an egg.


After breakfast we headed up to the common room to get our school supplies. Once we entered I saw Avery and Peter sitting on the couch. Avery had her arm around Peter and looked like she was consoling him with a serious expression on her face. Peter looked miserable and I instantly felt bad for the little guy.


Avery looked up and saw us walking over to her. She gave a small smile and stood up with Peter hugging him.


I couldn't help but be grateful for Avery. We're guys, which means we don't deal with feelings and though any of us would deny it if asked, we do want to talk about our feelings here and there, especially when bad things happen. Since none of us would ever admit to that though we never talk bout it, so it's nice having a girl around.


I noticed that Avery was still wearing my sweatshirt as she went up to her dorm room. I then looked over to Peter and saw a dazed look on his face as he watched Avery go up the stairs. He sighed once she'd disappeared and ran a hand through his short hair.


“You alright mate?” I asked half-heartedly, clapping a friendly hand on Peter's back.


“Yeah,” Peter squeaked. “Avery's quite something, isn't she?”


“Yeah,” I couldn't help but let myself agree. “She is.”


A/N: What do you think? Did you like that I switched it to Sirius's POV? Switching POV's won't happen a lot. Next chapter half of it will be in James' POV but aside from that I -so far- have no other plans for POV switching. What did you think of Sirius in the hospital wing when he woke up?? Too much? Let me know! The song is by Fruit Bats and I want to thank ElizabethSmith for leaving a lovely review on every single one of my chapters, you rock!  

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