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The week passed by I hung out with friends from school and took Lily to some parties and then James stayed for some days as he said he would.  It’s really good weather so I spent most of the days at the beach, I really love the ocean! It’s beautiful and whenever I’m by the ocean I feel home. That’s why dad bought me a little motorboat when I turned sixteen. Anyway Lily told mum and dad she was moving in with James at first they freak out but then when James talked to them they cooled down and now they seem fine with it. So Lily and James has spent a lot of time looking for furniture they both like. It’s funny to se them sitting by the table looking in magazines and discussing if they want a brown or beige couch. They are so lovely dovely.


Right now I’m lying around in my bed just woken up. Wonder what James and Lily are up to today it’s the last day that James is here. I think I heard them talking about going to the beach and bring Sirius along. I noticed the guys are really close. James called him almost every night to see if he was okay or what he had done during the day, they talked for hours one night. Funny thing that guys can speak so long in the phone with each other. But I guess living together they become brothers for real so they must love each other the way me and Lily does. Okay time to go up!


“Morning mum! Are Lily and James at the beach?” I ask as I put my hair up in a high ponytail.

“Yes, they left awhile ago.” She said.

“Great! I’m gonna take Princess out for a ride.” Princess is my boat.

“You go do that, will you be back for lunch?”

“I don’t eat lunch.” I say and put my bikini and a towel in my bag and the boat keys then I take a walk done to the port it takes ten minutes or so. And there she is my little Princess! You see why I named her that right? Dad always calls Lily and me his princesses because he loves us and I love my boat. So I start the engineer and head of to the beach looking for Lilys bright red hair among all the people. Lucky, I found them (Lily, James and Sirius) lying on one of the cliffs, Lilys and my favourite spot when we were kids. I drive a little closer so they can hear me if I shout at them.

“YO! Lily do you and your guys wanna come for a ride with me?” I shout at her and she looking up from where she is working on her tan.

“Hi Tunia!” She says and turns around to the guys obviously asking if they wanna join me. They look curious at me, and then Sirius dives into the ocean and swim toward me. He climbs up in the boat from the bathing ladder. So only in his swimming trucks with his long black hair dripping on his body, he is standing in front of me smiling. I can’t help but to stare at his body it’s so well trained and his stomach must be the best part I think, wow!

“What’s up?” He asks with a cocky grin on his face.

“I thought you guys wanted to join me.” I say still staring at him, which he most has noticed by now.

“Ey Tunia can you come a bit closer so I can throw our clothes to you?” Lily asks, and I do as she says. Meanwhile Sirius has taken the boat armchair next to mine so I guess Lily and James has to sit on the benches on the sides.


When Lily has tossed me their clothes and other things and climbed on board we head out on the ocean with the wind blowing in our faces. Sirius seems to enjoy the ride as much as I do. So why not let him drive?

“Sirius, do you wanna try driving?” I ask and he looks at me with excitement in his eyes.

“Can I?”

“Yes, stand up and I show you how to.” I say and he stands up and takes place in front of the wheel and I explain how everything works, but just in case I decide to stand behind him and help him and if he should fuck up I can fix it. So now we are driving the boat together it’s quite fun actually. Then we found a little marine where we stopped and bought ice cream.


“Shit that was fun!” Sirius says.

“Driving the boat, I know it’s awesome.” I say and he is licking on his ice cream and I can’t resist the urge to smash it in his face so he gets ice cream on his nose and a bit on his cheek then I laugh and he is just sitting there staring at me, then he nicks my ice cream from me and his free hand is holding both of my hands so I can’t move and he starts to smear ice cream in my face while he is laughing and I laughing and screaming trying to get away.

“This is what you get for smashing my ice cream in my face!”


“No oh, it’s your fault.” Lily says laughing at me. Now my face is covered with vanilla flavoured ice cream and Sirius seems happy with his work because ha stops smearing it in my face.

“Hello sexy!” Sirius mocks me and laughs.

“Who’s fault is that?!” I say and wipes off some of the ice cream on my face with my finger and then licking it off.

“Now I think we should go swimming or at least take a dip.” I say as I start to strip off my clothes till I’m just wearing my bikini. Then I jump into the water. Sirius is right after me followed by James and Lily.   


“Ah man that was fun, can we do it again some time?” Sirius asks when we’re walking home from the port.

“Sure thing, just give me your number and I call you when I’m taking a ride next time.”

“My number to what?” He’s looking confused.

“Your phone stupid.” This seems to confuse him even more.

“What’s that?”

“What’s that?! What’s that!” I mimic him.

“Fine, be that way! I go ask Lily she’s much nicer then you anyway.” He says and grabs Lilys arm and drags her away. What did he get angry?

“James.” I shout and he turns around waiting for me to catch up with him. He and Lily had walked a few meters ahead of us.

“Did Sirius get angry?” I ask him.

“It depends, what did you say?” So I explained to him and he smiled understanding.

“No he didn’t get angry just a bit annoyed. He hates when people tease him, it’s fun! I do it all the time.”

“But I mean did he have to run of?”

“No he wouldn’t have run of normally. But since he really wanted to know what a phone is and he obviously wasn’t going to ask you he had to run of asking Lily.”

“Ah, I see.” Then we just walked quiet beside each other. Then when we caught up with Sirius and Lily, Sirius turned to James:

“We’re going shopping tomorrow, man!”


“I need some things.”


The weeks passed, Lily and James had moved in to their new apartment in London and so had Sirius. It’s been a while since I saw them now. Not Lily, she comes home at least once a week. But James and Sirius I haven’t seen them for some weeks now. I actually miss them. Oh, and I met Vernon on a party a week ago. It wasn’t nice. I was at my friends’ party and he was there. When he saw me he got up and asked me if we could talk. Since I was drunk and he was too I followed him to an empty bedroom. He closed the door behind us and then started to tell me how much he missed me, and all that crap. When I told him we were over he pushed me down on the bed and started to kiss me telling me what a slut I am. Lucky Amanda came in and asked what we were doing, if she hadn’t I think he would have raped me. I was a bit shaken up the days after but now I’m fine.


It’s Sunday morning and I have a terrible hung over. Me and some friend were at a club last night. ‘Bleep’ ‘bleep’ is that my phone? Yeah I just got a text.


Hey Petunia how’s it going? It’s been awhile since I saw you wanna hung out some day? /Sirius.


Say what?! Did he buy a phone? Sweet.


Siri of course I’d love to hang out what are you up to today? Xx


Sweet, I have nothing planed today wanna come over?


Well it depends; I have to take the train to London right?


Yeah I guess, if it’s a bother I can come to you.


No it’s fine! I love train rides.. I’m just gonna freshen up and I take the next train.


Sounds like a plan! It gives me time to clean up a bit. See you soon :)


Yeah see ya! Xx


What does xx mean?




Oh I like that! I’m gonna meet you at the station text me the time and I’ll be there. Xx


You’re cute, I will now I need a shower. Xx


So I jumped in the shower and then put on some make up, I didn’t want to look to ugly. I decided I didn’t have time to fix my hair it just had to dry on the train ride.


“Mum, dad I’m going to London, visit Sirius. OK” I said.

“Wait here young lady!” Dad stopped me in the hall. 



“Yeah and Lily and James, is there a problem?”

“It could be. What are you doing and when will you be back?”

“Dad, Lily’s gonna be there and I don’t know some time tonight?”

“Ok but give me a call when you are on the train home okay?”

“Okay dad.” I say and give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh and I’m gonna drive you to the station.”

I’m at the station in like 15 minuets ;).


Okay, good see you soon then! :D.


I step off the train looking for Sirius, but I can’t found him.

“Looking for someone?” I hear a voice behind me and I turn around and sees a good looking guy with liquorice coloured hair and amazing silver eyes.

“SIRIUS” I give him a hug and he hugs me back. There we are at the station hugging for a long time.

“Ah it’s been a while!” He says when we let each other go and starts walking out from the station.

“Yeah why is it that you never come visiting me anymore?”

“Well I’ve been busy with the apartment and all.”

“I could have helped you, you know.”

“Yeah sorry.”

“Hey, don’t be. Let’s go eat something, I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.”

So there we were walking down the streets of London talking and laughing. We went to a nice brunch place and had breakfast. Well I had blueberry pancakes and some tea and Sirius drank a cup of coffee, and he nicked some pancakes from me. When we were done he paid for everything though I said I could pay my part but he said no and paid for it. Then we made our way over to his apartment.


“Oh my god Sirius! This place is big; you live here all by yourself? It’s big enough to fit a family of six people.” I said as I walked around his huge apartment.

“Well I need some space.” He said and flung himself down on the couch in what I assumed to be the living room. Oh and he had a TV!

“Oh my god! I love your bathroom! It’s beautiful!” What? it was! It was huge and had mirrors and a shower and a bathtub in the floor, yes you heard right; not on the floor in the floor how cool isn’t that!

“Sirius! This place is super cool” I said as I sat down on the couch next to him.

“Thanks! I knew you’d like it.” He smiled and I smiled back.

“But you haven’t seen the best part yet!” He said and dragged me up from the couch and through his apartment not letting go of my hand. We went out in the hall again and turned around the corner and there was an open place with a sofa and a fireplace and a balcony a big one! He dragged me trough the door and it wasn’t a balcony it was a fucking roof terrace and you could se over the entire London!

“Sirius wow! It’s gorgeous” I said and walked around on the terrace and the sat down in one of the outdoors armchairs.

“Wait here, I will be right back.” Sirius said and went into the apartment and I just sat there looking at the view. When He came back he had blankets and a bottle of tequila with him.”

“Up fore some shots?” He asked.

“Always!” I said and we did a few shots and then just sat there talking and then the twilight come and it got a bit colder. So I took my blanket and walked over to where Sirius sat and sat down in his lap making me at home there with his arms around me, and the blankets.

“You’re sweet, do you know that?” I said and rested my head against his shoulder.

“You’re beautiful, do you know that?” His silver eyes looking into mine. Well I guess you can imagine what happened next, we kissed and we kissed a lot.

“Do you want to stay over?” He whispered between kisses.

“Yeah, I wanna.” 

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