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chapter pic by hysteria @ TDA


Chapter Nine:


Prongs—Last month of summer is here which means we shall be reunited soon. I’m sure your parents are already preparing for the anxiety attack that is trying to keep us in line. Just joking—they’re probably super excited their favorite boy is coming back. Keep me updated. –Your Padds



Sirius pressed his face into his pillow until the pressure in his lungs stung with pain, but it was not helping. He had been tossing and turning for hours, pressing his palms against his eyelids and hopelessly reciting Transfiguration spells, but nothing was going to take his mind off it. Nothing could make him forget her: hands clinging to the ends of the dining room table, teeth biting into her lip to stifle her moans. The image of her exposed side and brilliant hair, glowing in the candlelight, was visible each time Sirius shut his eyes. He had only just seen her for a moment, his mind still registering what was before him, when her eyes, as if sensing his presence, met his own immediately. Chills ran down Sirius’ body as he remembered the raw look in Solene’s eyes, heavy lidded and dark, as she ran her gaze up Sirius’ face and understood that he was standing near her. His body had jerked and he had backed up instantly, perhaps fast enough to convince Solene he was a figment of her imagination, but not quick enough to avoid the permanent damage it had done to his mind.


He felt shaken and embarrassed. He had walked in on his brother having sex with his longtime girlfriend, and instead of retreating in discomfort or amusement, as normal brothers would do—as he would have done had he’d walked in on James—he had ogled her naked body in wonder until he had to pull his eyes away.


Sirius did not deny that he had admired Solene’s slender legs and her ice-cold eyes, nearly transparent in the sunlight, for quite some time. When Solene’s body was almost exposed in flimsy bathing suits, Sirius sometimes stared for a little too long and when Solene’s skin touched his own he sometimes felt as if it pulled him closer like a magnet. But those things could be expected, and they could be ignored. She was beautiful, he knew that, but plenty of girls were beautiful. However, what Sirius could not ignore, was knowing something as intimate as the sound of Solene biting back groans of pleasure, or the arches of her feet around Regulus’ waist, or the entrancing draw of her eyes.



This was going to make pretending Solene’s obscenely short shorts and bikini tops did not faze him, pretending that he was as completely uninterested as would be a sane cousin, a much, much harder task. He couldn’t even ask James for advice because he was too humiliated. Had his brain lost total control? Was he so aching for Solene to be lying underneath him instead of his brother? Was Solene tempting him on purpose?



Sirius knew that Solene was fighting against her own dangerous temptations. He knew that an air would sometimes envelop them as Solene fought off hazardous urges. Part of her wanted him too. Not enough to act on it, but enough to startle her. Sirius knew he had to resist her if she ever made a move. She was a treacherous manipulator at times, and Sirius often found himself distrusting her motives. Had she invited the muggles over tonight because she knew Regulus was home? Had it been a trap?



Sirius tried to push his accusations and doubts to the forefront of his thoughts but there was no use. Try as he did to concentrate, the only thing his mind held in focus were Solene’s pale fingers as they held fast to the table in pleasure.     



The soles of Solene’s feet burned slightly against the hot sand. She was looking for Sirius…or Charlotte, even Nate, along the beach. For the first time in days, Sirius had left without waiting for her to come downstairs. They usually met in the kitchen each morning, both wearing their bathing suits and quietly nursing hangovers. The fact that Sirius was nowhere to be found confirmed Solene’s suspicions; he had seen her with Regulus last night. He probably thought she would be spending the next few days with her boyfriend. He probably did not know that Regulus had already abandoned her again.



Solene was determined not to be embarrassed. She would not let Sirius have another reason to make her nervous. Yes, he had walked in on her having sex with his brother. Yes, she may have been nearly spread eagle on the dining room table. Yes, she had been wondering how long he had watched her. But that was no reason to shy away from him as if she was ashamed. No, she would fight off her blush and act like it had never happened, and he would go along with it.



She finally located her group of friends sun tanning on the shore. She lay between Nate and Audrey and tried to avoid making eye contact with Sirius, but he didn’t even look in her direction.



The day passed quickly, as afternoons at the beach always do, and soon it was dusk. A bonfire was lit, the girls pulled light sweaters over their exposed shoulders and bottles of wine and rum emerged from backpacks. Sirius still had not spoken a word to Solene, and she could not understand why.


Solene drank wine and chatted easily with everyone around her. It was hard for her to imagine that just a few weeks ago she would have been afraid to even step outside of the Chateau’s courtyard. Everyone was becoming very drunk and it did not surprise anyone when Nate and Charlotte placed an empty wine bottle upon a magazine and ushered everyone into the circle for a game of sin-the-bottle.



Usually, Sirius would be in his element. Firstly, he could never turn down an opportunity to kiss girls. He considered making-out to be one of his paramount talents and fondest hobbies. Secondly, little pleased him more than watching Solene try to weasel her way out of making physical contact with muggles. Her excuses had been so blotched and awkward when non-wizards had tried to speak to her on one of their first excursions into town, he still laughed when he thought about them. Surely Solene’s impression of muggles had improved in the past few weeks, but he doubted she would be jumping at the opportunity of kissing them when she had precious Reggie waiting at home. French kissing and watching Solene embarrassed should have made his night.



However, Sirius had other things on his mind. He had had other things on his mind all day. He could not stop picturing Solene naked, and he could not stop thinking that she had invited all of their friends over so Regulus could be there waiting to harm them. Sirius had liked to think that Solene had softened, that she was a good person underneath her misguided values. Was it possible he had been a big idiot, charmed by her sparkling eyes and plush lips? Was it possible Solene was evil enough to be in collaboration with Regulus? Was he putting the lives of his friends in danger even by associating with her? Maybe he was underestimating her.



Maybe he was seeing the innocent little girl he used to play with and underneath her beautiful exterior she was as bloodthirsty as her parents.

Sirius was going to go insane. He had spent all day convincing himself that Solene was not to be trusted and now he could not even look at her out of fear that one glance would shred down every defense.



“Solene’s turn!” Charlotte giggled and finally, Sirius could not help but look up from the sand.


Amazingly, Solene grabbed the bottle without hesitation, giggled, and spun it forcefully. What happened to the protesting? Sirius thought confused.


The circle fell quiet and the fire crackled. The bottle lost speed painstakingly slowly. Sirius felt his heart pounding. The neck came to a long-winded, deliberate halt in his direction. Sirius swallowed and made eye contact with Solene. She too, looked as if she could not breathe. Sirius had a hard time remembering there were others around him; all he could see was the fire reflecting in Solene’s crystal eyes. No matter how hard he tired to fight it, he knew wanted that bottle to stop on him. He knew he wanted those soft, rose lips against his own.



The crowed burst into laughter. “Relatives are excused,” Charlotte laughed, “Solene, spin again!”



What? Sirius jerked his head to Charlotte, Relatives? Oh… right… cousins.



Sirius’ eyes returned to Solene’s gaze. The bottle was spinning beneath them again but they did not stop staring at each other. What was going on?



Everyone around them started snickering and Sirius knew the bottle had stopped turning. He had to back down to earth.




“Ohhh, Na-ate!” Charlotte, who had seemed to take on the role of official announcer-woman, called.



Solene giggled and Nate approached her nervously. Sirius leaned forward in expectation, waiting for Solene to snap something cruel to Nate’s aspirations, but she was not saying anything. Nate sat himself beside Solene and they smiled at each other. Sirius looked from one to the other, already feeling sorry for his friend who was about to have his ego crushed but all he could see was their faces getting closer in slow motion. No, this could not be happening. Solene would never kiss someone like Nate; she had thrown a fit when she saw Sirius kissing a muggle at the club their first night together in town. It was likely Solene was scheming with Regulus to hurt every person seated in the circle. It was likely she had been drawing Sirius along all summer as bait. What purpose would it serve to kiss his friends? And, Sirius dared to wonder, if she could kiss Nate, why couldn’t she kiss me?



“Do you know what you’re doing?” Sirius blurted out and every face in the circle turned to him in confusion. Nate’s mouth pulled into a frown.



“What is that supposed to mean?” Solene questioned.



“Yeah! What’s that supposed to mean?” Nate added, clearly misunderstanding Solene’s undertone.



Sirius swallowed nervously.




“I mean…she has a boyfriend,” Sirius croaked, wrinkling his brow. He was really digging himself into a hole.




“Are you sure that is what you mean? I didn’t think that would bother you,” Solene answered and raised her eyebrows. Everyone looked back and forth at each other confused.



“Of course,” Sirius coughed and ruffed his hair nervously, “Your boyfriend is a… good friend of mine….”



“I see,” Solene cocked her head to the side, “I always thought you two weren’t too fond of each other.”



“Well we have our disagreements,” Sirius stammered, “but I’ve known him my whole life, you know. We used to be very close.”



“Right….” Solene paused and all of their friends shrugged at each other without a clue as to what was going on. “Are you sure this isn’t because Nate is a…foreigner.”



“What do you mean a foreigner? I’m English!” Nate interrupted and Solene held up her index finger in his direction to shush him. He fell silent immediately and Sirius recognized instantly Solene’s ability to dominate others.



“Sirius, are you sure you aren’t questioning this because he is a m…m… what are they called again? Oh, right, a Mancunian.”



“Stop being ridiculous,” Sirius snapped.



“Ridiculous? And here I thought I was being tolerant—“



“What in God’s name are you two talking about?” Charlotte interrupted, cutting Solene off mid-sentence.



“Nothing. Ignore Sirius, he seems to have been in a sour mood all day,” Solene answered and threw Sirius a nasty look before grabbing onto Nate’s shirt and pulling him up against herself forcefully. Sirius’ mouth dropped to the ground as Solene’s lips pressed up against Nate’s and her hands found their way into his hair. They did not break their kiss and Sirius could see Nate smiling as his lips parted and his tongue deepened his contact with Solene, a hand placed on each of her cheeks. Sirius felt sick.



He had never been more confused in his whole life. He didn’t know if Solene liked Nate, or if she was just having fun, or if she was tempting him back to her place to have her fanatic pureblood boyfriend murder him. What he did know was that he could not handle the show any longer. And so, Sirius rose to his feet abruptly and furiously, briskly walked towards the water, tossed his shirt onto the sand, and dove beneath the  waves.



His head had just broken the surface when he heard a familiar shriek from the shoreline.




“What the fuck is your problem, Black?” Solene’s voice overpowered the sound of the tide—so much for trying to get away from her.




Sirius let his head sink under the water again to block the sound of her fury but he knew he would not have his stolen peace for long. When he stood Solene was right beside him, with water up to the hem of her shorts and her arms across her chest.



“What was that little spectacle about, eh?” she asked, just short from yelling.



“My spectacle? What about your little show with Nate there, huh?” Sirius responded, just as aggravated.


“I kissed him! We were playing spin-the-bottle! I thought that was pretty standard procedure.”



Siruis shrugged and looked away uncomfortably, running his fingers through his hair.


“Seems to me like you’re upset I kissed a muggle,” Solene accused.



“Please,” Sirius rolled his eyes, “I just told him you had a boyfriend.”



“And what possessed you to tell them about Regulus in the first place?”



“You don’t think it was relevant,” Sirius answered, trying desperately not to make eye contact. He could not stop seeing her naked.



“Oh I didn’t realize we’d been aiming for honesty. While we’re at it why don’t we let them know about the castle we live in? Or that we aren’t cousins and—what was that other thing?—oh right! We’re wizards!” Solene shouted.



“I wouldn’t mind you being honest for once, Solene,” Sirius replied.



“What are you getting at?”


“You know what I mean,” Sirius dared to glare at Solene for a moment before turning his gaze back onto the beach.



“I have no idea what you are talking about. For God’s sake would you look at me, please?”


Sirius sighed and gathered his thoughts before looking at Solene.



“Did you want to invite everyone over yesterday so Regulus would be there to meet them?” Sirius asked softly but had his answer before he even finished his sentence. Solene’s lips parted and she inhaled sharply as she stared at him in disbelief.



“You…you think I would do that?” she asked in a voice so fragile it was as if all her anger had evaporated. The waves had drenched her shorts and Sirius wondered if she was cold.



“I don’t know,” Sirius answered bluntly.



“I would never…” her voice trailed off, “Sirius it was an accident. I had no idea Regulus would be there.”



“I don’t know if I can trust you,” Sirius sighed and Solene let her fingers trail in the water.




“I know I was difficult at first but I like my …friends. I would never hurt them,” Solene said sincerely and felt her voice quiver a bit with fear. She hated being vulnerable with Sirius.



“And yet the second you leave them you’re on your back for your Death Eater boyfriend,” Sirius laughed and shook his head at her.



Solene felt her anger boiling up again instantly, “I don’t have to defend myself. My relationship with Regulus is none of your business.”  



“It becomes my business when you endanger everyone around you—”



“Stop it. Sirius, just shut up about this Death Eater shit. Regulus is not like that,” Solene heard her voice rising again. Sirius hadn’t had a conversation with his brother in years. Sirius did not see Regulus’ without defenses; he did not see that under a desire to please his parents in every way Sirius hadn’t, Regulus was a good person.



“You’re a stupid girl sometimes, you know?” Sirius scoffed, “ A dumb girl with an even dumber boyfriend.”



“You’re just jealous,” Solene snapped.



“Of Regulus?” Sirius laughed.






“Because I’ve been trying for months to work my way into Voldemort’s rankings?”



“No. You’re jealous of him because he has me,” Solene glared at Sirius and waited for his reply. She expected something along the lines of her being a delusional, desperate narcissist, but Sirius remained silent. He exhaled and stared at her, running his fingers through his hair another time. Once again, he wondered if she was cold, and wished he could pull her to himself like he had yesterday and warm her against his body in the water.


“Does he?” Sirius finally answered, breaking the uncomfortable silence.


Solene blinked confused and Sirius approached her, placing his hand on her wrist.



“Are you sure he has you?” Sirius asked again and Solene felt the waves rock her body towards his. There was a bright full moon illuminating the water but Solene could focus on nothing but his dark hair, dark eyelashes, dark eyes. Her arms had goose-bumps from the wind, but her skin burned where Sirius’ fingers made contact.



“I’m going to marry him, Sirius,” she whispered.



Sirius’ expression did not chance. He swallowed quietly and nodded.



“Right,” he said and looked out towards their friends on the beach, “We should get back.”



Solene nodded and Sirius released her wrist, dove under the water once more and began walking back to the bonfire without looking back.



Regulus had left three days ago. He had been gone for two weeks and he had stayed for five hours. Solene had spoken to him briefly as he collected his things and muttered indecipherable excuses. He had promised to be back soon, but he had always done that. Solene could not find the energy to fight with Regulus anymore, so she let him go without argument. Sirius however, had not spoken to Solene in two days, and his absence left a much greater, cold void in her beautiful summer days.



Regardless of the spin-the-bottle incident, he did not seem angry with her for the rest of that night on the beach. In fact, he had behaved as if nothing had happened. Solene figured Sirius was just good at concealing his discomfort; he had always been a charmer. It was undeniable, something between the two of them felt a little off center, as if they had strayed to a steep edge and were struggling to keep balance. Solene knew she missed Sirius, the longer he avoided her, the more reckless her impulses felt. The summer was coming to an end sooner than she had anticipated and she felt a clock counting down the end of her days with him.



Sirius had not been coming to the beach in the afternoon, and he had been missing from all of the festivities at Charlotte’s free house last night. Solene assumed he had been going into town alone and had to brush off questions awkwardly when all of their friends questioned why her cousin was missing in action. Finally, determined to discover whether Sirius too, was abandoning her, Solene set out to investigate.



She wandered down the halls and up to the door of Sirius’ bedroom and instantly felt her heart rate quicken. It was almost midnight on a Friday. If Sirius was not there, she would be snooping, and if he was there…



Solene knocked once. There was no answer. She knocked again and heard a faint grunt of acknowledgement from inside the room. She pushed open the door.



“Alone in the dark? Bit melodramatic, Sirius,” Solene teased.



“It helps me think,” he replied and she shrugged. Solene leaned her shoulder against the wall and the door creaked shut behind her. She wanted to know what Sirius was thinking about. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and she tried not to stare.



“Charlotte is having a really big party tomorrow before she leaves for Paris this week,” Solene said, “She wants you to be there.”




Sirius nodded, “Ok. Goodnight?”



Solene stared out Sirius window. It was still a full moon.




“I can’t sleep.”



“Where’s Regulus?” he asked.



“You know he’s never here,” she sighed and Sirius could trace the loneliness behind her words. He couldn’t believe he had spent so much more time with her this summer than his brother had.



“And I’m bored,” she continued, her gaze drifting to the view of the beach from Sirius’ parted curtains.



“Well seeing as you are so bored,” Sirius’ lips curved into an amused smirk, “we could just have sex.”



Suggestiveness was Sirius’ best tactic. It was his specialty, and it threw Solene off guard.



“Oh, seeing as I’m bored you’d make that great sacrifice. You don’t want it,” she laughed at the idea and twisted so both her shoulder blades were pressed against the wall, her hips curved outwards. It was the perfect position for Sirius to admire her body, and she knew it.


“I don’t,” he assured her. She hummed an inquisitive response and slinked to his bedside.



“Never even thought about it,” she added for him, sure it wasn’t the truth.



“Never,” he lied.



In a slow, silky movement Solene slipped into his lap and pushed forward, her legs on either side of him. She pressed harder and her hips collided with his, her chest with his. She exhaled slowly against his neck and her cheek lightly touched his own. She was exercising control, wondering if she could get him to lose his cool, but she couldn’t ignore that the feel of his naked skin beneath her fingers made her tremble.



Sirius was frozen, holding his breath and trying to focus his concentration on anything other than the warm body straddling his lap. Sirius’ memory strayed to the feeling of her firm against his body under the water, then to the echo of Solene moaning across a table, and his stomach turned. He tried to maintain his composure and ignore her, but her hands traveled along his collarbone, down his arms and chest, and when her cold fingertips brushed against his bare stomach, he exhaled sharply and a soft groan escaped.



The vibration in Sirius’ chest made every inch of Solene’s body feel achy and tender. She had expected him to have a hard time tossing her off, but not to give in so quickly. She swallowed nervously trying to ignore the realization that she loved the sound of his moan, that she wanted to make him feel good.



It was the little encouragement that Solene needed. She lifted herself slightly and pressed again, the pressure driving him insane. Their clothes were too much of a barrier.



Sirius was possessed. He couldn’t control himself. His hands quickly brushed up her legs and to the hem of her flimsy nightshirt. They moved up her stomach and his fingers traced the indent of her spine. They were nose to nose, their hot breaths heavy against each other’s faces. Sirius wasn’t sure if he dared to go further, his fingers could feel the starting curves of her breasts. They were playing with each other, but who would stop first?



Solene’s body froze but her mind was racing. What was she doing? This was Sirius Black: an outcast, a blood traitor, filth. She hadn’t been able to stand his presence and she wanted nothing more than for him to roll his lips against hers, and his body upon hers. She swallowed nervously and her head fell to the curve of his shoulder. Why did it all have to be so complicated?



Sirius’ hands moved to her waist, lingered for a moment and then lifted her off his legs. He could sense what she felt and couldn’t agree more. Was he insane? He had been centimeters from kissing the opposite of everything he stood for, seconds away from ripping the clothes off his brother’s future wife.



He grabbed a cigarette quickly walked out of his room to the balcony.



“Don’t worry,” he smirked, turned back to her and lit his cigarette with shaking fingers, “I would never be desperate enough to fuck Regulus’ whore.”



Solene was used to the banter, she thought she couldn’t handle whatever he threw at her and was therefore utterly shocked at the effect the words had on her. She brought her hand to her stomach; it felt as if she had just been punched. Her eyes blinked slowly and immediately began to fill threateningly with tears. Her throat caught and she bit her lip hard to stop a reveling whimper. Say something, she urged herself but couldn’t think and when she opened her mouth to snap a nasty reply, no sound protruded.



Sirius turned his back to her and faced the ocean so he wouldn’t have to see her reaction. He knew he was being defensive and unfair and didn’t want to see how he had just hurt her. He swallowed loudly and shut his eyes as he heard her leaving. He didn’t want her to know the lengths of the effects she had on him. He had been able to refuse his family and their morals; he had resisted the pureblood ways of life and instead survived an existence of solitude and rejection. He would have assumed he was stronger than being so tempted by some dishy girl.



A/N: Thank you so much for all that have stuck with me. Welcome to new readers! Don’t forget to leave a review! It really means the world to me to get some feedback.

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