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 Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction, I'm not J.K. Rowling, obviously. Lets get on with Chapter Three!

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Albus was trapped inside the old runes of a building. An ancient language had been scribbled along the wall's stone length, the same words written upon the tablet Lily had brought him was displayed. He seemed to be going insane over not understanding their meaning. There was a man behind him with a tight grip on his shoulder, he kept shoving the Potter into the wall and grumbling in an angrily tone at him. He was speaking words Albus should have known, but his brain wasn't registering so he simply continued to stare blankly at the stone ahead of him. The man finally seemed to have enough with Albus' silence, because he felt his grip loosen away from him and footsteps walking away. Albus turned to look at the tall man and opened his mouth, simply to release a loud scream as a sharp pain hit him square in the stomach. He tumbled over onto his knees before a green light seemed to engulf him.

He was shaken awake moments later by a wide eyed Scorpius, his face seemed even more pale than the day Albus had met him on their very first train ride to Hogwarts. His usually cold grey eyes were widened with concern, "Albus? Albus!"

"W-What? What is it?" The Potter asked, jolting forward in the armchair he had fallen asleep in the night before. He pushed his glasses up the rim of his nose, as his green eyes stated back at Scorpius' own.

"You were screaming!" Scorpius told him, inching back away from him, "What the hell were you doing?"

"I was studying and then..." Albus begin, glancing around his surroundings. When he spotted the text book and the old tablet he remembered the night before, "I guess I must have fallen asleep."

"Yeah, no kidding..." Scorpius replied, crossing his arms over his chest, still looking a bit shaken from Al's screams, "I was shaking you for at least a few minutes before you woke up."

He went to look back at his friend and then for the first time he realized the two weren't alone; there was a crowd of Slytherins circling around the pair, "I'm fine... Sorry." He mumbled, not sure what else to say. He suddenly felt quite embarrassed.

"He must have just been having a nightmare," The blonde haired girl who stood next to Scorpius said, Albus recognized her as his friend's cousin; Silvia Greengrass. Even though Scorpius was a year her elder, she had always acted far more mature then he had. "You heard him; he's fine! Head to breakfast!" She suddenly shouted to the crowd, and for a moment Albus thought she had read his earlier thoughts, but then he reminded himself that she was, indeed, a Prefect.

Albus pushed himself upwards and off of the chair, quickly grabbing the tablet (which thankfully had gone unnoticed because everyone's attention had been on him) and shoved it under his arm, he ignored whatever Scorpius had started to say and walked towards his dormitory. He pushed open the door and made his way over to his trunk, leaning over he placed the tablet between a few soft articles of clothing. 'Safe for now,' he thought, not bothering to question why he was treating it like a dear secret. The dream had startled him more than he realized, it seemed.

He shred himself of the clothing he had worn the day before and that night. Upon checking his muggle wristwatch (which his Grandfather Weasley had given him the Christmas before) he cussed when he realized he didn't have time to shower, so he quickly dressed into a fresh pair of Slytherin robes and was back out of the dormitory as fast as he had came to it. He found Scorpius waiting for him beside the now-empty leather armchair, "Why haven't you left for breakfast yet?" He questioned his best friend.

"Considering you've barely spoken since I've woken you, I thought it might be best if someone kept an eye on you."

Albus felt his ears turn rather warm; had his friend actually been... Worried? That wasn't something he would have expected from the Malfoy. He had seen woman down on their knees crying in front of the Slytherin and he had never even flashed them the look of concern he had seen on his friend's face only a while ago, "I see..."

"Right than, are you ready? If not you'd better hurry your arse up; just because I waited doesn't mean I don't want breakfast."

The day had never seemed to inch by as slowly as Albus nervously awaited his Potions class to end. The wristwatch read five minutes to his free time. He had decided he would head to the library so he check out all the books he could find about Ancient Runes. The text book hadn't seemed to help at all and he knew he would have to further his knowledge if he wished to crack the mystery of the tablet. Four minutes. There had also been that odd dream from last night. He couldn't seem to shake it off of his shoulders; it had felt all too real. The stone wall, the man's words, and thepainThree minutes. And then, of course, there was that moment between Scorpius and him. That had all seemed all a bit too close for Scorpius to have simply been pulling something from his hair.Two minutes. Ugh! No, it was nothing, he was over analyzing things like he always had. Such a horrible habit. One minute. Why in Merlin's name was he still feeling rather disappointed, than? Could it be he had wanted for Scorpius to fill that space between the two? BUH-RINNNNG!

When the bell had rung, Albus was out of his seat faster then Professor Slughorn could finish the last sentence of his lesson, he was out the door and headed towards the library, his destination so zoned in that he didn't hear his best friend calling out for him to wait up. Even though he had literally just had an argument with himself over just what sort of feelings he harbored towards Scorpius, he only had one thing on his mind; the library.

He nodded once as a greeting to Madam Pince, who was quite used to Albus' presence in the library by now. He circled quickly through the different sections of the library, until he arrived at the Ancient Rune's category. He had been there a few times for assignments. It was to his own horror, that he found the entire section was empty. He felt annoyance bubble up inside of him as he walked back over to Madam Pince, "Excuse me. Where have the Ancient Rune books gone? The entire section is empty."

"Oh yes, well actually we've just recently sent them out for a fine fixing."

"I've seen them plenty of times, they always seemed fine to me!"

"I haven't a clue what you're speaking about, Mr. Potter. The spines of the books were torn into pieces and the pages are barely visible. The person who was hired to fix these books is brilliant, I assure you they will come back better then ever."

No, that wasn't correct; Albus had seen those books plenty of times on the shelves. They were always in an okay condition, "Did someone destroy them?"

"I'm sorry, you should know I cannot tell you that sort of information. I assure you that they will all be returned safely in two weeks. If you have a project of some kind, Professor Faolan should be able to help you with any information you need, although I can't imagine he would have; he already knows all the books are gone for now."

Albus didn't need an answer from her; he already knew he had been correct with his assumption. Why else would the books so quickly have been in such a condition? He thanked her and turned for the exit of the library. He still had thirty minutes of his break, it was just enough time to briefly meet with Professor Faolan. He seemed like Albus' only hope at the moment, and he was determined to crack the ancient saying; he had almost become obsessed with his small project his sister had asked of him.


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