“I can’t believe Jenna Lynch slept with Andrew Harmon after the ball,” Emilie giggled as we walked through the portrait hole on our way to breakfast. “How did we not now that until now?”

            “Well, er…we were kind of preoccupied, weren’t we?” I said, grimacing slightly. “You know, hating each other and stuff.”

            “Oh…right, that.” Pippa muttered, looping her arm through mine as we walked down the cold corridors.

            “Yeah, fighting with you guys officially sucked,” Marley sighed. “So can we all just agree never to mention that dark period ever again?”

            “Agreed,” Pippa said fervently.

            “Speaking of which, how are the detentions going?” Emilie asked.

            “So much for not mentioning it,” Marley giggled.

            “It’s ok,” I laughed. “I only have another week of detentions. But if I pickle any more rats brains I think I might vomit.”

            “So what else did we miss during that unfortunate period of time?” Emilie asked as we strode down the halls. Students stared at us as we passed and we all knew why. It was common knowledge now that we were the ones responsible for the books. Half the students kept giving us looks of admiration while the other half threw us dirty looks every time we passed. We could hardly care less though, as long as we were friends again.

            “Well, we missed Lily sleeping with James…finally,” Pippa rolled her eyes, elbowing me in the side.

            “Ok, can this be another one of those things we don’t talk about ever, ever again?” I said, glancing nervously around to make sure no one had heard. It wasn’t like I was embarrassed; I just didn’t want that particular part of my life whispered about in the halls.

            “But you’ve barely told us anything about it,” Emilie whined.

            “Can’t anything in my life be private anymore?” I asked as we pushed open the doors to the great hall. We were greeted by the entire student population turning their heads towards us and then immediately a wave of whispering broke out as we walked between the tables and took our normal seats next to the Marauders.

            My stomach performed the familiar flip as I sat down next to James, and he quickly entwined his fingers in mine. We hadn’t told anyone about the engagement yet. I love my friends dearly, but this was one thing I wasn’t ready to share yet. The delicate silver ring was currently hanging on the snowflake necklace I wore constantly around my neck.

            “Hi,” James breathed in my ear before kissing me lightly on the cheek. I was afraid my heart was going to burst out of my chest at happiness. I still hadn’t gotten completely used to the fact that he was mine, and would be mine forever.

            I watched Pippa sit down across from me next to Sirius who quickly put his arm around her, pulling her closer. I saw her smile widely as she leaned into him and he kissed her forehead. I wanted to cry, seeing how happy she was now.

            A coughing fit from a few tables over caught out attention and we all turned to see several of the Slytherins spitting out their pumpkin juice as antler’s sprouted out through their hair, warranting a round of laughter from all of my friends.

            I whirled around towards James, frowning.

            “James, you’re Head Boy, you can’t keep pulling pranks like that!” I said angrily, whacking him on the arm.

            “That wasn’t me,” James laughed, nodding his head towards Sirius and Pippa who gave each other a small high five.

            Pippa giggled when she saw that I was still frowning.            

            “Oh, come on, Lily. Its not like we’re doing anything dangerous,” Pippa smiled mischievously.

            A group of attractive sixth year Ravenclaw girls walked by, whispering behind their hands as they passed us. Sirius followed them with his eyes as they walked by and Pippa scowled.

            “Sirius! You’re with me now! Stop checking them out!” Pippa hit him over the head with her Charms book.

            “Ouch! I wasn’t checking them out,” Sirius rubbed his head tenderly.

            “Yes you were! Don’t you lie to me, Sirius Black!” Pippa said crossing her arms angrily and turning away from him.

            I smiled as I watched Sirius sputtering apologies at Pippa and I turned towards James.

            “Everything’s back to normal, I guess,” I said, smiling as James tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear.

            “Yeah except you still have a weeks worth of detentions to finish,” he smirked. “If I had known you were such a dunce I would never have proposed to you,” he added in a whisper.

            “Shush, will you?” I hissed back, glancing around but none of our friends seemed to be listening to us.

            “Relax, ok? I haven’t told anyone,” James whispered back. “Though I still don’t think it would be such a bad thing…”

            “Look,” I said, my fingers twirling the ring on my necklace. “People are already talking about me enough to last a lifetime. I don’t want to give them anything else to gossip about.”

            “What are you two whispering about?” Remus interrupted us, leaning around James and glaring at us. “You know, I think I liked it better before you got together. Mealtimes are so boring now. There’s no food getting dumped on heads or jinxes or anything…”

            “Oh, calm down, will you?,” James sighed,  glancing down at his watch. “Ah, shoot. We’re late.”

            I looked down at his watch too and frowned. “Classes aren’t for another twenty minutes. What on earth are you late for?”

            “Er, nothing important,” James said, not meeting my eyes. Sirius was grinning across the table, ignoring glares from Pippa. “Just Marauder stuff…”

            The Marauders shoved away from the table, gathering their things.

            “What are you planning?” Emilie asked at their retreating backs.

            “You’ll find out in History of Magic!” Sirius called back before slipping out of the Great Hall.

            “Yeah, back to normal,” Pippa griped, glaring after them.

            “Well, at least Binns’s class won’t be boring today. I wonder what they’re going to do…” Marley mused, stirring her eggs around on her plate with her fork.

            “Erm…so I hate to bring this up, but we still have a trunk full of confessionals in our room,” Emilie said tensely, looking around at us. “Are we still going to destroy them tonight?”

            “Yeah, we probably should…” I muttered. We had managed to get all the books back from the students…with a little help from the house elves, of course.

            “You know, I’ve been thinking,” Pippa piped up, her eyes practically dancing with excitement. “What if we didn’t destroy the books?”

            “Pippa, are you mad? We have to!” I burst out.

            “No, but hear me out, I have an idea,” Pippa said slyly.

            “No, no more ideas. The last idea you had landed me in detention for a month, thank you very much,” I said stiffly, crossing my arms.

            “Come on! This one will work!” Pippa pleaded, as I pushed away from the table, gathering my things.

            “I’m going to class now,” I said, pretending like I didn’t hear her. Marley and Emilie were stifling giggles behind their hands.

            “No, listen! What if we put a charm on the books so that no one could write names? There’s got a be a spell for that, right?” Pippa followed me.

            “La la la la la, I’m not listening!” I said stuffing my fingers in my ears.

            “Or no! What about this…” Pippa pulled my fingers out of my ears. “We could put a charm on the books so that people can only write the truth, like they can’t make anything up…”

            I sighed, resigning myself to that fact that I would inevitably end up caving and giving Pippa whatever she wanted… I only hope we don’t get caught this time.




A/N: Meeehhhhh I can't believe it's over!! I hope you all enjoyed my story as much as I enjoyed writing it! I'm working on a new story right now which I'm trying to write most of before posting so there won't be long periods between chapters! It'll hopefully be up soon, though, I've got quite a bit written. Anyways, last chance to tell me what you thought! Lovelovelove thanks for reading!

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