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 Day 2, 248 days left.

“Have you seen Harry?” Ginny asks as I sit down at the table.  I shake my head, searching the table for the oatmeal.

“Why do you ask Gin?” At the question Ginny’s face turns a bright red and she ducks down towards her plate. “Ginny…”

“I just have some questions about practice. T-that’s all.” Her face turns an even deeper shade and she leaps from her seat. “I’m going to try and find him.” Ron and I watch in silence as Ginny scurries out of the Great Hall.

“So do you think there is something going on between Ginny and Harry?” I asks turning to Ron, who starts choking on his bacon.

“What? No, I do not think that! Ugh, how could you even say something like that? My best mate and my sister, that’s simply outrageous!” He rolled his eyes and started rubbing his throat. “Don’t say that kind of stuff around me Hermione, you nearly killed me!”

“Sorry Ron, just that you know. Harry leaving last night and not telling us and then Ginny asking for him and getting all red. Maybe there is a connection.” I said twiddling my fingers under the table. I look over at Ron and see him shaking his head.

“Hermione, those two things have nothing in common. So what are your plans for today?” It was the weekend once again and I – as always – had no real plans. Just studying and what not.

“I’m doing what I always do; I’m going to study.” The words come out simply like I don’t mind spending all my time alone, but inside it’s not so simple. Yes, I want to do well in school but I would like to have some plans every once and awhile. It gets rather lonely spending all this time by myself.

“Hermione, why don’t you spend some time with me or Harry? I don’t like seeing you cooped up all the time.” I open my mouth to speak but he shakes his head. “I know, I know; school is important but Hermione you have to have a social life. You can’t spend your whole life alone. You won’t be happy.” He was right; I nodded and bit my bottom lip.

“You’re right Ron, but I’ve really got to study.” I say before hopping up and hiding away in my room. My books as my companions I began to escape into a world where I could do no wrong and no one can tell me how to live my life. Best of all, there I am wanted and always have some to spend my time with.


“Hello Draco,” Blaise was smirking at me as I sat down at the table that morning. I nodded at him and found my piece of toast. I lightly buttered it and began to slowly eat the food. It fell heavily into my stomach. I closed my eyes and cherished the moment before my brain told me to set the food down.

“Have any plans today Drakie?” Pansy cooed next to me. I turned to her and smiled sweetly. She batted her heavily made up eyes at me.

“Yes I do, Blaise and I are planning on working on our homework up my dorm.” Her face fell as she watched me.

“Can I come; I’ve got homework to do too.” I shook my head and her saddened face turned angry. “Why not?” She said through clenched teeth.

“I am only allowed one person up at a time, unless I have Dumbledore okay the invites for a party.” I said this simply, how easy it was to lie to her. I’ve been doing so since we were young. I don’t think she knows the difference between my lies and my truths.

“But-but, ugh!” she sputtered out before storming off to sit with some other girls.

“That was easy.” Blaise smiled as he watched the girl stomp away. “Are we really going to be doing homework though?” I watched as his smile turned into a pout.

“Oh, no of course not. I’ve already got mine done and if you don’t you can get some brain to do it for you.” I smirked as Blaise turned to look at a young Ravenclaw behind him. She blushed as he winked and grinned at her. “Are you done with your food then?” I asked peering at his clean plate; he hadn’t picked a single thing up to eat.

“Yes, I’m full.” I nodded and rose from the table. “Let’s go ‘study’ then.” He grinned and we went on our way up my dorm.


I had fallen asleep with a book resting on my chest; the only reason I awoke was because there was a knocking on my door. I grumbled as I began to roll and stretch. With a yawn I got up from my bed and walked over to my door where a continuous knocking was coming from.  Without thinking I opened my door. To my annoyance I found Malfoy standing in my doorway. I blinked a few times, trying to rid my eyes of sleep.

“Did you fall asleep studying?” He asked in a sweet tone. I nodded and then shook myself. Why hadn’t I thrown him out yet?

“Malfoy, get out.” I said turning and walking back to my bed. His foot had caught the door before it closed and he walked into my room.

“Granger, I was wondering if – “What part of get out didn’t you hear? I really would like to continue with my nap. Now if you do not mind,” I grabbed a pillow from my bed and threw it at him. “get out!”

He signed and started backing towards the door. “You never let me finish my sentence.”

“To be honest I don’t care all that much about what you were going to say.” I said rolling over and closing my eyes. I had been having a nice dream. Stupid Malfoy waking me up from it.

“Actually, you have to care. It could be Head student matters.” I grumbled before sitting up in my bed and looking at the blonde that was still standing my room. “That’s better, now will you come down into the common room, I have something to talk to you about.” He said walking to the door, I stood from my bed and walked towards him.

“It is about one of the students breaking a rule? Or did I not do one of my roles as Head Girl?” I asked looking at him with pure hatred. Why did he have to wake me?

“Uh, no, not really.” He said starting to walk down the stairs to the common room.

“Then I don’t care.” I said turning around and slamming my door. “Come get me when one of those things happen.” I yelled past it to him. I heard him sigh and stomp down the stairs.

Happily, I fell onto my bed and quickly fell asleep.


“Where is she?” Blaise asked when I came down the stairs without Granger. I signed and ran my hands through my hair.

“She won’t come down,” I say looking over at the stairwell to her room.

“Maybe you were coming off too strong, I mean just a few days ago you hated everything about her and now you’re being all nice. She probably thinks it’s another prank.” I nodded, how was Blaise so smart about these kind of things? Maybe he took some kind of training as a child.

“So what you are saying is I need to work my way into her trust and then she will like me!” I said excitedly.

“Well yeah, it’s possible that could happen. If she already found you attractive.” Blaise said dully, I smiled and ran up to room with him. He needed to see the book.  “I’m guessing you want me to follow you.” He said as he got up from his seat on the couch.

Once inside my room I grabbed the golden book from my side table. “This book is going save my life. Okay, well maybe that is a bit much but it will surly help.” Blaise nodded and sat down on my bed.

“Let me see it, I’ll pick a few for you to try.” I nodded excitedly, Blaise knew what he was doing.


Day 3, 247 left

I woke up, stretched, and yawned for a minuet before leaving the bed. My nap had turned into a full night’s sleep. I felt much rested; that wasn’t the first time I had napped my day away. I walked into my bathroom and stripped out of my clothes, after I turned on the shower.

I walked over to weigh myself, I was a little over eight and a half stones, my goal weight being a little over seven stone . If I can drop that stone and a half then maybe I would be able to try and go out and do things with people. Maybe then – with a little hair help from Ginny – someone would notice me for something other than the smart girl who is best friends with “the chosen one”.

I hopped in the shower and let myself brood over the thoughts of what might happen after I shed the weight.

I got out of the shower and dried off before putting my clothes on and heading out to the common room of the dorm. Malfoy was sitting on the edge of the couch, I rolled my eyes and ignored him, that was the best way to deal with him.

“Hello Granger,” So he was going back to calling me by my last name. Good, I’d rather him be back to normal than running after me in some kind of weird love attempt. I nodded at him and went on my way to the Great Hall.

I was walking through one of Hogwart’s many halls when I heard people down a corridor. There was rustling and I heard some noise and as Head Girl it was my job to check it out.

“What are you do – oh lord! Would you two get going!” I closed my eyes as I waved away the students pinned against the wall. Why couldn’t people, oh I don’t know, make out in their own dorms? What if a professor had walked in on this? Who were they any way?

I opened my eyes and saw that the students who had been snogging in the corridor were two people that I knew very well.

“Harry, Ginny – what in the world?” I was shocked, almost to a point of outrage. Why hadn’t either of them told me? Also, why were they doing this when I was Head Girl? How awful would have looked if someone else had seen them. I mean I’m their friend. I am supposed to be setting an example! “Wait!” They had started to walk off while I was trying to wrap my mind around the subject.

“Don’t tell Ron!” They both cried as they turned around to face me. I narrowed my eyes.

“You two are lucky I’m not telling McGonagall! The least of your worries is Ron.” After the words came out I realized how stupid I must have sounded. Ron’s reaction would be much worse than McGonagall’s. “Wait, forget that. But still, if you don’t want Ron to find out, don’t snog in the hall! He could walk up any minuet.” Sometimes I wonder about my friends. “Well get going Harry! Ginny walk with me.”

They both looked at me in surprise and I let out a heavy sigh. “So it doesn’t look like the two of you are both scared out of your wits when Ron sees you, especially at the same time.” Like I said, sometimes I wonder about my friends.

“Right,” Harry said looking over at Ginny, who gave me a smile. “Well, I’ll see you later.” He then walked off and I took Ginny’s arm and began on my lecture.


“Are you sure this will work?” I asked rubbing my hands nervously under the table. It wasn’t like me to be nervous but it also wasn’t normal for me to be trying to entrance Granger. Or any Gryffindor for that matter.

“No, I never said it would work. I said this one looks interesting let’s try it.” Blaise said tapping the rule in the book. “And today is the perfect day to try it. I mean look outside.” We both looked towards the window, it was pouring outside. Hermione and I both had to walk the ground today.

“Do you have the umbrella in your bag?” Blaise said looking under the table at my book bag. I nodded, staring at the door. Granger had just walked in with Weaslet. I must say Lady-Weasley is fairly attractive, if you’re into that sort of thing. You know poor dirty blood traitor type. Which I’m not.  “Why don’t you eat something?” Blaise handed me a lightly buttered piece of toast. I took it and ate the bread slowly; again I noticed Blaise hadn’t touched any food beside the toast he handed to me.

“How often do you eat Blaise?” He looked and me and shrugged.

“I eat lunch and dinner. Most days, I’m just not a breakfast person.” I nodded and nibbled on my toast.

“Right, me neither.” He smiled and poured himself a glass of pumpkin juice. I put my half eaten piece of toast on my plate, I’d finish it later – possibly. I looked over at the Gryffindor table, she was still eating. I had to wait until she rose and was waiting by the door to make my move. It would be only be a few minuets but it seemed ages from now.

“Coriander is looking at you.” Blaise whispered smirking. “Why don’t you try and romance someone like her? I mean being married to her wouldn’t be half bad.” He paused for a moment and looked over the blonde girl. “She a fantastic body, I’m sure she’s wonderful at – “

“ – Don’t start Blaise.” I glared at him.

“ – things. If I was being forced to marry I would pick her. No doubt she’d be easy too.” He smiled at me and I rolled my eyes. I wasn’t looking for someone that would be easy, I’m sure she is easy – in more than one way – but if I am going to married to someone for the rest of my life I don’t want them to be my sex buddy. I want a partner, someone who can challenge me intellectually. But there was no use in explaining something like this to Blaise; he was helping me enough without having to hear my sentimental bullshit.

“Well, if the Granger thing doesn’t work out I’ll keep her in mind.” I looked over at him as he smiled even wider and started to raise his hand. “Blaise what are you…” Before get the words out his hand up in the air and was waving it in a tight circle at Coriander. She smiled softly and stood up. “Dammit Blaise, no this isn’t going to help me at all!” I whispered harshly at him.

“Hello Draco,” Her voice was silky; it would have made a weaker man melt. I, on the other hand, had no problem controlling myself. She sat herself beside me. My smile was meant towards her but I was looking over the table across from me. Granger was still eating but it looked like she was about done. Crap. “Do you think you could help me with some homework?” She scooted closer to me and placed one hand lightly on my thigh.

I nodded still looking at Granger; she was done eating and was saying to the Weasels. “I’d love to Coriander, tonight okay?”

“Could I go to your common room?” Her hand slid higher on my thigh. “I don’t want the other students to know I need help with my homework.” Her saucy smile was tantalizing – to anyone who wasn’t distracted by the fact that the woman they were trying to charm was walking out the door.

“Sure yeah, be there at eight, I’ll let you in.” I said quickly rising from my seat and grabbing my bag. Not before throwing a plate at Blaise’s head. He had made me almost miss my chance, on purpose! I’m going to kill that kid.

Author's Note: Hello, thank you for reading the second chapter of this story. I think this going pretty well and I would love for you to give me some feed back on how I'm doing or idea you have for things to happen. I always love hearing from my readers. Not to mention this story doesn't have ONE review! :(


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