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Author's Note: Wow. So I am actually updating this poor, forgotten story. I astonish myself. Hearty apologies for the epoch of wait I've put you through...

There is nothing more inspiring than awakening to the thought of causing trouble. The scent of the morning air seems a bit more thrilling, when you glance lazily out the window at the fluffy clouds skidding by, and suddenly remember the all-important tasks you have ahead of you. Why, it’s enough to make a bloke bound excitedly out of bed and chuck his pillow at his roommate! At least, until he remembers that his roommate is sodding mad at him. And then he regrets throwing the pillow.

Luke grunted and rolled over sitting up and yawning slowly. “What was that for?”

Gulping, I managed, in a small voice, “Erm, nothing. Just, excited, that’s all.”

“’Bout what?”

Clearly said roommate was entirely too groggy to remember he was mad.

“Getting some people in trouble, cooking up some love potion. You know, the usual.”

Luke squinted up at me. Maybe the sunlight streaming in the window was blinding him and he thought I was someone else. Like someone who he didn’t hate with a burning passion for an unknown reason. “Sounds like fun. Don’t you have class?”

“Sunday, mate.” Mate? Why would I use that word?

“Right. Well if you’re done tossing pillows about, I’ll be off to sleep then,” he muttered.

“Uh, yeah, done with that. Sorry.”

“S’alright. G’night.”

Well that was bloody strange.

I trotted down the stairs ten minutes later, jumping from one set to the other with great exuberance. Breakfast awaited, and then Eddie and I would be concocting a plan. Nothing like that feeling. It was enough to make a bloke sing, that’s what.

The scintillating aroma of porridge wafted to my nose as I practically skipped into the Great Hall, my eyes alighting on Eddie, who sat beside Steff and – horror of horrors! – Kat. Swallowing with obvious effort, I shuffled over to them, strongly resisting the urge to brush a few 1st years out of my way as I paraded down the aisle. Maybe I was becoming a better person after all.

“Good morrow all!” I winked in a surreptitious manner at Eddie, hoping he would instantly recall our planning at the sight of my twitching eye.

He clearly didn’t remember, because he surveyed my covert eye-twitching with a look of disdain.

“Morning, James,” Steff chirped, spooning strawberries onto her plate. “You’re up rather early for a Sunday, aren’t you?”

“Ah well, you know what they say! Early worm gets the bird!” I smiled winningly.

“It’s early bird gets the worm, Potter,” Kat scoffed, rolling her bright eyes.

“So you recognize the phrase,” I replied.

She sniffed charmingly and bit into her toast.

“What have you got planned for today, Junior?” Eddie inquired.

“What makes you think I’ve been planning?” I attempted to look innocent.

“Oh nothing. Merely the fact that you’re awake, speaking coherently, and eating porridge at nine o’clock on a Sunday morning, that’s all.”

“Bloody hell, you’re right! This is rather odd of me, isn’t it?” I lifted a hefty spoonful of porridge to my mouth. Inside my head, though, as I babbled on like a lunatic, the gears were turning. The sale was tomorrow. If I wanted to fix things with Kat, I’d have to get her in detention today. But the million dollar question was: how?

Everyone loved Kat. She was a bloody Prefect for Merlin’s sake! I mean, even I, the best pranker and get-people-in-trouble-er ever would have a challenge framing her in a believable fashion.

“So I heard about that detention clothes sale you’ve got tomorrow, Potter,” Kat said.

My porridge lodged uncomfortably in my throat. I gulped. “Yeah. Uh, excited about that, definitely.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Who do you have helping you with it?”

My mind raced. Could I ask her for help? No, no, that would never work. She hated my guts after all… “Uh, not sure really.”

“You say ‘uh’ a lot,” Meygan observed, sliding into a spot next to me.

“Uh, yeah.”

She giggled and flipped her hair over her shoulder, biting into a piece of toast delicately.

Funny, so funny. Let’s make fun of a bloke who happens to stutter every now and again when confronted with the most bloody beautiful and sodding smart girl he’s ever met in his life who also happens to hate him for some unknown reason.

“Potter! Hello? Who’s helping you with the sale?” Kat yelped.

“Dunno,” I spit out quickly, jumping up from the table. “Gotta go.”

“Where to, Junior?” Eddie asked, puzzled.

“Come on, I just remembered something. Let’s go,” I commanded, grabbing him by the shoulder and pushing him up the aisle in front of me, leaving the girls staring after us.

“What’s gotten into you, mate? You’re acting like a house elf high on Drooble’s or something,” he yelled as I paraded him up the steps to the Common Room.

“Don’t you remember? The love potion! We gotta brew it!”

“I thought we were leaving the technical stuff to, Al. You know we’re gonna botch it.”

“Don’t be a doubting Thomas, Ed. We got this. We’re in seventh year, it should be bloody easy to brew a love potion!” I insisted.

“Fine.” He shook his head. “Let’s just look at the recipe and see how hard it’ll be.”

We barged into our room a second later to find Luke still lying in bed. I exchanged a meaningful look with Eddie that said ‘be quiet, the last thing we need is for him to wake up!’

He seemed to get the message because he tiptoed softly across the clothes-strewn floor, picked through a pile of assorted personal belongings, and lifted out his advanced potions book.

I waved wildly, gesturing him towards the door and the safety of the Common Room, far away from that bloke I thought was my best friend. When we were safely downstairs, I tore the book from Ed and flipped through vigorously.

“Aha! Here it is. Amortentia.” I began reading off the ingredients in an undertone, ignoring suspicious glances from students who were clearly astonished at seeing me both: one, up at nine on a Sunday and two, reading a textbook.

“I can’t believe they actually put the directions for how to make this in our textbook!” Eddie exclaimed. “I mean, you’d think they’d realize how dangerous that could be.”

“Well you are in Advanced Potions, mate. I mean for kids who are serious about it, I guess they figure it’s safe.”

“But it’s not,” he insisted. “Look at you. As if a potion like this is safe with you in the world.”

“Okay, whatever, mate. Let’s just make this potion.” I scanned the list of ingredients. “I bet we can find all of these downstairs in the potions cupboard.”

Ed grinned. “Well then. Let’s do it.”

Four grueling hours later, Ed and I trooped back up to the dormitory, me clutching a vial of the love potion under my cloak. Don’t ask how we managed to make it. It took every ounce of intelligence in my body, I’ll tell you that much.

We no sooner made it in safely then Al came knocking. “Have you two loons finished that love potion yet?”

“Yes, actually, we have,” Eddie replied.

“And I’ll thank you not to call us loons,” I added with a scowl.

“Right. Well let me test it then.” He reached out a hand for the vial I was about to set on the dresser.

“Excuse me?” I asked incredulously. “Don’t you trust me?”

“Of course, of course. But I might as well check.”

“Oh no, we did it just right, don’t you worry,” Eddie spoke up.

“So you don’t want me to test it, just to make sure?” Al asked, raising his dark eyebrows.

“Right,” I affirmed.

“Splendid. Hope that turns out well for you.” He left without a second glance.

“Well then.” Eddie looked nervous.

I gulped. “So.”

“This had better go well, huh?” he asked me.

If I’d had a mirror, I was sure I looked every bit as nervous as him.

Slipping Malfoy the potion was easy enough. It was the simple distract-attack method we developed in our first year. Have Alex cause a commotion at lunch with the help of his house elf friends, use the Invisibility Cloak to sneak over to the Slytherin table, and drop some of the potion into Malfoy’s pumpkin juice. Easier done than said. No, really.

It was done faster than you could say, “Oh my Merlin.” And that was it. As soon as that tosser of a Malfoy who had besmirched my poor little cousin took another drink of his juice, he’d be struck with a horrible heartache for Edwina Bleazle. Nothing to it.

I watched eagerly from the Gryffindor table as Malfoy reached for his goblet. Eddie elbowed me suddenly.

“What is it?” I hissed.

“You were leaning over so far I thought you’d fall into your beans.”

“Right. Thanks, chap.” I made a conscious effort not to lean forward in excitement as I observed Malfoy take a drink. “And that’s that,” I whispered to Ed. I must admit, part of me wished Luke could’ve been there to enjoy the result of this fabulous prank.

But the thought flew from my mind as quickly as a pixie flies from a dragon. What? Analogies have never been my strong suit…Luke had, after all, been a tosser. When he woke up and realized that we were too old for stupid bickering, well then, fine. I’d be the first to welcome him back. But until then, I was fine.

Who did I think I was kidding? I missed him like hell. I was just way too proud and stubborn to admit it. A very small part of me would sometimes whisper in the back of my mind ‘you should talk to him, fix things up.’ But then I’d squelch it quickly and pretend I hadn’t heard. It was a fool-proof method, I’d found.

But back to the prank.

So as I watched Malfoy drink the love-potioned pumpkin juice, I squelched that little part of me that wished Luke was there, and focused instead on our brilliance. Eddie and I were single-handedly – with the exception, of course, of each other’s hands – about to get revenge on Malfoy. It was a blessed moment.

I could see him swallow. I gulped along with him, nervous. What would happen? Would he suddenly scream her name? Would he race down the Slytherin table, searching for her? The possibilities were endless.

His head straightened suddenly and he craned his neck, eyes darting around the Great Hall. I was surprised to see that they didn’t rest on Edwina, who sat munching something quite strange way at the other end of the Slytherin table, but on us Gryffindors.

“Why in Merlin’s beard is he looking over here?” Eddie hissed at me.

“Dunno. Maybe he’s so in love with her he’s forgotten what House she’s in,” I suggested.

Albus strolled over beside us, breaking into our confused muttering. “So have you two loons given it to him?” he asked in a whisper, causing Meygan and Kat to look over at us. Whispered conversations always make girls nervous. I guess they think we’re talking about them. Usually we are.

“I said,” I began, “not to call us loons.”

Al shrugged and slid onto the bench beside me. “Right. Well you’d better hope that potion was right.”

“What could have gone wrong?” Ed asked, with a confident smile. Suddenly, a tall shadow stretched out over him, and he turned to find Scorpius standing behind him, eyes whipping frantically from person to person.

“Where,” Malfoy croaked desperately, “is Kat?”

“Oh, I dunno,” Al said with a shrug. “Maybe that?”

Author's Note: So I know it was awfully short, but I really wanted to update this while I can. It's taken me forever, I know, and I feel awful. I have a lot of work this year, but I'm hoping that I'll be able to stay on top of this...we'll see how it goes! I have some pretty intense plans for it, though, I can promise you that :)

If anyone actually remembers this story exists, or even cares to read it anymore, I would love to get a review! I can't even put into words how much the feedback/support means, especially considering how behind I am with this. Much love to anyone who's still around after all this time :)

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