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For Sparta, my own kitten who I got last month. Falcon Cat is, and will be, based off her.

LAST TIME: James snogged Avery. That's pretty much all you need to know. Oh, and Meta's a tosspot.


Avery was still my best mate. We still talked about the weird noises Freddie made while sleeping in Potions and laughed at the way Nia stuck out her chest while walking. But we also snogged while we weren’t talking. Why waste time, right? I was incredibly attracted to her, which was rather new, but I realized I had started to notice things about her over the last couple months so it fit nicely.

Her body was amazing, but my favorite part of her was her eyes. Maybe it was jealousy since I had brown eyes and she had these stunning green olivey beautiful ones. Who cares? Every part of her was beautiful. I noticed everything. The crinkles by her eyes when she laughed, sometimes giggling so she wrinkled her nose. Her simple silver earrings. Long eyelashes. Cherry.

What we didn’t have, though, was ground rules.

After all, what would Fred and Bink say if they knew we were snogging? They couldn’t say anything about the Code since we weren’t dating, but I knew both would be overly skeptical. Avery and I weren’t going to date. But snog buddies was something I could handle. Why not, right?

So a couple days later, after making out in a broom closet, abandoned classroom, and the owlry (had to wash the bird shit out of my hair later), Avery and I met up in my dormitory. Bink was off probably trying to ruin Meta’s life and Fred had been dragged to Hogsmeade with Abigail. She was getting on my nerves lately, whisking Fred off everywhere, but apparently the sex was nice so he bought her shiny things.

Emerson was probably off bird watching in the dark because he should have been a Puffer.

She was practically glowing in a dress (why was she wearing a dress after nine on a week night? Who the hell cares?) and sat on the end of my bed. Victoria was making silly noises.

“What’s up?” she said, reaching under the bed to take out Tory. “Did you hear about Wesley flying with someone on the pitch the other day? Apparently he is beating the Bludgers though smaller hoop targets now.”

“He’s so damn good,” I said with a smile. “Wish Dara would have quit a year earlier so I could have discovered him.” I took a seat next to her and patted Victoria lightly.

“Did you need help with your Transfig stuff? I finished my essay a couple hours ago and let Bink copy.”

“Actually, I thought we should talk a little about what’s going on with us.” My voice trailed off a little toward the end and I was fidgeting. It wasn’t very masculine.

“Oh?” I could tell she was trying to remain objective to what I was saying.

“Yeah, like ground rules or something. So no one is stepping on anyone else’s toes.” I shrugged a little. It was awkward, but not painful like before. I wanted to kiss her again, but resisted. I also mentally hit myself for being such a pansy for wanting ground rules for snogging a hot woman. Freddie would have just said, snog for as long as you can until said woman gets attached. Then find another girl to snog.

“Good idea!” She put Victoria down and sprawled out on the bed. “Okay, so we’re making out and not dating, since we’re best friends and all that.”

“Yes, that’s what we’re doing.” I paused. “Are we…are we seeing other people then?”

Avery bit her lip and tilted her head. “I don’t see why not. It’s not exclusive or anything.”

“Okay, so we’ve agreed to see other people if we get asked out on a date or something.” More finger fidgeting. “And we’re not telling people, because that would be awkward…hey, you want to date, by the way, I’m snogging my best mate on the side.”

Aves laughed. “No, let’s not tell anyone. The team would think we’re going to break the Code and potential suitors might get a little turned off by the idea. It’ll just be best to keep this to ourselves I think.”

“Couldn’t agree more.” I picked up Victoria and snuggled her into my face.

“Any other ground rules we should think about?” Avery was tracing the tip of her finger into the sheets.

“Just continue to be best mates.” I smiled.




All right, Kitten. It’s you and me. Well, and Victoria.

We were alone in the dormitory (where the hell were Bink and Fred? Who cares where Emerson was?) and I had decided, before final N.E.W.T.S. to get a handle on this stupid kitten Transfigured into a teacup. I managed it last time. Ish.

I had the little long-haired bugger on the bed, along with Victoria’s cage since I figured she’d want to watch the epic greatness. After all, it was the same kitten as last time so it should be used to my abuse.

It was meowing loudly. I gave it a treat. Good, kitty.

Victoria was humming in a weird octave. I tapped on her cage. “Oy, what’s wrong?” She scuttled to the other side and kicked out wood chips at me.

Dramatic, don’t you think, Tory?

“I can’t deal with this right now,” I said, turning my wand to the kitten. It was so darn fluffy and cute. I wondered if I was allowed to have two pets. Or a whole army of pets, like pygmy puffs and kittens and puppies and whales.

Now Victoria was kicking wood chips out onto the bed. Where I slept.

“Calm it down!” I said. “I’m going to put you back under the bed.”

The kitten was trying to eat the wood chips.


I waved my wand. Nothing. I needed to concentrate to get this bugger into a teacup. It was rolling around on my covers. Another wave of my wand.

Nada. It did meow though. So maybe it had the urge to be a teacup.

“James, what are you doing?” Avery poked her head in the door. “Oh! You didn’t say you were getting a kitten! Look, it’s so adorable! What’s its name?” She rushed over to the kitten and snuggled with it.

“Its name is, won’t let me fucking turn it into a teacup,” I mumbled, sinking onto my bed in a defeated sort of way.

“Still having problems?” Avery asked.

“Yeah, this shit is rubbish. Why isn’t magic easier?”

“You’re really good at everything else. Don’t get down on yourself.” She piled her legs on top of me. “You just have to concentrate.”

“How am I supposed to concentrate when it’s yapping at me about supper or yarn or something?”

Avery laughed. “Stand up. I’ll help you.”

I stood and she got behind me, placing her hand on top of my wand hand.

“You just have to concentrate on what you’re doing.”

Oh, yeah, easy for you to say, I thought. All I had going through my mind was: Want to snog. Want to snog. Want to snog. Want to snog.

“Are you concentrating?” she whispered.

“Yeah right,” I mumbled.


“Yeah, concentrating up a storm over here!”

“Okay,” Avery said. “You just have to wave your wand like this—get it? Then say the incantation in your head, and you have a teacup!”

Snog. Want to snog.

I tried to wave my wand and even squinted a little, but nothing.

“Are you actually concentrating?” Avery let go and walked in front of me. She was trying hard not to smile.

“Kinda,” I said.

“Something else on your mind?” Now there was a very attractive smirk on her face.

Which I turned into a kiss.

Ah, that was better. Forget the kitten. I could fail for all I cared.


Once I had a good snog I was able to concentrate again. Mostly because Fred walked in and Avery and I leapt apart and had to pretend we were trying to find the kitten (which had, by that time, gotten into the bathroom and had made holes in all Emerson’s socks. Well, the ones he had left).

I got the kitten into a teacup, drank out of it, and then turned it back into a wet kitty. I named it Falcon Cat. Victoria was hissing at me so I ended up taking Falcon Cat back to the Transfig storage room where it had plenty of room to climb before the prof came back and didn’t love it as much as I did. I encouraged climbing on the important paperwork.

Both Fred and Bink were in the dormitory when I returned, lounging and feeding Victoria.

“Took Falcon Cat back?” Freddie asked.

“Unfortunately. Tory got jealous.”

“You’re in a good mood today.” Bink cocked a brow. “Did Edwards get demoted from Head Boy or something?”

“Just excited about Quidditch practice tomorrow,” I said quickly. I wondered if my lips were glittery from Avery’s lipgloss.

“Whatever, mate,” said Fred. “Quidditch is going to be brutal tomorrow. It’s snowing again.”

“It’ll be all right,” I said, thinking about Avery.


It was starting to be an addiction between us. Between classes in broom closets we snogged until her hair was so messy she had to get a brush and my face was sweaty. After Quidditch practice in the locker rooms pressed up against a broom. Late at night in the Astronomy Tower. Everywhere we possibly could.

Of course, we still hung out in the dormitory talking about Abigail’s wrathful hold on Freddie and Emerson’s disappearance. He was around, just not annoyingly around.

That was until I caught him going through my trunk Wednesday night.

Enter: huge fucking hex the size of the moon. Or a stunning charm. Whatev.

“What do you think you’re doing, Twitwards?” I cried, wand pointed at his stiff body on the floor. “That’s my trunk. With my shit in it. That I have power over. So I’m hexing you.”

“Fuck off, Potter,” he said through gritted teeth.

“What were you looking for? A confessional diary of all the crimes I’ve committed? Or just need a nice sweater to wear?”

“Fuck off,” he said.

“Fine.” I lowered my wand and leafed through my trunk. It was all there, even my stack of Quidditch mags I was certain anyone would want to steal. “What is it, Twitwards?”

He finally managed to struggle the charm away since it was fading and stood up, dusting himself off. “None of your business,” he barked.

“Uh, it’s my shit. So, yes, it is.”

“I hope you get what you deserve, Potter.” With that, Twitwards was gone out the door, slamming it behind him.

What the hell?

Fred and Bink entered next, Bink holding his arm and wincing. “Bugger shoved me while tearing down the stairs. What’s up with him?”

“Caught him going through my trunk,” I said, completely confused. Lowering my wand, I kicked a few things around that had landed on the floor. “Not missing anything. Wonder what he was looking for. He wouldn’t have found any women’s clothes in there.”

“Weird,” Bink said. “I’d keep it locked then if he’s going through it. Maybe we all should?”

“Ah, whatever.” Fred pushed his dark hair off his face. “Want to head down to the pitch and have a fly?”

“Sounds great,” I said, breathing out.

Unfortunately, we hadn’t even hit the bottom of the stairs when my excitement for the pitch disappeared in the form of Nia and Elizabeth. Together. Why were they together? And not plotting the death of the other in order to win me over?

“Hey, James,” Nia said. There was a look in her eye I didn’t like.

“Hi there, ladies.” I put on a smile. Bink clapped me on the back: man code for he was waiting by the door in order to avoid any potential projectile objects.

“What have you been up to lately?” Elizabeth asked in a tone that meant she wasn’t going to believe anything I said.

“Doing a lot of Quidditch practices,” I replied. “I remembered what you said, Nia, about Darian sodding Bay wanting to off my players on the pitch so we’ve been doing a lot of drills. Going to practice now actually.”

“So you’ve been acting weird because of Quidditch?” Nia raised a brow. “You’ve been obsessed with that damn sport forever and you’ve never acted this weird before.”

“Acting weird?” I said. “What do you mean?”

“Ever since you got back from Italy,” Elizabeth said. “You’ve been weird. Was it that Bink and McLaggen stuff?”

For a quick out, I nodded. “Well, that’s part of it. But that ropes into Quidditch. I’ve just had my hands full. Sorry if it seems like I’m acting weird.” I offered a trademark Potter smirk. “I’ll make it up to you soon. We’ll hang out or do something or sneak into the kitchens. How does that sound?”

Nia smiled. “Okay, but we really have to. I feel like we haven’t spent enough time together in the last couple weeks. I miss you, Jamie.”

I cringed. “It’s a date. But right now I’m off to practice so Gryffindor can win again. Don’t you ladies love to gloat to the Puffer girls about how awesome we are?”

Elizabeth beamed. “Of course we do. We love to be the best.”

And be with the best, I thought bitterly. “Bye, ladies!” With that, I escaped the wrath of two girls I did not want to mess with. Nia because, well, she was Nia and she could make a toothbrush look suggestive. Elizabeth because she had pull in the Quidditch world.

“What was that about?” Fred asked once we were in the hallway.

“You don’t even want to know,” I mumbled. “They think I’m acting all weird by not spending all of my time with them.”

“I don’t think you’re acting weird,” said Bink. “Other than being cheerier than usual, but then again, all the shit with us is resolved and the team is fine (other than that bitch woman) so I expected you to be nice and happy.”

I smiled. Of course that was why I was happy. No other reasons factored into it at all. Not a single one. Couldn’t think of anything.

Not a single brunette with green eyes came to mind.



I visited Falcon Cat in the Transfiguration pet depot later that evening after the boys went back to the Tower. Bink was whining about his wrist and Fred said he needed to get dressed up to see Abigail. Bleeding wanker. Falcon Cat was meowing and being cute. I scratched her behind the ears.

What the heck was I supposed to do about all this rubbish? I had two players that hated each other (the way it should be), a Keeper I wanted to constantly snog, two girls who thought I was acting dodgy, and Clint Lawson walking into my pet depot sanctuary looking as smug as something that is highly smug. Escargot. Or a cashmere scarf or person with a lopsided top hat.

“Potter, what are you doing?” he said. Scorpius douchebag was behind him with messy blond hair. Probably from snogging or doing sexual favors. Who even knew anymore?

“What a question,” I said happily. “My hand is in a cage. With a kitten. I am petting said kitten. And yet, I felt it was obvious what I was doing.”

“Shut up.” His face looked like a troll. Or something Slytherin-like. “Where are your fangirls?”

“Off worshiping me I’m sure. I see you have one.” I nodded toward Scorp. Where was this wit when the doucher cornered me when I was with Elizabeth? Damn jerk. I was still annoyed about that. How could someone so…so Slytherin just shut me down like that?

“Potter, you’re about to get hexed,” Lawson said. I hated his hair. It was so ugly. Like him. And the rest of Slytherin house.

“Oh, drat. Well, Quidditch isn’t for a bit so I’ll heal by then. You should really hex someone on the Ravenclaw team or a Puffer. They play Saturday.”

Lawson smirked and I hated it. I wondered if he was going to tear off my limbs or something. His gaze suggested blood.

“What?” I said.

“Who you going for in the match?” he asked.

“Ravenclaw. That’s the obvious choice. Puffers are idiots. We play the Puffers next and I know they’re going to lose.”

“Even with Bay?”

“Bay is a tool,” I said. “He’s not worth a bean.”

“May be a tool, but he’s a smart tool, Potter.”

I raised a brow. “You seem fond of him. Malfoy not getting it done?”

“You hate him so much. Willing to put money where your mouth is?” Lawson side-stepped my comment about Scorpius with a little too much grace, damn wanker.

“Elaborate,” I said, still petting Falcon Cat. She was purring.

“I am willing to bet you fifty Galleons the Claws lose.” He smirked.

“Fifty?” I thought about my bank account. Sure, there was money there, but that money was allotted for Quidditch emergencies and buying myself pretty things and Victoria’s food. Was this a Quidditch emergency? I looked at the smug expression on Lawson’s face. He knew I was going to back out. I could read it all over his face. It was the same expression he wore while shutting me down in front of Elizabeth. Fucking tart. “Make it seventy-five,” I said.


We shook hands. His were sweaty and gross.

Falcon Cat had no idea what was going on and so kept purring.

“See you at the game.” With that, Lawson and Scorp were gone and the door slammed shut. I wondered what the hell they were even doing in there if they didn’t accomplish anything or pet a cute cat in the process. Probably just looking for an empty classroom.

Mental vomit.



After making out with Avery in a classroom on the second floor, I decided to live up to my promise to Nia and Elizabeth. After all, if I just left them hanging it would mean I would continuously get nagged by them and that would cramp my style. And I had the kind of style that could not get cramped.

“Good luck,” Avery said, laughing. “If you make it out alive I’ll be impressed.” She flattened her hair and used a dusty frame as a mirror.

“You and me both. But ah well, the life of the Quidditch captain continues.” I rebuttoned my shirt. Somehow the top buttons had come undone. Who knew?

Avery winked. Then she looked at me, drew in a breath, and bit her lip.

Oh, bugger.

We were snogging again and I had to wait a few minutes before I could leave and collect Nia and Elizabeth.



Both were waiting impatiently in the common room when I arrived without Aves. When I smirked, however, their expressions lightened. Thank you, Potter trademark smirk mixed with the adorable messy hair and pretty brown eyes. The freckles helped too.

“Fancy a stroll around the castle?” I asked, offering my arms to them.

“I think you owe it to us,” Nia said, latching herself onto my left arm.

Elizabeth took the right. “You haven’t been the same since you went on holiday. Did you meet someone in Italy?”

I snorted. “I met a crazy Italian bloke. Twataso.”

“Was that his real name?” Nia asked, giggling.

“Sure. I can’t remember.” I shrugged, thinking about that shit brick hitting on Avery. “Other than that, I just interacted with the people I went with. My bleeding baby sister annoyed the crap out of me.”

“I think I’ve only talked to her once or twice,” said Nia. “She seems sweet.”

I laughed. “She’s the best.” I led the way down to the kitchens, careful to avoid the path I knew Avery was taking back to the Tower. Nia was telling Elizabeth about our expedition to Madam Puddifoots and my pink freak out. It weirded me out that they were getting along so well when clearly they both fancied the pants off me.

“He sort of ran out on our date,” Elizabeth said and my muscles tightened. “Something about Avery Flynn with Emerson.”

“She’s a lucky girl to get your attention so much, Jamie,” Nia said with a giggle. “I’m glad you see her like a sister. I’d have to get a little jealous.” She winked at me.

A sister I snogged right before this rendezvous. Well, shit.

“Nothing to worry about, ladies,” I said, tickling the pear in the portrait. “Well.”

“Well what?” Nia said.

“I mean, unless you’re worried about each other.” I safely raised a brow, stepping away from the girls and into the kitchen.

“I’m not worried about her,” Nia said.

Elizabeth gasped. “What’s that supposed to mean? That I have no shot?”

Fuck. I started a battle of girlie retorts.

Nia made a face that suggested clearly, Elizabeth had absolutely no shot. “I’m just saying. James and I have a history. We’ve been on dates. We were study partners. We write each other.”

“You gave him a nickname he hates,” Elizabeth countered back, hands on her hips. “You’ve been on one actual date. Otherwise it’s just you following him around. You only helped him pass one test because Herbology is bonkers and let’s face it, James would rather write Victoria.”

I tried to smile at the house elves. “Truffle?”

“You’re such a bitch!” Nia cried. “James wouldn’t like you if you were dancing naked on the Quidditch pitch!”

“Maybe James would actually like YOU if you knew a Quaffle from a Bludger!” Elizabeth said.

“Shut up!” Nia shoved her and Elizabeth stumbled backward.

What the fuck was happening? Overview was, we were just inside the door to the kitchens. House elves were scattered all over waiting for me to tell them what I wanted. My jaw was lopsided. Elizabeth was a little off balance. Nia’s hair was out of place.

“Okay, girls, you’re forgetting that I’m the one with the choice,” I said, trying to sound delicate and cheerful.

“Then who do you pick?” Elizabeth said, hands on her hips.

“Look,” I said, pointing at a plate of truffles for the elves, “I have a lot of things to focus on right now. I can’t just go and pick one girl.” They looked angry, so I changed up my tactics. “It wouldn’t be fair to you. I am so devoted to Quidditch and my studies and caring for Victoria that I wouldn’t be able to pay enough attention to you. And both of you deserve someone’s full attention. Maybe after all this is over, or maybe sooner, but right now I couldn’t put you through that.”

Nia sighed. “You’re right.”

Elizabeth nodded.

“That doesn’t mean we can’t spend time together and see where it goes. Who knows, maybe something will happen?” I attempted a smile. It worked.

“You’re right,” Elizabeth said. I could tell both of them were hoping the ‘something happening’ would happen with them. Eh, that was all I needed at that point.

Maybe something would happen. After all, I was single. Things could happen. They were allowed to happen.

Which was why, after having truffles and milk with Elizabeth and Nia, I returned to my dormitory alone. It was empty again and I wondered what the hell the boys were doing. Even Emerson wasn’t there, but he was probably off being a pompous Head Boy who was trying to ruin lives.

“Have fun?” Avery was leaning against the doorway into the bathroom.

“What are you doing here?” I couldn’t breathe. The room was only lit by a couple candles next to Fred’s bed.

“Came to see how your awkward double-date went.”

“You just described how it went.” I laughed and kicked off my shoes. I straightened the collar on my shirt. She was wearing a red shirt and jeans. They jeans were worn and had a couple holes in them, making them somehow more attractive on her.

“That bad?” Avery ran her fingers through her hair.

“We hadn’t been together ten minutes and they were fighting over me.”

“Aren’t you lucky?”

“Sod off,” I muttered, walking over to her and wrapping her up in my arms. “What did you do tonight?”

“Finished my Charms essay.”

I choked.

“I finished yours too, relax. I knew you’d have your hands full with dumb and dumber.”

“You’re the best,” I said.

“I know.” Avery winked, laughing, and kissed me on the nose. “So was it really that bad? Did Nia try to ditch Elizabeth and get down your pants?”

“I told them some bullshit about me needing to concentrate on Quidditch and we’ll see where it goes,” I said, laughing, and lit a couple candles over by my bed with my wand.

“Okay, tell me exactly what happened. Who knows, maybe you’re destined for Nia?” Avery snickered and followed me over to my bed. We plopped down, similar to every other time we would chat, and she draped her legs over me, head on my chest and hair sprawled out on my torso. At least now if anyone walked in they’d see us looking like we always did. Okay, we’d have to stop running our fingers over each other’s skin, but that was an easy fix.

“Oh, first, though,” said Avery, tilting her chin up, “Emerson said something to me a little bit ago about you having a diary in your trunk. Is that true?”

I cocked a brow. I had never kept a diary. In fact, I frequently referred to Aves as my own personal diary that gave pretty killer advice. “Not at all. Wonder why he’d say something like that.”

“I’m thinking to discredit you,” she said.

“Have I said something to discredit?”

Avery looked at me. “I’m sure he knows the further the year drags on the more likely you are to tell me about his whole lucky number seven rubbish, however true that might be.”

“So he tells you I have a diary so you won’t believe me?” I asked, wrinkling my nose. Even if I had a diary, I didn’t think Avery would think I was lying about other things because I wrote down my feelings in a book. Not that I had feelings to write down. Except Quidditch-related, manly feelings.

“Guess so.” She shrugged. “Probably couldn’t find anything else in your trunk to hold against you.”

“Like his women’s clothes and weird trinkets?”

“Yeah, like that.” She laughed.

“One of these days if he steps over the line I’m going to replace his whole wardrobe with women’s clothes and see how he likes that.”

She almost snorted. “I had a horrendous visual of Emerson wearing a pleated skirt and cardigan.”

“That won’t be the worst of it,” I said slyly. I wasn’t sure there was anything Twitwards could do in order to force me into that rash of a punishment, but it was still on the table.

“Okay, okay,” Avery said, adjusting her position pressed against my body. “Tell me all about Nia and Elizabeth and the messy girl fight.”

“Well, there was hot fudge involved…no, not really, but for the purpose of this story, there will be.”


The Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff match was pretty crowded, but I sat at pitch level since I was a Quidditch player and we had VIP seating in the other benches. Good seats except you couldn’t bleeding see anything since it was all up in the air. Didn’t matter since I didn’t care about their playing. I cared about goofing off with Fred and Bink until Ravenclaw won and I could collect my seventy-five G’s from Lawson.

“There’s Abigail,” Bink said, pointing out the petite blond streaking up the pitch. “How are things going with you two, anyway?”

“Eh, it’s okay,” Fred said.

“You sound thrilled.”

“Yeah, she’s just a little high maintenance is all,” he replied. “But the sex is good.”

“You realize that’s what kept me with that woman, don’t you?” Bink said. “And look how that turned out.”

“We’re going to try and work it out I think.” Fred twiddled his thumbs. “I mean, I want to. She’s a sweet girl and stuff but she’s really demanding.”

“I can’t believe she’s more demanding than Kay Davies,” I said.

“I didn’t think anyone was,” Fred muttered. “Blimey, James, why do you have to have all the Gryffindors wrapped up? I could use one right about now. Ravenclaws can get a little pushy for me.”

“I’m sure they’re not all like that,” I replied, mostly because he couldn’t have the Gryffindors. Half of them were his cousins anyway. “There’s gotta be one or two in that house of smarties that is casual and laid back.”

We looked up at the team. They were screaming at each other. But, oddly enough, they were scoring and getting it done.

“Yeah, not on the Quidditch team, though,” said Bink.

“I’m done with the team,” Fred said. “If it doesn’t work out with Abigail, the only one left is that Beater bloke and I’m not that desperate for a snog.”

“Still can’t believe you dated the whole team.” I ruffled my hair a bit. There were cheers from the Puffer end as someone scored. Darian Bay looked like a class-A tool up there.

“Had sex with the whole team,” Bink corrected. “He didn’t date that one girl. What was her name? Ah, can’t remember. That one was a one night stand.”

“I’m really not that kind of person,” Fred said. “I was just drunk. I genuinely liked all the others!”

“I know, I know,” I said. “All right, Claws, time to get winning!”

I had some sort of special super-power. Not the obnoxious kind like strength or invisibility (Dad had that damn cloak and wouldn’t give it to me), but the power to get people motivated on the Quidditch pitch without even playing.

The Ravenclaw end erupted as their Seeker pulled out of a semi-impressive dive, Snitch in hand, shit-eating grin on her face.

I leapt up. “Fuck yes!” I cried. “Money, money, money!”

“Do you need money?” Bink asked as we watched the blue and silver players soar to the ground in one lump of cheers.

“Nope. But I need dignity.” My eyes found Clint Lawson at the far end of the pitch so I waved good-bye to my Chaser mates and marched my happy ass over there, hand outstretched. “Oy, Lawson, I believe you owe me something.”

His eyes were blank. He honestly couldn’t believe Ravenclaw had won.

“How can that have happened?” he said slowly. Even the clothes under his cloak were ugly.

“Because the Puffers are horrible,” I said. “Honestly, how do you not know that?”

“I bleeding Confunded a couple of the Claws and everything! Seriously.”

I nearly choked. “You cheated?”

“No. Since you bleeding won.”

I rolled my eyes. I wasn’t exactly surprised Lawson tried something underhanded to win. Those Ravenclaws must have been strong to fight it off. But then again, after all of them were with Fred Weasley, I wasn’t doubting it. He was a handful.

“I’m just going to overlook the fact that you’re a slimy doucher and take my winnings.” I extended my hand a little further and Lawson gave me a small bag. I opened it, finding the correct amount of coinage inside. “Fantastic.”

He still looked dumbstruck. Completely, idiotically, dumbstruck. And I was loving it. Finally it felt as if a weight was lifted off me. Like even though the jerk cheated, I came out on top.

That was what it took for me to get my damn dignity back from his episode on the pitch with Elizabeth. I wished she was here to see the stupid look on his face.

So I stood there for an extra few minutes, watching him gape at the pitch. Scorpius kept prodding him in the side. His jaw was going more and more lopsided now that his pocket was empty.

Good thing I won, anyway, since I never took anything out of my bank account, I just stole the seventy-five from Albus.



A/N: Well, between snogging, Falcon Cat, snogging, Clint Lawson, snogging, and some Ravenclaws and Puffers, lots of stuff happened to further the plottie plot in this chap. I hope you all enjoyed it! Especially how James and Avery are handing their new snog buddy situation. As I post this, it's now officiall Fall in America so break out the apple cider, plan a Halloween costume (yes, you can go as James and Avery), and paint a pumpkin! 

Fave parts? Quotes? James rambles? 

Oh, and I got this chap up so quick after the other because, thankfully, now that I have a full time job I can use other time for writing! Thanks! 

UP NEXT: Quidditch practice, team meeting, a letter, and James gets Paloma...ish.

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