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“Have you felt it kick yet?”

“Pretty sure that won’t happen for a while.” Melora looked over her book at Sirius who sat opposite her, his own textbook lying forgotten next to him.

Sirius twisted his mouth in what Melora guessed was a thinking face, “Do you feel anything?”

“I feel nauseous,” She offered, “a lot.”

“Ew” Black wrinkled his nose and Melora chuckled and went back to her textbook. When Sirius had suggested they study for Charms together in an empty classroom, Melora must have been a fool for thinking they’d actually be doing any studying. Instead it had turned into a third degree on her health status.

“I read you have to pee often too, is that true?” Sirius got over the disgusting factor rather quickly

Melora sat her book aside, “You read?” She questioned.

Sirius looked away, “Those pamphlets Madame Moffat gave you. You left them behind when you ran out of the hospital wing.”

Melora turned pink, “Oh.”

They sat in silence for a minute, both too embarrassed think about the pamphlets to speak before Sirius managed to continue. “Have you decided what you wanted to do yet?”

The blonde tapped her fingers against her Charms book absently, “I know I want to have it,” She replied, “But I don’t know if I want to keep it or give it up for adoption.”

Sirius nodded, “Do your parents know yet?”

“I have a meeting with Dumbledore first, then he’ll call them in. Yours too probably, have you told them?”

The boy winced, “That would involve speaking to them, which I have no plans to do anytime soon.”

Melora suddenly remembered the big topic coming back from summer holidays after fifth year, Sirius Black running away to the Potters and being disowned. She felt like an idiot, “Oh Sirius, I’m sorry.”

He laughed a bit too loudly, “It’s fine.” He said brushing her concern off, “I have written to the Potters to tell them though. Haven’t been able to send it yet, but I figure better me tell them then James. Bloke’s got a mouth bigger than a fifth year girl.”

Melora giggled. Somewhere down the corridor a chime rang signifying curfew.

“Well we’d better get back.” Sirius said gathering his things. Melora followed suit.

“This was nice,” She admitted, “You’re not half-bad Black.”

He grinned, “Thanks Melly.”

Her smile quickly melted into a frown, “Okay now you’re pushing it.”

He straightened, “Right sorry,” And held the door open for her. “So when you feel it kick, will you tell me?”

“I’m telling you now it won’t be for awhile.” Melora replied. But seeing the nervous expression on Sirius’s face, she couldn’t help but throw him a bone, “My first appointment in St. Mungo’s is coming up though.” She shifted from foot to foot as they entered the hallway, “Moffat made it for me. If you’d like to come, I’m sure Dumbledore would be okay with it.”

Sirius nodded eagerly, “Yeah, definitely.”

“Okay, see you later.” Melora smiled and hurried off in the direction of the Ravenclaw common room. Perhaps this whole thing wouldn’t be too intolerable.

Melora wasn’t very sure this entire thing would be totally tolerable anymore. In fact, she was ready to kick the baby out herself.

And, like most of Melora’s recent problems, it was entirely Stephen Walters’s fault. Also Eleanor Harvey’s, but honestly, Melora couldn’t bring herself to hate her for pure idiocy. How in the world was she even in Ravenclaw?

But back to the issue at hand, Melora really, really hated Stephen Walters, and from the look on his face right now, the feeling was mutual.

“Well?” He hissed, “Is it true? Is it mine?”

Melora forced herself into the present. Stephen had cornered her after Ancient Runes in the corridor and started demanding to know why Eleanor had congratulated him on becoming a father this morning. He was currently holding on to her upper arms tightly, to ensure she wouldn’t run away. Melora gave him a glare and commanded, “Let go.” He surprisingly obeyed.

“Come on Melly,” Melora scowled, why did everyone insist on that hideous nickname? “Was Eleanor telling the truth?”

“If she was, what difference would it make to you?” Melora hissed, “You haven’t talked to me since I caught you with Stacy.”

Stephen let out a disbelieving scoff, “Like I wouldn’t let you come back if you were having my child?”

Melora tried to keep her anger under control, but it was getting harder by the second. Why in Merlin’s name had she ever liked him?

“How could it be yours Stephen?” Melora finally said exasperated, “We never, you know…”

Stephen frowned, “Are you saying you cheated on me?”

“Only after you cheated on me!” She defended herself.

“That was one kiss Melly! You slept with some other guy!”

“One kiss?” Melora scoffed, “You were snogging for at least 3 hours.”

“Yeah well, halfway into it you caught us and broke it off with me anyway, so I didn’t really see the point in stopping.”

“You’re a pig.” The blonde crossed her arms, “And if the second portion of you cheating didn’t count, then neither does what I did because it was after we broke up too.” A few tears managed to escape Melora’s eyes and Stephen softened upon seeing them.

“You know Melora; we could just tell people it was mine.”

“What?” Melora wiped her cheeks furiously, “No!”

“No what? You don’t think it’s the perfect solution? You get to have a legitimate kid, not one spawn from a one night stand you don’t even remember.” She glared, “Oh don’t give me that look,” He said, “I knew you were pissed in more than one way when you yelled at me and Stacy the second go around.”

“And what do you get out of this perfect deal? Get to tell your buddies you finally managed to get some?”

Stephen chuckled, “Not a completely bad solution, eh?”

Melora ground her teeth and took a step back, “I would never ever let this child be yours Stephen Walters.”

“Well then have fun saying goodbye to your reputation. I hope you and the kid’s father are happy together.” Stephen sneered.

Melora just turned and ran off.

A/N- Stephen's a peach isn't he?

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