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Welcome to the Chase by dream_BIG
Chapter 9 : chapter.nine Fear.
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“Er – hello,” I said unsurely, standing over Rose. Her brown eyes were wide and glassy, staring at the canopy on her bed but not seeing anything. They turned to me, dazed and hazy.


“Hello,” She said in a high voice quite unlike her usual self. “Lovely day, isn’t it?”


I looked out of the window. Just then, a long flash of lightning lit up the sky, illuminating the huge grey clouds and torrents of rain pouring down.




“I must have left my potions things in the library. I guess I’ll just go back and get them.” She said in that same high voice, moving in a vague sort of way towards the door.


“Er…I actually have them right here.” I said, placing her bag gingerly on her bed.


Rose turned to me, a large, fake smile plastered across her face. I took an involuntary step back. “You’re the bestest friend ever, Ariadne.” She declared. “You know that? The absolute best.”


I managed a timid smile. “Uh…I love you, too?”


“Chocolate.” Rose was muttering to herself, completely oblivious. “I need some chocolate. Better run down to the kitchens. I gotta get me some chocolate…”


She floated towards the door and down the stairs, the sound of her high voice coming back to me as I stood, frozen in the middle of the dorm room.


Oh, fuck.


Chocolate – when Rose wants chocolate, that means she’s under some severe mental stress a.k.a she’ll snap at any moment and turn into a large, hyperventilating puddle of Rose goo.


And guess who gets to clean up that large, hyperventilating puddle of Rose goo?


That’s right – yours truly.






I’ll freely admit it – I bolted.


I mean, come on! Have you ever had to deal with Psycho Rose before? No? Well, my friend, consider yourself lucky, because that is one thing that no one – no one – should have to witness. It is the reason for my insanity. I used to be normal once upon a time! Normal, I tell you!


Okay, I was never normal.


But still!


“Um…Ariadne? What are you doing down there?”


“Gah!” I yelped, jumping about a foot in the air and banging my head on the desk. I cursed loudly, rubbing the top of my head as I peered up at the voice, which belonged to Burly.


“You know, you should be worried about the fact that I don’t find this behavior the slightest bit crazy. In fact, for you, I consider this normal.” Burly continued, sounding deeply amused.


I chose not to dignify that with a response.


“But seriously – is the table really the only hiding place you can think of?”


I huffed angrily at that one. “Well, excuse me for not being as creative and resourceful as you, oh creepy one –”


“I’m not creepy!”


“I beg to differ.”


He glared at me. “Says the girl currently in hiding underneath a table.”


I couldn’t help but grin at that one. “Touché, Burly.”


He grinned back briefly. “Seriously, though – what are you doing down there?”


I sighed. “I’m hiding from Rose, if you must know.”


“Rose? Why? I thought she was your best friend.”


“She is my best friend, you prat. She’s just going through some…er…emotional unbalance right now, and I’m really not in the mood to witness her mental breakdown.” I let out a brief shudder.


He stared at me. “You’re a horrible friend.”


I shrugged tiredly. “Say what you must, but you haven’t seen one of Rose’s emotional freak-outs. I’ve been traumatized, trust me – I can’t see a tissue without breaking out in sweat.”


“So, what drove her to her insanity?” Burly asked conversationally.


I stared. “She’s already insane, Burly.”


He sent me one of those eyebrow-looks that clearly said ‘don’t play dumb; you know what I’m talking about’.


I sighed again. “My cousin.”




“How many other cousins do I have in this school?” I asked testily.


“How?” Burly asked.


“Well, he – oh, shit!” I gasped as I caught sight of Rose at the doorway. Her eyes were bloodshot and she was wearing a very forced smile on her face, which I took to mean that she was ready to explode at any second. As she approached – more like stomped – her way through the common room, people scurried aside to let her pass.


I think I just peed myself.


“Oh, god.” I whimpered. Burly’s eyes were wide as he took her in.


“Get behind me. Quick.” If I hadn’t caught the slight movement of his mouth, I wouldn’t have even known that Burly was talking to me. I wanted to argue, but Rose was getting closer and I was sure that she could somehow see me under the table (she’s not stupid. Emotionally unhinged, sure – but not stupid), so I didn’t argue, quickly scurrying behind Burly and letting him pick me up and tow me to a safe hiding spot.


“Where are you taking me?” I hissed, my eyes shut tightly as he moved.


“Shut up.” He whispered back. He had me hugged tightly to his chest and was nearly sprinting up a set of…stone…steps…




“Your dorm?” My frightened voice was getting higher in pitch. “That was your genius idea? You’re bringing me to your dorm?”


“I was a bit pressed for time, Chase!” Burly said in a huffy voice, setting me down and opening his door.


“Burly, what’ll people say if they see me going in there?” I moaned.


“You were there to discuss tactics. It’s true – this is where we discuss them, you know.” Burly said calmly, starting to nudge me in. I continued to berate him even while I stepped through.


“But – I mean, I’m the only girl in your team! People are already going to think that I’m sleeping with the lot of you, and this isn’t really going to – meep!”


Yeah, that really high-pitched sound of pure, unadulterated fear? That came from me.


Attractive, I know.


Why have I resorted to making squeaky noises of terror, you may ask?


Well, you see, I was currently in a room full of very shirtless and very fit adolescent males, who were staring at me as though I was a Martian from outer space, because ohmygod there’s a girl in our dorm! A GIRL!


“Hey, mates.” Burly said casually, pulling off his shirt, wadding it in a little ball, and chucking it into a corner. I glanced over and saw that there was a small tower of white shirts stacked in the corner behind a small Quidditch hoop. Apparently, it was a little ritual of theirs to walk into their dorm room, take off their shirt, and make a shot.


I swear I’ll never understand the male subspecies.


I crossed my arms over my chest, just in case anyone got the idea of ‘upholding the tradition’.


“Um.” Blondie broke the ice oh-so-eloquently.


“Er…” I tucked a strand of my dark hair nervously behind one ear. “Hi?”


“What’s the chick doing here?”


I looked over, my face set into the lines of a dark scowl, and saw that there was another occupant of this dormitory, a tall, muscular-in-a-stringy-sort-of-way, brown haired bloke who was eying me like I was his next whore for the night.


I already don’t like this kid.


“The ‘chick’ has a name,” I said darkly. I distinctly heard Burly let out a low groan, Blue thump his head against his headboard, and Blondie mutter ‘fuck’ under his breath.


Hey, where’s Al?


“Whoa,” A slow leer spread across the guy’s face. “Do we have a feisty one here?”


“Do not refer to me as ‘one’.” My mouth, it seems, simply does not know when to shut up. “I am a human fucking being, and – excuse me, have you ever heard of the personal bubble?! Get away from me!”


Sleazy ran another finger down my arm. “Name’s Derek.” He said in a low voice. “You must be Beautiful. It’s nice to finally meet you.”


I literally had to stare at him for a couple of minutes to see if he was actually being serious.


“You’re kidding.” I said flatly. I turned to Burly, who had his head in his hands. “He’s kidding, right?”


“Why would I be kidding, love?” A long finger traced over my cheek, and I slapped it away. He took another step closer, a dark glint in his eyes. “I’ve never been more serious in my life.”


“Meep.” I squeaked again, apparently losing my ability to smart-arse the way out of situations like this.


I’ll tell you a little secret – Sleazy sort of scares me. Don’t tell anyone.


“Derek, I think I’d appreciate if you didn’t try to molest my Seeker. See, if you did do anything to her, I might just have to beat your arse. I’m sure the boys would love to help.” A cool voice said from behind me. Instantly, a feeling of acute relief spread through my body.




“Yeah, I think I’d appreciate the ‘no-molesting’ rule, too.” I said, scurrying back a couple of steps so that I could quickly hide behind Al. As soon as I was behind him, though, my mouth fell open.


He doesn’t have a shirt on. Kill me. Kill me.


Before I could further embarrass myself by doing something stupid – like drooling – another set of arms quickly picked me up and dragged me to another corner of the room.


“Must you always insist on being so bloody feisty?” Blondie demanded of me in a low hiss, his blue eyes bright with anger.


I blinked in surprise. “Well – yeah, being a smartarse is sort of my knee-jerk reaction to –”


“Look, I don’t know if you’d noticed –” Burly started, his voice just as angry.


“Derek is bad news.” Blue finished solemnly.


“Yeah, I think I got that.” I snapped quietly, looking discreetly over to where Al was threatening Sleazy. Sleazy was staring right at me, and upon seeing that I was looking at him, sent an air-kiss towards me. I quickly looked back at the boys.


“Once he notices a girl, he’ll do anything he can to get her in his bed,” Dreamy was telling me.


I shuddered. “That’s never going to happen.”


“Yeah, well,” Blondie still seemed mad. “He might even use force to make it happen.” I let out a low whimper, glad that Scorpius or Rose weren’t here to hear me make such a pitiful noise.


“I swear the hat was high when it put that piece of cowcrap in Gryffindor.”


I turned around, relieved, instantly safer, to see that Al had joined our little huddle, his green eyes glimmering with anger.


“You won’t let him touch me, right?” My voice was more scared and vulnerable-sounding than I’d hoped.


Some of the anger in Al’s eyes died down as he looked at me. “No, I won’t. Promise.”


I looked over quickly and saw that Sleazy was still staring at me with a hungry look on his face. I closed my eyes.


“Make him stop looking at me.” My voice shook a little.


There was a bang! and when I opened my eyes again, a set of hangings were drawn tightly around the last bed in the room. Al pointed his wand at a curtain and it slid across, effectively cutting off the rest of the room from Sleazy’s space.


I took a deep breath, my eyes still closed.


“Hey,” Someone’s hand touched my shoulder, and I saw that Blondie was peering at me through concerned eyes. “You okay?”


I couldn’t help it – he was so cute and I just had to grin. “I’m fine. I just…I’ve never been scared of a person before, and Sleazy honestly scares me.”


Blue shook his head, smiling in a bemused sort of way. “There she goes with the nicknames again.”


I stuck my tongue out at him. “Get used to it, Blue Eyes.”


“So, what are you doing here, anyway?” Al asked me. “I’m sensing that this wasn’t just a visit to get put on the hit-list of the school’s serial-bedder.”


I winced. “Er, no, it wasn’t. I was actually hiding from Rose.”


He cocked an eyebrow, and I had to suppress a scream of excitement – I was talking to him! And I didn’t say anything stupid!






“She was going to go into one of her…episodes.” I finished mysteriously, narrowing my eyes slightly to prove my elusiveness. Only true Rose-knowers would know what I’m talking about, and since Al is a true Rose-knower, he’ll understand what I’m saying and we’ll kind of but not really have an inside joke!


“…episodes?” He asked tentatively.




“You know…when she goes all psycho-mental and completely has a nervous breakdown?”


I got a large, fat blank look from one Albus Potter.


“Tissues? Crying? Excessive amounts of chocolate?” I asked, my voice on an edge of desperation. “Loud, banshee-like wailing? Homicidal proclamations? No? Am I the only one who is forced to endure the torture?!”


Al shrugged slightly. “Uh – I guess so. I’ve never seen Rose go into an ‘episode’. She’s usually so calm. Well, except when we have exams, then she gets sort of insane.”


My eyes narrowed. “Yeah, well, how she gets during exams is nothing compared to this, trust me.”


“What happened to her?” Al asked, his brow furrowing in concern. Aw – he’s so adorable. He loves his cousin so much. God, Rose is so lucky. She got the sweet, gorgeous guy, and I got stuck with the impulsive prat.


Story of my life.


I let out a nervous laugh, shooting Blondie a look to shut up now.


“Er…you know my cousin?” I asked, shifting slowly from foot to foot.


A dry look appeared on Al’s face. “I think I’ve heard of him, yeah.”


“So…he sort of but not really likes Rose?” I continued tentatively.


Al’s face fell flat.




“And…she, uh, might even like him back, I think…”


His expression was slowly turning livid.


Unfortunately, I continued to blab like the stupid, blabbing idiot that I was.


“And, er…at the library, when Rose was tutoring Blondie, Scorpius, uh…walked over and started being an arse because that’s sort of in his true nature. When he really likes someone, his automatic reaction is to be an idiot because he is an idiot and does really annoying, impulsive things and leaves me to clean up the mess left behind –”


“The point…?” Burly gestured for me to continue onwards, and I glared briefly at him for cutting off my word diarrhea.


“Well, he might have…you know…kissedher. And she kind of snoggedhimback. And now she’s going through a mental crisis of epic proportions. Right, well, I’m going to check on Rose now! Kaythanksbye!”


My voice had reached a point of volume that made me doubt if even dogs had the ability to decipher it, much less humans. This gave me a slight advantage. While the boys were still trying to figure out what in Merlin’s name I must have said, I was able to quickly dart around them and to the door. I pulled it open and let myself through just as Al shouted, “He WHAT?!” in a very loud, murderous voice.


I may or may not have let out a small, brief whimper of fear as I sprinted down to the common room, not even caring that the whole house saw me coming down there from the boys’ dormitory.


Now not only do I seem like a whore, I seem like a spineless whore.


Wow. I’m sure everyone wants to be just like me when they grow up! I’m just so incredibly cool and role-modely like that.


Fun Fact: I just escaped a dangerous situation.


Another (not so) Fun Fact: And I’m walking towards one right now.




My life is such a joke.


Current Score:


Fates: 34


Ariadne: somewhere in the negatives at this point.


hihihhiiiii :D so, i know this update is like, LOOONG overdue, and i'm super-sorry for that! i hope none of you are too mad to not leave a review :) because that's just sad. i hate losing reviews. it makes me sad. boo sadness. sadness is so not fun. right. so, yeah. the plot thickens, eh?! exciting! to be honest with you guys, i'm actually at a complete loss as to how to completely tie everything together and...you know. fix stuff. but i guess i'll cross that bridge once i get there.

hopefully that bridge isn't too much of a pain to cross. this might be hard.

anyway! i'm thinking, since so many people are like ZOMG YOU FAIL AT UPDATING, i would do like, a super -updating spree thing. but i don't know what to do it for, you know? so if you want this updating-spreed, give me a YES. or a no. s'all good.

so, this just crossed my mind the other day, but i'm a complete and total freak during these author's notes. and, with my luck, a really hot guy is probably reading this and going 'god, what a wierdo. i ever met her, i'll never like her.' and then i'll lose a candidate in my already limited chance of getting a guy to succumb to the insanity of falling for me.

um, anyway. i just hope i'm not scaring anyone off. because i promise i'm not that scary! really! well, once i yelled at a freshman for walking into me and he whimpered and ran away - but i swear i'm a nice person! i was just having a bad day and the stupid midget wouldnt look where he was going! wouldn't you hate it if some random freshie crashed into your midsection? i did, too! and i taught him a lesson, really, about the etiquette of walking down a school hallway. better me than some jock who beats people up, right? right.

i'm an asset to the community. a good one.

...right, i'm just going to go...study for bio or something.

but you review, yeah? YEAH! XD


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