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A/N: Hellerrr:) So thank you for all of the totally awesome reviews for the last chapter. I was blown away. Literally. Well, not literally, but highly figuratively if that’s even possible… Well, either way, thank youuu!!!


Chapter image by dream_BIG at TDA! (:

Disclaimer: I own nothing that you recognize. 


       YES! Albert, we’re going to the Potter’s! Aren’t you excited!? No? Hrmp. Well, let me explain to you why going over to the Potter’s is an amazing thing.


1: It’s the house of the freaking savior of the wizarding world! Isn’t that reason enough?!


2: Whenever the Potter’s have a quidditch game almost all of the cousins come. And I mean all, so I get to see Dom! You’re going to love her Albert! Dommy is pretty much the most gorgeous person you will ever meet. She is exactly what my mum was expecting when she named her daughter Aphrodite. Dom has long, wavy blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and is just all around beautiful. Boys fall at her feet. She also just has the coolest personality you can ever imagine. Honestly, you’d expect someone like her, whose 1/8 veela, to be a total snob and a bitch, but she is definitely not. And she’s single. *Wink. Wink.* Just kidding Albert, she probably wouldn’t like you. No offense. Besides, you have a girlfriend that I am apparently not allowed to me because I’m ‘abnormal’. Yeah fuck you.


3: I get to see Rose. She is probably like my third best friend after Dom and Apollo. Rose is flipping amazing. She’s like a total genius and she always helps me with my homework. (She does hers and then I copy). She’s also a prefect, but she lets Apollo, James, Shane, and me get away with everything. Rosie is also incredibly pretty. She inherited both her mum and dad’s hair colors, so it made a nice, pretty auburn, and she has ocean blue eyes. Her sarcasm is what makes her one of my closest friends though. She’s single also, except Scorpius Malfoy, a bloody annoying Slytherin, has been trying to get her to go out with him for years. Her reply is always a no.


4: I get to see Albus! Al is James’ little brother and he is in Gryffindor, too. We’re in the same year, and he’s like the most laid back guy in the world. Like seriously, Voldemort could rise from the dead and announce that he was going to slaughter everyone and tap dance over their bodies and Al would probably go do some meditation, or some crazy shit like that. (He doesn’t meditate, but honestly you would think he does.) Al and James look almost exactly alike, except the eyes and Al has glasses. Plus, I see Al as a brother and I see James as a sex god.


5: It’s quidditch! Everybody loves it! Wow, you would not like quidditch, Albert. That’s so like you to hate the most awesome sport in the world. I’m considering shunning you again, but I guess I won’t. It’s too lonely without you. Sigh.


       “Score! I’ll be back in a sec!” I squealed and started running up the stairs. I tripped on the like the fourth step. Bloody feet always fucking me over. I heard Apollo, James, and Shane laughing as I continued to charge up the staircase in excitement.


       I hastily tore off my oversized tee shirt and long pajama bottoms. I basically lived in these things during the summer. Shut up Albert! You’re just jealous that you can’t pull off the slacker look like I can. Okay so maybe I can’t pull it off either. But whatevs, it’s comfortable.


I grabbed a purple tank top out of my closet and pulled on a pair of short, soft black athletic shorts. I took a shower last night so my hair was clean, but it was all over the place. Don’t even comment Albert. I do not need to hear your unnecessary insults. I ruffled it up a bit so it actually looked good, and not like a cat had been clawing at it. I put on a pair of flip-flops, grabbed my Firebolt 4.0, and charged down the steps.


“Ready!” I chirped and grabbed Apollo’s arm for side along apparition.


He ripped his arm away from my grasp. “You are definitely not ready. Go change.” He growled.


“What are you talking about? I did change.” I said confused by his sudden harshness. I glanced down at my outfit, which was perfect for a game of quidditch.


“You’re dressed like a bloody whore, Aphrodite!” He snapped. Whoa man. It took a lot for Apollo to use my real name. He always called me Ro.


“It’s shorts and a tank top, Apollo. I’m not wearing fishnet stockings and a push up bra.” I said rolling my eyes. Blokes were so stupid. No offense, Albert. 


“Go. Change.” He commanded seriously. I looked from him, to James, to Shane. Shane was staring at my legs, James was staring at my chest, and Apollo was glaring at my face. Freaks.


I glanced down at my outfit again. It looks as if I finally grew into my body. My legs looked really long, especially in these short shorts. It also looked as if I had finally gotten boobs, (SCORE!) and I was showing a lot of cleavage. How the hell did I not notice this before!? Damn over sized tee shirts. Well, if it gets James Sirius Potter looking at me then I like it. He was still staring at my chest. Thank Merlin, Apollo didn’t see. That’s right James; you know you want me. Hehe.


“I’m not changing, Apollo.” I told him and put my hands on my hips. I feel like when I put my hands on my hips it makes it seem like I mean business, or it makes me seem like a whiny five year old. Either way I am not changing.


“Go put on a sweatshirt or I’m not taking you.” He said sternly. James was still staring at my chest.


“It’s hot as hell out there!” I whined stomping my foot. Apollo opened his mouth to retort, but Shane interrupted.


“Apollo, we’re going to be late for the game if we don’t leave now.” He said and kicked James discreetly. James’ face turned bright red. He looked away and mouthed thanks to Shane.


“Fine. Let’s go.” Apollo growled grabbing my arm. “But you’re borrowing something of Lily’s when we get there.” And we disapparited.






       “Aphrodite!” Al exclaimed throwing his arms out, very dramatically, from about ten feet away.


       “Albus!” I cried mirroring his motion.


       He ran towards me and swept me up in a hug. Oh how I wish his brother greeted me like this. I giggled. “You ready for the ga-. Whoa.” Al said, his eyes bugging out as he put me down looking at my chest. “Don’t you want to, you know, cover up a bit?” He said uncomfortably as he looked away. No Albert, he is not a poof. He’s just like my fourth best friend so he’s protective of me, and sees me as a sister.


       “Thank you.” Apollo mumbled irritated in agreement. I scowled at the pair of them. Bloody blokes.


       “Yeah, aren’t Louis and Fred coming-“ Shane started.


       “You’re changing!” Apollo, Al, and James commanded in unison.


       “I don’t want to change, dammit! This is comfortable for quidditch, and I don’t have anything else to wear-“ I was interrupted from my rant by being swung over James’ shoulder. My face is facing his arse. Is it weird that I’m swooning? I’m sorry; I can’t help it! His arse is like perfect. Oh shut your freaking gob, Albert.


       I started squirming to make it seem like I wasn’t enjoying it. “James! Put me down!” I screamed. Please don’t put me down!


       James just chuckled. “Sorry, Biter, but I will not let my cousins rape you with their eyes.” I groaned in annoyance, which was really pleasure at the fact that his hand was on the small of my back.


He’s right though, Albert. Louis and Fred probably would rape me with their eyes. They are the biggest players in fifth year, and they are both are bloody gorgeous. Louis is Dom’s little brother, so he’s 1/8 veela. He and Dom look a lot alike. Louis has blonde hair and blue eyes too. Fred is Dom’s Uncle George and Aunt Angelina’s son. He is the definition of tall, dark, and handsome. His mocha colored skin, soft black hair, and golden brown eyes made the girls flip shit. They’re both the biggest bloody perverts ever, though. Most girls thought it was adorable, but I found it creepy and uncomfortable.


James started walking towards the house with Apollo, Shane, and Al laughing merrily behind us. Tossers. “I hate you all. You know that, right?” I huffed in annoyance to James’ arse.


“Come on, Ro! You know you love us!” Apollo laughed from behind me. Oh, so now that I do what he says, I’m Ro again? Twat.  


       “Hi Mum! Hi Dad!” James called to his parents when we got into the house, and continued walking to Lily’s room.


       “Hey, Harry and Ginny!” I chirped, turning my head briefly to the side so I could see them. That’s right. I’m on a first name basis with the savior of the Wizarding World and his wife. Jealous? They just laughed and shook their heads, saying nothing about the current predicament I was in. I guess they’re just used to me by now. What can I say? Something interesting always happens when I’m around.


       James charged up the stairs, my curls hitting each step we waked on. He opened up Lily’s door and tossed me carelessly on her bed. “Bugger!” I yelled in irritation. Stop laughing, Albert! It’s not polite to be amused over other people’s pain!


Lily was sitting at her desk writing something that she hastily put away. “Um, hi?” She said in a voice mingled with confusion and surprise.


“She needs to borrow something to cover up her boobs so she doesn’t get raped by Louis and Freddy.” Al stated simply.


I threw my flip-flop at the doorway they were standing in, but hit the wall instead. And that is why I am not a Chaser. “And that is why you are not a Chaser.” Apollo chuckled, repeating my thoughts, as he closed the door and they walked away. Cheeky git. I stuck my tongue out at the door.


“Sorry, Lily.” I apologized, straitening out my tank top that had gotten twisted around while I was snatched up and rudely thrown on the bed by James.


“It’s okay.” She laughed and rummaged through her closet. She pulled out a very thin, long sleeve gray shirt that was cut so it would go off one shoulder, and wouldn’t be too hot. She tossed it to me. “You can wear this if you want.”


I’ve always liked Lily. She is a fourth year, like Athena, but she’s in Gryffindor. Lily has the auburny colored hair like Rose and hazel eyes. She is really pretty, but has difficulties when it comes to guys because James and Al are protective of her like Apollo is with me.


“Thanks!” I pulled on the shirt over my tank top. The whole one shoulder thing was working for me. I had covered up, but still looked good. Jealous, Albert? Oh, don’t deny it; I know you are!


“No problem!” Lily smiled, pulling out whatever she was writing before. “So how big was the fight this time?” She asked. I grinned.


Yes, Albert, this time. Apollo and I have had quite a few little, erm, spats. Here’s how it works: I do something; he yells a lot. What can I say? I’m not the perfect child. Let me give you some examples of our arguments.


1: Rosie dared Dom and me to run around the school in just our knickers. Nineteen wolf-whistles, twenty-four catcalls, and fifty points deducted later, Apollo and James shouted at us for two hours.


2: I had a bit too much to drink at the annual Halloween party the MWSPC threw, and sort of, passed out in the middle of the common room. Apollo and Shane found me lying there the next morning, and Apollo has no consideration what so ever for people with massive hangovers. He doesn’t like when I drink because people can ‘take advantage of me.’


3: Apollo caught me snogging his roommate, Riley Finnigan, in Three Broomsticks. He yelled at me in front of the entire restaurant. He is always one for public scenes, Apollo is. To this day he still won’t talk at Riley.


       Usually, when Apollo goes on one of his little rants I either remain silent, throwing in the occasional eye roll when I see fit, or I bitch right back at him. I mean, he isn’t necessarily a saint either. Let’s go back to my name for his group. Man Whore Slag Player Chasers. I didn’t name them that for no reason! Apollo literally has shagged probably half the girls in this school, well, the attractive ones at least.


       “It wasn’t too bad this time. Apparently, I was dressed like a ‘bloody whore.’” I answered, and Lily laughed as she continued to write. “Is that a letter?” I asked curiously.      


       “Um, yeah.” Lily said sheepishly while her cheeks flamed with color. Why was she blushing? Albert! Why is Lily blushing!? Wait, why in the bloody hell am I asking you? I know that blush! That’s the blush girls get when she really likes a guy! I would know. I get it nearly every time James smiles his gorgeous smile.


       “You’re writing to a guy!” I yelled knowingly and her cheeks got even redder. “Ooohh! Who is it!? Who is it!?” I squealed bouncing up and down on her bed. I tend to act like a three year old on ecstasy when I get excited. Don’t worry you’ll get used to it.


       “Will you shut up!” Lily shrieked loudly. Hypocrite. She dove at me and put a hand over my mouth. Her eyes glanced at the door. Well, then. Someone was a bit paranoid. “Do you have any idea what James and Al would do if they found out?” Lily whispered frightfully. She uncovered my mouth.


       “Yeah, I do actually. I live with Apollo remember?” I responded coolly. I don’t take too well to being tackled. “So who is the guy?” I grinned at her. Yeah, I can’t stay mad at someone for more than five seconds.


Lily bit her lip and blushed crimson again. “Aiden Finnigan.” Oh. My. Merlin. That is about the cutest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. You know how I said I snogged Riley Finnigan, Apollo’s roommate? Well, Aiden is his little brother. He’s a fifth year Gryffindor and is absolutely perfect for Lily. Aiden has sandy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. He is like the sweetest boy you will ever meet. Like legit. The kid is probably stuffed with fucking cookies and frosting.


And Aiden isn’t like the annoyingly sweet type, though. You know the type I mean, right? They, like, eat rainbows for breakfast and shit out butterflies. Those are the type of people I can’t stand. Mirabella Macmillan is one of those people. I can’t stand Mirabella Macmillan. I have dreams of punching her overly happy face repeatedly. You could say I am a violent person.


Fortunately, Aiden is not one of those annoyingly sweet people. He is just overall nice. He is a gentleman that would never do anything to hurt Lily, and he would comfort her if she were ever upset. I don’t even think James and Al would be able to find something wrong with him. Scratch that, they would do everything in there power to find something wrong with him. Lily was a smart girl for keeping it a secret from them because all hell would break loose when they found out that their baby sister was dating somebody. And somebody a year older than her.


“Aw! You guys are so perfect!” I said excitedly and Lily’s face flushed again. “When did you guys get together?” I asked her.


“About a month before school ended.” She answered happily. “But James and Al cannot find out about this.” Lily said seriously. Right. Like I would tell them. I knew exactly how she felt.


Just then the door flew open and James, Al, Shane, and Apollo walked in. “What aren’t we allowed to find out about, Lils?” James asked raising his eyebrow. Merlin, he was hot. Al folded his arms across his chest.


Lily froze from her position on her bed and stared wide eyed at her brothers. I glanced at the letter sitting half written on her desk. Al and James saw me look towards it. Shit. We all ran towards it at the same time.


James grabbed it first, and began reading it out loud much to Lily’s horror. She was still frozen on her bed. “Dear,” He started but that’s all he got out because I tackled him. Yes, tackled him. I managed to knock him to the ground, and I was wrestling him for the letter.


       He tried to pin my wrists together, but I kneed him in his man bits. James groaned in pain and dropped the letter. Don’t worry, Albert. I didn’t knee him too hard; I still want to have children with him one day! I snatched the letter. “HA!” I yelled triumphantly. Now Al was trying to get it from me so I did the only thing I could think of. I stuffed it into my mouth. Yeah, I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box.


       Lily sighed in relief, Apollo and Shane roared with laughter, Al just shook his head, and James grunted in pain from the floor. “Dammit, Biter, I’m not going to be able to have kids!” He moaned.


       “Sorry.” I said with my mouth full of the paper, and I shrugged my shoulders sheepishly. I spit the letter out and destroyed it with my wand.


       “Thank you!” Lily whispered gratefully. I grinned at her in response.


       “The quidditch game is about to start, but don’t think we’re done talking about this.” Al said seriously and he followed a chuckling Shane and Apollo out of the room with James crawling behind them.


       “Well, that was close.” Lily said running her fingers through her hair.


       “Yeah tell me about it.” I laughed. “I guess we better go down, yeah?” Lily nodded and grabbed her broomstick. She has a Firebolt 4.5, which is the newest version. Spoiled bitch. Hehe just kidding. They couldn’t help the fact that they were rich. My family has a good sum of money also, but not as much as the Potters. My dad is a reporter for the Daily Prophet and my mum has a position in the Ministry of Magic.


       I followed Lily as she marched down the steps. She usually played Chaser even though she wasn’t on the team at Hogwarts. Lily never tried out for quidditch because one, James and Al wouldn’t let her, and two because she thinks she would have no shot against James, Apollo, and Shane. I think that’s bollocks though because Lily is amazing at quidditch. She definitely inherited her mum’s talent. If I’m made captain next year, which I highly doubt, then I am forcing her on the team. Oh yeah, James has been captain for the past two years, by the way.


       Lily and I walked out to the back yard where we usually played quidditch. The Potters lived in the middle of nowhere so their house was perfect for playing. They have the goal post set up all the time unless they have muggles over which rarely happens. It looked as if most of the Potters/Weasleys were here, including most of the adults.


       “Hel-lo Legs!” I heard from behind me, along with a catcall. What the fuck? I turned around and Louis and Fred were wearing identical smirks on their faces. Blekch.


       “Hey Freddy, Louis.” I nodded in greeting and smiled at them.


       “You look hot, Pricey.” Louis grinned at me. Yes, he called me Pricey. A lot of people do. I hate it though; it makes me sound like a bloody hooker. Stop laughing Albert before I castrate you!


       Before I could even respond Fred jumped into the conversation. “I vote we make this a shirts and skins game. I nominate Pricey to be a skin!” He said cheerfully putting his hand high up in the air. Do you see what I mean about them being creepy?! I glanced around for Apollo, and he was chatting animatedly with Dom’s Uncle George about something. I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing that he couldn’t hear them.


       “I’d like to second that notion!” Louis grinned raising his hand also. I narrowed my eyes at the pair of them.


       “Going once! Going twice! Sold!” Fred said acting like an auction caller.


       “Take off your shirt, Pricey!” Louis winked. Albert! Defend my honour! Oh, what good are you!? My hands balled up in fists. Creepy bastards.


       “Stop perving on Eggs!” Dom scolded coming out of nowhere and smacked them both upside the head. And that is why she’s my best friend. And yes, she called me Eggs. Dom said that the name Aphrodite was too big of a mouthful so she decided to rename me. She was eating eggs. Yeah, Dom isn’t very original. Did I ever mention that I have a lot of nicknames? Biter, Eggs, Pricey, and Ro. I think the only ones who still call me by my actual name are my parents, professors, Athena, Donny, and Al.


       They cursed at her and grabbed their heads in pain. Dipshits.


        “Dipshits.” I muttered under my breath. I tend to repeat what ever I’m thinking. You’ll get used to that also. “Dommy! Thank you for saving me from you creepy cousins!” I squealed and hugged her enthusiastically.


       “HEY!” Fred and Louis yelled in unison. Sorry, but it’s true.


       “No problem, Eggsie.” Dom laughed. “You ready for the game?” She asked eagerly as we walked towards the rest of her family.


       “Hell yes.” I grinned. I saw Rose standing about thirty feet away. She had her back towards me, and she was in the middle of a conversation with Al. “I’ll be right back.” I told Dom, and started charging towards Rose. My plan? To scare the shit out of Rose by jumping on her back. What actually happened? I tripped over, you guessed it, absolutely nothing, causing me to tumble down the hill and barrel into Rose and then into Al.


       “Bloody hell, Pricey!” Rose shrieked, right in my ear, I must add, considering the fact that I’m lying right next to her, and basically completely on top of Al. Yeah my plans never work out as I plan them. Speaking of Al, he was practically dying of laughter underneath me. Prat. I heard more laughter from all around me. I glanced up and Dom, Apollo, Shane, and James were on the floor from laughing. Arseholes. Even the adults were laughing. Overgrown arseholes.


       “I am lying right next to you, Rose Weasley. There is no need to scream.” I grinned obnoxiously just to bug her. Al laughed harder beneath me, along with everyone else besides Rose.


       “Well, you wouldn’t be lying right next to me if you hadn’t knocked me over!” Rose screeched louder in my ear. I winced. She was smiling though, which told me that she wasn’t actually angry.


       “Yeah, I didn’t really intend for that to happen.” I grinned and rolled myself off of Al.


        “Right, now that Aphrodite’s pre-game entertainment is over, how about some quidditch?” Rose’s dad said eagerly, as he helped me up, smiling. Rose’s dad was awesome. He thought I was hilarious. How could he not? Giggle. Just kidding.


       “Thanks, Whippy.” I grinned at him and he chuckled.


       So you know how I said I have a lot of nicknames? No? Merlin, Albert, you have the memory of a goldfish! Idiot. Anyway, well, I give a lot of nicknames too. I mean, there are way too many bloody Mr. and Mrs. Weasleys in this blasted family, so I decided to give them my own names.


I called Dom’s dad Mr. Fang because he liked to wear a fanged earring in his ear. I thought it made him look cool, but Dom thinks it makes him looked like a washed up rock star.


Dom’s mum is Frenchie because well, she’s French. Duh.


Dom’s uncle Charlie is Weird Red-headed Stranger Man. Yeah, he apparently works with dragons in Romania so I had never met him until one Christmas he showed up. He was a stranger. He is redheaded. He is a man. Plus, he was covered in burn scars so I thought that was pretty weird, hence the name Weird Red-headed Stranger Man.


Dom’s uncle Percy is Stick. As in, stick up the arse. He doesn’t understand it and thinks it’s just some crack about him being really thin, but Dom’s uncle George got it and gave me a high five. Score.


Stick’s wife is Mrs. Stick. Do I really need to explain? Yes? Dipshit. She’s Mrs. Stick because she also has a stick lodged up her arse. Like honestly that thing is probably like fifty feet long. And she’s married to Stick. Yeah.


Next is Dom’s uncle George. I call him Holey because he got his ear cursed off during the Second War so know it’s this gaping hole on the side of his head. Most people would probably be offended by this nickname but he found it funny. I think if I wasn’t in love with James, and he was twenty years younger and single, I’d totally date him.


Holey’s wife is Mrs. Holey. Yeah, that’s about it.


Rose’s dad as I said before is Whippy. Why?  Because he is totally and completely whipped by Rose’s mum, Hermione. That woman could ask him to wrestle a dragon while wearing a Speedo and he’d do it.


The Pants is Rose’s mum and Whippy’s wife. I named her The Pants because she wears the pants in her and Whippy’s relationship. That woman is my idol.


       And then Al’s mum and dad are just Harry and Ginny.


       “So how are we playing? Old, out-of-shape farts against young, attractive talents?” Fred asked smirking. He was just looking to get his arse kicked.


       “Out of shape?!” The adult men yelled in disbelief.


       “OLD!?” The woman shrieked in rage.


       “Farts?” Al questioned, laughing. This family is worrisome.       


       “Just for that we will play that way, except I’m pretty sure it’s mature, experienced players against immature, inexperienced newbies.” Holey grinned.


       “Hey! I may be immature, but I am definitely not inexperienced!” I yelled defensively. Inexperienced, my arse!


       Everybody laughed. “I didn’t mean you, Aphrodite.” He grinned and patted my shoulder. I stuck my tongue out at him, and he chuckled.


       “Okay! The old Gryffindor team against the new one!” James yelled, and waved Al, Apollo, Shane, Roxanne, Fred, and me over. Al was the Keeper and Roxanne and Fred were Beaters.


       The other quidditch team had Harry as the Seeker, Ginny, Mrs. Holey, and Lily as Chasers (Since there was no room on our team, Lily got to play for the old people team), Whippy as the Keeper, and then Holey and Molly as Beaters.


Molly is Stick and Mrs. Stick’s daughter and she graduated two years ago. She played for Gryffindor too for a couple of years and she was captain her last year. Molly is honestly so cool, and she is nothing like her uptight, ambitious father. She owns a kick arse clothing store in Hogsmeade that is doing extremely well.


“Alright everyone, win.” James commanded simply, and ruffled his hair.


“Well, fuck. I was actually planning on losing.” I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes. James smirked.


“Don’t swear, Ro. It’s unladylike.” Apollo scolded me in a joking manner.


“Your face is unladylike.” Was my lame insult back. Apollo chuckled.


“That makes no sense, Pricey.” Roxanne giggled.


“Your face makes no sense.” I grinned. I’m a big fan of ‘your face’ jokes. It gets old pretty fast.


“That joke is so stupid.” Al laughed.


“Your face is so-“


“Save it, Biter!” James reprimanded, but there was a hint of a smile on his face. “We have a quidditch game to win.” 






A/N: Why hello there, anyone who is reading this! I love you:) Well, not really. It’s a bit too early in the relationship for that don’t you think? Yeah. Blah. Okay. SO. Thanks for reading and HEY! GUESS WHAT!? There is a magical box right below this for these amazing things called reviews. Try it out and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Well, actually I don’t promise that. Just try it out, yeah? Yeah. Kay bye:) 

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