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“Shhh!  He’ll hear us!  Stop rustling those papers, you’re giving away our hiding spot.”


“Ugh, you are SUCH a stalker!  For the love of Merlin, just go up and talk to him!”


“Hun, we know how much you like him.  At least go and say hi.”


“Ooo!  I see Zach Thomas!  He is so hot.  I wonder if he can see me…”




Hi.  My name is Emily Prince and this is how a typical evening goes for me.  Before you think that I am a complete creeper who spends all of their time stalking people, let me just say that this isn’t true.  Well, it’s partly not true.  Yeah, I might occasionally hide behind a bookshelf just to get a closer peek at him, and I might loop my best friends into helping me, but I have a just reason.  His name is Albus Potter.  Need I say more?  I could spend all day staring into the emerald pools that have the privilege of calling them his eyes…but that would be weird.  And I totally haven’t done that.  Ahem. 


Anyway, I’ve basically had a humongous crush on him since third year.  No, it wasn’t one of those love at first sight clichés, since I didn’t have my first class with him until second year.  I’d seen quick glances at him but they didn’t really amount to anything.  What eleven-year old believes in love at first sight?  When I first noticed how HOT and utterly adorable he was, we were in Potions (my best class, thank you very much).  He was sitting at the table next to me and was having a little trouble with the babbling potion we were making.  Knowing that I was fairly good in this class, he came over to me asking for help.  I’d never been that close to him, and WHEW did I get a good look at him.  Even in third year, he was gorgeous.  I just wanted to reach out my hand and fluff his hair, because undoubtedly it was soft.  But I didn’t.  And I’ve yet to do it.  Hmph.


Sorry, I always get a little off- topic when I’m talking about Al….


So THAT was when I started to like him.  It’s been three years, and now Emily, Alice, Sofia and I (and Al) are in our sixth year.  Unfortunately Al had to go and get placed in Gryffindor.  Not that I have anything against Hufflepuffs, (GO PUFF POWER!) but it would make it so much easier to talk to him if we were in the same house.  At least I have my best friends with me.


First is my absolute best friend, Emily Ringling.  I met her at the train station in first year.  She’s a muggleborn so she was completely and utterly lost.  My parents, being the gentle-souled wizards that I know and love, suggested I go up and introduce my self to her before she died of nervousness.  So I did.  We sat on the train together and instantly bonded.  Once you get to know her, she has quite an attitude.  She loves to make snarky comments and is one of the boldest people I know.  Merlin knows how she got sorted into Hufflepuff.  But hey, I’m glad she did.  And yeah, I know, TWO Emilys in the SAME house being BEST friends gets beyond confusing.  At least we look nothing alike. 


She is way shorter than me and is stick thin.  A straight bob of dark brown hair frames her face, along with her dark brown eyes.  She’s such a cutie. 


Me?  I’m 5’8’’ and proud of it.  I have light brown hair that can never decide if it’s going to be straight or wavy.  It goes halfway down my back.  I love my eyes that are blue-gray.  I have glasses, but most of the time I wear contacts (thank Merlin for those).  Wow.  I never realized how much of my appearance is indecisive.  Just like me!  Anyway, I have a younger brother (Alex) who is a second year Gryffindor.  Apparently, we look a ton alike, only he has blonde, short hair.  I don’t see it.  I love him, but he really is titchy sometimes.  Though I have to say, he is great when it comes to “observing” Al.  Alex is a great prankster and hey!  So is Al.  I’m hoping Alex when joins the greats (Albus, Scorpius Malfoy, Zach Thomas, Fred Weasley, James Potter), he’ll be able to get dirt on Al for me.  I know, I know, what kind of a sister am I?  ONE WHO WANTS ANSWERS!  Ahem.  Sorry.


What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, my friends, right.  Next up is Alice Longbottom.  Daughter of Herbology professor Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott.  She has light brown hair that is layered and falls to her shoulders.  She has beautiful blue eyes that are actually really inviting.  I swear, they must say, “Come on in!  Spill all of your secrets!  I don’t judge!”  And people actually do that.  Alice is like the school’s therapist.  People seek her out at breakfast just to ask for advice on their latest dating dilemma.  It’s weird, but it really comes in handy to have someone like that for a best friend.  Emily and I met her once we got sorted.  Apparently her mom was a Puffer, too!


And last but not least is Sofia Lombardi.  Guess you can tell from the name that she is an Italian beauty.  She has strawberry blonde hair that hangs in loose curls.  It complements her hazel eyes very nicely.  Or so she’s been told.  She has a younger brother named Nico who is a fourth year Ravenclaw.  He is really smart.  And really annoying.  Anyway, Sofia is the, um, flirty (yeah, I think that works…) one of our group.  She is constantly going from one guy to the next and never fails to charm a poor innocent boy into her vicious trap.  Nah, it’s not vicious, per se, but she kind of has a rep for breaking hearts.  Her current prey is Zach Thomas, who just so happens to be a good friend of Al’s.  WIN FOR EMILY!  This basically means I have a stalking…NO, observing partner. 


So that sums up my group of totally awesome best friends.  And now to get to the good part.  What Albus Severus Potter is like.  First off, his name is completely wacko, but I love him all the more for it.  Way to rise above it!  I should really tell him that sometime.  But that would require talking to him.  Never mind. 


I’m already assuming you know what he looks like, right?  A greek god, duh.  Black hair that sticks up in every gravity- defying position possible, bright green eyes, tall (perfect height for me actually, I think I come up to his eyes).  He wears glasses, but he usually wears contacts, like me.  I wish he would wear his glasses more often, though.  They are so adorable on him.  He is nice and muscled, too.  Defined arm and leg muscles and lightly defined abs.  Just they way I like ‘em.  Yum.  Thank Merlin for qudditch.  I can’t play for my life, but I make sure to come to every match that Gryffindor plays and root for them.  Unless they’re playing Hufflepuff, in which case I scream my guts out at Sofia to catch the bloody snitch.  Al plays chaser in case you were wondering.  I know I would be.


Anyway, Al is quite smart, too.  I totally wouldn’t be into him if he were a complete dummy, so it is quite fortunate that he is smart.  His best classes are Transfiguration and Ancient Runes.  Worst is Potions.  OH how I wish I could tutor him. 


Like I mentioned earlier, he is among one of the great pranksters of our era at Hogwarts.  All of them are super close.  Zach, Scorpius, and Al are sixth year Gryffindors while James and Fred are seventh years.  Last year, their opening prank was making everybody’s food chase after the eater.  It was pretty scary actually, having a large wad of meatloaf soaring towards your head.  The peas hurt, too.  Holy Merlin that took a while to get rid of those bruises.


So now we find ourselves in the library on a Thursday night, hiding behind a table, crowded in front of a Weasley Wizarding Wheeze’s extendable ear.  And this is when the conversation takes place.  Let’s see if you can guess who is who?


“Shhh!  He’ll hear us!  Stop rustling those papers, you’re giving away our hiding spot.”  Yep.  That’s me.


“Ugh, you are SUCH a stalker!  For the love of Merlin, just go up and talk to him!”  There’s Em….


“Hun, we know how much you like him.  At least go and say hi.”  Alice, check.


“Ooo!  I see Zach Thomas!  He is so hot.  I wonder if he can see me…”  Ahh, Sofia.


“SHUT UP!”  Um, yeah.  That was me again.  Unfortunately I raised my voice to unthinkable decibels and everyone turns around to stare at us.  Including Al.  Oh crap.


“Umm, s-sorry everybody, Sofia here is just being a butt!” I nervously announce to the whole library.


“HEY- ouch!” Sofia decided to refute, but then I wacked her arm.


Slowly but surely, people decide to mind their own business and turn back around.  The chatting starts up and again and I think my little outburst is almost forgotten.


I turn around to see Emily Zabini, sixth year Slytherin, scowling at us.  What’s up her arse?  I look down at her table and see that she is actually trying to study for Charms.  Whoops.


So here’s the lowdown on Emily Zabini.  YES, I know, ANOTHER Emily in my sixth year.  It gets SO confusing.  Again, all three Emily’s looks nothing alike.  Emily Zabini is medium skinned with long black, wavy hair.  She has a really pointed face that looks like she is a stuck up bitch all the time (blech), but she is actually is really pretty.  Gorgeous, actually.  Damn.


I turn back around quickly, but not before giving her a quick halfhearted smile.  I was trying to convey my apologies to her, but seeing as her scowl gets darker, I don’t think it worked. I hope she doesn’t kill me in her sleep.  Haha, kidding.  Ok, not really, I’m a bit frightened of her.


I put my ear up to the extendable ear and listen in on Al, Scorpius, and Zach’s conversation.


“No, guys, I’m serious.” Said Al.  Hmm, now I’m curious.


“Alright, alright.  So who is the lucky girl that has THE Albus Potter crushing on her?  Sofia Lombardi?”  Zach countered.  I think I heard Sofia squeal at that one.  Me, I’m getting nervous.  WHO IS IT?  I mean, it would do me great pleasure to found out who Al has romantic feelings for. That sounded more normal, right?  Nope?  Yeah, I figured.


“Umm, it’s Emily.”  He says quietly.  My jaw drops.  Which Emily?


“Dude, there’s like, three Emily’s.  Which one?”  Scorpius asks.


Just as he is about to answer,  Zach pulls out his watch and says “Ugh, quidditch practice.  Come on, let’s go.”  DAMN YOU ZACH!


They get up from the table and walk morosely to the door.  As they leave, my jaw is still on the table.  My eyes are bugging out and I’m in danger of lack of oxygen.




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