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A/N: Hey guys! I wanted to take a break from the craziness of school, so I decided to write a short story that I could easily edit via my notebook! I've always love Albus and Scorpius; along with Rose I think they have so much potential! This is also an Albus/Scorpius story, I borrowed the title from the Latin saying, it means 'clean slate', I thought it would be a good title considering... Well, you'll see! Anyways, this story is for my wonderful friend; Gemma.

Disclaimers: Besides from a few OCs I will be writing in here, the Harry Potter universe and characters all belong to the wonderful Ms. J.K. Rowling! I'm simply a fan :).

Lovely chapter image by ariana_tithe @ TDA

Chapter One: The Tablet

Wide green eyes bore into the back of Scorpius Malfoy's head as Albus Potter followed his best friend out of the Hogwart's library, his fingers clenched the books he had only just checked out tightly as the two Slytherins trailed down the fourth floor corridors, catching the stair case towards the fifth.

"I can't believe she wouldn't allow me to check out the books I needed," The Malfoy complained, "Thank Merlin you were there to save my tail."

"I'm always the one who 'saves your tail'," The black haired boy reminded his friend, with a slight roll of his eyes, "Maybe if you actually returned your books on time, you wouldn't have been banned from checking any more out. You know, for someone who dislikes studying so much, you sure seem to like to keep a hold onto those books."

"I read for pleasure," Scorpius replied, "I don't need books for studying, unless the Professor wants us to research something new, it's all up here," He told Albus, pointing towards his head.

"Not all of us can have such a good memory..." The Potter mumbled under his breath, who was very much used to watching Scorpius ace his tests and O.W.L.s without even opening his notes or a book, whereas Albus struggled to remember the material, often spending his time into the early hours of the morning trying his best to remember material. He had come to realize his grades would never pass Rose or Scorpius, who were always competing for the top grade in the classes he shared with them, and though he would never be willing to admit it to his smug friend, he was very envious of his ability.

"You're still worried about the test tomorrow, aren't you?" Scorpius asked, turning his head around to raise an eyebrow at the Potter.

"N-No..." Albus answered quickly, stepping in front of the Malfoy and onto the sixth floor stair case, though from the look his friend gave him, he was sure he knew Al was lying.

"If it would make you feel any better, I'll sit with you while you study tonight," The blonde offered, "To be honest I fell asleep in class a few days back... It was a late night for me, so I need to borrow your notes."

Albus rolled his eyes, "You were out with a girl again, weren't you?" He asked in annoyance, he always had gotten quite jealous when Scorpius sneaked off with what seemed to be a different girl every week, but he simply figured it was because... Well, the young Potter had never had a girlfriend before.

Scorpius flashed Al his well known grin and nodded, "Kayleigh Smith... She's really not the girl she comes off as in class, you know."

"Spare me the details of your sex life, Scorp," Albus groaned, running a hand through his untidy jet black hair, "Anyways, I promised Lily I'd meet her by the Gryffindor common Room... She wanted to show me something, apparently it's important."

"I was wondering why we were headed this way," Scorpius said, stopping just before Al jumped onto the last staircase, "... I'm coming with you," he decided, striding up to stand next to his friend before the staircase begin to shift.

"I'm sure it's not as important as Lily claims it is," He told his peer, "But fine, as long as you don't mind the possibility of seeing Rose while we're there."

"I'm not the one who has a problem..." Scorpius assured Al, referring to Rose's distaste towards the blonde Slytherin.

"You're both always going at it, though," the Potter pointed out, stepping off of the staircase as it arrived at it's destination.

"I just do it because she's so easily worked up," his friend admitted, following him onto the seventh floor.

"Albus!" A soft voice called, as Albus Potter's younger sister came rushing towards the two inseparable friends, her long red hair seemed to flow in a trail behind her as she ran, "You made it! And hello Scorpius!" She greeted, her honey eyes widening at the sight of Albus' best friend, "I should have known that you'd tag along!"

"Hope it's not too much of a bother!" Scorpius replied, his lips twitching into that cheeky smirk Al disliked so much.

Or maybe he actually disliked the thought of him liking Scorpius' smirk.

Ah! No! He couldn't think that way, the bloke was his best mate after all.

"He's like a lost dog, I swear; I can't shake him off of my leg if I tried," Al simply said, flashing a smirk that challenged Scorpius', much to his own surprise, what was with him lately?

"Not that you mind; git!" The Slytherin teased straight back at Albus, nodding towards the Fat Lady, "We'd better hurry before a Professor spots us; I'm sure Rose will threaten to say something as it is!"

Lily simply nodded and leaned in close to the Fat Lady to whisper, "Lux et tenebra."

The portrait creaked open, but not before exclaiming out loud, "Slytherins in my common room AGAIN? You're a trouble maker, Lily Potter!"

The trio stumbled into the room which was draped in gold and red furniture, Albus almost tumbled over a foot stool, causing him to receive an odd look from Olivia Longbottom.

"What are you blokes doing in here?" Hayden Baddock asked, his lips twitching into a grin as he strode over to the three.

"Can't a man visit his best mate's sister?" Scorpius teased, fully knowing that Hayden didn't give a damn they were here at all.

"Well, it kind of ruins the moment I planned on having with Lily here," The brunette boy answered, dropping his arm around Lily's shoulders, causing her to flush a colour that could rival her hair's.

The sight of the pair caused Albus to gag a little; Hayden was manky and greasy, he had no idea what his sister would see in a boy like that. He would rather she dated someone like Lorcan or his twin brother, Lysander... Al could never tell them apart anyways, but they were okay at least, besides the occasional comment about nargles, that is, "Well you can save it for some other time, Baddock, I need my sister here..." He grabbed a hold of Lily's arm and pulled her away from Hayden and stalked away from the brunette, leaving him with a confused look on his face.

"Aw, c'mon Al, he doesn't know any better," Said Scorpius, attempting to maintain the chuckle Albus knew was raising in his throat. Sometimes Scorpius could be such a bastard.

"Why the hell do you date him, Lil?" The Potter asked his younger sister, ignoring his best friend's comments, "He's such a bloody swine."

"Albus!" Lily gasped slightly, lowering her voice so Hayden wouldn't hear, "Don't talk about him like that. Besides, I still have something to show you. Wait here for me, okay?"

Albus rolled his eyes in annoyance but nodded anyways, watching as Lily smiled in relief and rushed up the girl's dormitory's stairway.

It was only moments afterwards that Lily returned with a large, tablet in her hands, it was written in ancient runes, a class that Albus had always done very well in. It was unlike any of those he had seen in his classes before, there was something different to it, but Al couldn't quite put his finger on just what that was.

"I want you to read this for me."

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