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This plot was inspired by the manga Hana Kimi, by Nakajo Hisaya

There are many differences between a boy and a girl. And I don’t mean the physical stuff- everyone hopefully knows about that. I mean mentally and emotionally, and just the way they act. A boy’s sense of self is defined through his ability to achieve success, while a girl’s is defined through feeling and relationships. Boys are more logical, analytical, and rational, while girls are more intuitive and creative. To feel good, a boy must achieve his goal by himself. Boys talk more about sports, mechanics, and the functions of things. So you see there are a lot of differences between a boy and a girl. For a girl, to understand and act like a boy is difficult. Or at least it is for me.


            I am Naomi Ellington-Jones. I’ve been enrolled into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, as a guy. No, I did not just decide that i wanted to come to Hogwarts dressed as a guy. There is a reason why I am pretending to be a guy. He who must not be named is after me. The only way to keep me safe is send me under the protection of the only man he ever feared.


Albus Dumbledore.


Apparently Professor Dumbledore thinks that there are spies at Hogwarts. Death Eater spawns. So I wouldn’t be safe. He decided I should be dressed as a guy. Personally, I think he just wanted a laugh.  But anyways, now I have to dress like a guy, act like a guys, talk like a guy, pretend to be a guy.

            I looked up difference between girls and guys; learned things I should and shouldn’t do. I found books, and observed many people, but I still don’t think I am ready. I can learn the book way of how guys act, but in real life, they are just so weird. I don’t get them at all.
“Nathaniel?” a girl with pretty red hair, and startling green eyes said.

“That’s me.” I replied. Nathaniel is my guy name. Nathaniel Reed.

“Hi, I’m Lily Evans.” She said. I am so envious. I want to be a girl, wearing a cute uniform. “I am supposed to show you around. You are in Gryffindor, right?”

“Yeah. I got sorted in Dumbledore’s office.”

“Where did you transfer from?” Lily asked, while starting to walk.

“Beauxbatons.” I said walking by her.

“I’ve heard of it. It’s down in France. You don’t seem to have a French accent.”

“Both of my parents are English. But they just loved France.” I said, stating the truth.

“Really, then why did you move here?” She asked.

“Because all our family is here, and my parents started missing them.” I said lying this time.

            See, my parents are dead. You know who killed them. Dumbledore said to let as little amount of people as I can know that my parents are dead, and let no one know they were killed by you know who.

 “I see,” Lily said staring at me. She seemed to be scrutinizing me. Did she notice something funny about me?  Did she notice I’m a girl? My cover can’t be exposed that easily!

“Why did you come now, instead of yesterday?” She asked.

            Yesterday was the first day of school. I should have showed up but I got delayed. As in I had to get my things in order before I came here.

“My parents wanted me to finish unpacking at home before I got here. So we decided to come tonight.” I said

Lily smiled and said, “I see. You might want to watch out; there is a trick step 3rd from the bottom.”

“Trick step?” I asked

“Hogwarts has a lot of trick steps. You’ll get used to it.” Lily said.

“I-” I stopped mid sentence as I saw Lily suddenly hurdling toward the ground. I grabbed her arm, and she rammed into my side pushing me down. We both fell down the stairs and landed on our backs. 

I started cracking up. The situation was hilarious.

“Sorry” Lily said, as I offered her a hand to get up. “I’m not normally this clumsy. I don’t know what got into me.” She said taking my hand.

“Hey!” A voice called, “What are you doing with my girlfriend?” I turned around to see a boy, about 6 feet, with messy black hair and glasses. He was super hot.

“Who are you calling you girlfriend, Potter?” Lily asked

“Well you, my wonderful Lily-flower.” The guy said.

“I don’t remember ever going out with you.” Lily said

“Lily will you-”


“Come on” He said

“No, now if you’ll excuse us.” Lily said grabbing my arm.

“Who’s the guy?” He asked suddenly defensive. Lily sighed and turned around.

“James this is Nathaniel Reed, Nathaniel, this is James Potter. He will be your dorm mate.”

“Hey” I said trying to act cool. I suddenly wanted to the head nod. The one where you lift your head up a little to say hey, but I wasn’t cool enough for it.

“Hi” James said glaring at Lily and me. “So where are you going?” James asked

“Is it any of you business?” Lily snapped. “I’m showing Nathaniel around the school. Dumbledore told me too.”

“Why didn’t Dumbledore asked me?” James asked.

“I’m a prefect.” Lily replied curtly.

“Then why not Remus?”

“I don’t know Potter. Stop asking me stupid questions.” Lily said, her patience wearing thin.

“Are you taking him to the Gryffindor common room?” James asked

“Yes.” Lily said, her voice sounded fine, but when you look into her face you can tell that she was really strained to talk to James Potter in a civil tone. I wonder what he ever did to her.

“Really?” James said, his face lighting up, “Me too! We can walk together.”

 Lily sighed, apparently she couldn’t think of any way to get rid of James. “Yeah…” she said glaring at him. If looks could kill, James would be dead five times over by now. James, though, didn’t notice the glare at all. He seemed ecstatic that he and Lily would walk to the common room together.

We started making our way in silence. Lily was sending death glares to James, while James was being all smiley happy. I couldn’t take the atmosphere.

“Umm, so you’re in my dorm?” I said trying to make a conversation.

The boy looked at me duhh, My beloved Lily just said that.  Though, instead he said “Yeah. There is me, and my three best mates, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. We are the marauders!”

“The marauders? Seriously? ” I said trying not to laugh.

“Yeah.” Lily said, taking a break from glaring at James. “They are a bunch of trouble makers, pranking everyone. Already they have detentions and it’s only the first day back.”

“Aww, Lily you know you love us.” James said. That was the totally wrong thing to say because Lily started shouting him, “You arrogant little toerag! You just think everyone loves you because you and your gang make fun of the weak! Well they don’t! Just get it around your big head that there are people in the world that don’t like you Potter!” She gave him on last glare before stomping away angrily.

James looked stricken. I wish I could comfort him, but I don’t even know the guy.

“Well this is awkward.” I said.

James face changed into a smile as he said “Well one day she’ll realize she loves me.”

That boy needs a reality check. Well, I do feel bad for him. I think he really loves Lily. She seems to hate him so badly. I wonder why.  

 “Well, I guess I’m showing you to the dorm.” James said starting to walk again.

We made our way to a portrait of a fat lady, which apparently is called the Fat Lady.

 “Wattlebird” James said to the fat lady and she swung open.

The Gryffindor common was streaked with red and gold. There were a couple of squashy arm chairs, and couches that surrounded a fireplace. There were people everywhere. They were sitting all around the common room. I suddenly felt out of place. I’m a bloody girl! From France, I don’t belong here! I really just want to go back.

“Oi,” James shouted, everyone got quiet. “This is Nathaniel Reed. He’s new here. 6th year.”  They all started staring at me.

“Did you really need to shout my name out like that? There staring is kind of creepy.”

“You don’t like the attention?” James asked clearly shocked. Well I guess he likes being in the lime light.

“Not particularly” I said, and I had a reason for that too. Not that I would really tell James but still.

“That’s so weird.” James said. Fortunately Lily came up to me at the moment, so I didn’t have to think of a comeback.

“Nathaniel, I am so sorry I just left you. I was supposed to show you around!” She said.

“It’s fine.” I said.  

“I’m really sorry.” Lily said again.

“It’s really fine.” I said, I could feel James’ eyes on the back of my head. I really want to leave before he murders me for talking to the girl.

“Should I introduce you to my friends?” Lily asked.

“I’m sure Nate’s very tired and wants to go up to the dorm.” James said.

“Well NATHANIEL can say that for himself.” Lily said staring at me expectantly.  

Oh, what am I supposed to do? If I go with James, Lily will be all disappointed and mad and she’s scary when she’s mad, but if I go with Lily, James would think I’m in love with her and brutally murder me.

“Umm, I see something shiny over there.” I pointed toward the window. They turned around to see what I was pointing at and I made my escape. Hoping they didn’t notice me, I turned around just to run into someone else.   

“Sorry,” I said looking up.

“It’s ok. I would have escaped too.” The boy said. He had a kind face with black hair. “I’m Frank Longbottom. I’m in your year too.”

“Nice to meet you.” I said.

Frank’s smile turned into a smirk. I turned to see what he was looking at. James and Lily were shouting at each other. Well Lily was shouting at James. Apparently he chased me off or something.

“Good job, starting another fight between the two.” Frank said.

“Hey, it wasn’t my fault! They-”

“It’s ok though. Lily will find any reason to yell at James. I think it’s her life goal to torture him.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I really have no idea. She just thinks James is egotistic and mean, but James, I think, actually likes her.” Frank said. “So where are you from?”

“France. Beauxbatons.”

“Ahh, the French.” Frank said.

“What you don’t like the French?” I said, getting defensive.

“Nothing is wrong with the French, they’re French.”

“Yeah, the French are amazing.”

“And French.”  He added.

“You are odd.” I said.

“So are you.”

“So you want to show me the dorms?” I asked

“Why not?” Frank said leading me up to the stairs.

That is one odd boy.

Frank brought me upstairs to the dorm. I looked around at the dorm room. It was a circle with six beds. There was a door also, which I assume leads to the bathroom, and a couple of windows.

There were also people in the dorm. James had come up after his fight with Lily and he and three other boys were occupying the room. They must be the marauders. What were there names again? Remus and Peter I think. What about the last guy. I think it started with an S. Stanley? No. Stuart? No.

“Hey Nate!” James said. “Where did you disappear to? Lily screamed at me thinking I chased you away.”

“Blame Frank. It was his entire fault” I said.

“Yeah, cause I forced you to run away from them.” Frank said sarcastically as he sat down on a bed.

“See, he even admits it.” I said. Frank chose to ignore that comment.

“Anyways,” James said, “This is Remus,” he pointed to a boy with sandy brown hair and golden eyes. He looked a little wearied out, but was still very good looking. “Peter,” he said pointing to a shorter boy. He was a bit chubbier than the others, with brown hair and black eyes. “And Sirius.”  That’s his name! The last boy was super handsome. He’s tall and well built.  He has black hair and grey eyes and this air of casual elegance.

“Hey, I’m Nathaniel.” I said.

“Hi,” Remus and Peter said.

Sirius just lifted his head up slightly. Hey he did the head nod thingy! I wanted to do that. Though clearly he is a lot cooler than me, but still I wanted to do it!

“Which bed is mine?” I asked.

“That one,” Remus said pointing to one right it the middle. “You should get settled in, tomorrow we are starting classes.”

“I’ll do just that.” I said as I went to my trunks. I opened it up and started pulling out my textbooks.

“Man you got a lot of stuff.” Sirius said noting my 3 trunks, while they all only have one. Well my normal reply to this is I’m a girl, but since I’m not supposed to be, I just shrugged.

I was kind of getting nervous as they were all staring at me unpacking. Well except Frank, he went to do Merlin know what.

Do these boys really have nothing better to do then see me unpack? Seriously, I thought they were the cool kids or something.  I tried unpacking my books quickly though I decided not to unpack my clothes. Who knows what girly things I have in there.

Well apparently I had girl things in this trunk too. I saw my bra practically hanging out of the trunk. I grabbed it and shoved it under the bed hoping none of the boys saw it.

“Whose bra was that?” Sirius asked. Shit, he saw. What am i supposed to say? 

“Umm, my girlfriend.” I said hoping that would sound normal.

“Nice man, nice.” Sirius said nodding his head appreciatively.

“Girlfriend?” Remus asked.

“Ex.” I said quickly. “We didn’t want a long distance relationship.” I pray that it sounds genuine.

“Looks like you have some competition, Padfoot.” James said. “He has experience.”

“Yeah right.” Sirius said glancing at me.

“I don’t know.” Remus said, “Nate’s not that bad looking.”

Not that bad looking? Well thanks for sticking up for me Remus. Well I guess not that bad looking in boy lingo is good looking. Or at least I’m going to take it that way. As I thought about boys and their weird meanings a hand grabs my face.

Sirius Black pulls my face closer to him. He was looking at face, as if to find something. He was only inches apart, and I could almost feel his breath on me. Suddenly his mouth turned to a smirk, and he released my face.

“He’s not that good looking. Not at all.” Sirius said smirking.

“What the freak is wrong with you?!?” I yelled angrily.

“Nothing.” Sirius said in an innocent voice.

“Merlin, you all are crazy.” I said. Deciding I am going to get some sleep.

“And you’re not?” Peter asked.

Well I cannot deny that. I am here as a boy.  Instead I just roll into bed, and pull the curtain out around me.  I can here them whispering but can really understand what they are saying. 

I sigh, man this day was long, and it’s only the beginning. Now I have some fake ex-girlfriend, and some experience according to James. At least Frank didn’t hear that, who knows what he would have said.   Frank is just an odd person, but I think we’ll become good friends. Lily is just Lily. She’s very nice to me, but terrible to James. James is cool, I guess. Remus and Peter seemed pretty nice. And well Sirius, I have no idea what’s wrong with that boy. An image of his face inches from mine flashed through my mind, and I blushed deeply.

At that moment all I felt like doing was pressing that boy’s mouth to my mine. My heart was racing really badly too. When I yelled at him it was mostly out of fury but also a bit of embracement. I can’t  believe he made me feel that way. Stupid sodding Sirius.

Oh, I just made an alliteration. I tried saying it five times fast

Stupid sodding Sirius, stupid sodding Sirius, stupid sodding Sirius, stupid sodding Sirius, stupid sodding Sirius. Merlin that was hard.

I gave a big yawn. I should get to sleep now. My last thought was how the girls at beauxbatons would die if they saw me like this. That makes me happy.  


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I have had this story in my mind for a long time. I know that haven't updated Ginny Molly Weasly  Malfoy in forever, and I am going to try and get back to that but for right now i really needed to get this up. 

I really love cross dressing and have been wanting to write a fic about it for a long time. This was inspired by the manga and drama of Hana Kimi. I recommend it to everyone. It is a great manga and drama. 

Anyways, i hope you guys like it. I will try and update soon! 

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