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I heard Astoria muffle a sob as we heard the thing, whatever it was, enter the room. It’s breathing was loud and sounded constricted, as if it was trying to pant. It wasn’t trying to be quiet either. It’s footsteps were also loud and dragging on the linoleum, kicking away anything in it’s path. I looked sideways at Astoria, even though it was dark in the room, the light from the hallway lit up the room, and squeezed it’s way through the crack in the door of the cabinet. She was holding her hand over her mouth, her eyes wide as she stared back at me.

I, with very much effort to not make a sound, moved my body a couple inches so I could look out through the crack in between the two doors. The thing, or boy, as it appeared to once be, was crouched on the ground, holding something between it’s hands. It looked like a leg of a chair or a table. It was sniffing it, or licking it, I couldn’t tell. It suddenly looked up, straight at the cabinet as I watched it, and I froze, holding my breath as it stared. I knew he couldn’t see me, but it didn’t make me feel anymore safe.

He threw the object in his hand away, slowly got to his feet, his back still hunched over, and started to make his way over to the cabinet. I backed up, shooting my arm in front of Astoria, slowly forcing her backwards too. I saw the panic in her eyes once she saw the panic in mine. We huddled together in the back right corner, hiding behind a cluster of jackets and robes, probably belonging to the surgeons.

He started banging on the cabinet.

Astoria let out a tiny squeak, loud enough for the thing to hear, and it roared with hunger as it started pounding on the cabinet harder. I didn’t know what to do; it was all happening so fast. Knowing that our deaths could be approaching rapidly, even if we made it out alive from this guy, there must’ve still been more of them. What did that Weasley girl mean? "Got Cho Chang"? Did That mean if this thing bit us anywhere, we’d become one of them as well?

It growled and hissed louder than it had done before and it smashed a fist through one of the doors. Astoria screamed.

I was not going to die.

Scared out of my mind, I closed the step between the broken door and the robes and with all my force, I stood there until the monster saw me through the hole in the door and launched itself at me. At the same time I shoved my body towards the door and it flung open, smashing the boy in the head. He flew backwards, landed with a loud thud on the ground and was still. I wished for my wand at that moment.
I stepped out of the cabinet and slowly approached the boy, examining it. It looked like that girl did, green skin, white foam producing from the corners of it’s mouth. I noticed that his eyes were pure white as well. There was no colour, just white with black pupils.

"I-is it dead?"

Astoria had slowly followed me out of the cabinet, and was hugging herself, trembling from head to toe. Granger, and the Weasley’s slowly came out of their hiding spots too. The mud-blood had tear stains all down her face, and the Weasley boy looked like he had swallowed his stomach.

"I don’t know." I answered honestly. The red-headed girl walked over to the lifeless body and nudged it with her shoe. Everyone in the room went tense, as if the boy was going to jump up at her touch. Instead it didn’t react. "We should get out of here." She said. "In case it wakes up."

"Isn’t it dead?" Astoria asked, staring directly at Ginny.

"I don’t know... and I’m not willing to get close enough to check."

Everybody went silent again as we heard a loud growl and shortly after a scream of terror just down the hall.

"Hannah!" Ginny screamed and dashed out of the room. I had to admit; that girl had brass balls.


For some reason I found myself running right after her, my curiosity burning, and the thought of leaving others made me feel a tad afraid. Not for their deaths, but for mine. I just liked the thought of being together with other people who weren’t suffering from the case of cannibalism.

I heard footsteps behind me, and Ginny was up further ahead. She turned the corner of the hallway, and I pushed my legs harder to get closer to her. When I turned the corner, I realized I didn’t have to push myself faster at all.

The next thing I knew I was lying on the ground, on top of the Weasley girl. She was struggling underneath me, her elbows flying everywhere, probably thinking that one of them had jumped her.

"Calm down!" I choked out after her elbow collided with my stomach. "I don’t fancy eating blood-traitor meat."

She elbowed me once more, but something told me that she already believed that it was me. I got up to my feet just as Astoria, the Mud-blood and the Weasel caught up to us.


"Hermione!" The voice sounded strained and had a hard time choking out the mud-bloods name.

We all wheeled around and saw Hannah Abbott trapped behind what looked like a locker... with one of "them" shoving it against her as if trying to turn her into a human pancake. It was Cho Chang; and she was nuts.

"So that’s what girls do when Harry breaks up with them." The Weasley boy said.

Nobody seemed to have heard him, except for Chang. She looked down towards us, her eyes flashing at the sight of fresh meat... and a whole group of it too. She stopped slamming the locker against Hannah.

"Where’s saint Potter now?" I spat as the Chinese girl charged.

"Draco!" Astoria was tugging on my sleeve.

As Chang got closer, the group of us ran separate ways. I don’t understand why Ginny, Hermione and Ron ran towards the once schoolmate of us all, but that didn’t matter to me. I took Astoria’s hand and ran in the opposite direction. We turned the corner of the white hallway, which was starting to look more and more like trash. There were desks and their drawers all over the ground, and blood splatter was all over the walls. Some doors were kicked in to reveal destroyed hospital rooms and office rooms. I wondered what room would hold all of our wands?

As we turned another corner, we heard another scream, and I saw the back of Crabbe’s head. I felt relieved until he turned around with a human arm stuck between his foamy teeth. I cursed under my breath as he dropped the arm from his mouth and roared with hunger. "I always had a feeling he didn’t like me." Astoria gave me a quizzical look as I turned around and pulled her back towards the way we came.

I felt Astoria’s hand yank out of my grip, and she screamed at the same time. I slid to a stop and threw my body around to see her on the ground, trying to kick Crabbe in the face as he tried to take a bite out of her ankle. I guessed that he must’ve dived for her leg and succeeded with his diabolical plan. I started to think fast. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the legs of a desk chair; they had wheels on the bottom. I picked up the legs, my body bursting with even more adrenaline as I charged towards Crabbe and swung the legs like a baseball bat. They collided with Crabbe’s head and he flipped backwards, his face now smashed and demented. I grabbed Astoria by the hand, pulling her to her feet. She was sobbing and shaking more than I had ever seen someone physically shake. I placed my hands gently on either side of her head, my fingers tangling themselves in her blond hair.

She was still sobbing, tears spilling uncontrollably from her eyes, which she had squeezed shut.

"Are you alright? Did he bite you?"

She didn’t seem able to talk so she sucked in a shaky breath, which came out with more sobs before shaking her head.

"I need you to calm down." I was surprised I was calm. Usually I was scared more than she was right now. "It’s okay," I knew they were lies, but I really had no idea what else to say. "We have to keep moving before more of them come. We need to find our wands! I know we’ll be safe with them." Once we got our wands, I knew we’d survive... It was just a game. Once we got our wands we’d win. "You just need to keep strong Astoria. C’mon." She was nodding her head by this time, her eyes finally open, tears slowly coming to a halt.

I took her hand reassuringly once more, and we started to walk more slowly back to where we came. Staying silent was now our only option. They could be anywhere by now. I had a feeling that if Crabbe was now useless, then Goyle probably wasn’t that far behind. I thought about Pansy and Blaise, and silently hoped that they were okay.

"Malfoy!" That voice always caused my blood to boil.

I turned my head to the left, stopping at the sound of my name. Potter’s head was sticking out of the dark doorway. There was a blood stain from a cut on his cheek, and his glasses had been smashed on the left side. I found myself smirking.

"Potter." I spat with disgust. "What do you want?"

"It’s safe in here..."

"I don’t need help from the likes of you!"

"Draco..." Astoria’s voice sounded pleading. "He’s not the only one in there."

Sure enough, she was right. I looked past Potter and saw Pansy, Blaise, Stephanie, Carter Johnson, Hannah Abbott, the Mud-blood and the Weasley’s. Feeling disgusted with myself, I allowed Astoria to pull me into the room and Potter closed the door behind us with a silent click. Then he turned on the lights.

"Draco!" Pansy sobbed, her face covered with tears. Her arms reached for me when I approached herself and Blaise, but I didn’t go to her.

"Where’s Goyle?" I found myself asking.

"Gone. One of the other students from the other schools jumped on Crabbe and bit his neck. Goyle punched the boy off of him, but it was too late. We had to run." Blaise answered. He had a hint of fear in his tone, and Pansy sobbed harder into her hands. Astoria sat down on the floor next to her and put an arm around her shoulders.

I looked around for Potter, who was sitting against a large wooden object which was perched up against the door. I felt annoyance as I walked up to him, my eyes glistening with disgust. "What’s going on?" I had already gotten the gist of it; don’t get bitten by those "things". What I wanted to know was more, and Potter always seemed to have the answers.

He stared up at me, his eyes equally filled with disgust, but neither of us seemed to want to jump at each other’s throats since other more dangerous creatures wanted to do the same thing to us. "I don’t know... That lady... that fat ministry lady who was at the school... she said that they had discovered something... she didn’t go into detail about what... but it was contagious and there had been stories about people catching it from that something she didn’t mention... so they had to search all schools and all wizarding people. She wouldn’t go into full detail. I tried to get more... but then... Well she’s just crazy now. Like all of the others outside this room." We stared at each other for a long moment.

"If we get bitten then we turn into one of them." I didn’t ask it as a question, but apparently the Mud-blood thought it was one.

"It’s not just if we get bitten. If their saliva gets into our eyes, or under our nails or in our mouth, or in a wound, then it’ll happen just the same. It goes for blood too."

"So what is this? Some sort of Zombie apocalypse?" Carter asked. She happened to be a Mud-blood too, so the term "zombie" confused me.

"What’s ‘Zombie’?" The Weasel boy asked before I could.

"There’s lots of stories actually. Basically it’s when a human get’s bitten by something that has rabies or something of the sort, they go insane and suddenly are interested in eating basically anything. Mostly other humans. They’ll go for animals too, but there’s no animals in this building... I hope."

"Well is there a cure for this ‘rabbies’?" The ginger asked once more.

"It’s ‘rabies’." Carter replied.

"And no." Granger said.

"So what? They have rabies?" I asked, sounding appalled. "Muggles gave us rabies?"

"We don’t know." Granger said. "They don’t look like they’d have rabies... but it sure seems like they could be something a little more realistic than a ‘Zombie’." Carter shot her a nasty look.

"Okay, I don’t care what they have." I found myself saying. "I just want to get the hell out of here. Where do you think we could find our wands?"

"In an office maybe." Weasley replied.

"No..." Potter said. "I think they’d put them in the basement."

We all looked at him with looks of confusion. "What makes you say that?" The Weasley girl asked for us.

"Well, I over-heard that stupid woman talking before I was put to sleep for that surgery." He began. "She was saying something to someone about checking our wands in case something bad was inside of them. She seemed thoroughly convinced that our wands could get sick too or something..." He swallowed before continuing. "So the guy she was talking to said he’d go to the basement."

"Okay... that helps... now where is the basement exactly?" I snapped. "Now we’re going to have to find it without being eaten by our ‘friends’."

Potter sighed. He locked eyes with me for a brief moment before speaking. "We’re either going to have to find a map... or find it on our own."

"We could split up into groups maybe? Cover more ground to find the map?" Weasley suggested.

"No, Ron. We should never split up. What if something happened to somebody?" The mud-blood said, fear took over her tone completely.

"We wouldn’t be going alone Hermione." Potter said. "I think it’d be best to go in groups. Whoever’s willing to go that is." He looked around, and I did too, noticing that basically everyone in the small room was listening to our conversation. Astoria was looking at me with an expression that I didn’t like seeing on her face, so I looked away. Nobody volunteered.

I didn’t know why I was doing it, or where my sudden bravery had jumped out of, but, "I’ll do it."

Lots of people looked shocked, and I felt stupid.

"Alright... so I’ll go with Ron, and...?" Potter asked, looking around hopefully.

"Harry, do you really have to ask?" Granger was staring at him with a hint of annoyance. It seemed like as soon as everybody was wandless, they were all too frightened to take on things where magic was greatly needed. I knew I was scared too, hell a wizard without a wand was basically a muggle...

"I’ll go." Ginny piped up.

"Me too." Astoria looked at me. We both knew that we weren’t about to be separated from each other.

"Okay so... how about Ron, Hermione and I, and you Astoria and Malfoy?"

"Why do I have to-?"

"Ginny... please?" She glared daggers at scar-head but didn’t say anything more.

"Alright... so... I’m positive that a map would be in a janitor’s room or something. Maybe an office even. Just stay together. Find a weapon, or something to defend yourself with." Potter gestured over to the pile of furniture that was all flipped over and destroyed.

I was annoyed that we were taking orders from Potter. I walked over to the pile of furniture with the others and took a leg off of a table. It looked like it could be a smaller version of a baseball bat... it’d also be very dense as well. As I was pulling the leg out of it’s socket, Blaise came over and picked up what looked to be a pointed piece of metal from a metal desk or chair. "I’m coming with you." I smiled for the first time in hours.

The seven of us gathered by the door, each holding our weapon of choice. Astoria had what looked like the sitting part on a metal fold out chair and Ginny was also holding a leg of a table or chair, except her was more pointed like a knife.

"If something happens to anyone, I guess you’ll have no choice but to leave them, that is if they get bitten or anything related to turning into one of those infected people. Otherwise, try to protect each other. If you find a map, then come back here. If you don’t then meet back here in an hour... Ginny I know you have a watch and Hermione has one too."

Potter and the Weasel then proceeded to move the oak desk from in front of the door and they cut the light before opening the door. "Okay, close the door behind us and don’t let anyone in unless they use the words ‘Dumbledore’s Army’."

We all shuffled out and Pansy was the one to close the door, but not before saying, "Good luck."

"I guess we’ll go this way..." I said before anyone else did, and I lead my group off to the left. I could tell that we were all scared out of our wits, knowing that our deaths could be approaching at any given moment. It was the way that we all walked, holding our weapons at the ready, our steps slow and steady, our breathing as silent as it could be. It was almost like nobody was walking down the hallway. I strained my ears to hear as much as I could, and I felt more aware to my surroundings than I ever had in my entire life.

I thought about my mother and father who must’ve heard the news that their son had basically fallen off of the face of the Earth. They were probably demanding information, and searching frantically for me. I wished that this had never happened. Clearly those "scientists" had not gotten the correct information about our tests, otherwise we’d all be those monsters as well by now... without being bitten.

"Should we try in here?" Astoria whispered in the quietest voice that I hardly heard her. We all stopped to look at where she was pointing, and I noticed that it was the only closed door in the hallway. It said the words "Jan- ice". A bunch of letters had been ripped off but I guessed that it had said the words "Janitor’s Office". "Open it." I whispered just as quietly back.

Astoria stretched out one hand towards the door handle before a loud gurgling sound emitted from around the closest corner. Ginny’s and Blaise’s eyes locked together, opened wide. "It’s locked!" Astoria mouthed to me, and we all exchanged looks of fear.

Crabbe, Chang and one other student, a girl, came around the corner, Crabbe was spitting out so much foam, but you couldn’t tell where his mouth was from when I bashed his face in. I was shocked that he was still alive. Chang’s nose was smashed so it looked like some alienated nose was in the place where a normal nose should've been. I wondered if the mud-blood and the Weasley’s did that to her earlier. The girl was one I hadn’t seen before. Once they saw us, they went nuts.

The unknown girl jumped at Astoria, but I couldn’t get to her in time for Crabbe had went to scratch me. I wondered how he could even see. You couldn’t tell left from right from his face... I hadn’t realized I had did so much damage. I jumped back and took the table leg and smashed the side of his face with it, then jabbed it into his stomach, forcing him back. Ginny and Blaise were cutting up Chang pretty badly. I looked at Astoria, who was on the ground, trying to slam the girl away from her face with the chair seat, because the girl had tackled her down and was trying to bite her neck. I went to tackle the girl on Astoria, but then I felt something slam into me and I flew down, stomach first onto the linoleum. I felt my nose break, and blood poured out from the wound and all down my face. Something was on top of me.

Ignoring the pain, I struggled to turn my body around, trying to do to it what Ginny had done to me earlier when I fell on her. I felt my elbow sink into something warm and sticky, and grossed out, I pulled my elbow away and tried to drag myself out from under it. Then I felt it’s body vibrate and it fell off of me. I hastily got to my feet and saw Blaise repeatedly stabbing Crabbe’s demented body a few inches from me while Chang’s body was limp a few more inches away.

Ginny was helping Astoria, trying to get the girl off of her. I took my desk leg and smashed the girl in the back of the head, then grabbed a fist full of her blood washed hair and yanked backwards. Her thrashing body followed her head and I smashed her in the face with the leg and Ginny helped me throw her away, after her body stopped moving. I don’t know how but we somehow survived that... I thought.

Astoria was screaming, and sobbing and having some kind of a melt down. She was suddenly on her knees, balled up, clutching at her chest, screaming that she had gotten bitten. I could see her entire body shaking, as if it was on vibrate, and she was thrashing herself around violently. I didn’t know if she really had gotten bitten or not, but I had a feeling that she was just far too sketched out. I knelt down beside her and grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her until she looked at me.

"Astoria! As-Astoria! You have not been bitten!"

"Y-ye-yes I-I ha-ha-have! I-I’m goin-going to d-die!" She sobbed louder. "She b-b-bit m-me! I’m dead!"

"Astoria!" I shook her harder. "Look at me!" She did. "You. Are. Not. Dead. Nothing bit you! You’re fine! If you were bitten you wouldn’t be able to talk would you?"

“I-I s-suppose you’re r-right.” Her hysterics calmed down a bit, and although she was still shaking, she shrugged out from under my hands and slowly got to her feet, holding onto her weapon as if it was her life. I made sure to look her up and down just in case she really did get bitten. When I didn’t see any blood, or scratched or chunks bitten out of her, I got to my feet too.

I lead the others down the next hallway, after giving a good kick to Cho Chang’s head to make sure she was dead. “We’re going to have to find the keys to the Janitor’s closet.” I said, and suddenly wondered why there would be a Janitor in a magical facility. I guessed that somebody needed to clean everything up, but if they had magic, what was the point? Perhaps it had been a squib janitor.

“Maybe the keys would be with the janitor? Don’t they usually stay here all night, or all day or whatever? I couldn’t tell you what time it was though.” Ginny said thoughtfully, as she stepped over a fallen over chair.

“Then wouldn’t that mean that he or she would be... well... one of them?” Blaise asked, looking directly at me when he spoke.

“It makes sense... how do we find these things anyways? And in order to actually grasp it’s attention, wouldn’t that mean grasping other thing’s attention as well?” I stopped walking when I finished speaking and the others did as well.

Astoria shivered. “... Well wouldn’t we have to be loud? And maybe we could all attack it at once?”

“Well that would make sense, but what if more came? Wouldn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of attacking the same guy when others are trying to eat us at the same time?” Ginny looked at Astoria, who just stared back.

“Makes sense.” Blaise said.

“So, what do we do?” I found myself asking before a loud crash was heard ahead, causing us all to jump.

“Ron! Ron! No! Don’t! RON!”

There was a loud yell of pure agony and Ginny gasped as she recognized her brother’s yelp of pain.

Granger came running around the corner, followed closely by Potter, and after them came the Weasel. He looked fine... minus that giant bite causing a chunk of his shoulder to be missing. Behind the Weasel, a man came tearing around the corner dressed in a navy full body suit that looked like a janitor would wear. There was blood dripping down his face, and onto his suit, and his eyes were pure white. His face was scrunched up into an evil glare, as he made to jump onto his victim. Lucky for him, Potter slammed him out of the way with a wooden board and he fell over backwards.

Weasley vomited.

“RON!” Ginny screamed. His skin was already starting to turn a sickly green and foam was starting to produce out of the corner of his mouth. He wiped it away.

“Harry! Kill me! Do it! Do it before I do something!” He quickly said.

“No! Ron I can’t! There’s got to be a cure! I can find one! I can save you!”

“No you can’t! You know you can’t! Just do it Harry! If I live the rest of my life eating people I once knew, then I’d rather die!”

It was like watching, instead of reading, a scene out of a cheesy novel. Granger burst into tears.

“Ron! I c-can’t believe-”

“Hermione, I know it’s-” But whatever he was going to say, never came out of his mouth. The Janitor had gotten to his feet and pounced on Potter. Ginny rushed forwards before it could bite Potter, and kicked him in the face before stabbing him in the neck. It’s blood squirted out and hit the Weasley boy right in the face. He yelled out and threw himself backwards, clutching at his eyes.

“RON!” The mudblood squealed and made to go to his aid, but held herself back. It looked like it was causing her all the pain in the world to not be able to help him.

“I think it’s time to get the hell out of here!” I yelled and grabbed Astoria’s hand before the Weasel finally got to his feet again. He wasn’t the same. The mudblood ran with Potter and Ginny behind her back the way that we had come. I ran after them with Astoria, but Blaise was unfortunate. Ron pounced on him and attacked him with his teeth. Blaise was screaming my name as we headed after the others. I didn’t look back.

“In here! In here!” Ginny was yelling as she fumbled with a pair of keys. There was about ten of them, and none of them seemed to be fitting in the key hole. Ron and the Janitor were right around the corner. “Hurry up! Hurry up! Ginny for merlin’s sake HURRY UP!” Potter was screaming in her ear.

“I’m trying okay!” She screamed back as another key failed at the lock.

“They’re coming!” Astoria yelled even louder as Ron and the Janitor came around the corner, Blaise’s cries of agony behind them.


“It’s open!”

We all shoved into the room, making no delays at slamming the door shut behind Granger. Ginny locked the door behind her and someone flicked on the light switch. The room was filled with broomsticks and mops and buckets, and cleaning supplies. There were metal shelves filled with objects such as cleaning rags and books, along with buckets and cleaning substances.

There was a map hanging on the wall surrounded in what looked like a plastic casing. Ron and his friends were banging on the door.

“How are we going to get the map down? It’s stuck to the wall, and it’s covered in plastic!” I said as I tried to rip the thing down.

“Why not try this?” Potter said as he pulled something out of a tool box. It looked like a crowbar. He walked over to where I was standing, and placed the end of it in the small space behind the map and pulled. It half-ripped off of the wall. He moved around to the other side, I had to step out of the way, and did the same thing. It fell to the floor and Ginny picked it up.

“It looks like the basement is downwards.” She said sarcastically and Potter decided to keep the crowbar as a weapon, and went over to stand beside the red-head. “It looks like we’ll have to take the west wing, and go through that room there. I don’t know what it is, but it’s on the other side of this damn facility place, wherever we are.”

“So we’re going to go get the others now right?” Granger asked. She stood hugging herself by the door. Ron’s banging had stopped, so we all assumed that he had found something more interesting to occupy himself with.

“Yeah, that seems to be the plan. Then we’ll all make our way to the basement and get our wands. If that’s where they really are.” Potter said.

I walked over to the door and unlocked it. “I’m assuming that we’re rushing now.”

For about the hundredth time that day somebody screamed.


A/N ;; Hey guys! I'm glad a lot of you guys are liking this little story idea I made up months ago with a friend! I had completely forgotten about it up until a few weeks ago and now I can't stop writing! I don't really have a clue which direction I'm heading in, but idea's keep flying into my mind as I write! I can't promise another chapter super soon since I've just entered my final year in high school and homework is going to be a little more insane, but I'll try my best to write more! Thanks for the reviews! It's really appreciated and it really motivates me to write more! :D

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