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Catching up with the Present
Chapter 1


   It was a cold winter morning in the wizarding world; Harry Potter had woken to the rain falling heavily on his bedroom window. Groaning he rolled over and looked at the foggy morning to which he had awoken to. He saw that there was no sun for it had been well hidden behind a rather large and dark rain cloud, sighing the young man pulled his thick blanket over his head closing his bright green eyes and trying to return to the deep sleep that he had been rudely awoken from. No matter how hard he tried the rain fell harder and harder until finally he gave up.



   “Alright, Alright I’m getting up.” Harry yelled at the rain as if it was his mother. The young man sat up in his bed the large blanket falling from his bare chest into his lap, the cold air that had drafted in through the very window Harry’s bright green eyes had just looked out of for the window did not close completely it always jammed only a few millimetres away from the bottom. No matter how many times the young wizard had tried to fix it, it would just not budge.


   Flicking the blanket completely off of his body, Harry revealed that all he was wearing a pair of darkly coloured track pants. Slipping on a pair of warm slippers that had been given to him as a gift from Molly Weasley or as ‘Mum’ he liked to call her, because she was the only elder female he had known for so long and she was so much like a mother to him for he had lost his real mother at such a young age and even though he had spent most of his life living with his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia and their hideous son Dudley, he had never ever been close to that family, well to tell the truth he absolutely loathed them for everything they had done to him when he was a small boy, they had made him sleep under the stairs, whenever they walked up to their bedrooms dust would full down covering him. It wasn’t until he was older that they had moved him into a proper room but still it was horrible.



   Every time there was a family gathering or if Molly only felt that the family needed company did Molly Weasley invite Harry over, Molly Weasley had know Harry ever since he had first started Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at age eleven for her youngest son Ronald Weasley had started at the same time as Young Harry and they had become best of friends.

   Walking over to a coat stand Harry grabbed a deep red flannelette robe, pulling it over him before making his way down a hallway and heading toward his bathroom.



   Now Harry lived on his own in a medium sized flat that hadn’t cost him that much money and he was happy to live on his own, all of his friends now had grown up and moved out of home. Hermione had her own house, Ginny was staying with Ron in a rented house and both paying rent. Luna lived in a house as did Neville.




  The young wizard entered his bathroom starting up his shower, while waiting for the water to heat up he started to disrobe himself before stepping into the now steaming hot water.


   The water trickled down his chiselled body running through his long messy black hair. Harry lent back closing his eyes and letting the water splatter all over his face warming him completely before reaching for the shampoo that was on a rack beside him. He squirted the liquid into his hands before rubbing them together then rubbing it all through his hair. Bubbles foamed in his hair and on his hand. Leaning his head back and closing his eyes again Harry let the water wash the soap out of his hair running his long fingers through it to help and make sure all the bubbles had been removed.

   Harry stood in there for a while longer letting the water run down his body before turning the water off and stepping out grabbing a towel wrapping one around his waist and then flinging the other around his neck drying his dripping  hair. When he had finished he walked into his room again grabbing his glasses that lay on his bedside table along with a book, his wand and a lamp for when it was dark and he wanted to read.




   Placing his glasses on the tip of his nose he pushed them up closer so that it was easier for him to see and they also enlarged and framed his bright green eyes beautifully. The young wizard walked over to his large oak wardrobe pulling it open and looking before pulling out a crisp white shirt his robes and a pair of deep blue jeans, placing them on his bed he walked over to the dresser and pulled out fresh underwear before removing the towels and slipping into his underwear then pulling on his deep blue jeans, the denim was cold on his warm skin, quickly he did the them up then pulled the crisp white shirt on over his head then pulled his robes over his shoulders. Walking over Harry looked at himself in front of the large mirror that stood in the far corner of his room. turning he grabbed his wand placing it in the pocket of his black jacket and walked out of his room and down the stairs, before walking out into the coldness of the day he grabbed a black and white chequered scarf and pulled it around his neck before doing up the buttons on his jacket then walked out of the front door closing it behind him and started off down the street.






   Harry had organized to meet up with Hermione to catch up because they hadn’t seen each other for a while. The young wizard walked down the street people walked past him grasping an umbrella in their hands, while others had no umbrella all they had was a newspaper being held over their heads. Harry had his scarf wound around his neck protecting it from both the rain and bitter breeze. His jet black hair that Harry had brushed only a few moments ago had gone all messy again with the wind.



   “Hey look over there… it’s the famous Harry Potter,” a blonde headed female whispered to her brunette friend that stood next to her. The two of them must have been in their late teens like Harry. He simply shook it off and continued to walk down the wet street before rounding a corner and entering a Café where he had would be meeting Hermione.


   As he entered heat hit him and voices boomed with laughter and loud talking, females cackled away at jokes that were being told. Harry walked over to the bar and looked at the tender.



   The man was short stubby; he stood behind the bar a drying towel swung across his left shoulder, he was reaching over a rack grabbing dry glasses and placing in a cupboard that was situated underneath where people were served. After placing the glasses away he walked over to where Harry stood watching him.



   “Hello mate, what can I get you?” he asked smiling, Harry saw that he only had about three teeth in his head and even they were yellow and rotting away.





   “Uh… nothing sir… I’m just waiting for a friend of mine here.” with that the man nodded his head and turned walking off to serve someone else who stood at the far side of the bar.




   Suddenly a cold draught blew through the café, Harry turned to see that Hermione stood at the door removing her gloves. Her hair was all poofy and puffy sitting around her shoulders. The curls covered her caramel coloured eyes before she reached up and pushed the hair back behind her ear. Hermione spotted Harry standing at the bar smiling she walked over to him and stood next to him.

   Hello Harry,” she greeted wrapping her arms around his neck in a hug.



   “Hello Hermione,” he replied back wrapping his arms around her middle and hugging her. “How have you been?” he asked as she pulled away he looked into her caramel eyes which were sparkling with happiness.






   “I’m very good Harry, we should go find a seat then we can talk more.” with that Hermione took hold of Harry’s cold hands in her warmer ones leading him over to the only free table which was in the corner away from the rest of the laughing people and well hidden as well. The two friends sat down at the creaky old table smiling at one and other. As soon as they sat down a waiter came over to take their order.



   “’Ello you two cherubs what can I get ya?” she asked, the woman was in her middle ages forty maybe messy black hair, deep brown eyes and terribly pale skin. The woman was medium height and size. She wore a pair of black pants and a black shirt that had been stained one too many times. Around her waist was a small apron that tied up at the back.





   “Um… can I please get a butter beer?” Harry asked looking up at her.



   She smiled down at him, “Of course ya can love. And you little missy what can I get you?” the woman asked turning to look at Hermione.


   “Um… I’ll have the same thing thank you.” The woman nodded her head writing it down before walking off and leaving the two of them sitting there.

   “So Harry… what have you been up to lately?” Hermione asked a smile spread across her face, he caramel eyes sparkling even though there was very little light in the café.


   “Not much, what about yourself?” Harry asked his lips curled into a smile showing his white teeth behind his lips.





   “Well I caught up with Ginny and Luna only the other day. Then Neville and Cho a few weeks ago… oh yeah and bumped into Draco Malfoy,” she spat his name as if it tasted bad, which in her mouth it did. Harry cringed at the name of Draco Malfoy for so many reasons that it was too hard to name all of them. One reason was breaking his friend’s heart a week before they were supposed to be married by cheating on her with another.



   “I must say that it’s good to hear you say his name the way you do now and not like you used to.” He stated truthfully.



Hermione laughed at his statement tilting her head back, the young wizard was happy to see his friend laughing again. “Oh Harry you’re statements are always so funny… but then again they are also always true.” She pointed out her laughing subsiding to a light giggle.




   “Here you two love birds go.” the woman who had served them only a few minutes ago walked out two butter beers on a tray that was placed on the palm, she placed the tray down.



   “We’re no…” Hermione started before Harry cut her off by taking her hand in his a glint in his eyes, the young witch smiled shutting her mouth and looking at Harry as the woman walked off muttering to herself.




   “What was that for Mister Potter, may I ask?” Hermione asked as she looked at Harry studying his face. He looked down at the table a cheeky smirk spread across his face before he looked up and the glint hadn’t left his eyes yet. “Oh no… James Potter’s come out to play.”




   “She didn’t need to know that we were only friends, let her think that we’re a couple, who cares?” he asked raising a black eye brow at her. She simply giggled before they both reached for the glass which held the butter beer. As soon as their fingers touched the glass everything around them suddenly turned to a blur. They were spinning, and spinning around quickly before the two of them landed on the ground with a ‘thump’ looking around the two of them noticed they were most defiantly not in London anymore.






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