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-          The Day We Fight –


The day Draco was saved was followed by two very quiet ones. Two almost peaceful days of nothing bad happening in the community while the rest of the Wizarding world took a deep breath with this pause. But the people inside Grimmauld Place, the Order of the Phoenix, knew this was the calm before the storm.

Draco was recovering after the long weeks of being tortured, interrogated and tortured again, his cut finger and ear wouldn’t be back to normal but he didn’t care as he was alive and back with his family. Ginny and Narcissa were always close and Ginny hadn’t left his side for a single moment ever since he collapsed exhausted in her arms. She had finally calmed down and even exhausted and sleepless, she looked like glowing as her other half had finally returned.

Harry and Hermione, like the rest had given the Malfoys the space to relax and Harry with Hermione themselves had decided to take these two days of rest as to fill their batteries, Hermione had been very tired since the Cruciatus she had suffered but she had recovered quickly as this wasn’t the first time…

Harry and Hermione were in their bedroom, with Harry flat on his back and his wife half-laid on him as they both breathed quietly as they lay there naked.

‘We can finally take her down,’ Harry whispered and Hermione looked up at his face before she could plant a kiss on the spot the Locket had left its scar above his heart, another Horcrux they had destroyed back then.

‘We finally can do it,’ Hermione whispered and Harry caressed her arm. ‘You think we’ll make it?’ Hermione added and Harry could feel the fear first for his and then her life through their bond.

‘I’m sure of it,’ Harry said firmly and Hermione smiled and reached upwards for their lips to meet in a kiss. ‘When it’s time for us to fight, we’ll make it and then none will ever rise from the dead to cause chaos, it’s enough,’ Harry said after the kiss was broken and Hermione looked deep in his eyes and nodded her head.

‘I’ll die if something happens to you,’ Hermione whispered and Harry caressed her waist as she moved fully on top of him.

‘Well I’ll die if something happens to you… that’s the deal with the Bond, if one of us falls, the other will follow…’ Harry whispered and Hermione sighed and shook her head. She loved their bond, she loved feeling his every feeling, knowing his thoughts, seeing his dreams, but in times like this, she was afraid of this power, of this bless-curse of the bond that threatened both. She didn’t care about her life, she would sacrifice herself right that moment if it meant to end the war, but she didn’t want Harry to fall down too, she wanted him to be safe and sound, close to their kids. It would be so unfair even if one of them made it through the battle that was to come, to die because the other didn’t make it…

‘Well I care about your life so don’t think like that,’ Harry said firmly again as he looked in the beautiful, warm eyes of his wife. He would sacrifice his life for the war to end too, but he’d rather die if Hermione wasn’t there, he wouldn’t make it alone, he couldn’t make it before, when they were best friends and she never abandoned him, now he couldn’t even imagine his life without her in his head, in his arms, in his heart.

‘Don’t think like that…’ They both said in whispers and then smiled as they had read each other’s thoughts through the bond, they smiled sadly and kissed.

‘We need to initiate Draco in the Order, he needs to be protected by the spells.’ Hermione changed the subjects of their painful conversation and Harry sighed.

‘You think he’ll be able to fight? He had been in her hands for so long…’ Harry said and Hermione shook her head.

‘Even if we try to object, Ginny will be there since Bella killed her father so Draco won’t have no as a response about going to the battlefield. You know how stubborn he is, but even if Ginny wasn’t there, he’d be in the first line anyway,’ Hermione said and Harry sighed again and nodded his head. It wasn’t an easy thing to be the Leader and the Keeper of the Order of the Phoenix, nor the masters of the Hallows. Harry looked at Hermione for a moment and she tensed up.

‘Don’t even mention it, Harry James, I’ll be there by your side, I have been cursed before, more than this time, and I was there at the end, we’re the masters of the hallows but even if it wasn’t like that, you’d have to kill me as to stop me,’ Hermione said in a breath and she was ready to leave his arms but he held her there and kissed her lips in a kiss.

Draco is not the only one being stubborn.

I’m not stubborn, I’m yours and you’re mine and we won’t be separated.

I love you.

I love you too.  The thoughts ran through the bond as their mouths were preoccupied kissing each other. They broke the kiss and Hermione smiled down at his husband.

‘The prophesy talks about us both and her,’ Hermione said and Harry smiled and nodded his head.

‘It was just a thought, but you’re right, we’ll both be there,’ Harry said and Hermione kissed his lips once.

‘Or you can always stay here and wait for me to return from battle,’ Hermione said and Harry groaned as she gave him a taste of his own medicine. He couldn’t imagine his wife fighting without him, he didn’t trust anyone else to have her back and be backed up except her. He flipped them around so he was on the top and kissed her lips as she giggled.

‘You think we should go find Draco and initiate him now? We don’t know when Bellatrix will strike…’ Hermione said and Harry stopped his hand that had started moving up his wife’s naked thigh and he sighed.

‘You think he will be available?’ Harry asked and Hermione looked at him in wonder. ‘I mean, Gin hasn’t seen him for so long, maybe she’s shagging his brains out…’ Harry said and laughed as Hermione slapped his arm as she laughed too.

‘Harry… he’s so tired and he’s suffered a lot…’ Hermione said in outrage as she kept laughing before her grinning husband.

‘Well you have been tired and you’ve suffered a lot but you haven’t stopped shagging me in the past two days…’ Harry said and earned more slaps on his arm and chest by his blushed wife who laughed along with him.




‘Of course I want to be there,’ Draco Malfoy said, hours later, when the initiation was over and he was informed about everything.

‘Of course you won’t,’ Ginny retorted by her husband’s side as they both stood up. Draco winced in pain all the way as he was still under recovery. He huffed at his wife’s stubbornness as Harry and Hermione looked at them both, feeling awkward.

‘Ginny, we’ve talked about it,’ Draco snapped at his wife and she groaned and threw her hands in the air in an exasperated way. She turned to the Potters.

‘Talk to him, he can’t fight, you’re the leaders of the Order, forbid him to participate now!’ Ginny ordered Harry and Hermione who shrugged as Draco approached his wife in anger.

‘Keep them out of this, Gin, you know I will be there and even if they don’t want me to, guess what… I won’t listen to orders when you’ll be there fighting on your own!’ Draco screamed this time at his wife and Harry and Hermione mentally confirmed their theory about the Malfoys’ marriage being a love-hate relationship ever since it started back in Hogwarts.

‘Ginny… he’s actually right. He’s an adult and even if we are the leaders of the Order, we can’t forbid someone to participate in the battle…’ Ginny said and Hermione turned and looked at her the same moment her husband did the same, Harry looked at his wife too.

‘Well you did forbid me to follow you when it was about saving Draco…’ Ginny said in anger and Hermione sighed.

‘We’re aurors and that was a mission for us… now with the possibly final battle… we can’t say no to anyone, especially when he won’t listen and follow anyway. And he could jeopardize the whole deal by uncovering the rest of us.’ Harry saved his wife this time and Hermione nodded her head and sent a mental thanks as Ginny huffed and her face turned even redder than it usually did during a fight.

‘I just don’t want to lose you,’ she finally said and Draco looked at her with his face softened, causing the Potters to feel even more uncomfortable as the Malfoys were the couple least close to them in their extended non-blood related family.

‘I know… you won’t,’ Draco finally said and hugged his wife, as he moved his arm around her his sleeve was lifted and Harry saw a huge scar on his left arm, where the Dark Mark once was located. Draco saw Harry’s eyes looking at spot from Ginny’s back and he sighed and spoke to him as he broke the hug with his redhead wife.

‘Bellatrix did this to me… during the torturing, she said I don’t deserve to bear such symbol since I took the wrong path after the war… I couldn’t agree more with my beloved aunt…’ Draco said as he looked the badly healed wound that seemed to have taken place weeks ago.

‘We need to go to the meeting, everyone will be arriving soon,’ Hermione finally said as the four adults had remained silent, looking at the violently unstitched Dark Mark on the blonde man’s arm. Harry nodded his head and took his wife by the waist as Draco did the same with Ginny and the two couples exited the living room in silence.

A silence that was broken as the couples entered the full of Order members, kitchen, everyone was there, the inner cycle, all the members were waiting for the Leader and the Keeper to take their position. There weren’t enough seats and many were standing close to the table, Harry smiled as he could see the Order larger than ever.

Harry and Hermione finally reached the head of the long table and looked around them at everyone who expected to learn the latest news. Harry had destroyed Draco’s wand, the last Horcrux a few hours after their return from the Malfoy manor and now he was finally content to announce that the Battle would be even for them against Bellatrix and her army.

 ‘Bellatrix Lestrange had created three Horcruxes, two back in the second War and one more recently,’ Harry started and the people who didn’t know widened their eyes as they knew that she was back alive but they didn’t know the existence of more than one Horcruxes. Harry waited for the murmurs and whispers to end before he could go on. ‘We’ve destroyed all the Horcruxes so the battle that is to come will be even for us against her.’ Harry went on and most people cheered for the couple and their success. Harry nodded his head without a hint of a smile and he went on.

‘A battle is soon to take place, we don’t know when or where, but the ones willing to fight and even die, need to be prepared at anytime. The ministry is informed, we’ll have aurors and all the possible alliances with creatures like fairies, trolls, giants, half-giants, goblins and some other creatures. Aurors of other ministries around Europe who have alliances with the British ministry along the ministries of countries under the English Crown will help, the Canadians for example will be arriving tomorrow, so the people of the various islands around the world and Australia will.’ Harry went on and a wave of satisfaction passed through the members of the Order.

‘We’ll have to keep our Order organized, Harry and I are back in our positions as Aurors but our job is to keep the Order united and organized.’ Hermione spoke this time and everyone nodded their heads. ‘We need to keep our eyes open and watchful, the strike and the start of the battle can be anywhere, anytime,’ Hermione went on and everyone nodded again.

‘We won’t lie to you, right now, Bellatrix Lestrange is furious and ready to strike, the fight can take place anywhere, even here, so we all need to take the necessary measures.’ Harry spoke in his turn and everyone sobered and listened even more intensely. ‘We’ll be waiting for her to strike first, and wherever she does, whenever she does… we’ll go there immediately and try to take her down, we have some suspicions of her trying to strike either here, the Hogwarts Castle or the Ministry, in any case, we need to be prepared.’ Harry went on and everyone nodded their heads as people looked at each other, knowing that they were all nearing the end of this.    

‘So the Horcruxes are destroyed, but who’s supposed to actually face her?’ Bill Weasley wondered and everyone focused on the couple for an answer. Hermione took Harry’s hand in hers and he spoke after a nod of his wife’s head.

‘We will, Hermione and I, we have the Horcruxes and the prophesy is talking clearly about us two and her, it won’t be any help if you’d tried to help…’ Harry said and didn’t stop as Ron was ready to protest. ‘We just need you to fight the rest, whatever species they are until Hermione and I can fight with her,’ Harry went on and everyone sighed and nodded. ‘We have the Hallows and her Horcruxes are destroyed and lets say that this won’t be my first…’ Harry said in a try to cheer up the team and he made as many of the Order members smiled and nodded in pride for the leader of the Order. ‘Plus, my wife, my rock, the mistress of the Hallows will have my lazy arse backed up so I’m sure we can make it,’ Harry added as he looked at his wife and many laughed as she grinned and kissed his cheek once.




Ever since the meeting, every day felt like the last one, everyone was in uniforms and clothes good and strong enough for battle and everyone was tensed for the moment the alarm would be set off, the problem was, the alarm hadn’t been set off for the past two weeks and everyone was getting to the edge.

Harry woke up with a small startle as a nightmare about Bellatrix had disturbed him, it actually surprised him since when Hermione was there, nightmares were away, he looked at the side of Hermione’s but she wasn’t there. For a moment his mind was sent into panic mode as he expected to see her. After a moment, the sound of the shower reached his ears and he relaxed with a huff as a sound came from the joined bathroom of their chamber.  He stood up, rubbed the sleep from his eyes and moved close to the closed door, he touched the knob for a moment and then opened it. He smiled as he saw his wife’s naked form in the shower, cleaning her body with her back to him.

The glass of the shower didn’t allow him to see the so familiar details but he watched with interest and care nonetheless. He knew every curve of Hermione’s body, he had caressed and kissed every part of hers. He knew those arms that held him and their children, her beautiful waist and how she moved gracefully her hips when she strolled victorious from yet another successful mission in the ministry. These beautiful, long legs that had been wrapped around his waist in so many occasions, that he caressed in so many more. Hermione finally turned around and Harry could see that her eyes were closed as she massaged her head under the spray of water. Harry smiled wider as he saw Hermione’s face through the glass, the face that had been his daily pleasure for so many years. The face of his love.

‘I hope you’re done stalking and staring, dear husband, I need you to give me the towel.’ Hermione finally said and Harry chuckled as he finally moved away from the doorway and took her towel. He opened the door of the shower the moment she turned off the spray and looked at him with a smile on her face as he waited for her with the towel ready. Hermione stepped in Harry’s hug and he wrapped his arms along the towel around her body, their lips met in a good morning kiss.

When the kiss was broken Harry helped his wife with the towel and she accepted all the affection. For the past days, the preparation of the day that once was something quick and easy now had turned into a ritual for the two, their house was full of people who still lived there for the past months, their only time of privacy were in the mornings in their chamber. Harry took Hermione’s wand from the cupboard and dried her hair with her favorite charm, the one he had seen her casting even on his own hair for the past years.

The Potters moved out of the bathroom and reached the wardrobe with Harry loving the moment of his wife abandoning the towel and getting in her underwear. He too, took off his nightshirt and pants and felt her eyes on him. They put on their uniforms and in silence, Harry helped Hermione with the laces of her uniform’s bodice as she held her hair up with her hands. Harry tied the bodice’s laces and kissed Hermione shoulder before she could let her curly hair down again.

Hermione helped her husband with his own robes and they tied up their boots before they could get close to the drawer where they had the Hallows. Hermione broke the spell they always had on the drawer and Harry took the Elder Wand from the inside, he put it in his pocket and Hermione closed and shut the drawer again, the robe and the stone weren’t needed, the Elder Wand would do the job again.

‘We need to be careful, it’s enough just to have her disarming us and she’ll be the Mistress.’ Hermione said and Harry sighed and nodded, untypically they had decided for Harry to have the Wand in his own pocket, he had the hallows before, he knew their power better than Hermione and she trusted him to have the wand as much as she’d do with herself.

‘I think our Bond and not the Wand will take her down,’ Harry said seriously and Hermione nodded her head.

‘It will be a combination of all the things,’ Hermione said and Harry sighed and nodded, they had been on the edge with Bellatrix not attacking for so long, he wanted to go to battle, to fight and get over all this. ‘We should go and see the kids, the only good thing out of all this waiting is our time with the kids,’ Hermione said after the moment of silence and Harry this time smiled and nodded, he loved waking up his children and that he could do it even now after so many months of Hermione and himself being away meant a lot to him.

All the kids were asleep in one, expanded room, Lily’s room, Harry and Hermione got inside the room of the sleeping toddlers and moved close to the beds of Lily and James, Jane was probably already downstairs with the Grangers as they had took it upon themselves to take care of the Potter kids as they wouldn’t fight.

Lily’s eyes opened slowly and she looked at her mom and dad with a smile, Hermione leaned and gave a kiss to her daughter as the little girl wrapped her arms around her mom’s shoulders. Harry did the same with the waking James who yawned and stretched, causing his pajama shirt to be lifted up and expose his belly, Harry tickled his son and the boy squealed and giggled as he hugged his father. The couple remained with their kids for awhile but as the room of the children was the only that didn’t allow the alarm to startle them the Potters wondered why they could hear footsteps running out of the door.

Harry and Hermione looked at each other but before they could do something Edward and Jane Granger burst in the room and gestured for the Potters to hurry up, Jane already holding the littlest Potter. The couple stood up and let their kids in their grandparents’ care without leaving space for complains as Lily’s eyes filled with tears. Harry was already reaching the door with Hermione by his hand but his wife halted, left his hand and ran back to her daughter. Harry waited for a moment as Ron was reaching the door and was whispering for them to hurry up, something had happened.

‘Keep an eye on the fishes, mommy and daddy will be fine.’ Hermione said as she framed her daughter’s face with her hands before she could give her a kiss, she kissed James then and little Janie, Jane Granger herself kissed her own daughter.

Only then Hermione took the baby in her arms and brought James and Lily against her body with her free arm. Hermione closed her eyes and Harry gasped as he felt what she was doing… a spell that once had been laid on him when he was barely a year old by his own mother. After the spell was cast Hermione let the children and followed her husband and best friend out of the room.

‘If we don’t make it, she will come after them; I hope she will just forget like Voldemort did the first time…’ Hermione said as Harry looked at her with pained eyes, there were possibilities of them never returning and they knew it.

Everything was in alert, a total contrast to when Harry and Hermione had woken up. Ron was ready in his own robes for battle and his wand was at the ready as the trio, along with other people rushed down the stairs from the various rooms they occupied as bedrooms. They finally reached the kitchen where people were already flooing away to the ministry in duos and trios.

Early in a December morning, just a few days from Christmas the Battle was to take place, in the ministry of magic. Harry and Hermione rushed close to the floo and flooed away on their own because they needed to get to the ministry soon to organize everyone. The first thing the two Potters saw was chaos, and that took their breath away.

People of the ministry were laying dead in the atrium, people that had probably been taken down at the first blow. Aurors were already fighting against a huge team of various creatures, two giants were fighting with a lot of aurors and people from the squad of the magical law enforcement. There were two megeras, Inferies, goblins of a wild race in the Balkans and a few dementors that had trapped some people in a corner, the rest of the army was made by many dark wizards, neo-death eaters, the Potters’ enemies, even dark wizards thought dead. 

The first thing the Potters did were to cast the Patronus charms, soon the bright Stag and Otter were running in the air towards the dementors and the first battle started. Then, Harry and Hermione threw themselves in battle as more and more Order members and other alliances were reaching the atrium from the fireplaces as the news of the attack was spreading.  

 Harry and Hermione remained side by side as they fought with enemies, soon Ron and Luna were close to them and a few moments after, Draco and Ginny were also fighting close by, the couples tried to help each other as much as they could through the havoc of spells and blood. The giants were trying to take down as many as possible and they were actually succeeding but more and more people were arriving through the fireplaces. The elevators had been destroyed so whoever was downstairs had already been trapped. The huge golden statue the community wanted to set up for the Golden Trio was surprisingly still standing in the middle of the huge chamber.

Harry and Hermione were trying to spot Bellatrix but they couldn’t see her through the chaos, they expected to see her at the far end of her army but for now they couldn’t find her.

‘We must kill the giants!’ Draco roared as one of the giants tried to take down many people by waving his arms with force, Ginny got out of the way just in time. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Draco and Ginny all pointed their wands towards the first giant and the six curses hit the giant in the face, the huge creature seemed hurt but that made him even more furious and only then Harry took the decision and drew the Elder Wand out of his pocket. The Avada from the Deathstick hit the beast right between the eyes and the giant fell with a loud thud that shook the floor beneath everyone’s feet. Harry turned around and did the same with the second giant, he didn’t want to kill the creatures but by now, the two creatures had killed tens of people with their blows. 

When the giants were finally done and the dementors were chased in a corner by the Patronus charms, the enemies focused on the three couples and as the rest of the order and the allies moved close to help the true fights started with people cursing each other, shields being lifted and bodies along with blood and beams of light flying everywhere.

Harry always made sure to have Hermione in his eyesight as she did the same, he was trying to keep an eye on people like Ron and Luna but sometimes it was impossible as he and his wife were fighting outnumbered. Working as one, however, served them well as they could function as one being, one raising a shield for both when the other was cursing someone else. For a moment Harry thought that he saw a woman falling but he wasn’t sure who it was as the dust of the exploded walls, elevators and fireplaces was lingering in the air.

The explosive charms that were heard however above their heads made everyone duck as the huge statue that everyone was standing and fighting before, was hit. The statue was hit in its upper part and soon the heads of Harry and Hermione’s made by gold were now falling with a loud noise. Harry pushed his wife away as the huge pieces of gold crushed the marbled floor they previously were standing on.

Harry and Hermione looked up and above the cut heads of their golden selves and finally saw her. She was there, in all her glory, Bellatrix Lestrange was wearing some of Voldemort’s destroyed Horcruxes that she had probably stolen, she looked more insane than ever with Ravenclaw’s tiara on her head, the locket around her neck and the ring Dumbledore had destroyed on her finger.

 The Potters didn’t wait for an invitation as they jumped away from the fallen heads and approached Bellatrix, side by side. The woman pointed her wand at the couple and the two raised a shield that took the blow with a thud. The fight around them resumed but the three people cycled, with the couple ready to block any attack. Bellatrix seemed impatient as they kept that odd dance of death and soon her wand was pointing at the couple once more, Hermione blocked the charm with a wave of her arm and Bellatrix even furious disappeared in black smoke.

The couple held their hands even tighter as they knew her tactic and expected her to show right before or behind them so they held hands and moved in a position of having their backs saved by their own bodies. Hermione raised a shield but the couple was taken by surprise the moment Bellatrix showed up right before Hermione, breaking the shield and casting a spell on her own hand.

Then Bellatrix stabbed her hand on Hermione’s chest and because of the charm she actually made it to have her hand inside Hermione’s flesh. The brunette witch screamed in agony as she fell on her knees, leaving her husband’s hand and Harry in his panic pointed his wand at Bellatrix who shook the index finger of her free hand, showing him that it wouldn’t be a good move to curse her while she was clutching on Hermione’s heart inside her chest.

‘Not a wise move… you knew how to play but I have been in the game way longer than you…’ Bellatrix said as she kept her vice grip on Hermione’s heart who was gasping and crying in pain as the Death Eater’s hand was hidden inside Hermione’s chest. The most important organ for the purebloods was the heart, they loved playing with the hearts of their enemies and right now Harry had good chances seeing Hermione dying in the worst way.

‘Now… give me the Elder Wand…’ Bellatrix said and Hermione moaned louder.

Don’t, she’ll kill me anyway, don’t give it. Hermione sent through the bond as they both shared the physical and mental pain, maybe these was their last moments together.

‘Give me the Wand!’ Bellatrix bellowed this time and Harry took the Deathstick out of his pocket. 

If she kills me she’ll be the Mistress of it anyway, and she will… so don’t give it my love… Hermione tried again before she could cry out in pain. Harry was blind in fear of Hermione dying, this shouldn’t be the way. He finally reached his hand with the wand in it and the only thing needed was for Bella to reach too.

However, before the Death Eater could move her free hand, Hermione wrapped her hand around Harry’s tight fist and the moment Harry and Hermione were holding the Wand again and then things changed.

Bellatrix screamed in agony this time as she finally withdrew her hand from inside Hermione’s chest as if she had been burnt and the couple felt the same waves of energy that had washed over their bodies repeating themselves. Harry helped Hermione stand up with his free arm as they held the wand together and he marveled for a moment, at Hermione’s unscarred skin where Bella’s hand was dag moments before. Only that old scar of Dolohov’s was there.

After that moment Harry felt the surge of power ready to burst as Bellatrix took some steps back, however, this time Hermione waved her free hand and the death eater was frozen in her place. The battle was still being in progress but the moment the surge of power reached its peak the huge shield that had been risen in Hogwarts the night of the Hallows’ return in Harry’s hands, was now back.

It started as a light but then formed itself in that half-sphere shaped charm that took under its power everything and everyone as it spread to all directions evenly. Allies and friends were unharmed, the enemies however were suffering as the dull noise of the shield went louder and louder.

The couple was still standing, holding the wand with all their power as the shield was exhausting them, yet, they could feel their bond and the power of the Hallows reaching new peaks of power as they went on. Soon the entire atrium was under the bright shield of white color and the dull noise was covering everything else.

Bellatrix who was still standing before the couple struggled not to scream in pain but she gave up and shrieked as the power of it felt like burning, even like that, she tried to raise her wand and cast a final Avada to the couple. The bright green light actually hit the Potters and then everything turned white for the two.

There was no surge of power, no communication in the bond, no dull sound, no Bellatrix and no fight, there was only, warm, bright light before their eyes. Harry could feel more out of knowledge and not the bond that now was inactive that Hermione was afraid but he wasn’t so he hugged her close to him. He knew where he was, he had been there before, and now he was back again with his wife.

Soon the light was fading and King’s Cross was revealed.

There, in a chair, Albus Dumbledore was waiting for them with a kind smile on his face and a waving hand for them to approach. Harry had told Hermione about his first time there, when they were in Australia to take back her parents, so many years ago, now the married couple was in that place.

‘My children,’ Albus said and Harry and Hermione stood before him still in a hug. ‘So good to see you, the portrait serves me well but it’s different to see you in flesh…’ Albus said and Hermione spoke.

‘Are we dead?’ Hermione asked and Harry could hear the fear in her voice, she didn’t want to abandon their children, they didn’t know if Bella was gone so they needed to go back and finish things off.

‘No, my dear, but you’re not alive either… you’re somewhere in the middle.’ Dumbledore said and Hermione nodded her head.

‘Why you’re still here, professor?’ Harry asked and Dumbledore smiled.

‘Good question! Always good questions, well I’m here because I had to wait for things to be settled before I could go on…’ Albus said and Harry nodded his head. ‘And I’m not alone…’ the older man went on and both Harry and Hermione looked at their left as they sensed movement and soon they could see Severus Snape approaching the three people. The man that had tried to save Harry so many times stood before the couple and looked at them. The last time they had exchanged some words were in McGonagall’s office, the night they were back for their final year, when Harry and Hermione were still best of friends but nothing more.

‘I had once told you not to waste your mother’s gift, her love and I’m glad you finally listened to me, even for this once.’ Snape said and for the first time not only in his life but also his death, he had no hint of irony or remorse for Harry. The green eyed wizard actually smiled at Severus and nodded his head as he tightened his hold on Hermione.

‘We’re finally done here, waiting for the...train because you’re finally done with your banes, there’s none else to fight, your destiny has been fulfilled.’ Albus said and the couple turned and looked at him.  ‘I was right about Hermione… she’s the only one to keep your feet on the ground.’ Albus added with a playful wink. Harry grinned and nodded his head.

‘You were, sir, so right… it took me just a few weeks after our talk to realize it.’ Harry said and finally Albus Dumbledore stood up and with Severus Snape moved slightly away from the couple of the Potters. Only then they realized that there was no black creature under the seat anymore...

Out of nowhere, a train started approaching and within seconds it stopped before the two elder men, Severus got inside the train without a word but before Dumbledore could do the same he turned and looked at the couple with mischief in his eyes.

‘Take care of each other… and have fun, because life is a short witch…’ the older man said and winked at the couple again above his glasses before he could disappear inside the wagon.

After that, Harry and Hermione felt the bright light getting stronger and stronger once again until they couldn’t see anything as the sound of people talking started to be heard from afar, they were sure they could recognize people they knew as they slowly drifted back to reality, back to life. 


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