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Chapter 4

The forest air was crisp and clean in her lungs. She slid through the forest touching branches as she passed feeling their essence and their virility. Her feet sucked up the life that was in the forest floor and as she walked she felt herself filled with the magic that the forest held. Though the calmness of the forest had wash over her she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched. Watched over to be more specific and how right she was.




Leif soared, astride his broom, over the figure walking through the dense forest. He had trouble keeping her in his sights through the canopy of the forest but he was able to follow close enough. Soon they reached the clearing they had been to the night before and he watched from his lofty perch as she entered into the clearing and stripped down into her white dress. Again she took his breath away. Though she had no real curves to speak of like many of the girls at the school there was an elegance about the way her body moved that made him bite his bottom lip. He was transfixed by her as she stacked the stones, her bending and generally moving about put him on the edge of his broom. Oh Merlin she is a goddess he thought.





Then a centaur disrupted the spell that was being woven in that moment by entering the clearing. Leif noticed that this centaur was quite different from the one before. He was slighter then the other but looked just as dangerous. He helped Avalon on his back surprisingly gentle and they rode off through the night. It took a moment for Leif to recover and remember he was supposed to follow. He dove quickly and leveled with the forest floor sending leafs fluttering as he, like a rocket, blasted off through the foliage dodging branches and birds that seemed hell bent on knocking him off his course. He traveled for agonizing minutes just trying to stay on his broom. He was an amazing flyer, not to brag,  on the pitch but here in the forest it was a different story. He didn’t have open space to count on here within the trees. Suddenly he realized the centaur in front of him had stopped and he had to pull up or he would have, in a few feet, ran right into the centaurs hindquarters. He watched as rider and centaur entered a clearing that was full of noise and life. Leif dismounted and with broom in hand made his way quietly to the clearing edge he saw to his amazement a village of centaurs. A village right here next to the school.




There huts made from timber and mud filled the clearing making it seem like a bustling suburb. He saw as many went about their normal duties drying meat, gathering fire wood, and working on their weapons where as others went to great Avalon and her guide. Young centaurs crowded around trying to get as close as possible jabbering at her, smiles plastered on their faces. She smiled and talked back to all of them with ease laughing at jokes he couldn’t understand and giving the young ones loving caresses. This made him scowl. She could talk to these forest creatures but not to him. They were not even her own species. He got over his disgruntlement quickly as Avalon excused herself and went down a well marked path on the other side of the clearing. When she left all turned and watched her go and an eerie silence fell over the group.




He quickly remounted his broom and flew over the clearing and landed on the other side right on the path. He followed quietly hoping that she had not ducked off the path because she was too far ahead to be seen. He had walked for a mile and was about to give up when he heard the crackling of a fire. He leapt off the path and continued in the protection of the woods. Ducking over branches and stepping over jutting roots he came to one final clearing and in it contained a small babbling water fall that fell into a clear quiet pond. Beside the pond was a small burning fire. It was made with green wood so it gave off a thick smoke that was sweet in smell. He looked about for Avalon but couldn’t find her when suddenly a head burst out of the pond. It flung its hair back in a dramatic fashion then ran its fingers through it pushing it back away from her face. Her face! Avalon’s face. She slowly swam to the edge of the pond and walked out of the pond her white dress translucent and sticking to her body.




Leif about swallowed his tongue as he saw her in the moonlight. Just when he thought nothing better could happen she walked over to the fire. She got onto her knees and put on the burning logs small clipping of plants he didn’t know. The smoke turned odd shades of green and yellow as they burned Avalon started a chant in a language he didn’t understand or had even heard before. Things took a turn for the ridiculous when she pulled the hem of her dress over her head and pulled the sticking fabric off her body leaving her naked in the moonlight. Leif literally collapsed to his knees. He was gripping onto a tree so hard that the rough bark was cutting into his hands letting little droplets of blood ooze out of the wounds. She was a bloody goddess!


Avalon stood and continued her chant and used her hands to fan the smoke toward her and it danced over her body as it made its way up to the night sky. Then suddenly, with one harsh word, the fire was extinguished. The glow that filled the clearing was gone and Leif blinked trying to adjust his eyes to the darkness once more. He heard a movement on the path beside him and figured it was Avalon making her way back to the centaur village so he mounted his broom and burst up out of the canopy and into the open night air. He rode as quickly as possible back the castle trying not to fall off due to his …. awkward situation. 



Mikko was of course awake as he burst into the dormitory. The other boys had all climbed into bed and had fallen asleep hour ago. Leif stumbled in and stiffly walked to his bed.



“Oi what is your problem” Mikko asked with raised eye brows.


“I have just seen something that I could never have imagined.” Leif said rather dramatically gasping in his breath.



“No way! Is she boinking that centaur like bestiality.” Mikko asked his eyes big.


Leif stopped his dramatic antics and looked at Mikko in disgust.” Eww, No!” he exclaimed.



Mikko opened his mouth as if to speak but then only shrugged and listened to Leif who had  returned to his dramatic state and started filling him in. “I saw her naked.” He finally blurted out. 



“Naked?” Mikko asked.



“Naked” He confirmed.


“How naked?"


“All the way naked?"



“How was it?”



“Nice to say the least, she has a rocking bod to be sure.” Leif sighed lying back on his bed as if too exhausted to sit up any longer now that the information had been revealed.



“So shag worthy?”



“Shag worth, shag worth! That doesn’t even start to cover it!” he said now bolting upright.

“Well at least you have that because other than that she seems like a bloody loon to me,”Mikko paused for a moment.”



Wait I’m confused, explain how did you see her naked.”



“She stripped down and was doing some sort of weird old spell with some fire and smoke and it was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot. Viola gave me a strip tease once and that about blew my socks off but this was like triple as amazing as that.”



 “You really are a lucky bastard you know that.” Mikko sounded rather gruntled. “Wait Viola Henry that girl from Hufflepuff?”


 “When did that happen?” Mikko said exasperated.

“Like 5th year why?” Leif said unconcerned

.“She was dating Dario all 5th year.” He said his eyes narrowing. 

“Oh yeah that’s right.”

Leif smiled wistfully at the revelation.

“You are such a twat.”

Leif barked out a laugh then quieted at the moans of the boys around him. “No I’m not a twat but I sure get a lot of it.”

Mikko gave a sarcastic laugh and launched a pillow right at Leif’s smirking face which he caught easily and put under his head as he lay back on his bed to think of a plan. This gathered information could be put to good use if only he could formulate the perfect way to put it into affect. But it was rather hard to formulate anything at the moment when all he could see when he closed his eyes was that bloody smoke. He need a shower he decided a cold one.

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