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Chapter Six

26th September 2009


“Draco you need to go home you’ve been here for hours now, Hermione’s not going anywhere,” Blaise explained to his best friend. Draco had been sat beside Hermione’s bed since she left surgery sixteen hours ago and she had still not stirred. Blaise and Becci had looked after Scarlett for him whilst he was there.


“I can’t Blaise, what if she wakes up and I’m not here? She’ll be all on her own, I don’t want her to be on her own right now,” he replied tearing his eyes way from his wife’s face to look at his best friend.

 “Scarlett wants to know where daddy is Draco, she needs you right now and I think you need her to get through this. Both of you will,” Blaise said looking from him to Hermione’s unconscious form. “I’ll stay with her Ray, so she’s not alone. Go and shower and spend some time with Scarlett it may just be the distraction you need to not think about what’s just happened to you both.” Draco nodded knowing that arguing would be in futile and left Blaise sitting at Hermione's bed.   


“Come on ‘Mi, I know this is going to be hard for you but you have Scarlett and Draco. And by the looks of this Draco’s taking this a lot harder than he’s letting on,” Blaise began talking to her. “He was so scared Hermione, he really thought he was going to lose you. I’ve never seen him so quiet and shaken up before. Please you’ve got to wake up he needs you ‘Mi.”


“Where is he?” he heard her ask. He jumped slightly at her voice, not expecting a reply, and looked down at her slowly opening her eyes. “Where am I Blaise? Where’s Draco?” she asked more alert now. “You’re at Mungos ‘Mi, you passed out at work and were bleeding heavily.”

He saw Hermione’s hands move to her stomach, at about fifteen weeks there had been an obvious bump there from the baby, now it was just lying flat. A cry caught in her throat and she looked at Blaise, tears beginning to run down her face. “Is he gone Blaise? Have the taken my Taylor away?” she asked still looking at her now flat stomach.


“He was too small and underdeveloped Hermione, there was just no chance of him surviving,” he explained calmly. “They took you into surgery and you’ve been unconscious since around lunch time yesterday.”

“How-how’s D-Draco tak-taking it?” she asked, tears flowing more freely now and her body beginning to shake.


“He’s trying to stay strong ‘Mi and you know he will for you to, but I think it’s hit him harder than you would think,” Blaise said looking at her closely, before moving closer and hugging her. “I would never wish this on my worst enemy Hermione, but to have it happen to you and Draco it’s just horrifying. You’re such good parents to Scarlett and this child would have been no different.”


“Thanks Blaise, I just want to go home and try and get everything back to normal as soon as possible. Maybe that will stop us from focusing too much on the loss we’ve had.



3rd April 2018 


“Come on Draco, wake up,” Hermione said shaking her husband slightly. “We’re going to get Scarlett from the train station today. It’s six o’clock the train arrives at seven.”

“How did we end up asleep anyway?” Draco asked groggily, “Weren’t we watching a film with Cadence?”


“Yes, we fell asleep and she’s in the playroom. Come on we need to get everything sorted and get to the station,” Hermione said jumping up and organising the mess Cadence had left around the sofa.

“Mi’ come on come back here, we’ve got ages before we need to leave come cuddle again,” Draco said pulling her towards him.


“Draco, stop it,” she squealed laughing, “We need to get sorted. The place is messy and Scarlett is coming home in an hour!”




“Come on Harry, look the trains pulling up now and we’re not parked up yet!” Ginny yelled as Harry drove round in circles. 


“Gin we’ve got ten minutes yet that clock is fast,” Harry explained smiling at his wife and pulling into a space. “Calm down babe, we have plenty of time,” he turned the engine off and kissed her on the lips.

They rushed through the station and onto the platform. They looked up; Harry looking at the clock and Ginny smiling at Hermione as she walked towards her.


"See Gin, we’ve even got five minutes to spare,” Harry said smiling and turning around. “Oh, hi Mrs Malfoy.”

 “Hi Gin,” Hermione said. “Nice to see you again Mr Potter, but please call me Hermione.”


“Okay Hermione, then you have to call me Harry,” He replied.

“Dad!” they heard a voice yell and turned towards the voice and saw James Potter running towards them. He ran straight into his mum’s arms before shaking his dad’s hand.


Hermione turned to see Scarlett in her Draco’s arms whilst Cadence pulled on his leg in jealousy, she laughed before turning back to the Potter’s. “Gin, could you be at my house for nine in the morning I’m working from home.”

“Sure, see you tomorrow,” Ginny replied waving as Hermione walked back to her family. Cadence had given up on getting her dad’s attention and ran straight to her mum.



4th April 2018 

“Morning Ginny,” Draco said opening the door for her. “Hermione's office is straight down the hall, for some reason she’s been up for hours.”

 “Thanks Draco,” Ginny said smiling as she passed. Considering how she was distant to begin with they had become friends pretty quickly. Ginny walked down the hall, looking at all the family pictures on the wall as she walked. She got to the end of the hall and pushed open the door, “Hi Hermione.”


“Morning Ginny,” Hermione said glancing up from the computer quickly before looking down again.

Ginny looked around the office and one of the pictures caught her eye, she walked over and picked it up to look at it closer. “Where did you get this?” she demanded Hermione standing in front of her showing the picture to her.


“I’ve had that for ages; it was taken at Hogwarts after the battle.” Hermione replied looking at it and smiling, “Before everything changed.”


“What do you mean?” Ginny asked, Hermione could see that her temper was beginning to flare up and from past experience that was never a good thing.

“Before my fiancé cheated on me, I lost my friends and had to leave my job,” Hermione replied this time not looking up from her computer screen.


“You were engaged before you married Draco?” Ginny asked, anger disappearing from her face and shock replacing it.

“Yes, I had a whole different life before I started working at Malfoy Corp,” Hermione replied. “It was very different actually; Draco was an arse to me in school.”

“Hermione?” Ginny asked looking between the Hermione in the photo and the Hermione in front of her, “Is that really you?”


“It took you bloody long enough Gin,” Hermione replied standing up and staring at her best friend.

 “Oh ‘Mione I missed you so much,” Ginny said pulling her into a hug. When suddenly she pulled back, “Where the hell did you disappear to? What the fuck where you thinking cheating on Ron and then leaving us?”



Hermione was smiling at having her friend back until that comment hit her square in the gut. “What do you mean cheating on Ron?”


“He comes home to find you in bed with some random guy and then the next day you give Harry your notice and leave,” Ginny replied. “How the hell could you do such a thing?”


“I didn’t cheat on Ron Ginny; it was the other way round actually. That’s why I left Gin I couldn’t deal with him taking me for a fool, I caught him with Astoria Greengrass.” Hermione said her voice rising, “Do you mean to tell me that he’s been bad mouthing me all round the family?”


Neither of the women heard nor saw that Draco come home with Scarlett and Cadence from the park, until he put his head round the door and yelled, “What’s going on in here girls?”


“That jackass has told them that I cheated on him!” Hermione yelled at him.


“Whoa slow down ‘Mi,” Draco said taking her into his arms. “Does it really matter what he said? I did say hiring Ginny would drag up the past and I don’t think I can deal with picking up the pieces from the mess he made again.”


“What do you mean picking up the pieces Malfoy?” Ginny spat.


“After the mess your brother made, it took months to get Hermione back to how she was. Me and Blaise –“ Draco began.


“Blaise and I,” Hermione interrupted causing him to smile at her.


“Okay Blaise and I,” he corrected, “tried everything to get her back to the Hermione we knew at school.”


“I don’t believe you,” Ginny said, “Why would Ron lie about something like that and for so long.”


“You wonder why he never got married Ginny? It was the guilt; he’s never gotten over the look on Hermione's face when she caught him with that -” Draco explained before Hermione added.


“Wrench Draco, wrench is the word you’re looking for,” Hermione added before turning to Ginny. “I’m sorry you found out this way Gin, but I just had to go I couldn’t cope with seeing that smug bastard every day.”


“Why didn’t you write? Why didn’t you say anything?” Ginny asked the anger on her face being replaced by hurt and confusion.


“I didn’t want to make you chose between me and your family, you and Harry have a good life and knowing about Ron’s lies could of changed things,” Hermione explained. Ginny smiled at her old friend before hugging her. “Does this mean I’m forgiven?”


“Of course ‘Mione, your my best friend,” Ginny replied.

13rd October 2009 

“Mummy, mummy,” Hermione looked down to see Scarlett pulling on her jeans. “Can we read this book please?”

 “Sure baby,” Hermione replied wiping her eyes and turning to her daughter. “Let’s go and sit on the sofa.” Hermione and Scarlett both sat on the sofa cuddled up and began to read and that was how Draco found them hours later. To him however the faint shine on her face gave away that she was crying whilst Scarlett read to her.



“You okay ‘Mi?”Draco asked, walking into the living room and joining them both on the sofa.


“I’m fine thank you Draco, Scarlett and I have been reading; right hunnie?” Hermione asked her daughter who nodded. “I haven’t made a start on dinner yet I’m sorry Draco, is there anything you want in particular?”


“It’s okay ‘Mi, I’ll do dinner how about you lay Scarlett down in her room so she can sleep in her bed,” Draco replied walking into the kitchen.


 Hermione picked up Scarlett and lay her down on her bed before walking back downstairs and into her husband’s waiting arms in the kitchen. “It’s okay ‘Mi,” Draco said stroking her hair. “We’re going to be fine Hermione, I promise, we’ll get through this.”

7th April 2018

“Come on Gin, we’ve got Wealsey lunch at George and Angelina’s today,” Harry yelled up to his wife.

 “Okay Harry, I’m just trying to sort out Lily,” Ginny replied walking down the stairs with her daughter in tow.



They all waited by the fireplace flooing two at a time to George’s place. “Hey everybody!” George exclaimed as they came through the fireplace.


“Uncle George!” Lily yelled running at his, whilst the boys took a more relaxed approach and waved.


“Hey, hey everybody,” Ron said walking in. He shook hands with Harry and the boys before going to hug Ginny who recoiled. “What’s up sis?” he asked looking hurt and confused.


“Just not in the mood Ron,” Ginny snapped and walked off to see the wives of the family who were gathered in the kitchen.


“She’s been acting strange most of the week and been spending lots of time with Malfoy’s wife,” Harry explained to his best mate. “Did you know her name is Hermione, Gin found it really strange.”



“Hermione? Nah our Hermione would never marry that ferret,” Ron said shaking his head.




“Scarlett, Cadence!” Hermione yelled up the stairs, “It’s dinner time girls!”



“Coming mum,” Scarlett answered before running down the stairs pulling Cadence behind her who was giggling. They all sat round the table as Hermione dished up dinner; however Scarlett and Draco were preoccupied by the giggling child sat between them.


“What is so funny young lady?” Hermione asked Cadence as she sat down at the table with everyone.


“Scarlett just through and owl out of the window as she didn’t like the letter it delivered!” Cadence replied between giggles, “She threw the letter in the bin but I rescued it!”


“Cady no, please don’t,” Scarlett said to the toddler holding out her hand, “Please can I have it back?”


“No,” Cadence replied and began to eat her dinner.


“So who was this letter from Scar?” Hermione asked her daughter.


“It’s not important mum, I’ll talk to you later,” Scarlett replied.


A/N: Hey everybody, I’m sorry about the wait. I had trouble writing this chapter and I’m still not happy with it, but I couldn’t leave it any longer. Sorry about the spacing I had problems when submitting it.

Hope you like it, please leave a review in that poor little empty box below!
Love Lily xxx

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