Everything in here is thanks to the amazing JK.Rowling who created the magic in the first place. Though the things you dont recognize I owe completely to my muse and the weird brain I have. This is my first fanfic so I hope you like it!

She was familiar with the old stories; she had always known that this was possible... But now. When it actually happened, the thing she had so been longing for? She couldn’t do it. She would not. It was… wrong. Really wrong.

Looking back at all the others she realized that she would have to. She couldn’t back out now or they’d consider her a coward and she didn’t want that. They had let her in so now she had to stay. They’d probably do worse things than this to her if she walked away now. So she took a deep breath, steadied the grip around her wand. Now or never she heard Him tell her. His presence was the only thing that really forced her to do it. If he could just have died when he was supposed to!


She was sitting on the express looking out of the window, seeing how the landscape changed as they got closer and closer to Hogwarts. It was raining. May watched how the raindrops left traces behind themselves as they travelled from the right side of the window, but she didn’t focus on that for long. Instead, a memory of the big castle made itself present in her mind.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had been Mays home for the last four years. It had been her home but she hadn’t felt at home there. She thought it might have to do with that there were too many people that didn’t really care about the real magic, that didn’t have the passion for it. That took it for granted.

She definitely hoped that this year would turn out better than the last, though that was not because she expected people to have changed. No, the reason was that May had changed during the past months. It was not just that she looked completely different. The previously so blond hair was now a shade of chestnut-brown, and the hair together with her green eyes gave her a kind of mystical look that she quite liked.
But May had also changed on the inside, she had learnt about spells and magic that she hadn’t even imagined existed.

She had known that there was an opposite of what she had been taught, but she had not understood the wonderful the power that it contained was. She had spent all of her summer making up excuses to go over to the old abandoned house on Marks’ hill.

She had broken into the building to simply see what it looked like inside, and to get away for a while. Now that she thought about it, she had had a feeling about it as well, like the house was calling her… but maybe that was just an illusion designed by her subconscious to make her feel singled out.

Most of the rooms had been empty but here and there she found things that hinted about the people, Muggles it would seem, that had been living there. It wasn’t until she got up to the attic that she found something that actually seemed to be connected to her world. A trapdoor in the floor, so well hidden that she wouldn’t even have guessed its presence if it hadn’t been just a few inches out of place. She had almost missed it. But luckily enough she had fallen over just a few inches from the place and she had found it.

When she carefully opened it she had found total darkness. She was happy that she had brought a lightener. She had tried to aim it so that the light shone down into the hole. It hadn’t worked well, all she could see was the stepladder leading down from where she had been kneeling.

If she was to say the certain point when had everything changed, that would be it. When she had made the decision to climb down instead of leaving it the way it was. She was happy that she had. The stepladder had lead her into the library, but she had not understood the wonderful the power that it contained, although it was obvious at first glance that it had belonged to a wizard. But this wizard had had a very different view on magic compared to what she had been told and taught by her father at home and her teachers at Hogwarts.

This magic was… some would call dark, she described it as deep.

It was amazing that she after so many years of studying never had come across any of this, never to have read it in detail... That she never had learnt it…

It was not weird that she had spent her life wondering who she was and where she fitted in when her fellow wizards had made sure to make a secret out of it. But she had found it now. They hadn’t been able to keep it from her. Or to keep her from whom she really was and ought to be.

She had found herself in the Dark Arts.


“Hey! Watch where you’re going! Oh, hi… I didn’t see that it was you. Where are you sitting?” She asked the tall slender guy that had just bumped into her side, maybe to get her attention, at least that was what she hoped for.

“Oh, it’s you! Sorry,” he said without looking sorry at all. “We’re in the next compartment, feel like joining?”

“Sure, you wouldn’t mind helping me with Myra’s cage, would you?” He grabbed it and she could get a better grip of her trunk.

They went into the compartment where some other 5th years were sitting, none of them looked too happy about having to wake up early to get to the platform. But there was still a certain sensation in the air. They all knew that they would be preparing themselves, and they knew that doing that they would have a lot of fun.

“Hey Allie! Can you believe that they let Tom become our prefect?” Ella said directly when they entered the compartment. She sounded as if this was the top news, but of course Alyssa had already known, how could there be anyone else?

“Of course they made our Master prefect,” Alyssa replied with a smile in Toms direction “There is no one else better suited to being a leader than he is.” Alyssa continued, but he was reading a book and didn’t seem to take any notice to the others conversation.

“Haha yes you’re right Allie, just wanted to inform you that with Him being a headboy you will have to take care to get back before the curfew” Ella replied with a wink.
They all laughed at this. They all knew that none of them would keep the curfew, especially not the prefect himself.

Last year had been all about meeting in secret places afterhours, because what they were doing, what they were planning, would not been seen as appropriate to do while others were watching.

She became excited just to think about how they would be able to change the whole world, both the wizarding and the Muggle world. Finally they would have their place. And none of them would become forgotten after this, they would make history happen.


“…So, after that we went to France, and oh! It was just so amazing I mean they really knew about some amazing magic! You know about…” Miranda was so up in her telling of the summer holidays that she didn’t even notice that Eileen had stopped listening ages ago. Miranda and Eileen had known each other for what felt like forever. Sometimes people even mixed their names up, which was quite silly as they looked completely different to each other. At least that was what they thought. Miranda had big blue eyes and had during the summer dyed her hair dark brown, but it looked more like purple.

“I did it to meet new people, and make them interested; I mean what would you think if you saw someone with purple hair? That’s an interesting person right? So it’s going to be totally awesome,” was the very long and not quite so sensible explanation Eileen had been given when she had asked Miranda about it.

Miranda was that way, she did things without thinking them through properly and then ended up trying to charm her way out of them (in this case it had resulted in her accidentally putting fire to her hair). Eileen wasn’t like that at all. She was naturally pale and quite skinny. Her hair and eyes were black. This made her look a bit like a vampire, or as if she was sickly, closer to sickly because of her big dark eyebrows. She didn’t really like the way she looked but had decided to exaggerate it as much as possible. Which was why her eyelids wore a very dark shade and her mouth was locked in a constant look of dislike. It was only Miranda that could make her laugh, but today she wasn’t in the mood. So she let Miranda talk and went into a quite nice dream-fuzzy state of mind.

“Eieeee!!” Miranda suddenly whined sounding like a child begging for sweets,

“What?” Eileen answered, dreaming away; she hadn’t paid any attention to what had been happening around her.

“Have you even heard what I’ve been telling you??” Miranda asked with a very accusing tone to her voice.

“Eeeeh, France was amazing?” she replied rather unsure if she could be so lucky as to have guessed right

“Eie! I thought you were listening. Now I’ll have to tell you all over again,” Miranda said with a sigh, Eileen knew that Miranda was happy to tell her whatever it was all over again but pretended to feel ashamed, because that was how they did it.

So now Eileen listened as Miranda told her all about the historical things she had been seeing and the way that she had totally embarrassed herself in front of a whole café of classy French wizards.

“So just being typical you then?” Eileen said smiling when Miranda had finished her story.

“Yes just being typical me,” Miranda answered and they both started laughing at memories of how Miranda had messed up and brought Eileen with her into all sorts of trouble last year.

They both hoped that things would stay the same.

But they wouldn’t.

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