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Disclaimer:  We do not own Harry Potter.  All belong to J.K. Rowling and we thank her for creating a world for us to play in.

I. Heat

It was time now, time to change.

He would rise from the ashes; he always did. Heat, indescribable heat. Engulfing, burning heat—surrounding him, fire and heat, fire and heat, fire and heat, burning, burning, burning. It was all consuming, all encompassing, it was all around him, sparking fire and flames and burningburningburning. there was pain, so much pain and the heat, the inescapable heat. He could feel his body, his old, worn body shift under the incredible fire, sifting away like dust in the wind. He lived within an old body but it was nothing compared to his old soul.

He would rise from the ashes; he always did.

II. Inferno

A tear slid down, a single lament escaped.

He would rise from the ashes; he always did. On his burning day, he is reborn. A new life, a new chance, a new world. Rise up, rise up; take charge. A new life, a chance to change. Possibility sparkled like morning dew caught on leaves; hope glimmered with chance of every possible redemption for every life lost, for every sin. Absolution was within his grasp. It was a time of chance, possibility. It was his chance to shine; to embrace the fire, to burn brighter, brighter, brighter until his light washed over the world, his light bathing every opportunity to shine.

He would rise from the ashes; he always did.

III. Blazing

He was fading now, slowly sifting away.

He would rise from the ashes; he always did. Love would bring him back, the pure magic of love. Healing, he knew, was only worth the pain when one was loved and he had seen love achieve incredible goals in his long, drawn out life. Love was the thing of miracles; passion was the fodder for revolution. Love could change the world, had changed the world a hundred times over in his lifetime. Love brought life, love brought passion, love brought inspiration; for thousands, love gave them purpose; love inspired bravery, courage, renewal. He had seen it a thousand times; love could change lives—it had changed his. Everytime he was reborn, it was by the power of love he returned.

He would rise from the ashes; he always did.

IV. Burning

It was complete; he was reborn.

He would rise from the ashes; he always did. He was weak, so weak, only a new born now. They say youth is wasted on the young but he disagreed. The young could change, shift; they could bring new possibility into the world. They could rouse the people like no one else; they could show enough fire of spirit to burn a thousand lifetimes. Spirit was the fodder for change, for evolution—it could bring the rulers to their knees; it could raise the people high above their expectations. With his new life he would inspire, he would transform his world; he would shape to his desire. A wise soul given a new lease on life, he would change the world.

He is rising from the ashes; he always did.

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