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Absolutely none of these amazing characters, nor this fantastic magical world belong to me. I would love them to, but they're all from the brilliant mind of JK Rowling and so they belong to her instead.

Summary- Teddy it’s not quite like that....

“Uncle Harry!” I watched as Teddy launched himself at my new husband, the sight made me laugh as Harry quickly reacted and scooped him up into his arms. It looked like his Seeker skills still came in handy.

“Hello Scamp, how have you been?” Harry asked him, Teddy beamed.

“I’ve had a great time with Grandma Molly and Auntie Hermione, Uncle Draco, Uncle Ron... and that woman I don’t like came over. Also I saw Victorie!” He rattled off.

Uncle Draco hey?” Harry asked sounding surprised I went into the kitchen and gave my mum a hug.

“Oh Ginny, hello how was it?!” She asked in such a childish enthusiastic way I was almost thrown off balance by it.

“It was wonderful, it really was. Harry was the perfect gentleman and we had such a good time.”

“Well I won’t press you for details when there’s a nosy little boy in the house-”

“MUM!” I cried out loud in outrage, I was not going to share that information with her. Perhaps Hermione just to annoy her and the fact it’d make her squirm, but not my mother.

“Uncle Harry, why is Ginny so fat?” Teddy asked curiously practically dragging Harry with him.

“I’m not fat.” I mock cried in outrage teasing him.

“Yes you are!”

“Am not!”

“Are too!” He finished and stuck his tongue out I had to hand it to him he was definitely Tonks’ son... just with a lot better balance- which probably came from Remus’ side of the family.

“Teddy, Ginny’s pregnant.” Harry supplied kissing Mum on the cheek.

“Hello Harry dear.” She greeted him with a bone crushing hug.

“Mum please, Harry can’t breathe.” I begged, noticing Harry’s eyes bugging out of their sockets from such a grip.

“Pregnant... what does that mean?” Teddy asked the three adults around the table.

“I’m going to have a baby Teddy.”

“Baby?” He asked dumbfounded and sat down heavily on the floor, his face deep in thought. “What about me?”

“Whatever do you mean Teddy?”

“You’re not going to want me! A baby needs a lot of looking after... you don’t want me!” He ran off wailing leaving Harry, Mum and I staring after him in shock for a few seconds before Harry went off after him.

“Teddy, it’s not like that.” I heard Harry saying to him and then the muffled sound of Teddy shouting through a door. We sat waiting in the kitchen until Harry came back five minutes later. “He’s locked himself in his room and he’s not going to come out of his room for any of us.”

“Have you tried getting into the room?” Molly asked, I rolled my eyes.

“Yes of course I did Molly but I think he’s using uncontrolled magic I can’t get in without force and that means a risk of hurting him our only chance is trying to calm him down, but I think that’s a slim chance with Ginny and I. Perhaps you’d have better luck Molly.”

“Well, dears I’ll give it a go.” Mum said standing.

“Why do I have a feeling that nice auntie ‘Mione is going to have to come over?” Harry asked me his voice signalling his defeat.

“Because she’s smarter than you are and she adores Teddy only a little less than either of we do.”

“Thanks Gin, so nice to see that you think me intelligent... Molly any success?” He asked as Mum walked back in.

“None, he doesn’t want any of us... do you know who might be able to help?”

“’Mione.” We both answered her.

“Right then I’ll go and get her, only goodness knows if she’ll succeed.” Harry finished. “I have a bad feeling she’s at work.” With that he walked over to the fireplace and disappeared with the emerald flames.

“Well welcome home dear.” Mum said and I couldn’t help but laugh, sometimes you just had to love her bluntness.

~*~{Hermione’s POV}~*~

“Hermione, thank goodness!” Harry cried out from behind me, I just got time to turn around before I was hugged.

“Harry! I thought you were getting back this evening.” I hugged him back, ignoring the glare that Draco was giving Harry.

“We were then we decided to come back a little bit earlier.”

“So why are you here and not with Ginny?” I asked slightly puzzled by his abrupt arrival.

“Ah, yeah, I, we need your help at the Burrow.”

“What happened?!” I asked alarmed wondering whether something terrible had befallen on Ginny or the baby, or to Molly or to Teddy.

“Teddy asked why Ginny was ‘fat’ and we explained that she was pregnant now he’s locked himself in his room and we can’t coax him out at all. He doesn’t want any of us, and-“

“Alright Harry, calm down. Teddy has locked himself in his room, have you tried Alomorah?” I asked him, he gave me a look which I understood to mean- yes of course I have what do you take me for a dumbo?- I rolled my eyes. “So is there anything else I should know about?”

“I think he’s let lose a whole load of magic in his anger and distress and though we’ve tried to calm him down we only seemed to make it worse, hence the reason for coming to you.”

“Right, Draco you coming?” I asked over my shoulder to see Draco ‘push-off’ from the wall where he was leaning and followed us to the fireplace at the entrance to the Auror HQ.

“After you.” Harry indicated throwing down the floo powder.

“The Burrow!” I stepped out and was immediately hugged to death by Ginny.

“Mrs. Potter please don’t crush Hermione before our wedding day!” Draco pleaded with Ginny as she didn’t seem to realise that she was effectively pushing the air from my body.

“Oh sorry, it’s just been so long since I saw you...”

“Yes Ginny I know, and I promise I will allow you to drag me out to dinner if you want to talk to me but right now Draco and I have a small-ish mission to get a certain Teddy out of a bedroom.”

“Go away!” I heard him shout as I climbed the stairs Draco just chuckled.

“Teddy, it’s me auntie ‘Mione and Uncle Draco, can you unlock the door?” I asked him, I heard the hesitant pause.

“No, it’s just Ginny and Harry pretending to be Auntie ‘Mione and Uncle Draco.”

“Teddy, sweetie it is Auntie ‘Mione, Ginny and Harry asked us to come over because they’re worried about you.” I called softly through the door. “Teddy please open the door, we’re worried about you.”


“Draco?” I asked Draco just stepped up and knocked on the door.

“Teddy, come out now.” I loved that voice on him, soft, demanding but was smooth like silk. “You’ve worried a lot of people with this behaviour, some come out or let us in and we can talk.”

“Uncle Draco?” Teddy’s voice was much closer this time and the door knob turned. Teddy stood there peeking through the gap of the door scrutinising us with his young glare.

“Teddy don’t do that again.” I told him sternly but hugging him. “Now tell me, what’s the matter?”

“Auntie Ginny and Uncle Harry are going to have a baby, and they won’t want me anymore! They don’t love me, otherwise they wouldn’t have a baby... the baby’s going to have their love more than me.” His bottom lip was trembling and I could almost feel my heart breaking at the pitiful sight.

“Teddy, it’s not quite like that... er, Draco little help?” I asked him for some inspiration in this department.

“Teddy, Auntie Ginny and Harry haven’t stopped loving you, nor will they. They won’t love you any less than the baby but they may be a little bit more stressed than usual because the baby will take a lot of time to look after.”

“But Teddy they will probably ask you to help them with the baby as well.”

“How can they still love me and the baby at the same time?” He queried, there were times when I thought that one day this child was going to be a philosopher with all these questions of his.

“Oh, how do I explain this?” I wondered aloud as Teddy sat down on my knee. “Alright, I’m going to try and explain this... I love Draco, but I also love a lot of other people as friends. It doesn’t mean I stop loving them because I love Draco more...” I groaned wondering how much harder could this be to explain?

“So... when they say that’ll they’ll love me and the baby they really do mean it?” Teddy asked.

“Of course Teddy.”

“OK.” And with two simple syllables the whole dilemma had somehow been reversed.  I looked to Draco who just smiled and shrugged. Simple.

This is a situation that I have found myself in the past. One of my little cousins was terrified that because my auntie and uncle were having another baby that he wasn’t going to be loved anymore. He wouldn’t speak to anyone apart from us- being myself and my two older cousins who’d just walked in from going to see a film- so there we were trying to coax him out from his room to try and explain. Let me tell you it isn’t easy! Though he didn’t trust his parents after my other little cousin was born, and now they’re practically inseparable. The world is a very funny place.

Please excuse the ramblings.

Until next time,



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