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a/n: hello my dears! sorry i've been so bloody awful at updating! i'm working on a new story, this trimest has been utter hell, and i've kind of sort of decided to re-write this whole story! please don't give up quite yet! i could never leave poor Rae's story untold c:

You know, being a Seer really isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. So yes, I know who is going to ask you to the Yule Ball. And, I’m sorry, but your cat, Willy, is going to die in a tragic accident next month, due to an unfortunate mishap that involves Peeves, a toy mouse, and a flight of stairs.

And yes, I’ve got a tissue in my bag for you.

It gets quite irritating, all the kinds of absolute rubbish, shallow things most people ask you. But, every once in a while, someone will ask a more serious question. To which I have to reply:

“No, I don’t know who you’ll marry, I don’t know when you’ll die, and I defiantly don’t know the answers to the end-of-term exams.”

The thing is, my visions usually only show me what’s to occur in the next six months or so. Occasionally I get glimpses of the very far-off future, but since the future is affected by fate as well as your own actions, the visions aren’t very clear and if they are, well, I can’t release that information anyway.

Dear old Dumbly will have my head if I do. It’s not like he’s trying to be a bad bloke, really. He’s just doing his job, protecting wizarding kind and all that. Besides, it’s not like I hadn’t already found out the hard way what happens when you tell people about visions, no matter how unlikely they may seem.

“Carolina!” I didn’t even bother looking up from the book I currently had my nose stuck in. I knew who it was, I knew what he wanted, and I really just didn’t want to deal with him right now.

“I told you already, James. The answer is still no, you annoying prat.”

Okay, so yeah, I was being a little harsh here. But really, let’s see you try and stay calm when James Potter is constantly poking you in the neck with his wand, begging and pleading with you to tell him how/when Lily Evans is going to finally realize she’s in love with him.

“But Cara!” He protested, stamping his foot and giving me his best puppy dog face. Widened eyes, pouting lip, the whole shebang. I rolled my eyes at his utter patheticness {I mean really, did he have to be laying on the floor?}, pointing a finger to my head.

“I predicted this little temper tantrum a week ago,” I warned him, my voice once part annoyed, one part amused. “Let me tell you, it does not end well for you.” Remus snickered from where he was sitting across the compartment, and I gave him an appreciative grin. At least someone else besides myself found James tireless complaining just as exasperating as I did.

James rolled his eyes, crossing his arms and getting back into his seat with a huff. He sometimes knew when he was beaten, and clearly today was one of those days. Thank Merlin.

“Cheer up, mate,” Remus said happily, looking at his watch and standing, clearly leaving to go to his Prefect meeting or something of the sort, “At least we’ll be at Hogwarts soon. Then you can piss off and go annoy Lily instead!”

In response to this, James grunted something unintelligible.

“Thanks Remus,” I smiled at him, and he returned it with a wink before stepping out of the compartment, smoothly maneuvering around a couple who were clearly having a row, right there in the middle of the train. Jee, how classy.

Couples at Hogwarts tended to lack tact, shamelessly having loud, obnoxious rows in the corridors or their respective common rooms. It really got ugly when they were from different Houses. Whole crowds from each House would gather as the two bickered, often taking place in the Great Hall or on the pitch. Sometimes I watched, sometimes I didn’t. Don’t look at me like that! It’s cheap entertainment, and what else is there to do in between classes?

“He likes you, you know,” James said suddenly, unknowingly grabbing my attention. My head snapped up from the paragraph I was reading, and I felt my jaw hang open. What did he just say?

“Ex-excuse me?” I stuttered, trying to control my shaking hands and quivering lips. He- he didn’t mean Remus, did he?

Thankfully, James was too busy staring out of the compartment to notice my minor freak out. He was watching droplets of rain land on the window, before beading up and slipping away, never to be seen or appreciated ever again. Though I’m sure it was just as fascinating as watching paint dry or seeing grass grow, he still hadn’t answered my question.

Annoyed, I opened my big mouth to ask James just what in the hell he was talking about, but before I could manage to even get out a syllable, the door slammed open, and in walked none other than my favorite person in the whole wide world. Sirius Black. {Please note the sarcasm. It was indeed intended.}

You know, it really wasn’t even his fault that I hated him. That didn’t change anything, of course. He was still a man whore and a smart ass, but that wasn’t what really bothered me about Black. What bothered me most was that I couldn’t see his future, or anyone else’s that included him for that matter. Which really pissed me off.

It was common among ancient pure-blooded families to have their blood line ‘protected’, which basically means that Seers, like yours truly, are unable to See their futures. No one knows particularly when this trend of ‘protection’ started, but it’s believed that it started back when wizards first began to interbreed with Muggles. Seers began to predict marriages among pure-blooded children and their Muggle counterparts, something that no Dark, powerful wizard family wanted to hear.

So, they started to discredit them. It was brilliant, actually, in a twisted sort of way. Come up with a powerful, forever-binding spell that prohibits a Seer from Seeing you or your offspring’s future, challenge a Seer in their local village square, and watch with malice as they failed to See anything at all.

Slowly but surely we became outcasts, the gypsy people of those generations. Now, however, blood is so intermingled that no one cares if their kid marries a Muggle. Seers were welcomed back into society about a hundred and fifty years ago, and the only families who still use the ‘Seer’s Curse’, as we call it, are those who are most ancient and still believe the only real wizards are pure-blooded. Like the Black family, for instance.

See, before Sirius came along, I knew in three seconds flat what James was up to, what he was planning, and how he was going to pull it off. In short, that meant I could avoid whatever staircase he’d placed trip-steps on, and if he was planning for it to down pour in the Great Hall that morning, I could easily place a drying charm on myself so I could eat my breakfast in peace.

But no. Sirius just had to go and be all different and land his sorry arse in Gryffindor. I knew he loved to do anything that spited his family, and apparently him being placed in a house other than Slytherin {Gryffindor, their rival no less} was the icing on the cake. Well whoop-de-fucking do for him. Because he had to go be all brave and high and mighty, I’d tripped up countless steps and had been drenched to the bone more than a few times.

“All right there Sirius?” I smirked, acknowledging the pissed-off look on his face. He shot me a rather fine hand gesture, crossing his arms in a very James-like way and turning towards the window. “Subtle,” I muttered, going back to the book I was ‘reading’.

I had planned to finished the book before we reached Hogwarts, but after James’ little temper tantrum, I’d only managed to read about five pages. I had fifty left, and the Express was expected to arrive in half and hour. Sod it. No sense to keep on reading when it was a lost cause. {At least that’s what I would tell my mother.}

Contemplating on whether or not my owl, Nutty {he really liked nuts, as well as being a crazy little bugger}, would make the trip all the way back home to Ireland, I was interrupted by a sweet, caring, and all-around delightful prat-faced wanker.

“Just shut the fuck up, Cara,” Sirius snapped suddenly, causing me to jump and bang my head {rather attractively, I’m sure} on the luggage rack above us. Cursing, I glared at him, wondering what the hell that was all about.

“What the hell-” I started, too furious to notice that Peter had entered the compartment and was now looking furiously between me and Sirius. Pete looked as if he wished he rather hadn’t chosen to walk in just now, and James was wearing a similar expression. Me and Sirius’ little ‘episodes’, as James liked to call them, were never something you really wanted to be there for. More just hear about after words and have a good laugh about it while you sipped on some strictly-forbidden butter beer in the comfort of your own dorm.

“No,” he cut me off, shaking his head at me, flailing his arms around in a ridiculous manner, looking like a right awful prat. He was rambling on about how much better I thought I was than everyone else, and I found myself growing more and more impatient with every word he said.

As I clenched my fists, trying to stay calm, James and Pete sent Sirius glares, trying to warn him to back the fuck off before I exploded. Trust me, it isn’t very pretty.

“You stand there,” he was saying, pointing at where I was standing, {very good, Sirius, way to be Captain Obvious} “With you’re little nose raised in the air, thinking you’re so much better just because you can See.” He spat that last word at me, making me wince a bit. The way he said it, like it was a disease, or something. The way his ancestors have been saying it for the past five hundred years or so. It had always been a sore spot between Sirius and I, the fact that our parents and their parents and their parents have been taught to loath each other, to never trust one another. 

Deep down, I knew that it wasn’t me he was angry at. I realized that the couple having the argument in the hallway earlier had been him and his girlfriend, Chelsea Abbott, but still. It hurt the way he was standing there, his chest heaving, staring at me as if I were the filth of the earth. What a bloody bastard.

James and Pete were very much looking like they were going to shit their pants, which I probably would have found comical if I wasn’t so angry. Sirius knew, he bloody knew how much I hated being a Seer. But here he was, throwing it back in my face, just because him and his ickle girlfriend had an itty bitty row. Big fucking deal.

I stood there, taking deep breaths, trying to calm down before I did anything too rash. Like, for instance, tell James him and Lily were going to get married someday. Big mistake back in Third Year, let me tell you.

Calmly, I smoothed down my plain black v-neck, grabbed my cardigan, and headed for the door. I didn’t bloody need this right now. Sirius, obviously realizing his mistake, tried to reach out for my arm but missed, causing him to stumble and smash his head on the carriage’s luggage rack.

“Cara,” he said softly, and I turned around, glaring at him with as much frustration as I could possibly muster for being so exhausted. I’d been having visions all morning, and they tended to drain the life out of me. He looked away first, staring down at his shoes with a guilty expression. “I’m sorry I-” I shook my head, turning back around.

“Save it, Sirius,” I muttered, tucking my arms into my sweater and sliding open the compartment door, making my way towards the bathrooms. Jesus, did arguing make me have to pee.

Shoving my way past various first years, who looked up at me with cowardly ‘I-really-need-to-pee-before-I-piss-my-pants’ expressions, I finally made it to the loo, only to discover the line was more than a mile long. Cursing {I sort of have the mouth of the sailor}, I decided I’d rather just wait in line than go back and be within a hundred foot range of Sirius. Prick.

“What?” The girl in front of me asked, and I blushed, not realizing I had said it out loud. Just as I was about to stamp out an apology, she turned around, and I sighed with relief. It was just Lily.

“Sorry Lils,” I muttered, “I was just thinking about Sirius.” She nodded, giving me a knowing look. It wasn’t exactly uncommon knowledge the two of us didn’t get along, mainly due to the fact neither of us had ever managed to master the skill of ‘indoor’ voices.

“I heard about his fight with Chelsea,” she replied, and this time I was the one giving out the look of sympathy. Unfortunately for Lily, Chelsea had decided back in our Second Year that Lily was her best friend, meaning Lily was subject to countless hours of ‘Sirius’ talk. Pun {sadly} intended.

“Sucks,” I offered, knowing full-well I was being unhelpful. But really, when it comes to Chelsea, there’s not much you can do. Lily sighed, nodding her head, and pulled her long red hair {which I had been subjected to be told about, sometimes even in poem or song, countless of times, courtesy of James} into a pony tail.

“So, how was your summer?” She questioned me, generally interested. Even though we weren’t the best of friends {I was too close to the Marauders for her liking}, we still got along fairly well, which was good since we had shared a dorm for the past five years and all.

“It was alright,” I replied, wondering if the line could possibly be moving any slower. With my luck, probably. “It’s weird, though.”

“Being in Sixth Year?” She questioned, and I nodded. “Yeah,” she sighed, “I agree. Though it is funny to watch the first years squirm whenever you walk by…” We burst into laughter as, right at that moment, two first years did just happen to inch past us, looking at us as if we were more fit to be headed to the loony bin instead of a school where you learn to make sparks shoot out of a twig. Same thing, though, if you really thought about it.

Eventually, after Lily finished telling me all about her summer fling with none other than Eric Wood, {James was going to be furious} we had reached the bathrooms. Quickly she shuffled inside, leaving me to do nothing but lean against the wall and try not to look like a total loser.

“There you are!” Someone bloke exclaimed behind me, and I didn’t bother turning around. It was most likely a guy wondering why the hell it was taking his girlfriend so long to go to the loo, when they could clearly be snogging instead.

I rolled my eyes, mentally counting down until squeals of protest would emit from the girl as her Prince Charming tried to ‘whisk her away’ {again, most likely to some random compartment where he could try and get into her pants}.

“Hello? Earth to Cara?” I felt someone tap on my shoulder, and I turned around, ending up face-to-face with none other than Remus Lupin. I tried to ignore the snickers from all the onlookers, telling myself they were just jealous.

Which, of course, they were. Remus was gorgeous, as were all of the Marauders, {well, minus Pete, he was a bit squirrelly for my taste} and no female in the history of Hogwarts {so far} could ever really figure out why me, of all girls, had been accepted into their super exclusive club.

Not that I did, either. I was, in all truthfulness, rather average, once you got past the Seeing thing. Long, straight brown hair, hazel eyes, decent smiles, not too tall, but not short, either, and I had just a little curve to me. Not great, not stunning, but not hideous or repulsive. Just average.

“Sorry Remus,” I grumbled, jumping from one foot to the other, doing a little potty dance. Merlin, I really had to pee. His eyes flickered in amusement as he grabbed my hand, pulling me past all the seething {and possibly PMSing?} girls.

“Remus!” I complained, trying to stop and make him tell me what was going on. {Have I mentioned I really, really have to pee?} But he just shook his head and kept pulling me along, not stopping until we reached a door halfway up the train clearly labeled ‘Prefect’s Bathroom. Use and die.’

He smirked as he wordlessly handed me my robes, and it suddenly dawned on me why the line had been so bloody long. Everyone was trying to change, and there I was, the idiot I am, just having to use the loo. Wordlessly I reached out to grab the robes, trying to ignore the embarrassment rising in my cheeks. No wonder Lily had been taking so long. She’d been changing.

As I tried to wrangle my robes out of his grasp, he pulled me close, shaking his head wearily at me.

“I don’t even get a thank you?” He pouted, and I laughed at the hopelessly lost expression his face. “I like when you laugh,” he told me matter-of-factly, and I just sighed, opening my mouth to tell him off for being such a prick. They {meaning the Marauders} all knew how much I hated my laugh.

It was exactly the same as my mother’s, and seeing as we weren’t on the best of terms right now {or ever, for that matter}, I didn’t exactly like enjoy it. Which, as I previously mentioned, he knew. But before I could even manage a reply, for the second time that day, I was cut off.

This time, however, was a little different than the last. For one thing, it’d been Sirius who’d interrupted me, not Remus, and for another, Sirius had stopped me with words, not his lips.

Startled at first, I slowly melted into him, very much enjoying the way he mouth felt on mine and how his tongue was soft and caressing. I gathered his knit sweater into my fists and pulled him closer, enjoying mouths melding together and wondering why we’d never done this before. It was nice kissing Remus; he was gentle yet firm, sending shivers up my spine as he softly bit my lower lip.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, forgetting that this was one of my best friends, happily allowing him to pin me against the wall as his kiss deepened, his hand finding its way up my thigh… 

Someone wolf-whistled, causing Remus to jump back, looking a little startled.

“S-so s-sorry,” he stumbled over his words, very un-Remus like, quickly turning around and making his way through the throng of people, leaving me to stand there with my jaw hanging open, completely stunned.

Well, I defiantly hadn’t Seen that one coming.



a/n: eeek! hope you still enjoyed this newly-renovated chapter c: leave a review! what do you think of the characters so far? and the whole rae/remus situation? is it going anywhere? how about poor jamsie and prat-faced sirius? unleash your thoughts on me dears!

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