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When I woke up this morning I saw Lily lying in the bed next to me and I smiled as I remembered last night.


“Lily, Lily wake up!”

Se rolled over and looked at me chocked but then she smiled, guess she also remember last night huh!

“Morning best friend!” She said.

“Morning, I’m hungry.”

“Yeah so am I now that you mention it.”

“Lets go down and eat.” We both stretch out on the bed and then rush down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Toast?” Lily says.

“WITH NUTELLA!” We say at the same time.


“What’s wrong with you two?” Dad asks when he entered the kitchen and found us sitting at the table talking and laughing over breakfast.

“What do you mean daddy dear?” I ask.  He just smiles and shakes his head as Lily starts to giggle.

“Okay darlings I’m off to work, and it’s good to see you two get along again.” Then he gives Lily and me a kiss on our foreheads and leaves for work.

“So what are you up to today?” Lily asks.

“What do you mean what am I up to today? You mean what are we up to today.”

“Great! So what are we up to today?”

“We are going down town and just hung out, check some cool stores out, maybe buy something nice, then we’re gonna have lunch slash dinner in form of pizza in a nice park somewhere. Are you up for it?”

“I’m totally up for it! Lets go!” Lily says and rushes up the stairs to take the shower before me.


When we are dressed and fixt we head down to the bus stop and hopped on the bus when it arrived.

“So where do you wanna go?” I ask her when we get off the bus.

“I don’t know. I usually go shopping in Diagon alley.” She says looking around.

“Okay, let me take you to some cool shops.” I say and take her arm and we’re off to my favourite shop, Sweet. Yeah Sweet is the name on the shop. It’s a small shop with cute, trendy clothes.

“Tunia this is a really nice shop.” Lily says as we walk into the store. It’s not so many people because not so many knows this store exist. That’s why I love this store so much and they always have so many cute things. We walk around in the small shop and I found a really nice top. I just got to have this one!

“Lily what do you think of this one?” I say as I come out from the dressing room wearing the top.

“Tunia, it looks really good on you. You should defiantly buy that one!”

“Yeah I think so too! Did you found anything?” I ask.

“Yeah, I think I’m gonna buy this one, do you like it?” She says and holds up a green tunica.

“I do it brings out your eyes nicely.”

After we paid for the clothes and checked out some other stores we ended up with a lot of paper bags. The clock had rushed away while we were shopping and we both were really hungry. So we brought a pizza each and we decided to eat it in the park because the sun was still shining.

“It was a while ago I had pizza.” Lily said and hugged in on her pizza. I just laugh at her and dig in on my own pizza. We had so fun at the park we didn’t notice the grey clouds that rolled in from the ocean and soon there was raining like hell! We got soaking wet at once but we didn’t care just continued to play with the football someone had left there.


“SCOOOOORE!” I scream when I made a goal and starts running around Lily with my arms out pretending to be flying, she just laughs and takes a hold of my arm and soon we are wrestling on the grass.


“Not that I’m complaining but what are you two doing?” We look up from the ground. Lily on top holding my wrists to the ground, she is strong I can promise you that. Well the person speaking is that guy from dinner, Sirius. That was his name right?

“Oh hi love.” Lily says looking up at James but not letting me go.

“Hello, are you trying to kill your sister?” he asks and raises one of his eyebrows.

“Maybe, but in a loving way. We are friends again if you wonder.”

“I figure since your mum said you two been out together all day, she seemed happy.”

“Good, Why are you here? And what did you do at our house?”

“I just forgot this.” James says holding up a mirror. Weird, did he really need that mirror so bad?

“Yeah, don’t mind me I’m just lying here in the mud all wet and.. wow that sounds wrong.” I say and Lily let go of my wrists and I sit up and let the rain wash the mud away.

“Nice to see you two again, is that my umbrella?” I ask and look up at the dark green umbrella with roses on.

“Yes your mum lend it to us.” James explains.

“But you don’t seem to need it now do you?” Sirius asks.

“I couldn’t agree with you more sir.” I say and give him a bright smile.

Now that Lily has let me go she and James is snogging under the umbrella and Sirius just looks at them and shake his head. Then he walks out from the protection of the umbrella and looks up at the sky and the raindrops falls heavily on his face. It’s beautiful.

“So what were you doing before wrestling?” He asks and looks at me.

“We played football.” I say and nod at the ball on the ground.

“I think I know the basics, wanna play?” He says and starts kicking the ball towards one of the goals. I run after him and nicks the ball from him and the match begins. When Lily and James are done snogging they decide to join and now it’s Sirius and me against James and Lily. We play until it’s dark outside and we are all exhausted. 


“Your really good.” Sirius says as the guys’ walks us to the bus stop.

“Thanks, my boyfriend or soon to be my ex plays at the school team so I played a lot with him.” I explain to him.

“Do you guys do any sports at your school?” I continue.

“Yeah we did but now we have graduated.” James says.

“I know, I know I just forgot that since I have a year left.” I say.

“You have, poor kid.” Sirius says and puts his arm around my shoulders.

“I know so boring, but what are you gonna do now? Find a job?”

“Me and James are going Auror Training.”

“And I’m gonna be a healer.” Lily says.

“I don’t know what any of those things are. But I guess healer is like a doctor or a nurse right?”

“Yeah, and an Auror is like a police I guess you know fighting dark wizards.” Lily explains.

“Wow, you guys really know what you wanna do with your life. I have no idea what I wanna do. Dark wizards? Is there actually something like that?”

“Yes, you see there’s a war going on in our world right now.” James explains and Lily hits him I the stomach with her elbow.

“What she has the right to know if you gonna disappear or so but she wont disappear I wont allow it.” James says and hugs Lily tighter.

“WHAT! WAIT, WAIT WHAT?” I stop, and the others do as well.

“Explain!” I shoot at the looking around.

“Well we should maybe take this somewhere else.” Sirius says and puts back his arm around my shoulder because I shock it off me when I stopped.

The bus ride home was quiet. Lily gave James death glares and he looking apologizing at her and Sirius kept his arm around me and I was quite happy with that cause it made me feel safe.


“Oh hi darlings, me and your mother are going out to night so you have the house to yourselves. Petunia, don’t even think about having a party!” My dad says as we step inside.

“Wouldn’t dream about it. Tonight I have more important things then to party.” I say and slip past him and up the stairs to my room.

I can hear mum greet the boys and going on and on about how nice it is to see them so soon again! After a quarter or so I hear foot step in the stairs and then the door into my room opens.

“Mum and dad have left now can we come in?” Lily asks carefully and I drop the magazine I was reading on the floor and Lily, James and Sirius enters my room. Lily rushing forward and joins me on the bed, the boys look around and it looks like they don’t know what do and where to sit.

“You can sit on the bed too you know it’s plenty of room.” I say still with a sour face.

So they join us on the bed. We sit quiet for a while and then Lily says:

“James you’re the one who told her about it so you can explain it.” She says.

“Ehm, right. So you see..” And he starts to tell be about a guy named Voldermort or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, it’s scary to know that something like that happens and we muggles as they call us don’t know anything about it, yet do anything about it. When James is done I just sit there gaping at them. Then..

“LILY!! WHAT THE FUCK? Why didn’t you tell me!”

“Well, you know I didn’t know how to and I didn’t want you to worry. And besides we have just started to be friends again”

“Friend or not! Your still my sister tosser! I would have wanted to know even if I hated you! What are you gonna say to mum and dad. ‘Oh, hello just so you know I’m not gonna be home this weekend I’m have a war to fight and I might not come back home again!’ just so you know they would be devastated! What do you think dad would say if he founds out his little favourite is fighting a bloody war, huh!”

“I’m not gonna say anything thing, not yet anyway.” She says looking down on her hands and James puts his arms around her in a protective way.

“Lily you have to tell them, you can’t keep a secret like this.”

“Oh because you tell them everything you do. I mean did you tell them you and your friends went to London over a weekend and partied all the time sleeping at some strange guys house you didn’t even know. Did you tell them that?” She snapped at me.

“Of course I didn’t! But that’s a complete different thing!”

“Wait, you actually did that?” Sirius says.

“Yes, I had a blast!” I say and smiles as I remember that weekend.

“Your sister is nuts.” James says looking at Lily.

“Oh yeah? Thanks!” I answer him.

“So if your not gonna tell mum and dad what are you gonna tell them if you have to bee gone for long? Staying at James wont work every time you know.”

“I know, there’s another thing as well. I moving in with him, we have been looking for apartments and we think we found a perfect one. It’s in London and Sirius found one across the street so the boys can live near each other cuz god knows they can’t live without each other. Maybe you two should get married.” Lily says and smiles at them and then looking at me I just stare at her.

“Come again?” I say, as the message didn’t sink in.

“I’m moving in with James.” She explains slowly. I don’t know what to do so I just raise my eyebrows at her and then begin to laugh.

“Hahah, his moving in with you! And he calls me nuts!” I say between the laugher.

“What’s so funny with that?” James says looking confusing. At that Lily starts to laugh and gives James a kiss on his cheek.

“Boy, you’re a stupid one!” I say and Lily slaps my arm.

“You knows she’s a perfectionism right?” I say looking at him.

“Yes but it’s not that bad, right?” He says looking at her.

“Have you seen her room?” I say and drag him of my bed and through the bathroom and into Lilys’ room. The other two following and Sirius chuckles as he sees her room and Lily glares at him. James just stares around him.

“At least we will have a clean house.” He says after a while.

“More then clean.” Sirius puts in.

“I’m still moving in with you baby.” James says and turns around and gives Lily a hug and then starts to kiss her.

“Shall we scram?” I say to Sirius.

“Lets!” He say and we run back to my room.


“They really love each other right?” I ask him, as we are back on my bed me on my stomach and he besides me on his back.

“Yeah they do. James is crazy about her. He wont let her go and he would follow her everywhere she go and yeah he loves her, so don’t worry about her she will be fine with James. I don’t think she can found someone who loves her more then he does.”

“Good! I’m glad. So you found an apartment? We talked about that yesterday. Wow you found an apartment really fast!”

“Actually, I put bids on the apartment but I wasn’t sure I would get it but they called today and said I got the apartment and Lily and James got there’s.”

“That sound lovely.” I say and my sour mood came back.

“I don’t want her to move! I’m gonna be so lonely here with mum and dad! I mean I finally got her back right?”

“Naah, don’t worry, she’s not moving yet. It will take like two or three weeks before we can move in and start to buy furniture and. stuff. Oh and the apartments is in muggle London so you can come visit when ever you like, and if you don’t wanna sleep at the love birds you can sleep at my place.” He says and turns his head looking at me.

“Thanks.” I say while looking into his eyes. Then he begins to lean in and so do I. When our lips are centimetres away from each other the phone begins to ring.

“Shit.” I mutter as I rush over to the phone on the desk in my room.

“Hello!” I say as I pick up the phone. When I hear whom it is I gives a heavy sight, okay it’s time to do this.

“Hi Vernon, Yes I’m fine… There is something we need to talk about…. No I’m not pregnant again…. No… but.. no absolutely not!.. can you let me… VERNON I WANNA BREAK UP! I wanted to do it face to face but now you called and I don’t want to hurt you and whahaha who am I kidding I don’t care if you get hurt, your just with me because I’m a good shag and have nice looks! So fuck you we’re over.” And then I hung up. Sirius is now sitting on the bed looking stunned at me.

“Wow! That was ehm, nice break up.” He says and then he laughs at me.

“Thanks!” I say as I join his laugh and then James and Lily burst through the door looking at us.

“She just broke up with her boyfriend in a very funny way.”

“WHAT! Tell me what happened?” Lily says.

“Sisius you wanna do role play? I’m me and you can be Vernon, if you can’t come up with anything to say just say blah blah okay?” He nods and we begin.

“Hello.” I say.

“Hi, baby how are you?”

“Hi Vernon, I’m fine.”

“Good I’m fine too! I just come back from America and I miss you we should get together soon you can come over tonight and…” Wow did he actually hear what Vernon said?

“There is something we need to talk about.”

“No don’t tell me your pregnant again! Cuz I can’t handle that again and I promised I wore a condom I swear!” He says and smiles. Okay he defiantly heard what Vernon said.

“No I’m not pregnant again.”

“Good so you wanna come over tonight you can sneak in from the window in my room it really turned me on and wear that thing you wore last time it looks great on you it’s not in the washer right?”


“Awsome so you will wear that then.”


“Or you can come over in just your under wear and a coat that would be so sexy can you do that?”

“No, absolutely not!”

“But baby I know you want to I can hear it in your voice.”

“Can you let me..”

“And I know you want a fuck I mean I have been away a long time and baby I know you miss me when I’m gone.”

“VERNON I WANNA BREAK UP! I wanted to do it face to face but now you called and I don’t want to hurt you and whahaha who am I kidding I don’t care if you get hurt, your just with me because I’m a good shag and have nice looks! So fuck you we’re over. And then I hung up.”

“Way to go Tunia!” Lily says and hugs me.

“It was fun actually but it’s gonna be hell seeing him after this he has a bad temper and he will be really mad at me and now I swear he’s gonna spread rumours about me and say he broke up with me cuz I’m such a slut and cheated on him with another guy and he found us in bed or something, and then he will beat me up.” I say and I know even if the others just think I’m kidding I’m actually scared of what he will do to me, there’s a rumour that he beat up one of his ex when she broke up with him but I can’t tell them that so I just laugh with them and pretends it’s a joke.


When the guys left after they had a cup tea I went up to my room and continued to sew on a dress I was working on. I like to sew it relaxes me and I like making clothes. I remember I skirt I made all my friends said it was adorable and they wanted one too. Then the phone called again and this time it was Sally and we talked for a while and I told her I broke up with Vernon and she wanted to know why and I told her I was sick of him, which I totally are. Then that almost kiss with Sirius, I didn’t tell her about that it just popped up in my head. I wonder if Vernon wouldn’t have called would we have kissed then? Yes probably most likely. Wonder how that would have felt. Good I guess. Really good he’s so good looking he must have had a thousands of girls in school and that means a lot of kissing experience. Nice! I really like guys who know how to kiss it’s sexy. Sometimes the kisses are better than sex. I mean with Vernon it actually was, because he's not that good in bed and now i'm rambling and i really need some sleep. Good night. 

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