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Tempting Fate by HPsmartone32
Chapter 1 : Chapter One: Of Unfulfilled Promises and Horrible Sisters
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Sorry guys, my summary was too long to post on the real story summary place, which is really irritating, but oh, well. So here it is:

Summary: Back for her last year at Hogwarts, Lily has more on her mind than ever before.  If Head duties weren’t enough, Lily also as to contend with her horrible sister’s wedding, being a muggleborn witch in the time of a rising Dark Lord, and James Potter, who somehow coerced Dumbledore into giving him the Head Boy badge.  Though working closely with Potter is something Lily never hoped to do, now that he’s seriously dating that Elizabeth girl they’ll be able to get along… somewhat.

Or maybe they’re just Tempting Fate.

Now, if you've actually read all of that and you still want to read my story, you're my new favorite person.

Disclaimer: None of the stuff you recognize belongs to me. The scene that is in italics happens after the part JKR wrote in order of the pheonix, chapter 28 pages 260-2.  


Tempting Fate

Chapter One: Of Unfulfilled Promises and Horrible Sisters

It was around noon and already much too hot to be outside. The summer heat had been trying to out do itself for days now and, simply, being the fair skinned redhead she was, Lily Evans had had enough. She’d spent more than her fair share of the nearly over summer out near the river that ran through her backyard – mostly to escape her horrible sister and said sister’s even more horrible fiancé.

She was currently lying on her bed on her back, tossing a muggle football up in the air again and again. Her dark red hair fanned out beneath her, longer now than it ever had been, and her almond-shaped green eyes watched the progress of the ball as it floated in the air for a second too long before falling back into her waiting hands.

Lily sighed. She couldn’t wait until the next day when she would escape her house and her sister on the Hogwarts Express. She smiled to herself at the thought of it; she had even been made Head Girl! She would be lying if she said that part of her didn’t expect it, but another part of her thought Adara, her newest friend, might get the badge. She wondered which of the Marauders got it, though she knew it was probably Remus. She hadn’t heard from any of the Marauders recently; she and Adara (and Elizabeth) had hung out a few times at the beginning of the summer, but that was about it.

Contrary to what she had hoped, Lily had spent a lot of time thinking about Potter this summer. She scowled as the subject crossed her mind again and threw the football against the wall, grinning briefly at the loud bang it made. She hoped it startled her sister.

The main reason Lily has thought so much about Potter, or at least her reason, was the expired agreement they had made now over a year ago. The scene kept unfolding itself every time she dared close her eyes or let down her guard. It was after that horrible fight with Potter during her O.W.L.'s that it happened.

She turned on my heel and hurried away before she started crying in front of James Potter. She felt her eyes prickle annoyingly as she accio-d her shoes and socks and made her way away from everyone. She didn’t want to be near Severus or James or anyone, really.

“Who wants to see me take off Snivelly’s pants?!” she heard Sirius call joyfully as she tried to get away.

She had just entered the Entrance Hall when she heard her name being called. She moved faster towards the stairs, but he caught up anyway. She spun around, wiping her eyes and looking mutinous, “What do you want, Potter?” she spat. She was shaking all over from both anger and hurt and not afraid of cursing him into next week.

“I wanted to make sure you were okay,” James said, not grinning.

“I’d be better if you would fall off the face of the Earth.”

James sighed, frustrated, and lifted his hand up as if he was about to run it through his hair, but stopped. He let a few second years pass on their way to the stairs. “Why do you hate me?”

“Did that list I gave you about three minutes ago not suffice or can your tiny brain not recall back that far?” Lily asked angrily. She hated him so much; from the tips of his too messy hair to the bottom of his shoes, she absolutely loathed James Potter.

“I’m not that bad!” James answered, his temper firing up to match hers.

“Prove it.”


“Do what I ask and stay away from me.”

James let out a sound of anger and paced away from her, ripping off his glasses and rubbing his eyes. Lily smirked, satisfied that she was getting under his skin. This was one of her favorite things right after ‘being as far away from James Potter as possible.’

“What do I have to do for you to give me a chance?” he finally asked, sounding much calmer.

“Kill yourself.”

“Evans,” James growled. “I’m being serious here.”

She thought about it for a second and decided to use this to her advantage, “Fine. I’ll tell you,” she said. James perked up immediately. “You have to not ask me out, not try to kiss me, not do anything that even hints at the fact that you want to ‘go out with me’ for an entire year.”

“That’s all?” James smirked arrogantly.
“That’s all. One year of nothing from you and I’ll consider giving you a chance.” She told him. I can get out of that later, Lily thought. If he can even do it.

“So for all of next year, if I don’t make any advances on you,” James repeated. “You’ll go on a date with me?”

“Isn’t that what I just said?” Lily snapped.

“Fine,” James stuck his hand out. “Shake on it.”

“I’d rather not. I don’t know where that hand has been.”

“Shake on it or it’s no deal and tomorrow you’ll have a surprise waiting for you in the exam room.”

Wanting to get this out of the way so James would leave, she briefly grasped his hand before pulling away and wiping it on her robes. “Now go.”

James looked a bit put out at her attitude, but nodded. He turned and took a few steps from her towards the huge oak doors before looking over his shoulder, “I’m not going to wait forever for you, Evans.”

“I wish you wouldn’t wait another minute, Potter.” Lily told him angrily before she turned and walked up the stairs, heading towards the common room.


Well, Lily thought as she opened her eyes and stared at her ceiling, even though Potter had kept his word, she had gotten out of it. She guessed she had Elizabeth to thank for that. Surely if the Ravenclaw girl, who was two years their junior, hadn’t been dating Potter at the end of the year – or even now – Potter would have been begging for that date.

Maybe he had finally gotten over her, Lily concluded as she rolled onto her side. Wouldn’t that be a relief, her stomach turned as she thought this, but she ignored it and stood up. She grabbed her wand off of the bedside table and stuck it in the back pocket of her jean shorts.

Elizabeth was nice enough and Potter seemed to really like her. Lily wasn’t a big fan of her, though, and having her around constantly was a bit irritating. Not that she wanted to spend time with Potter or anything, it’s just that Adara and Sirius were so attached at the hip, and then Sirius and Potter were attached at the head, that it was therefore hard to see Adara without seeing Potter.

And, if she was being honest with herself, Lily had to admit that Potter had been getting better towards the end of the year. She still didn’t want to date him at all but she could at least stand to be in his company now… that was an improvement.

He was still an arrogant toerag, just not as arrogant, and as long as he wasn’t directing all of his arrogance at her she could handle him. Elizabeth was a good thing because she took the heap of it from Lily.

But come on, she was fifteen for Merlin’s sake. And a bit stuck up herself, honestly…

Lily shook all of these thoughts from her head as she descended the stairs, looking for something to distract her from the thoughts that attacked her in her boredom.

“No, Mum, I told you I don’t want purple to be the color theme, I want pink!” Petunia was shrieking from the living room. Lily froze, wanting to get off of the staircase and into the kitchen but not wanting to be seen. She’d thought Petunia was in her own room.

“Pink will clash horribly with your sister’s hair, Petunia, and –”

“Last time I checked, Mother, this was my wedding and has nothing to do with my unfortunate freak of a sister,” Petunia said loudly and rudely. It made Lily’s blood boil to hear her sister talk to her Mum that way, with no respect…

“Don’t talk about your sister that way, Petunia.”

“It’s my wedding and I’ll have whatever color I want and I want pink.”

Lily heard her mother sigh, “Can’t you just pick another color? You’re only choosing this color because –”

“Why are you always picking her side?”

“I’m not picking her side, I just want you two –”

“Mum, just let her have a pink wedding; we all know how she gets when she doesn’t get her selfish little way,” Lily interrupted snidely, leaning on the door frame.

“Lily –” Mrs. Evans started warningly as Petunia let out a shrill laugh.

“Oh, me, selfish? Don’t kid yourself, Lily. We all know you’re the spoiled brat of the family.”

“Am I the one clearing out Mum and Dad’s savings for a wedding with more guests than you can point a wand at?”

“There you go again, using your creepy language and customs that prove how weird you are to everyone else!” Petunia stood up, as did Lily’s Mum. “Mum and Dad just know that you’ll never get married,” she said slowly as Mrs. Evans tried to push her back into her seat, hating to see her daughters fighting like this. “No one wants to marry a freak.”

“I’d rather stay single than marry that fat lard of a fiancé you have!” Lily shouted back, drawing her wand and pointing it at her sister. “Tell me, how did you get him away from food long enough to put out and secure a wedding?”

Petunia looked terrified, staring at the wand as if it were the barrel of a fully-loaded gun. “Lily put that away right now! I will not have you pointing your wand at you sister!” Mrs. Evans scolded. “I said now.”

Lily did as she was told.

“Petunia apologize to your sister for calling her a freak,” Mrs. Evans demanded.

“I don’t want you to make her apologize!” Lily snapped, turning on her heel and walking away from the room.

She wondered outside, wanting to get as far away from her sister as possible and wishing her dad was home. Lily got on with her dad the best of any of her family – as the youngest she was truly daddy’s girl. He found her magic intriguing and now that she was able to do it outside of school she would spend hours in the living room with the blinds drawn showing him the things she had learned, much to Petunia’s annoyance and fright.

Presently, he was working, but when he wasn’t he was always up for a game of football in their backyard.  One-on-one with her dad was one of Lily’s favorite summer activities; football may not be as exciting as quidditch, but it was one hell of a better sport in Lily’s opinion. At least no one got their head smashed in by hurtling canon-ball-like bludgers.

She paced her backyard for a few minutes, trying to calm herself down so she didn’t march back into the house and hang her sister up by her ankle. She doubted her Mum would find that as humorous as he dad had the other night when Petunia was whining about how she was getting married in a few months so shouldn’t her parents at least buy her a car?

Didn’t her sister know how much Lily had protected not only her, but her whole family? Was Petunia really daft enough to think that it was by chance that their muggle village was torn up by “a freak wind storm” and their subdivision was the only one spared?  It was her own – Lily’s! – protective spells that’d saved them from what was really an anti-muggle rampage by a group that now called themselves the “Death Eaters.”

Lily had explained all of this to her family and yet her Mum and Dad were the only ones who had actually recognized the danger at hand and how lucky they were to have Lily around! Stupid Petunia only cared about her own perfect little life.  Not even one thank you or ‘wow’ or any sort of acknowledgement as to the risk Lily was making by doing such a thing. Surely it wasn’t purely legal… All Petunia had said was “So now you’re saying that because of your freak life, we all might die. Thanks so much. Mum, you should have stopped after one child.” If it weren’t for Lily, they’d all be dead!

Lily let out a yell of frustration and waved her wand at a nearby football which soared into the goal across the yard. She so couldn’t wait until she was back at Hogwarts – she just feared leaving her family without immediate protection.

She sighed and sprawled out on her back in the middle of her yard; it was going to be a long year.





A/N: I know, I know, I said I would work on my other story first, but I couldn't not write this down once it popped into my head. And, I know, this chapter isn't all that interesting; for that, I am sorry. This chapter, like many first chapters, it was a lot shorter than most of them will be and sets up what will be going on. Mainly I wanted to get out the pact that Lily and James made that now seems unlikely to happen, which Lily feels ... well, she doesn't know how she feels about it, huh?

If you didn't read Along Came Sirius, it's fine. All you really need to know is that Adara is a Ravenclaw and she's Sirius' girlfriend and Elizabeth is a fifth year Ravenclaw that James is dating. James met Elizabeth through Adara because Adara and Elizabeth play quidditch together.

If you're still reading this, I seriously love you. Haha. I hope you guys like this story. I have a few plans for it :D


over and outt.

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Tempting Fate: Chapter One: Of Unfulfilled Promises and Horrible Sisters


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