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Day one

That evening was probably the worst evening of my life. Sure I’ve had worse moments before, but I am pretty sure that this very night won of all my horrific living and breathing moments. I was sitting soundly at the Slytherin table for dinner, and now that I think of it, everything had been very clear and vivid and I remember everything that had happened in those last few moments of being free.

I was sitting in-between Pansy and Crabbe, across from Blaise and Goyle. There was a pile of whipped potatoes left on my plate, and a few left-over carrots and a splash of gravy from the roast beef that had been digesting in my stomach at that particular moment. I was holding my fork in hand and Pansy was going off about how stressed out she was going to be from all the homework the teachers were already supplying us.

There were some immature first years sitting a few people down from us, fooling around and arguing over some straw-berry tarts but I just didn’t feel the need to over-come my prefect duties to tell them to quit it and shut up. It was loud in the great hall, louder than usual, probably because people were still fussing over the whole "blood sample" business. The school ghosts were floating around, talking amongst themselves or to anyone else who was willing to listen, and the ceiling was looking very nice. The stars dotted the cloud-less night sky and the moon was half-full and shining brightly down on us. It didn’t look like it was about to rain and pour down on this… happy evening I guess you could say. I was about to open my mouth to say something, probably very important at the time, but then Dumbledore had rose to his feet and his voice had magically filled every corner of the Great Hall.

"I would like you all to settle down now, and give me your complete and utter attention." He paused, and as he did so, everyone else started to die down into nothing, sure kids were still chatting quietly here and there, but Dumbledore didn’t seem to acknowledge that. Something else seemed to be on his mind. "Your tests have come back with their results." His eyes landed on me, and then they changed over to the Gryffindor table, probably on Potter or something. I felt Pansy stiffen beside me. I nearly laughed from the ridiculous expression on her face. She was suddenly so intent on the whole thing, and it looked like she was about to grab onto something in case she needed someone’s hand to squeeze. I made sure to slide away from her so I wouldn’t be that lucky person.

"I have a list of student’s right here that I would like to call upon. If you hear your name, could you please get up and proceed to the hospital wing." He definitely was not asking; he was telling. He didn’t take his time to call out everyone either. There was a look in his eye, and he seemed rather frightened. Was this a bad thing? Or a good thing? The entire Great Hall had gone so silent that you could’ve heard a pin drop on the floor. "Harry Potter," Of course, that stupid prat always was on the top of his list. "Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley," And his side-kicks, really? "Carter Johnson, Ginerva Weasley, Hannah Abbott, Cho Chang," So far most of the Gryffindors were in for hell. And that was when he said, "Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zabini, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, and Stephanie Manchester." Pansy was suddenly chewing on her lip and shaking violently. "What if I am going to die?"

"Calm down Pans." Blaise assured her. "You’re not going to die."

"Astoria Greengrass and Draco Malfoy." Of course, I was at the bottom of the list. And that was when I realized what he had called my name for. So what was it now? Was my pure blood not good enough for them?

All of the people who had been called got to their feet and started to head for the doors. Pansy was still shaking as she walked alongside me and I felt the need to punch Potter in the back of his head as he was walking in front of me by this point.

The entire walk to the hospital wing was very silent. The entire group of us didn’t say a word, or look at one another. They were probably all thinking the same thing as me. What the hell was going to happen? Did they need to redo our tests? Did something bad occur? Or was this a good thing? Maybe they needed to tell us that out of all the people in the school our blood was clean… Then again we had Granger walking with us. And that was definitely not possible. Plus the entire school compared to a small group of kids. We were obviously the damned.

When we got to the hospital wing, the doors were already pushed wide open and all of us were a little hesitant to go in. We looked at one another and I rolled my eyes when Potter glanced briefly at me. "Well, since you’re the super-hero, Potter, go on, ladies first." The boy glared at me, but held his tongue. I wasn’t impressed when he decided to "show me up" by walking through into the next room. Granger and the Weasel posse followed. I entered the room and was a tad surprised to see about fifteen Ministry workers standing in a group. It was only them too. No funky looking machines or wires, or needles. Just them. A few were holding clip-boards, others weren’t.

"Hello children." Children? Did I honestly look like a child? The fourteen of us clumped together, I made sure to be as far away from Potter and his pals as possible and watched as the large female who had spoken a moment ago, take a step forward to address us differently. She was holding a clip-board in one hand and a pen in the other. Her hair was cut short, and it was shaggy looking. You could tell that she had once been a ginger, but the orange colour of her hair had started to fade slightly at the roots to a light shade of grey. Her face was fat, and full of rolls, and her eyes were small and beady. It truly was a horrible sight to see.

"So you all are here for a reason. And that reason is, yes, if you are wondering, because of the blood tests." We all knew this already. Dumbledore did not hesitate to make it obvious in the Great Hall. Pansy looked like she was about to die. "Well you see, we’ve come back with some results, and-"

"-yes, we know all of this already." I blurted out. I was starting to lose my already little patience and I just wanted to know what she was going to say already. I wasn’t going to sit around here all night when I could’ve been working on more… "important" matters. "Just get on with it."

The lady looked a tad stunned at my outburst, and she hesitated before continuing. Of course she wouldn’t fight back; she knew who my father was. "W-well, the results weren’t… good." The room, which was already fairly silent, fell even more into silence after the woman spoke. It seemed like half of the people who were called into the hospital wing just stopped breathing. When the lady didn’t say anything more, I glared at her and opened my mouth to speak.

"Well? What does that mean! Do we have the virus or not?" Granger had cut me off. It looked like I wasn’t the only one annoyed with this whole situation.

As the woman sighed, I don’t know if it was just me or not, but I am pretty sure her rolls had jiggled around a bit. I felt sick just by looking at her. "What it means is, yes, you all have the same disease, and it is not a good one. To prevent it from spreading… we need to take you all under our control and confine you to a building where you will be safe, and hopefully we can find something to cure it."

I stared blankly at her. What did she mean by all of this? Was she implying that I had the same disease as Potter and his friends? So what…? Did I get this because of him? "I knew being around a mud-blood would cause this to happen!" I sneered and looked side-ways at Granger. She bit her lip as it trembled slightly, but did not look back at me.

"You’re going to confine us? Where? And what do we have exactly?" As Ginny Weasley asked the question, I looked around at everyone’s faces. They were all blank, or shocked, or scared, or just … speechless. A part of me twitched inside. Apparently I just hadn’t processed this all yet. It had to be some sort of sick and twisted joke.

"We need to take you far away to a building which is full of our most educated and un-passable security. So we cannot give you the location because only ministry advisors are allowed to know the information of its whereabouts." She spoke with such an intelligent tone of voice that part of me wouldn’t have minded smacking her. "So could you all cooperate with us, and just let us inject you with this needle, and do not worry, it will only make you unconscious for a few hours. And when you wake up, we will have gotten you transported safely and unharmed to the facility." I didn’t like how she used the word "facility". I also didn’t like how she just thought that we would just let her take us like that.

"You have got to be joking." I said in my loudest voice. "I am not going to let you stick me with another damned needle. And I sure as hell am most definitely not going to just let you take me like that! My father will not allow this at all! Has he been informed of this information?! Because I swear-"

"Malfoy, shut up!" Potter out-did my loudest of tones and I actually stopped and glared at him.

I glared off at the git but for once, I kept my mouth shut. Mainly because a raven haired lady came up to me as a few other of the ministry officers walked up to other members of the school. They were all holding their each individual needle.

"I need you to cooperate now." She said and I probably looked more horrified than I felt.

"Are you kidding me?" I yelled in her face and she flinched, but held her ground. "Mister Malfoy, you’re going to have to cooperate whether you want to or not." I don’t know if what she did was allowed but without my permission, or even a warning, she stuck the needle into my neck and injected me with the clear liquid inside of it. I felt everything.

It hurt... a lot.

It was as if liquid fire was running through my neck, spreading to every vein in my body. My vision became suddenly blurry and my head was spinning intensely. I felt sick to my stomach; I was going to vomit.

"Mister Malfoy, you’ll be okay." The lady’s voice sounded like a distant echo in my head as I plunged into darkness.


My head was pounding, my body felt weak and ached all over. I was lying against something cool and hard. Events of what had previously happened dawned on me and I let out a disgruntled groan of pain; the effects from that needle caused my body to protest every time I inhaled a sharp breath. I was still angry with those people... that they had the very nerve to take me without my permission... Wait until my father found out!

Drowsiness was still upon me, but instead of rolling over and going back to sleep like I would’ve liked to do, I followed my instincts and peeled one eye open.

The room I was in was darkly tinted. The dark green wallpaper was peeling along the walls, and there was a musky mothball scent filling the air. There was a table on the other side of the room with something on it that looked a lot like supplies needed to perform some kind of surgery. I was still in the magical world... Right?

I opened my other eye, and felt somebody shift a few feet away from me. Looking over I saw Astoria Greengrass next to me, and beside her was everyone else from school including a few other people I did not recognize, all scattered around this disgusting place. I realized I was lying on the floor.

I got to my feet very slowly, wincing as every move I made caused the muscles inside of me clench and tighten painfully, and brushed down my designer robes. As I did so I examined the rest of the filthy room. There was a settlement of burgundy comfy looking chairs, which clashed horribly with the peeling green wallpaper. An old battered table was positioned in the middle of the chairs, with newspaper articles and magazines sitting atop it. I thought that if you ignored the other table with surgery items on it, you would’ve thought that this was an extremely welfare looking wait-room.

The floor was made out of stone, and there was a labeled poster of the human body structure hanging on the wall by the door. I suddenly wondered where that door led. Slowly, I approached the door, very intent on the fact that I was suddenly aware of my surroundings.

I outstretched my hand towards the doorhandle, my fingertips just barely touched it when a voice cut through the silence, causing every muscle in my body to freeze.

“The door won’t open.”

I turned, dropping my arm loosely by my side, and saw Astoria standing in the spot where she had been lying down. Her expression was unreadable, and I had to admire her for not looking frightened like I had felt. We stared at each other for a brief moment before my thoughts trailed to my wand. I shoved my hand hastily into my robes pocket, groping the fabric in the place where my wand should have been. I hadn’t expected it to be there.

“Do you know where we are?” My voice sounded alien, even to me. How long had it been since I had last spoken? What time and day was it? More importantly, where were we?

Astoria slowly shook her head. I also hadn’t expected her to know.

“They’re watching us.” She said quietly and raised her arm to point at the security camera in the left corner closest to the door. I had been told of these types of objects before; muggles used them. Once I had finished glaring at the camera, others started to stir.

Potter slowly staggered to his feet, followed by Granger and Weasley. Then Crabbe and Goyle. Slowly one by one everybody started to get up, and suddenly the room seemed a lot smaller than it had looked when everybody had been lying on the floor. Teenagers I had not seen before were starting to awake, and, with Blaise, Pansy, Astoria, Stephanie, Crabbe and Goyle by my side, we examined them as everybody started to rush into havoc and confusion about where we were and what was happening. So Hogwarts wasn’t the only “infected” school.

“Do you know who they are?” Pansy whispered to Blaise as a chocolate brown haired girl was helped to her feet by a raven haired boy. There was about ten of them, increasing our number of fourteen to twenty-four. The room was starting to feel smaller by the second.

“Children! Children calm down, calm down!” A loud female voice that I had recognized said. Everybody slowly died down, as we all looked for the source of the voice and noticed that the locked door had been opened and five people, four dressed in white suits with gas masks, and the fifth was that stupid fat woman who I argued with who knows how many hours ago back at the school, were standing in the doorway. The fat woman closed the door as they entered and proceeded to the center of the room. “No need to panic!” She exclaimed as she stood there, holding her clipboard with a huge fake smile on her face. She reminded me of that awful Umbridge woman. “You all understand that you are very sick. And keeping you all together in this room is a very bad idea. We had to place you here on short notice, hoping that the operating rooms were free when we arrived and received terrible news that they weren’t.

“Well, now they are, so we need to transport you all into surgery, to see what we’re dealing with, and how to put a stop to it.”

“What exactly do you think we have?!” Shouted a voice that I loathed. Potter was glaring heavily at the woman, obviously appalled that they were going to have to play around with our insides just to see what it was that we had. “Wasn’t our blood enough to tell you?”

“Unfortunately, Mr Potter, no it wasn’t. That was just to tell us who out there in the Wizarding World was infected. You see what you have is very contagious. We aren’t sure what it is you have, but whatever it is, it’s not good. So I need you all to cooperate with these kind gentlemen and follow them into surgery.” She was looking around at all of us, not with pity or reassurance, but with a hint of disgust. It wasn’t obvious on her features but I wore that look more than the average human. “We’re going to split you into four groups, six each, and you will follow these surgeons into the operating rooms. And no worries children, after your done you won’t feel any pain, and the scar will barely be visible.” Scar?! There was going to be a scar?! I didn’t want to be like Potter over there, wearing a scar like a crown! There were cries of protest as the woman started to select people forming a group. She raised her voice to its highest when she spoke again, “You have no choice; it must be done.”

When she came over to my group she split us into two’s and sent us into different groups, except for Stephanie, who was thrown with the Weasley girl. Me and Astoria were put in a group with four of the kids from the other schools. When all the groups were settled, we set off out of the room, and I was strangely calm. They would cut me open, destroying my perfect flawless skin, and figure out that they were spilling my pureblood and ruining my perfect organs. Then they wouldn’t find anything wrong with me and I would get to go home, and my father would be having their heads on our mantlepiece. I knew my whining and bitching wasn’t going to stop anything, although that was my usual answer to everything because I am a Malfoy, and Malfoy’s get what they want. I just wanted to go home and to get my wand back.

As we walked down bleach white hallways, everything here was very white, it was like a heart-attack on the eyes, I glanced over at Astoria, and she still did not look frightened one bit. She looked confused. When she saw me looking at her she glanced backwards at the raven-haired boy that we were looking at before, and beside him was that brunette girl he had helped off the ground. They were whispering urgently to each other, along with the other two in another language that I had never heard before and I wondered if they were actually sick. I didn’t feel sick... just sick of all the ministry bull crap.

We were lead into a room that looked like it belonged in St. Mungo’s and for a fraction of a second I thought that was where we were, until I remembered that the fat lady had said that we were being taken to a place where only ministry advisors knew entry. There were surgical beds and tools. I wondered if they were going to perform surgery on all of us at once; there were six beds lined up in a long row, with curtains pushed back surrounding the areas, the curtains were the walls when closed, and it reminded me of the four poster beds at Hogwarts. There were five more surgeons in the room, six including the fellow who lead us here.

“Well children, I guess we’d better get started. We’re going to need you to change into these surgical gowns, and to wash your bellies with this disinfectant soap and come lay on these beds here so we can perform your surgeries. And don’t worry, you’ll all be safe and unharmed, and it won’t hurt at all when you wake up.” One of the surgeons explained as two of them walked up and handed us each a pair of gowns and some disinfectant. “You can change in there.”


I awoke for the second time that day, or morning, whichever time it was, to somebodies loud screaming and a crashing sound that exploded through the room. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust to my surroundings and I realized that I was lying on the surgical bed, with the curtains closed around me. The surgeon who had sliced open my perfect skin was gone, and the strange sounds that I had woken up to had stopped. Confused, I slowly got up, not surprised that I wasn’t hurting from the surgery. I looked over to the bin on a metal table where I had to place my robes in a plastic bag and store them inside the bin and slowly walked over to them, still light-headed from the anesthetic they used to put me to sleep. I took off the gown, looking down to see a very faded white scar that wasn’t all that noticeable. It looked years old. I wasn’t too impressed with the scar, but I was glad it wasn’t huge. I pulled on my robes before poking my head out of the curtains to see what the source of the screaming and crashing was.

The first thing I noticed was blood. It was everywhere. It was on the walls and the floor, giving the white room some colour. It smelt horrible, and looked even worse. Feeling nauseous, I threw myself backwards, appalled, and confused, and as I was throwing myself, my body collided with the table in which the tools were supposed to be, but luckily the surgeon had removed them, and the table toppled over with a loud crash as it hit the floor. I heard a growl. It sounded human too.

“D-Draco?” A female voice whispered from the other side of my curtain towards the left side. I slowly walked towards the source, everything seemed so much more real as I approached the voice. “Astoria?” I whispered back. She had actually sounded frightened this time. “D-Draco... S-something’s h-here. I-it killed f-five of the s-surgeons.” I could tell that she was trembling with fear even though I couldn’t see her. I slowly pulled back the curtain and she grabbed my arm and pulled me out towards her, clutching at my robes, her hands shaking. I noticed that she had also changed back into her robes.

“How do you know this?” Surprisingly, I sounded very calm despite the fact that I had just seen blood everywhere, and knew that she was telling the truth.

“I saw it.” She choked out. “I-I think i-it was one o-of the other k-kids.” She swallowed before continuing, tears forming in her eyes. “I think they’re a-actually s-sick.”

I knew it was crazy, but I actually believed her. Mainly because at that precise moment the growl I heard earlier became louder and then a cry, sounding like a sick dog ready to attack, came seconds later and I felt something slam into me and I slammed into Astoria and we were thrown across the room, landing in a pool of the surgeon’s blood. Astoria screamed as my head slowly stopped spinning and I fought to remain conscience. We were both covered in blood when I kicked the table I had knocked over minutes ago off of us, and pulled Astoria to her feet. Whatever it was, didn’t seem to like us and enjoyed throwing a metal table at us.

“It’s there! She’s there!” Astoria shouted, pointing a finger covered in blood that wasn’t hers at a demented looking figure standing in the far corner of the room, growling and hissing and staring hungrily at us. You could tell that it had once been a girl, with her long hair, matted with blood, and her face was that of a human, but it was turning a sickly green, and foam was producing out of her mouth. It looked like that brunette girl who was walking behind us...


The girl charged, shrieking and growling, with her hands in front of her, fingers curled like claws. I don’t know what was happening but I was finding myself throwing the metal table at her. It hit her squarely in the chest and she fell backwards with it on top of her. That was enough time for me.


Astoria didn’t need to be told even once. We both ran for the exit, hearing a clang of the metal table as it fell to the ground as we fled down the hall, leaving a trail of bloodied footprints behind us. I didn’t look back as we ran, praying to merlin that whatever that girl had turned into was not following us.

“In here!”

Astoria pushed open the first door she had found, and we both were relieved that it was unlocked as we shuffled inside. She closed the door shut behind me.

“Who’s there?!” Came a voice I knew but didn’t like, but felt relieved to hear. It was dark in the room Astoria had picked out, but whatever room it was, it had to be safe if she was still alive.

“Astoria and Draco.” She said before I could answer. “Who’re you?”

“Oh.” The voice was annoyed, but sounded a little relieved. “Ginny, Hermione and Ron.” The Weasel girl replied. “What happened to you? You stink... is that blood?” Granger asked.

“Yes.” Astoria replied. Despite the fact that we hated each other, others were still alive, and I could live with being in this room with the mud-blood... maybe. “Five of the surgeons that operated on us are dead. Those kids from the other school...” She trailed off.

“We know. They killed our surgeon’s too.” The Weasley girl spoke once more. “They got Cho Chang. They bit her and tried to eat her arm but she got away... Now Chang’s acting like them.”

Granger let out a sob. “What’re we going to do?! We don’t even know where we are! And what about Harry? A-and the others! H-how are we going to ge-get out of here?”

As she was finishing her sentence, there was a loud shrieking sound and some growling. Then there was banging on the door. I felt somebody collide into my side, and we all started to shuffle backwards deeper into the room. “Is there a light switch?” I hissed.

“If we knew where it was, it’d already be on!” Ginny hissed back.

“No! Leave it off! If it’s one of them it can’t see us! Hide somewhere!” Weasley whispered urgently.

“How’re we supposed to hide if we can’t see!”

“Figure it out!”

“Draco!” Astoria was the one who had collided into me, and she wouldn’t leave my side now. “Please don’t leave me...” She was whispering, and it sounded like she was about to cry. Although I probably would’ve risked all of my friends necks to save my own, I found myself swearing I wouldn’t. “Just stay close.” I was saying and we felt ourselves around the room as the banging on the door became more intense. We felt a large object that seemed big enough to hide behind, until Astoria said that it was a cabinet and she opened it. We both squeezed inside and I silently hoped that it was a working vanishing cabinet, which it obviously wasn’t. It felt like a cabinet where you would hang your jacket.

She closed the doors just as the door being banged on burst open.

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