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This is the year that I need to make the most of my quidditch career. Everything after Hogwarts depends on that red, rubber ball and my killer eye for targets. I never picked up my mother’s love for Herbology and I’m not as clever as my brother. But I make up for all of my flaws in my athleticism and my natural broom technique that I pride myself on. So it makes me frustrated when I manage to get 2 nights of detention, 125 points taken from Gryffindor, and threatened again to be kicked off the quidditch team. Honestly, I don’t try to get into trouble…it just follows me. Like a big, fat, sodding plague. I feel like I’m doomed to be one of the most outstanding bad students of all time, excluding my brother that is. The majority of my classes demanded perfection more so than the last year and there was the looming feeling that maybe my plan to become a world famous female quidditch all-star would be shattered by my mortal enemy and pig-headed boy wonder. I could go on, but it's honestly pathetic that I dread my one true passion because of this wretched captain that mocks me in my dreams. I know that’s a lot to think about during the first few weeks back in classes, but the pressure of 7th year is almost causing me to be even more reckless.



“Charlie.” I heard my Divination partner whisper as I turned to look at my brother’s close friend Gabriel Dawkins. His hazel eyes met mine as I leaned onto my hand that was resting on the table. My eyes felt heavy and it was hard to keep them open while Professor Trelawney drolled on. “You can’t possibly be falling asleep.”


“I’m just tired.”


“Already?” Gabe nudged me slightly and I adjusted my slouched position.


“It’s bloody quidditch.” I said heavily as he rolled his eyes at me.


“Gryffindors and their silly games with balls.” He teased as stuck my tongue out at him childishly. “Potter is a raving lunatic and you want to end his existence?”


“Something like that. I’m not as dark and twisted as a Slytherin though. My hatred is a little less severe.”


“You’d be surprised.” He chucked quietly to himself before Prof. Trelawney passed by us checking on our progress with the crystals sitting on our conjoined desk.


“Can you feel the energy pulsing through you?” She said dramatically as Gabe and I looked at each other quickly.


“Uh…yes…I feel…soooo overwhelmed with…positive er-energies and…light.” I said stupidly trying to fill the silent room.


“Wonderful! You see. The power of the celestite can rid you of negative thoughts and provoke-”


“You actually made her believe you were paying attention.” Gabe teased again as I scoffed at him.


“I thought you would be nicer today.” I said easily before cracking a grin at him. “But maybe that’s impossible for you.”


“I’m a Slytherin, it’s my bloody job to pick on the likes of you.”


“You pick on me the most!” I said defensively as he chucked to himself.


“I take pity upon you.”


“Such a saint.” I said sarcastically before rolling my eyes at him.


“I wouldn’t go around telling that to just anyone.”


“Oh yes, you have to keep up that little reputation you have going.” I laughed to myself before he pushed me jokingly.


“Who’s to say it’s pretend?” He said in a low voice as Prof. Trelawney passed us happily approving our ‘crystal reading’. We pretended to look interested again before catching each other’s eye and laughing together. “You’re lucky that I even show you any ounce of my kindness.”


“I know, it’s so rare in the first place.”


“It could be worse…you could be at quidditch practice. Oh. Waitttt…” I opened my mouth, shocked at how catty he was being today and he laughed again.


“Gabe!” I said scandalized. “You’re so dreadful sometimes.”


“Only when you have quidditch practice.” He taunted as class suddenly ended. “I like putting you in that mood, you know…the one that always leads to a great story.”


“If that story includes successfully landing a kick to Potter’s-”


“Now, now Charlie!” Gabe said playfully as I smiled at him. “But really, if it happens I want to know the details.” He joked darkly as he packed his bag up.


“You’ll be the first to know.” I winked as I threw my school bag over my shoulder. “Why do I even put up with your nonsense?”


“You know you can’t go a day without me.” He pushed me lightly before we walked out of the classroom and down the Divination tower.


“Gotta run, can’t be late or…you know.” I said pushing past Gabe rudely.


“Sodding Gryffindor.”


“Bloody Slytherin prick.” I shouted as he slyly winked at me before I started sprinting towards the dreaded quidditch pitch.




His emerald eyes stared rudely at me as I ran another lap around the pitch. My thighs were burning, sweat was dripping off my chin, and my eyebrows furrowed as my curls whipped around my pink cheeks. I breathed roughly as I gritted my teeth together. Bloody prick.


“Alright Goodwin.” He said sternly as I ran past him. I slowed down to a walking pace and I lifted my shirt up, revealing my sweaty stomach as the cool air greeted it. “5 minutes and back into the air.”


“Yes sir captain sir.” I said amusingly waving my hand like a salute as Potter scoffed at me.


“I hope that we don’t have another unnecessary outburst.” He said warningly as I opened my mouth to say something. But I quickly swallowed my words as Ally shot me a motherly look. He kicked off the ground and flew towards Ronald Weasley, the keeper and his best mate, probably to gossip about what I just did. Ally was hovering next to Sam Ace as they tossed the quaffel lightly to each other. Taylor Sullivan and Tobey Hahn, our new beaters, were laughing as they slapped each other with their bats playfully. I picked up my broom that I tossed to the ground during my tantrum and mounted it before kicking off. That’s when practice finally started. Sam and Ally tossed me the quaffel as I dashed past them. Beyond the fact that I was 2 minutes late and I had to run an extra 2 laps around the pitch for no utter reason then for the amusement of my ruddy captain, our warm-up drills started going great. Ally was starting to fly with me instead of against me and Sam’s steering had improved since last weeks practice. I tossed the quaffel to Ally and she zipped past me to pass to Sam before he darted towards the goalpost.


“Up Sam, pull up!” I directed confidently and he auto-corrected immediately.


“Not today Ace!” Ron shouted noticing that Sam was headed his way. Sam cocked back and threw a fast one but Ron was a little quicker and he caught the quaffel with ease. Sam groaned out in a playful frustration as Ron grinned slightly. “Told you…not today.”


“It’s going to happen!” Sam joked as Ron tossed it back to him.


“It will.” Ron laughed. “But not today.”


“Not if you throw it like a girl.” Ally giggled loudly as Sam dashed towards her. He passed me the quaffle before tackling Ally playfully in the air. That’s when Potter butted in again. Being that he was a seeker, he hardly practiced and insisted on ‘watching’ us or something creepy like that. He says he does practice, but what does he need to practice?


“Alright time to get serious.” Potter said quickly as I cocked my arm back to throw the quaffel at his giant head.


“Sorry your highness.” I taunted as he blatantly ignored me.


“Sorry Harry.” Ally quickly covered before shooting me a disapproving glare. I looked at her with a confused expression as he flew away from us.


“What?” I said playfully before tossing Sam the quaffle. “Best 2 outta 3?” But the annoying yelling continued once we got started again. I gritted my teeth with each ‘correction’ he blurted out at us. “Ace watch your left side. Ron make sure you are paying attention. Goodwin, you know better than that. Watch the speed Wood. Stop showing off Goodwin. Come on Goodwin, you could have caught that. Way to mess up the formation Charlotte. Get it together Charlotte. CHARLIE!”


“POTTER!” I finally shouted back as I wiped my forehead from the glaring sun. “How about you go bark orders at the beaters for a few minutes before I really say something unnecessary?”


“Charlie.” Ally warned as Potter glared at me from a distance.


“I’m only giving advice!” He shouted back before flying closer to me.


“You are barking!” I stated as he chuckled to himself. He wiped his nose slightly before giving me an amusing stare.


“Call it whatever you want Goodwin, but honestly we have a lot of work to do before-”


“Honestly?” I felt my voice get higher as my temper boiled over.


“Just keep your mouth shut Charlotte.” Sam whispered and I rolled my eyes slightly.


“You better shove this attitude up your fat arse Goodwin.” Ally threatened as I clenched the quaffel in my hands. I immediately beamed it at Sam before flying to the ground.


“Problem?” Potter spat as he began to fly next to me casually. I held my tongue as I marched to my duffel-bag on the ground. I began to kick it roughly before I kicking the dirt around it too. “Seriously Goodwin, I’m starting to think you like running laps around the pitch.”


Seriously Goodwin.” I mocked before bending down to grab my water bottle. “Amusing, I was starting to think that you just like handing laps and suicides out like candy.” I spat using my hands theatrically as my temper grew more. I took gulps of water out of my water-bottle and enjoyed the refreshing streams running off my chin as he stared at me. “Especially to me!” He stepped off his broom and made his way towards me, his forehead gleaming as he whipped his nose and cheeks with his shirt again.


“You think I’m playing?” His voice was serious now and when he finally approached me I felt his dominance overwhelming me. 


“Potter…I’m trying to cool down over here-” I said as calmly as possible before he grinned at me, ruddy bastard.


“We don’t have time for you to cool down. Get your bloody arse back out there and stop acting like you should get special treatment.” He knocked the water bottle out of my hand childishly as I felt the heat between us grow. I flinched momentarily like I was going to knock his pig-headed smirk clean off his face but I controlled myself. I exhaled angrily and ran my hand through my wild hair as he awaiting my next move.  


“Understood Captain Potter.” I said amusingly before I strutted off towards the others again.


“Another lap Goodwin.” He demanded as I quickly turned to look at him. 


“Why?” I roared as I griped my fists tightly.


“I think you know why I’m making you run another.” He chuckled to himself as I felt my cheeks start burning.


“I was just-you-YOU!” I bit my tongue in defeat before letting out a groan of frustration. I met his glare and gritted my teeth at him before he grinned evilly at me again.


“Why haven’t you started running yet?” He questioned as he raised his eyebrows at me. I turned and started jogging at a turtle like pace and I heard his laugh again. “Very funny, pick up the pace Goodwin.” I felt my jaw clench again as my legs immediately started to burn again. I watched him walk over to my water bottle and he picked it up, wiping the dust and dirt off of it. He then took a long sip from it making sure I was watching of course. I laughed to myself, feeling my temper boiling against the setting sun. He then tossed it on my bag before flashing his cocky grin at me. “Everyone else, back to your drills.” I cursed and swore under my breath as I jogged heavily through the sand surrounding the pitch. I jogged even against my protesting thighs and feet. I was so angry that I almost blacked out from my rage momentarily. I can’t stand Harry Potter. I can’t fucking stand Harry Potter. I CAN’T STAND BLOODY HARRY POTTER!

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