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And we are now on to chapter two! Woot!

I want to thank all of my readers who reviewed, I've seen some old faces and got plenty of new ones in the bunch as well! It's good to see my Veterans and Rookies coming together for this fic. It means so much, and I appreciate all of the marvelous feedback that you have given me thus far. :D

Anyway, here's the next chapter. I'm sure as it progresses my Vets will see some old parts, and I hope that the Rooks enjoy it. I certainly did so.

Now... onto your chapter! (Huzzah!)

xx LCF

The remainder of the summer holidays from that moment on seemed fleeting, and it was only to Draco’s complete contempt that the first of September had finally arrived. That morning he awoke at the usual time, making sure to put on his finest suit and place what he deemed necessary for travel in his dragonhide satchel. His hair was combed neatly away from his face, making his pointed features sharper and highlighting the darker bags beneath his eyes in a manner that was far from complimenting. He looked like a vampire; all pale and gaunt. Draco forced down a shudder of revulsion as his eyes swept about the room for a moment before marching out the door and closing it with a loud bang.

He followed the aroma of breakfast down the winding halls of Malfoy Manor, his stomach making its presence known as it cramped uncomfortably because of emptiness. Perhaps missing dinner last night had not been a good idea. But all the same, Draco would rather have starved than actually come face-to-face with the Dark Lord and his minions. The ruckus that rang throughout the manor that night made Draco come to the conclusion that there had been much consumption in alcohol, not that anyone could tell seeing as the manor was immaculate as always. It didn’t help matters when this was a dinner that was thrown in his honor, celebrating his final year of school before he could join them and become just another faceless drone in a sea of terror known as Death Eaters.




All thoughts of that were halted immediately as he felt an air of ice wash over him in that moment. Turning his head, Draco caught sight of the Dementor as it stood before a rather gruesome painting from the late eighteenth century. To most, it would seem rather odd to have one serving as a guard in the middle of a corridor, but Draco wasn’t like most. He knew that if one uttered the proper incantation, the smooth wall would give way to reveal a hidden staircase that led to one of the many hidden chambers in the manor. This one just happened to lead to the dungeon below, a dungeon that was currently occupied by a shopkeeper by the name of Ollivander.

The longer that Draco stood there, the more apparent it was that he had gained the Dementor’s attention. Perhaps it hadn’t fed, maybe it was bored(if it were possible), but before Draco could even blink the hooded figure was already gliding towards him. He could hear the hissing intake of breath, see the way its hood got partially sucked into what could have been a mouth and exhaled once more. Bony hands as cold as ice rose, revealing the tight, dead flesh of them as they reached towards him. Without hesitation, Draco pulled out his wand with a sneer, uttering the hex that Snape had taught him several weeks ago and watched with grim satisfaction as it hissed lowly at him before taking its post once more. Draco walked off, not bothering to look over his shoulder.


After going up in emerald flames and being covered in soot, Draco found himself in one of the many spare rooms that lined Platform 9 ¾. Casting a quick Scourgify, he was as clean as before and following his mother and servant out onto the platform.

The steam billowed from the scarlet train, a warning ring carrying throughout the platform in warning that they only had fifteen minutes left before departing. Draco looked around bored, watching as his mother greeted the Greengrass’ and chatting away with their mother. She turned her blue eyes on him, silently urging that he go over and say hello. Fighting the urge to roll his eyes, Draco walked forward only to have a black gloved hand fall on his shoulder. Shooting the servant a questioning look, he followed him silently as they made their way to a more recluse part of the station.

Hidden in the shadows and after making sure that they were out of earshot, Lucius immediately dispelled his charm and rounded on him.

“I have spoken with the Dark Lord and it seems that you are one of his primary candidates to follow through with this task. Nothing has been decided as of yet, but if you are chosen you can expect my owl to arrive within a month to two month’s time.”

Draco nodded stonily, his stomach filling with lead and a bitter taste filling his mouth. But aside from that, he couldn’t quite help the odd sensation of excitement that filled him. Like some part of him grew giddy over the aspect of causing havoc, of being able to shake the very foundation that Hogwarts stood upon. As soon as it had come it was gone, leaving him only with the odd sense of indifference that he had begun to grow accustomed to.

“I understand Father.”

A calculating look sat on his father’s face as he regarded him silently. “I will remind you once more, that if you are chosen there is no backing out. If the Dark Lord senses any doubt from you or is given reason to question your loyalty, he will most likely bring forth a severe punishment in order to have this task completed. Remember Draco, the honor of our family now falls upon your shoulders; he is still severely displeased with me for failing to bring him the prophecy, but you are the one to clear us and bring us to his good graces once more. Do not forget Draco, that this is your duty as Malfoy heir. You are the bridge that gaps my generation of power to your own when the time comes for you to take head of the family.”

"I understand.” Draco repeated mechanically.

Without another moment wasted, Lucius placed his glamour charm back in place and left Draco alone in the shadowed corner of the platform.

As Draco followed second later, he caught sight of a large blob of red hair as they bustled about on the other side of the track. Instant anger crept into his veins as six years of hatred and loathing came flooding back. Honestly, only a Weasley could bring forth that sort of reaction from him. Not that it was much of a surprise. The tension between the Weasleys and Malfoys could be dated back since before his great grandfather had been born. The scowl on his face deepened when he came(once more) to the realization that they were distant cousins. Tch. As if he’d ever associate with any of those muggle-loving freaks. Taking a deep breath, Draco walked onward, seeking out his mother in order to say his final goodbyes and board the godforsaken train that would return him to the pathetic excuse for a school that Hogwarts was.

He could feel several pairs of eyes resting on him, and as he turned his gray eyes clashed with green. This time Draco couldn’t help the sneer that came forth on his face that always came about when Potter was involved. The very same Potter that had sent his father to Azkaban and the reason he was an escaped convict at all.

He stood at the edge of the Weasleys and conversed quietly with the other outsider, Granger. Though it seemed that she took notice of Potter’s attention being averted and her own dark eyes followed his line of vision before resting on him. The instant tension that filled her was visible even across from the platform; her lips were pressed into a hard line as her eyes narrowed slightly in distrust. Draco held their gazes for several beats before one of the redheads came and caught their attention. A pale blond brow rose as Weasel King’s lanky arm came around to rest on Granger’s shoulders, holding her with much more affection than needed for a platonic relationship. Brown eyes tore from his as she looked up at Weasel and beamed a smile.

Interesting, it seemed that back in third year they really were searching for their dream home in the Shrieking Shack. The memory brought forth a cruel smirk and he couldn’t really help but commend their ability to be able to pair up with the filth that suited them. However the memory was short-lived when the whistle blew shrilly and he was forced to go on and meet up with his mother.

After a teary goodbye from her part, and reassurances that he would write from his, Draco boarded the Hogwarts Express, ready to get this last year of torture over and done with.


Boarding the train and making his way down the compartments in search of The Heads’ compartment. He was about halfway up the train when he felt a pair of small hands pull him roughly into one of the few washrooms on board. Wavy blond hair invaded his vision as hazel almond-shaped eyes peered up at him beneath sooty lashes. Full pink lips were parted in a lazy smile and the hands that had pulled him abruptly from the aisle were currently running enticingly up and down his chest.

“Aceline, it’s been quite some time.” He murmured.

“Mmm. I’d say far too long, Draco. I’ve missed you.” She whispered before stepping on the tips of her toes and pressing hot kisses along his jaw.

Oh and he had missed her alright. It had been over two months since he’d last had the companionship of a soft female body that he’d felt like bursting throughout the entire expanse of the summer. That is, when he wasn’t being ordered to go slaughter some muggles in their homes. All thoughts, however, were scattered the moment the petite blond before him laid an open-mouth kiss on his pulse point causing a surge of heat to fill him.

Firm hands ran up and down along her sides, relishing the feel of the enticing curves hidden beneath her clothes, tempting him to just get this over and done with. But Draco was never one to rush things like this, so in his typical fashion, he threaded his fingers through silky blond locks and turned her head before whispering into her ear, “I’m sure that I’ve a much better place where we can finish this in mind.” and allowing his breath to fan over her ear. A smirk tilted his lips when he felt her shiver in his grasp. Half-lidded eyes laced with desire peered up at him before she nodded her assent.

The moment they entered the Head’s compartment, he pulled down the blinds to the window and immediately leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers in a kiss that was hot and demanding. His tongue traced her full bottom lip before taking the soft flesh lightly between his teeth and the forcing the blond witch to shudder in barely-restrained delight. The hand at her waist continued to rub random patterns over the skin beneath her shirt. When she parted her lips to allow him access, he seemed determined to explore every inch of her mouth and Aceline allowed him to, trying to respond with equal passion.

When the hands on her waist dipped down to grab her bum and hoist her up, Draco pinned her to the wall, her legs wrapping themselves around his torso while her hands raked through his hair. In a blurred set of motions, Draco’s jacket was left behind and her shirt was up and over her head before joining his jacket in the corner.

Draco finally broke away from her, allowing them both to catch their breaths and noticed with a smirk that her chest was heaving from just one kiss and her eyes were big and hazy with lust as she stared up at him. Shit, the way she looked at him like that made him want to just tear the remainder of her clothes off and have his way with her. But before he could do so much as say a word the door to the compartment slid open and in stepped Hermione Granger.

Aceline immediately removed herself from Draco, darting to her shirt and slipping out with her face resembling a tomato, leaving Draco slumped against the wall in frustration. Really, it was ridiculous how adventurous the Ravenclaw really was, but the moment they had an audience she turned back into the virginal role that she played. It was surprising just how many girls he’d come across that played the whole ‘innocent’ card. And it were times like this, where his frustration was at its peak, that he wished there were more girls like Pansy, while easy to bed, at least weren’t afraid or shy of having an audience.

Draco ran a hand through his disheveled hair as he opened one eye lazily to peer up at Granger’s frozen form at the door. Her eyes were slightly bugged out of their sockets and her mouth fell into a perfect ‘o’, and if he weren’t quite so frustrated Draco would have found the sight hilarious. But there he was, all hot and bothered, and Granger had quite effectively ruined any and all chances of his receiving tail for the remainder of who-knows-when. Really, if there were awards given out for this sort of thing, Granger would be at the podium for every damn category.

“So tell me Granger. Just how much of that did you see?” he drawled.

At the sound of his voice, she immediately righted herself and set up a front. How typical.

“Enough to possibly get you detention for several weeks.” She said defiantly.

Draco raised a pale brow at her statement. Surely she was bluffing, but then again she was Goody Two-Shoes Granger, who just had to always do the right and noble thing. The thought alone made Draco snort disdainfully. But as much of an irritation she was, he couldn’t ignore the side of him(the one that was currently raging on hormones that had been left unspent) that took in the sight of her and viewed her as a female and not some creature from the abyss that she truly was.

To his normal eyes, she looked much the same as she normally did to him. Large forehead, bushy hair, hideous clothing; but the darker, more primitive, side of him took notice instead on the large brown eyes rimmed with dark lashes that eyed him warily. There was the smooth column of her neck exposed by the crew neck shirt she wore; the slight pink tone to her soft-looking lips. And as his eyes roved over her, a more sinister part of him came forth; one that always did in regard to Potter, blood-traitors, and Mudblood scum.

Breaking out of his reverie, he narrowed his eyes and said, “I should have known that you would make Head Girl.”

The look on her face was priceless. She went through four different shades of red before finally landing on an angry one that had her cheeks burning as she glared at him through brown slits. Her body trembled slightly in the shock, and she quickly fisted her hands in an attempt to keep them from shaking in silent rage.

"You’re Head Boy?” she managed between grit teeth.

This time, Draco couldn’t help but release the smirk that had been threatening to come loose as he watched her initial reaction to his news. It was always so much bloody fun to make Granger’s life miserable, and even if he detested being in the presence of a Mudblood, having a solid year guaranteed to him to drive her mad was probably one of the few things that made that punishment worthwhile. So, nodding his head to confirm her fears, a loud shriek pierced the air and he wondered idly if it were possible for a human to reach the decibel Granger just had.


The Opening Feast was as insipid as all the others had been. After the first years were sorted, Dumbledore gave the usual speech that Draco didn’t bother listening to, and then the students had their dinner. The only change to this year was that after dinner Granger and Draco had to go to the Head's common room instead of escorting the first years to their respective houses. So that was where Draco found himself in that moment, walking down the corridor and staring at Hermione Granger's ass, which must have miraculously appeared over the summer, because really, who expected Mudblood Granger to get one of those?(Even if it wasn't all that much to look at, the girl must have pissed off some sort of deity because she was as flat as a board)

As the two Heads reached the entrance to their tower, Granger stopped short and turned around to face him.

“We need to come up with a password.” She said tritely, not bothering to hide her animosity.

Draco just threw another smirk at her before saying, “Carpe Noctem.”

“Carpe Noctem?” she repeated, a door appearing where the wall had been just moments ago.

Her face grew flushed in anger and she opened her mouth to undoubtedly tell him off for doing that, but he had already pushed past her and entered, not bothering to see if she were following him or not.

The common room was evenly divided in the colors of all four houses, matched just right so that they would not clash. The living area was quaint with a large fireplace and there was a small kitchen to the far right side. On the left side was a staircase which he presumed led them to their own rooms. The back wall had a large stained-glass window with a small seating area beneath it, providing with a good spot for reading or completing homework. It wasn’t quite up to Draco’s standards, but it was good enough.

Tossing his cloak onto the sofa in a contemptuous manner, Draco ascended the staircase and found his name on a silver plaque immediately to his right. Opening the door, a dark room greeted his gray eyes. The room itself was dismal like those in the dungeons. The only differences were that the room was larger, the bed was larger, and everything was far more extravagant, much to his dismal taste. His custom-ordered dragonskin trunks were neatly stacked in a pile and Draco found all of his belongings were in their proper place. There were two sets of doors on his left, one that he presumed to be a closet and the other a bathroom. As Draco entered the white marble bathroom, he saw that everything was in doubles, meaning(to his utmost horror) that he and Granger would not only be sharing a living space, but a bathroom as well.

Exiting the loo, Draco walked down to his new common room to find Granger browsing the books that were placed neatly in the shelves that lined the western wall. When she caught sight of him, a frown marred her face and she set whatever book she had been holding down after carefully saving the page that she was on.

“If we’re going to be living together, Malfoy, we’re going to be setting some ground rules first.” She deadpanned.

Well, at least she isn’t beating around the bush. Draco thought wryly.

“I don’t know about you, but my grades are rather important to me. I don’t want to fight every moment of everyday, especially seeing as we’re going to have to cooperate and work together whether we want to or not. We’ve got a responsibility and I, for one, don’t want to lose my title, especially for something as lousy as arguing with you and constantly being at each other’s throats.”

At this, Draco spoke up.

“Then I’m sure we’re clear as to what needs to be done. Stay out of my way Mudblood, and we’ll be getting along just fine. I’m not one to go around and making truces if that’s what you’re looking for. You mind your own damn business and I’ll mind mine. We’ll work together and interact only when it’s absolutely necessary and not a moment longer. It’s bad enough to have to be stuck with you for an entire bloody year; I don’t want to make it longer than it needs to be.”

“Well I’m glad we’re on the same page.” She spat back. “I don’t want to interact with you longer than necessary either, but let me tell you something first. I won’t have you abusing your status and giving my friends hell. I won’t let you torment anyone. Just because you want to run around and play ‘Death Eater’ like your daddy, doesn’t mean that I’ll let you get some practice in with those who are completely innocent to the corruption of your twisted beliefs.”

A rage of fire burst through Draco’s veins at her words, and before either of them could blink, he shoved her roughly against the wall, his hand wrapping over her throat tightly.

“You keep your fucking mouth shut, Mudblood bitch. Or I promise I’ll show you just exactly what we do to filthy scum like you.”

Draco should have known better than assume that his actions would frighten her into submission, especially if the heated look in her eyes was anything to go by. That resilient look, one that said that she wasn’t afraid, that she’d never back down. After all, her and her disgusting Gryffindor pride didn't allow it. He had known her long enough to know that she wouldn't take a situation like this laying down unless it was to bring him some retribution later, most likely in the form of Potter and Weasel. Even then, it wouldn’t do well to have them keeping tabs on him. No, if there was a possibility that he would receive this mission from the Dark Lord, he would much rather prefer them to not bother with him at all. Draco didn't need Potter and the Hero Brigade to come mucking things up for him before they even started.

But his temper had gotten the best of him, especially after her snide remark about his father, and it was all he could do to not crush the air out of her lungs and watch her squirm.

“Fuck you, Malfoy.” She hissed through clenched teeth, her hands trying to pry off his steel grip on her throat.

Without a second thought his open palm collided with her cheek sending a loud smack to resonate off the stone walls. Blood as red as his own trickled from the side of her mouth as she looked at him with fury and contempt in her eyes.

"I'm not the same child I was four years ago Granger. You may have gotten away with it back then, but you won't now. And just because Potty and Weasel have been teaching you how to talk like one of the big boys doesn’t mean that you’ve got what it takes to back up a statement. Speak another word against me, and it’ll be far worse than just a slap." he spat at her.

"Lay a hand on me again Malfoy, and I'll personally send you to hell and back." she threw back.

"Is that a threat Granger?" he asked.

"Yes." she said defiantly, not an ounce of fear in her eyes. Damn Gryffindor bravery.

"Then I suggest you watch your back."

"And you yours." she replied before shoving him off of her and making her way to her room.

Draco glared at her retreating figure, still silently seething from all that she had said. She knew nothing, and she was in no position to speak as if she did. Draco had meant it that he would not allow her to get away with such disrespect again, and if she chose to cross him twice the price to pay would increase tenfold.

Sneering once more at the empty staircase, Draco pulled on his cloak and left the common room with a bang. So far, this was making out to be the perfect start to the worst year he’d have to endure.

Uh-oh. Someone's not in for a good start this year. As always, your thoughts and feedback are always appreciated.

xx LCF

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