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Chapter 23- draco’s discovery
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Hermione just started at him for a minute or two. Draco did not dare move a muscle.

What do you think you are doing?” She asked him in her scary, ‘you-better-have-the-right-answer, I-can-cut-you-with-my-evil-eyes, voice.
“Looking up a disease?” His answer was more of a meek question. Hermione glared at him in response. 

“And who’s disease are you looking up?” Before he could even open his mouth to lie she snatched the book right out of his hands. She saw her symptoms entered already, and he had been in the middle of entering something starting with ‘mo’. She ignored that fact at the time. The point was the he was snooping in her business. 

“HOW DARE YOU QUESTION MY DISEASE!! HOW DARE YOU GO BEHIND MY BACK! WHAT?!?! YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME?!?” She screamed at him before throwing the book at him and stomping angrily into the bathroom. She slammed the door and went to take a shower. Draco caught the book just before it hit the ground and entered the last symptom. After about a minute his results appeared.

Hicca Magicus-

      This malady is relatively rare. It is nicknamed a ‘hiccup’ in one’s magic. This 
      is not a very serious malady and can be easily treated. However, once 
      one has this malady it will not go away on its own. If you believe you have
      this malady please seek medical attention. Common symptoms of this 
      malady are short-term memory loss, pains, unintentional magic, sparks and 
      extreme mood swings. 

He stared at the page for a while, contemplating the meaning of this information. Then he heard the bathroom door close. 

“What are you doing?” Hermione asked, although this time it sounded completely different. Her voice was soft, fragile, like a shy child’s voice. She looked at him sweetly, as if curious, not accusing.  

“I think you should take a look at this, I think you might have misdiagnosed yourself.” Hermione walked over to where he was sitting on the couch and looked over his shoulder at the page. 

“But I don’t have all the symptoms.” She argued.

“Which do you not have?” He asked, confused. 

“I have not had any extreme mood swings.” Draco laughed. His laughter made Hermione frown, thinking he was mocking her.

“I think your short-term memory loss is making you forget them, because you screamed your head off at me before going into the bathroom, but you are being completely sweet now that you are out of the bathroom.” Hermione thought about it for a minute. Draco stared her straight in the eyes and almost pleaded with her. 

“Would you at least come with me to Madame Pomphrey. She will be able to tell you right away if this is what you have, and if it is, then it can be fixed almost instantly and you will be fine. Wouldn’t that be much better than continuing to think you are dying if you are not?” Unable to argue with his logic Hermione conceded. They walked down to the Hospital Wing together. They were both a bit nervous, scared to find out that Draco was wrong and she really was going to die. When Madame Pomphrey asked what was wrong Draco explained what was going on with Hermione, leaving out that she had spent the past several months thinking she was at death’s door. He made it sound like it was something they had just noticed and were concerned about. 

Madame Pomphrey runs the necessary tests to check for Hicca Magicus. She comes back looking somber. 

“I have good news and bad news dear.” She told Hermione. “Would you like Mr. Malfoy to leave the room so we can talk?” Hermione shook her head; they were in it together, for better or worse. It was a bit like being married, only with a lot more freedom and no children. 

“Whatever you have to say to me you can say in front of Draco.” Madame Pomphrey nodded.  

“Well my dear, the bad news is…” she looked pityingly on Hermione, “you have Hicca Magicus. But the good news is it is very treatable, it is not a very serious disease, and you should be able to go back to your room in about three hours. You are lucky you caught it so early, it is a very annoying disease and it never goes away on its own, quite a pest it is.” Madame Pomphrey rambled as she walked away to get what she needed to cure Hermione. 

Hermione and Draco just stared at each other. Draco broke the silence. 

“She is right you know,” he smiled, “good thing we caught it early, it might of poorly effected you or even scared you into thinking something even worse was happening to you.” They both laughed. Draco went back to the rooms and three hours later Hermione joined him. 

“Draco,” she said as she walked in through the portrait hole, “I know we should talk, but I am really tired and for once I am painless, so I really just want to go to bed.” Draco nodded.

“I agree, you need your sleep, you are recuperating. Go on to bed, we will talk tomorrow.” Hermione did not move. “Yes?”

“Well, I was wondering. You see, it has been a bit of a tough day, a tough few months really, so I was wondering…nevermind, it’s stupid.” Draco walked towards her.

“I am sure it is not stupid.” He assured her. “What were you wondering?”  

“Well, I don’t really want to be alone tonight, I am in shock a bit, or disbelief I guess. I just feel like I need something real, something tangible, to ground me right now.” Draco came closer. He hugged her. 

“Well, you are in luck. I am both real and tangible.” Hermione laughed. “Come on, let’s go to bed.” They went up to Hermione’s room. Draco tucked her in all nice, before lying down beside her. He held her in his arms, pressing her tightly to his chest. He had never realized how much he feared losing her, at least not until it was no longer a fear weighing him down. They fell asleep shortly after, finally at peace and relaxed. 

AN: Don’t worry! This story is not over. I’m not sure how much longer it will be, but it is not done yet. :D Thanks for being such great, patient readers. I really appreciate the reviews. This was written all at once because of some great reviews I read one day. :D Thank you all so much. There is more to come. :)

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