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Hi my name is Petunia Evans, Oh that bitch? You might think to yourselves. Yes, I have long curly blond hair and big bleu eyes and I paint my lips pink every day and every hour whit pink lip-gloss, but under that surface I’m someone else and I’m tired of being the schools bitch and party girl, for once I just wanna be me. Is that too much to ask for?


And to every ones surprise I’m gonna start being friendly towards my sister and I’m gonna help mum with the cooking and maybe cleaning, if it don’t mess up my hair of destroy my nails Hey just because I’m gonna bring forward the new or real me I can still be keen on my looks.

Well talking about my sister, she is coming home for the summer and she sent mum a letter saying she got herself a boyfriend and he will come stay with us in the next week. Speaking of boyfriends I am gonna break up with mine, Vernon. That is when he comes back from America. Back to my sister; should I tell you about us?

She’s a witch- I’m not.

She has red hair- I’m blond.

She has green eyes- I have bleu.

She has curves- I’m a bit skinny.

So in looks we have nothing in common, but our personalities are quite similar. We both have a temperament; we love the summer and the hot whether the biggest difference between us is that she likes to read books and I like reading fashion magazines and paint my nails. Okay and I like, no correction I love to go buy all the newest clothes from big the brands. Not that I want to be cool it’s just that I love fashion and the designs is that so wrong? You tell me. While Lily buys what she needs and doesn’t think much about what the brand says she just buy the cheapest and nicest think she can find. I admit I am spoiled when it comes to clothes and things but Lily is spoiled when it comes to actions, if she says she wants to go to the zoo the entire family has to come. If I say “Hey mum do you wanna come shopping with me and afterwards we can meet up dad and have lunch?” I excluded Lily because she is normally at school, then mum would say “ No I don’t have the time” and then dad gives me some money and tell me to go buy something nice. And the worst part is that when I comes back they just sits outside reading on doing crosswords and haven’t been doing anything else since I left. WOW I feel so loved!


And that is actually the main reason till why I’m being such a jerk towards Lily, and then she gets upset and then mum or dad will yell at me for being rude but at least they notice me. So that’s why I’m being a stuck up bitch. But as I said everything changes here and from now on.

The sad thing is that we were so close before she found out she’s a witch and that is when my parents started to pay all there attention on her and forgot about me. Yeah you can call me bitter but you would have been too!

Well time to put my plan in action.


“Hey mum do you need any help with that?” I ask when I enter the kitchen; she is cooking a welcome home dinner for Lily.

“No thank you sweetie I think I can manage but you can set the table if you want.”

“Okay, four people?” I know we are four people in our family and we always set the table with four plates and everything.

“No actually, eight.”


“Sssh, don’t scream Petunia! Yes eight we are having Lilys boyfriend James and his family over for dinner.”

“What?! I thought he wouldn’t come until next week?”

“He will come and stay with us next week for some days but that doesn’t stop us from inviting them in for dinner today.”

I sights and takes out eight plates and walks into the dining room. Why do they do this kind of thing? When I was dating Vernon, I guess I still am, they never invited him and his parents. But then again what did I expect huh?


After I had set the table I headed up to my room to change cloths, I could at least look good on the big dinner. So I opened my walk in closet (I LOVE my walk in closet!) and stepped inside. Okay just so you won’t get the wrong idea, it’s not a huge walk in closet you see on movies or at extremely rich peoples house but its still a walk in closet.

So I looked around and founded my high waist jeans shorts, yes perfect! I spotted a white lace top whish would look great till the shorts so I changed my pink lace bra to a white lace and then I put on the lace top and the shorts, turned around and faced the mirror. I looked great! So I added some more lip-gloss and eyeliner and then a eye shadow that glittered in the light. I decided if I did something with my hair it would look a little over the top so I left it hanging in messy curls. Happy with the look I walked back down to mum in the kitchen.


“Oh Petunia you look good but don’t you think it’s a bit much we are having dinner with your sisters boyfriend.” She reminded me.

“And his parents.” I reminded her.

“Oh and I believe a friend of James that lives at his house apparently they took him in after he run away from home. Or something Lily told me once in a letter. And are you sure your not gonna put on a top that doesn’t show so much?” Hell no!

“Naah I’m fine with this top.”

“Your dad wont like it, but I think it’s to late now.” She said as we heard the front door open and voices talking.

“We should go and say hello mum!” I grinned and walked out in the hall.

“Ah Petunia” My dad said cheerfully and then he noticed my cloths. “What’s with that top your wearing?”

“This one?” I looked down. “It’s lace” at this point everyone in the hall was listening to our conversation and staring at me. Well I’m used to people staring so.

“I can see that Petunia, but why would you wear something so..” He didn’t continue the sentence so I better help him.

“Slutty? Well you see dad this is fashion! I don’t expect you to understand that, but how rude I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m petunia.” I said and stuck my hand out to the woman I assured to be James mum.

“Hi Petunia, I’m Carol Potter nice to meet you.”

“Nah the pleasure is all mine.” I smiled and then turned to his dad and then to the guy mum had mentioned. He was real hottie!!

“Sirius Black.” He said.

“Charming, I’m Petunia.” I said.

“Well I figured since you introduced yourself as that to the others.” He pulled me in closer and whispered in my ear “Just so you know I like the top.” I gave a weak smile at him and the turned to the guy with glasses I suspected must be James, well I have to say my sister did a great job he was also hot, but I preferred Sirius with his shoulder length liquorice black hair, NICE!

“And you must be the lucky guy.” I said to him.

“Yes, I like to think of myself in that way.” He smiled at me and squeezed Lilys hand.

“Oh and welcome home sis.” I said to Lily she just stared at me in chock because I never greet her in such a nice tone.

When everyone had introduced himself or herself, mum invited them in to the dining room and asked if Mr. and Mrs Potter wanted something to drink before dinner; it would be ready in a few minutes. They said no thank you and looked around the room and then Mr. Potter spotted the stereo and he walked over to it and stared at it. My dad and Mrs. Potter followed him and dad started to explain how it worked.

I just had to laugh! Trust me you would have done the same.

“What?” Lily sneered at me.

“They don’t know what a stereo is!” I explained.

“They are magical, they don’t need stereos they can just flick there wands and music comes out from the air! Stupid” She explained to me like I was five years old.

“Well excuse me for finding that quit amusing.” I sneered back at her.

“Finally you are back to your bitchy self.” And she gave James a look that said see-I-told-you. Fuck the plan tonight I can’t be nice to her if she isn’t nice to me back!

“So when do you leave again for school, I can’t wait!”

“Mm let me see, never I just graduated.”

Yeah that’s right witches and wizards graduate when they are seventeen so that makes her of age well I’m happy I just turned eighteen in may. Lily won’t be eighteen until November. So that means she can’t go out to the clubs yet. But then again she can change the date on her id, because she’s a witch. Yes me and Lily is born the same year but I’m in May and she in November.

“Dinner’s ready.” My mum said and entered the room. Every one sat down at the table and began to make small talk about things I didn’t care about so I stopped listen.

“Petunia?” I snapped out from my thoughts and looked up at my dad.

“Do you want white wine or rosé to your fish?” he asked.

“Rosé thanks.” I answered. I noticed that the guy Sirius was sitting next to me but he was talking with Lily and James about some school thing I guess, and the parents was talking about boring stuff so I couldn’t join there conversation so I sat quiet in the middle of everything. I took a sip of my wine; it was good so I took another.


I stayed quiet the entire dinner except when someone asked me something. When everyone had finished there food the grown ups took a glass of brandy on the terrace. I needed a smoke.

“I’m going out for a smoke does someone wanna come?” I asked well I knew Lily didn’t smoke and she didn’t like when other people did so I guess her boyfriend didn’t smoke but maybe Sirius did.

“Yeah I do.” I was right. So he followed me to the front door and we sat down on the front porch side by side. I took out a cigarette from the package and offered him one, so he took one.

“What do your parents say about that you smoke?” He asked trying to make small talk.

“They don’t like it but they can’t say anything I’m 18. Yours?” I asked.

“Oh mine, they couldn’t care less, I live with James and his parents they are witches and wizards so they don’t know that it’s dangerous but they don’t like the smell.” He said.

“Why do you live with them anyway?”

“I runaway from home two years ago and I didn’t have any where to go and the Potters have always been like my family. But I’m looking for an apartment now that I graduated and all, I can’t live with the Potters forever and I want a place of my own you know what I’m saying?”

“Yeah I know I would love to get out of here!”

“But your family seems nice and your sister is great we ate sort of friends now that she’s dating my best mate and all.”

“Yeah my sister.” I sighted.

“Oh that’s right you don’t get along.”

“How do you know!”

“She told James and he told me.”

“You guys don’t know a thing, I bet she told you I’m a fucking bitch that hate her guts.”

“Well not exactly in those words.”

“Aw man!” I got up from the porch.

“Hey I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” He said and got up and walked over to me

“You didn’t, it’s just that it’s complicated. I don’t know what to do. I’m not a bitch I promise it’s just that… Aaah it makes me crazy.”

“I don’t thing you’re a bitch well I don’t know you or anything but.”

“Thanks, but don’t get your hopes up.”

“What can you mean?” he says and looks at me.

“You’ll see in time, ready to go inside?”

He nods so we walks in and finds Lily and James in the living room watching TV.

“What’s up mates?” Sirius says and sits down on the couch besides James.

“We’re watching TV, was it?” James says and looks at Lily who nods and James gives her a kiss on the forehead.

“Sirius I thought you said you quit smoking.” Lily says with a fake strict face but she means what she says.

“I had but you know a smoke always calms me down so I started again.”

“I don’t like it.” She says.

“Eh, let the man smoke.” James puts in.

By this time I had decided to stay and watch TV with them and had taken the seat next to Sirius.

“So Petunia how’s Vernon?” Lily asks me with a smug face.

“I don’t know He’s in America, won’t be back until next week I guess.”

“Oh then he’s home when James is here we could have like a double date.”

“Don’t get your hopes up I’m planning on breaking up with him.”

Now she just stares at me, ha ha bet she didn’t see that coming.


“James, Sirius it’s time to go home now.” Mrs. Potter says as she enters the living room along with her husband and our Patents.

“It has been so nice to have dinner with you, and we will see all of you in two weeks again oh and thanks for letting James stay here next week, was it Tuesday to Thursday?”

Mrs. Potter says and hugs mum. They become good friends quick!

“Oh it’s been so nice to have you and he is welcome to stay as long as he like.” She hugs Mrs. Potter back. “Oh and Sirius you are welcome to stay with us too if you like.” She continues and turns to Sirius.

“Thanks Mrs. Evans but I think I’m gonna spend the days looking for an apartment but I might stop by one day if that is okay?” He tells her politely.

“Of course dear! Just let me know if you want to stay for dinner one day.” Mum says and smiles at him.

“That would be nice.” He says and smiles back at mum.

“Where is my husband, were is dad James? Sirius?” Mrs. Potter says looking around the hall to see if she can find him. But he is not here and Dad is also gone. So they all starts to look around the house but they can’t find them anywhere. But knowing my dad I just open the front door and walks out and there I find them in front of the car.

“I found them.” I shout at them and they all come outside and mum shocks her head.

“Harold dear, we have to go home now.” Mrs. Potter informs her husband.

“Oh right.” Mr. Potter and dad say and join us on the front porch. We all say good-bye and Sirius comes up to me and gives me a hug to my surprise.

“Thanks for the smoke.” He whispers in my ear and I smile at him. Then they all disappear with a poof.


so the first chapter what did you think?

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