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Chapter Five

5th March 2018

“Hermione!” Draco yelled up the stairs, “It’s time to get up babe, you have your new manager starting today and you need to get ready!”


“I‘m up, I’m up,” she replied walking down the stairs towards her husband. Her robe was only slightly tided up so you could see her belly was slightly swollen from underneath, the sight of her made Draco smile.  “What you worrying about Draco you know I’m the more organised of the two of us?”


“I don’t know really why I worry about you getting up,” Draco replied as Hermione walked down the stairs and kissed him on the lips. “You sure your doing the right thing hiring Ginny?”


“I’m sure, it’s going to be fine Draco, you’re the one who wanted me to get a manager whilst I’m pregnant,” Hermione said hugging him tight.


 “I know, I know,” Draco said, “I just don’t want to lose you, if I’d have known you getting pregnant would be so risky for you I would never-“



“I know you would have been different about things Draco, but I don’t care I want to be pregnant again. I want to have another baby with you Draco, I love you,” Hermione replied and kissed him before walking upstairs to get Cadence out of bed and dressed for nursery. “Have a good day at work Draco, I might see you on my lunch break or something.” She called down before going out of sight.



“Harry I can’t find my blazer, or my shoes!” Ginny yelled at her husband as she ran around the house looking for things.


Harry looked up as his wife ran past and smiled; he walked to her side of the room and picked up both things she was looking for. “Ginny I’ve found them, they were in your cupboard.”


“Oh Harry thank you,” she said kissing her husband before putting them on. “I’ll see you later darling.” She ran out the room and jumped into the car sat on the drive.




“Hi, I’m here to see Mrs Malfoy I’m meant to be starting work here today,” Ginny asked the receptionist.


“Mrs Potter?” the woman replied and Ginny nodded. She picked up the phone began to speak into it. “Yes Maddy, she’s down in reception shall I send her up?” she nodded and put down the phone, “Okay Mrs Potter if you take the elevator to the ninth floor and then follow the corridor right to the end that’s Mrs Malfoy’s office.”


Ginny smiled and muttered thanks before following the instructions she was given. She got to the end of the corridor and saw a huge open plan office behind glass doors. She knocked on the door and was called in. “Hi Mrs Potter my names Madison,” a woman behind the door said, “And I’m sure you know Victoire.”


“Hi aunty Ginny,” Victoire said looking up from the computer quickly and then returning to what she was doing.


“Mrs Malfoy isn’t here yet, I think she’s dropping Cadence off a nursery this morning as Mr Malfoy did it on Friday,” Madison explained. “If you want to take a seat she’ll be with you shortly.


“Hi everybody,” Hermione said rushing through the door about ten minutes later, “Sorry I got caught up at the nursery with Cady. Hi there Mrs Potter, would like to follow me through to my office?”


Ginny got up and followed her through to the office, ‘Wow she looks really familiar, I wonder where I know her from.’ She thought as she followed her.


“Hi Mrs Potter, I’ll give you a quick tutorial on what’s the jobs going to entail and then I’m going to leave you to it for the rest of the day and see how you get on,” Hermione explained, “Does that sound okay with you?”


“Yes that’s fine thanks Mrs Malfoy,” Ginny replied.


“Please if we’re going to be working together it’s Hermione, Mrs Malfoy is my mother-in-law it’s way to formal. I’m still trying to get Victoire to stop calling me it but she doesn’t seem to want to,” Hermione explained.


“Hermione? Really your name is Hermione?” Ginny asked her, looking at her incredulously.


“Yes,” she replied simply, “Would you like to take a seat. Right lets get down to business.”




“Her name is Hermione? Are you sure Gin?” Harry asked her down the phone, Ginny was sat in a cafe round the corner from the office having her lunch.


“Yes Harry, that’s what she said her name was,” Ginny replied. “And she does look similar to our Hermione to.”


“Nah, our Hermione would never marry Malfoy they hated each other remember,” Harry replied.




“Hey Mr M,” Madison said as Draco walked through the office with lunch for Hermione and himself.


“Alright thanks Maddy how’s the new recruit?” he asked pausing at the door to his wife’s office.


“She’s good, picked everything up dead quick, Mrs M’s impressed with her I can see that,” Madison replied. “Oh and she’s been having a few stomach cramps today, don’t let her know I told you though she’ll freak at me.”


“No problem Maddy, thanks,” Draco said before walking into her office. “Hey Mi’ brought you some lunch.” He put the bag down on her desk and walked round to where she was sat.


“Hey you,” she replied kissing him and grabbing the bag and rummaging through it. “Oh cool you got tuna.”


“Hermione, you hate tuna, I got that one for me,” Draco said. Hermione made a face and took it out of the bag, “Oh okay I get it pregnancy cravings, I’ll have the chicken baguette then shall I!”


 “Yes tuna is mine,” Hermione said taking a big bite out of it. “How’s your morning been then Draco?”


“It’s been good,” he replied. “Maddy said Ginny seems to be doing well.”


“She’s a lot more competent than I thought she would be, picked everything up dead quickly,” Hermione replied.


“Have you told her? Are you going to?” Draco asked, looking intently at his wife. He was worried, he knew how much the Weasley’s had once meant to Hermione before what Ron had done. He didn’t want her digging up the past if it was going to put more stress on her and the baby.


“I’ve told her my name, she questioned it slightly but that was about it,” Hermione explained. “I don’t know if she can recognise that it’s me though.”


“And maybe even if she can see that it’s you, she doesn’t think that you would ever be married to me,” Draco replied sitting on the desk in front of her and looking in her eyes. “Maybe she never saw me ever changing from the prick I was at school.”


“Maybe, but then I never saw Ron being a cheating arsehole either so lots of things about all of us have changed since Hogwarts,” Hermione explained kissing him gently.


“Mi’, what are you doing?” Draco asked looking down at his wife whose hands had found their way to his trousers, “We’re in your office and your secretaries are next door, behave yourself.”


“I’m sorry it’s the pregnancy hormones, they’re all over the place and you staring at me as intensely as you were I just couldn’t help myself,” Hermione explained just as the door opened and Ginny walked in.


“Oh I’m sorry am I interrupting?” she asked walking backwards towards the door.


“No your okay Mrs Potter, we’ve just finished lunch anyway,” Draco got up off the desk. “I’m Draco Malfoy, the new and improved one from Hogwarts so you know.”


“Nice to meet you properly Mr Malfoy,” Ginny replied.


“I’ll see you at home babe okay,” Draco said turning to Hermione and kissing her before walking towards the door. “I’m leaving early today so I’ll pick Cady up as well.”


“See you later,” Hermione called out, “Ready to be let loose on your own then Mrs Potter?”


“Yes, would you be able to call me Ginny though if I’m calling you Hermione?” Ginny asked.


“No problem,” Hermione explained.


“Your husband seems very different to the Draco I remember from school,” Ginny said as she sat down at the desk and looked through the papers she needed for that afternoon.


“He’s very different from the Draco he used to be, his father’s death changed him a lot. Lucius was very controlling and Draco’s behaviour stemmed mostly from the fear of him,” Hermione replied.




“Hi Victoire, is Ginny still here?” Harry asked her, she was still sat at her desk furiously typing away.


“Yeh, she’s in the office with Mrs Malfoy,” Victoire replied without looking up.


“Can I go in?” He asked.


“Go ahead,” she replied, still not looking up.


Harry knocked on the door and walked in when he heard a voice call to allow him in. “Hi Gin, do you want a lift home, as I need the car this evening?” he asked her as she walked in.


“Yeh okay Harry just let me finish this,” Ginny answered head down in the computer in a similar fashion to Victoire.


“Hi Mr Potter it’s nice to meet you,” Hermione said appearing next to Harry and holding out here hand.


Harry accepted and shook it, “Nice to meet you to Mrs Malfoy, I must admit you’re not what I expected Malfoy’s wife to be like to be honest with you.”


“And what did you expect me to be like then Mr Potter?” Hermione questioned, staring intently at her old friend.


“A lot more...”He began to say not quite sure of how to word it, “Well a lot more obviously pureblood, I think is the only way I can describe it. When everything around is very heavily muggle influenced. You also seem a lot more welcoming than I would of expected.” Harry saw Ginny sink down in her seat and smack her head the more he spoke but he couldn’t help it, it was like word vomit. After Ginny revealing her first name, he was intent on finding out who she really was.


“Pureblood?” Hermione asked and laughed slightly at what he had said, “I hate to disappoint you Mr Potter but you see, I’m a muggle-born.” She turned away and walked to her desk still laughing and Harry was sure he caught the words pureblood and Hogwarts in what she was muttering.


“Right well Ginny I’ll see you tomorrow, we’re all done for the day,” Hermione said grabbing her coat from the chair as she spoke. “Would you be able to take Victoire with you, the girl is just too much of a workaholic and I don’t really want Teddy in here again saying I’m working her too hard.”


“No problem Hermione, I’ll see you in the morning,” Ginny replied jabbing her husband in the ribs.



“It was nice to meet you Mrs Malfoy,” Harry said rubbing his side, before he and Ginny left.



“Hey Cady, where’s daddy sweetie?” Hermione asked her daughter who was sat in the living room reading one of her kiddie books.


“Kitchen, cook,” she replied not paying much attention to her mother, to engrossed in the book. Hermione walked through the hall and into the kitchen and smiled at Draco in the kitchen cooking dinner for them. It didn’t happen very often as he only knew about three recipes, but when it did Hermione always smiled as she knew how much of an effort he put into. Draco sensing her presence turned around and smiled at her.


“She’s as bad as you with that bloody book,” he said, “Must you teach all of our children to be know-it-all bookworms?” he asked jokingly.


“Must you teach all of our children to fly round like lunatics?” she countered.


“Ah touché my love,” he replied kissing her cheek before returning to the dinner. Hermione walked into the living room and took a book off the bookshelf to read, she had been getting stomach cramps today and it was worrying her.




23rd September 2009


“Okay so this time I will allow you to paint the nursery blue,” Hermione said to Draco as they travelled home from the Healers. “It’s weird knowing the sex of the baby, and so early into the pregnancy to.


“I know, I still can’t believe you were right about Scarlett being a girl, even from the beginning,” Draco replied turning into the garage under their apartment block.


“I like the name Taylor, what do you think?” Hermione asked as they walked from the car up the stairs to the lobby, Scarlett lagging behind them, “Come on Scar catch up sweetie!”


“Hmm Taylor? I like it,” Draco said taking his wife’s hand and his daughter’s hand as they walked towards the elevator.




25th September 2009


“Hi Maddy have you seen Hermione?” Draco asked the secretary as he walked into his wife’s office, “She was meant to meet me for lunch.”

“She left about half an hour ago Mr M,” said Madison. “She was meeting you at the cafe round the corner. I remember her saying something about stomach cramps and that she would go to the loos first but that about it.”


Draco rushed out of the office and into the toilets situated on the same level near the elevators, “Hermione,” he called out, “Are you in here babe?”


He heard a faint noise coming from one of the stalls and he pushed the door open to find his wife lying on the floor. There was blood all around her and she was near unconsciousness, he scooped her up and quickly apparated to St. Mungos. “Can somebody help me please?” he asked at the desk, a medi-witch walking by saw the state of Hermione and quickly ushered Draco into a side room.  


She forced a blood replenishing potion down Hermione’s throat and then checked her over, “Mr Malfoy your wife has been in labour for a while now. There’s no way your son is going to survive he’s just too young and underdeveloped, she’s having a miscarriage.” The medi-witch explained to a shocked Draco, he knew what that meant. He sat down in the chair and stared blankly at his wife lying lifelessly on the examination table.


“What about Hermione, will my wife be okay?” he asked his voice hoarse.


“A healer will be in shortly to deli-“ she began to explain but was cut off by a healer walking in.


“Mr Malfoy, I am so terribly sorry, but I do have to move quickly in order to minimise the damage to your wife’s health,” he explained. “I’m Healer Morgan by the way.” Draco just nodded at him and allowed him to begin, watching as the Healer wheeled his wife away toward the operating rooms for something he called a C and D whatever that was. He walked out the room and into the waiting room where he saw Blaise waiting for him.


“Come on mate, lets get you some coffee,” Blaise said putting his arm round him and steering him towards the cafeteria.





  A/N: Okay intense end to that chapter, I wanted to add in some more information about Hermione’s miscarriages and I want to go into more detail about they coped with them as it gives a better view into how they behave as a couple together now and why they dote on their daughters so much. I hope nobody gets offended by the way I put it in and I will deal with the aftermath in the later chapters with as much sensitivity as possible as I know it’s a very delicate subject.

I also know many of you were expecting Ginny to recognise Hermione, she does slightly but she’s a very different person to how she was and it has been a long time since they saw one another. However she will work it out soon I promise!

Please review J

Love Lily xxx  


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