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When Jasper and I dashed through the brick wall to the other side, entering our world once again I felt the sudden adrenaline coursing through my veins. It was a madhouse. People were screaming out cries of various things: whether it was directing people, shouts of mothers losing their kids, or just plain people reconnecting across the bloody station. All I had was my large trunk and my over-sized backpack which I was clinging onto for dear life. I hardily kept up with Jasper as we filed our way over to the luggage carts. It was even more hectic than I remembered it…but then again we also would have our mother with us, pulling us along through the busy mess. Suddenly I felt Jasper take my hand. He smiled at me before guiding me though the crowd. As we pushed and winded our way through everyone we ended up at the front of the luggage line. We placed our belongings in front of the luggage carts and I followed Jasper onto the train as we twisted through the crowded hallways. Familiar faces and new faces cramped almost every compartment as we made our way deeper into the train. I could tell that they were looking, pointing, and whispering about us as we passed.


“Don’t look now it’s the Goodwin trouble-makers.”


“I heard that he tortured that poor mudblood last year.”


“That’s not as bad as what she did to that bloke in Slytherin-”


“…destroyed the potion’s dungeon…”


“…turned the lake orange…”


“…something about their raving mother…” I felt Jasper’s grip on my hand tighten before he shoved passed everyone. As we walked down the long train the crowds loosened up to almost nothing and it wasn't until then that I felt Jasper let go of my hand. I stopped, knowing that it was time for us to separate. He turned and grinned at me before pulling the hood of his dark jacket over his head. I smirked before copying him with my own jacket and I heard his low chuckle.


“Shadow hide you sister.” He said secretly as I watched him disappear down the hallway.


“And you brother.” I whispered to myself as I suddenly felt the train jerk forward and start to move. It took a few moments for the train to leave the station, but eventually walking became a little easier. This meant that I had to find a compartment fast, one that held my close friends inside and not a bunch of mutant newbie’s. I ran my hand through my dark curls as I started to search the compartments for familiar faces:


Kristine Bell – the blondest residential beauty-queen that knows the juiciest scoop on everyone she meets. Her crystal blue eyes match perfectly with her bright, long blonde hair; making any guy weak in the knees…mostly my own brother, whom has been having this little crush on her since 2nd year. She prides herself on being the most caught up in fashion and seems to know everyone on a 'more than acquaintances' level. She’s pretty much the gossip girl of Hogwarts. 


Ally Wood - the typical over-achiever with the most tom-boyish attitude to go with it. Her light brown hair was always tied back and only let down on special occasions. Even though she was the shortest of us she was the kind of person that demanded authority, being a prefect and what-not. Her brother, Oliver Wood, was a constant reminder of her sporty spunk and athletic stance. She was the sharp-minded, logical one out of us with a snarky sarcasm to match.


“Charlotte!” A recognizable voice shouted as I turned slightly to see the source. I lowered my hood and smiled at the round glasses of Hollie Alderton, the daughter of the famous boom-maker Arkie Alderton. Hollie was the classic pretty girl with the biggest appetite for a good novel. Her dark hair was cut in a bob and she had straight bangs across her forehead. When I first met her back on the Hogwarts Express in 2nd year, I immediately pegged her as the quiet, shy type. While I quickly bonded with the other girls, she remained timidly sweet and likable. She also is the seeker for Ravenclaw and gives even our own Harry Potter a run for his money…speaking of Potter the ruddy-


“You’re hair, it’s so long!” She said touching the ends of my curls as I grinned at her.


“Thanks Hollie!” I smiled as she hugged me. She adjusted her glasses up her nose as her rosy cheekbones dimpled from her smile. “How was your summer?”


“Well, it was quite amazing.” She said with a smirk before walking with me on our search for a compartment. “Dad got a great deal with the Falmouth Falcons.”


“The Falmouth Falcons?” I asked excitedly. Not only were they the best team of the season, they completely dominated the Chuddly Cannons in the World Cup this summer…I was jealous. 


“It was unbelievable!” She said happily as I looked into a compartment full of 4th years. They immediately recognized me and pulled the curtains shut as I looked away quickly. “Bloody underclassman.”


“They should be scared, ruddy kids.” I stated defensively.


“They should be, we’re the head honchos around these parts now!” She said with a funny american cowboy accent. But before I could begin to laugh at her statement I suddenly ran into someone who just stepped out of a compartment. The collision wasn’t too detrimental, but I have a bloody temper.


“Oi, watch where you’re going!” I shouted before noticing that it was one of the most unappealing people I could run into. His emerald eyes shot me a cold look as his messy dark hair fell slightly in front of them. “Potter.”


Harry Potter – the most eligible bachelor at Hogwarts, if you like meddling, self-centered pricks. If there is one person in this school whom I could say I completely disliked…it was Harry Potter. I don’t know if it was the fact that his nose was in everyone’s business or if it was that bloody ‘heroic’ puffed up head of his. Just because he’s the bloody chosen one doesn’t mean that he can do anything and not get a single house point deducted. I couldn’t stand him and the day that he became quidditch captain was the worse day in history.


“Goodwin.” He said in his nonsensical drawl as I stared coldly at him.


“I should have guessed.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?” He spat quickly as a small grin started to form on his lips.


“You’re a pig headed prick who causes devastating intersections.”


“It wasn’t intentional believe me. Last person I’d like to be running into is you Goodwin.” The grin had surfaced and I scowled at him as I rudely pushed past him. He chuckled to himself before clearing his throat. “Not to mention I was already dreading the first day on the pitch, being that I’m the captain-”


“Just because you’re the captain doesn’t mean you can-” I turned facing him as I felt Hollie take my arm.


“I can certainly make a few necessary cuts to the team.” His glazed eyes glared at me as his voice spat disdainfully at me.


“Necessary.” I almost choked on his words. “I’d like to see you try and win without me!”


“Is that a challenge?” He raised his eyebrows as I felt my cheeks start to burn. “I think we can get along perfectly well without you and your stubborn attitude.”


“I’m the best bloody chaser you’ve got Potter.” I stated matter-of-factly as he stifled a laugh. “I’d like to see you try to find someone better than me.” I felt Hollie suddenly interject as Potter’s stare iced over more.


“Hey, now…let’s not get hasty here guys.” Hollie said quickly tugging me into her direction and lowering her voice so that only I could hear her. “We should find that compartment soon before we’re forced to sit with-”


“Yes, run along now Goodwin, before you say something completely detrimental.” He warned before smoothly going back into his compartment.


“Ruddy Bastard!” I shouted after him as Hollie started dragging me down the hallway. “Honestly, what a prick!”


“Charlotte I swear, he was about to kick you off the bloody team!” She said hotly as I felt electric waves of hatred pulsing through my body. “Look, there’s Ally.” Hollie said throwing me from my heated thoughts. I looked up to see Ally Wood’s excited white smile as she dashed through the hallway to us.


 “Hollie! Charlie!” She said coming up to us quickly. “I thought I heard you shouting over there.”


“It’s not that hard to hear you over the crowd.” I blushed slightly as they laughed at me.


“It was bloody Potter.” I stated quickly as Ally rolled her eyes.


“Of course, because you two just can’t bear to get along.” She teased as she started leading us to another train car. As we walked Hollie told Ally about her summer as I tried to cool off about the situation that just set me off. But for some reason Potter’s voice kept clanging through my brain. Does he honestly think that he can just replace me, what a bloody joke!


“This summer Oliver took me to the World Cup, oh Charlie…you should’ve been there. It was absolutely spectacular.”


“I bet it was.” I said easily as Ally started to slow down.


“Maybe we can all go next summer, have you seen the teams this year?”


“Actually I haven’t been able to keep up with anything happening this summer in the wizarding world.” I said darkly as Hollie pushed open a compartment door.


“Well then we have a lot to fill you in about.” Ally smiled as we walked into the compartment. “Oh, did Potter mention anything about this weekend to you?” Ally asked quickly as I felt my temper boil at the use of his name. “I can take that for a no.”


“He only told me that if he has to make necessary cuts, I would basically be the first to go.”


“I hardly think he would cut you first.” Ally laughed.


“I wouldn’t put it past him, bloody prick.” I mumbled as the girls laughed at me.


“You should have seen it, it’s not even the first day of school and you two are already at each other’s throats.” Hollie laughed.


“I thought I heard you shouting outside the door.” Krissy joked as I crossed my arms. “What was it about this time?”


“I ran into him and he bloody started it.” I stated quickly as they all laughed again.


“Do you think at the meeting you two could just…get along…or something remotely close to that?” Ally begged as I snorted at her.


“Do you honestly think I like to argue with him?”


“Yes.” They all said in unison as I almost choked a laugh.


“You like to fight.” Hollie nodded.


“And argue.” Ally agreed.


“Not to mention you have the worst temper sometimes.” Krissy chimed in as I felt my temper start to boil.


Sometimes…she’s always getting into trouble with that temper.” Hollie stated and I felt my cheeks begin to flush.


“Alright, enough.” I said quickly.


Charlotte Goodwin – the quick tempered quidditch jock with a constant smart ass mouth. Loves to occasionally play harmless pranks on her fellow friends and house mates. I have no idea why anyone puts up with me or how I can accumulate friends at all but here we are…oh and I can’t bloody stand Harry Potter.


“Don’t get upset Charlotte, we’re doing you a favor.” Krissy laughed as I got knocked from my thoughts.


“I get it. I have a bad temper…” I said settling down in our compartment. We all shared a laughed before leaving one another to our own desires. Krissy scanned the gossip pages of her muggle magazines as Hollie and Ally continued to chat about the Quidditch Cup. Hollie eventually pulled out one of her novels and I leaned against the window smashing my face into the glass. I looked out of it and stared at the afternoon sky as the train rattled rhythmically. Get along with Potter?  How could you even get along with that heroic sodding bastard?  If he's not busy trying to be the most sought after guy in Hogwarts he's usually dealing with his on-and-off again relationship with that horrid Cho Chang. It is so distracting and the fact that he became the quidditch captain last year just infuriates me to no end! He doesn't care about the team at all, he only cares about having this overconfident attitude. Not only does he make my life a living hell when I’m in his presence, but for some reason I find that he takes pleasure in torturing me. Whether the torture waits on the quidditch pitch or in the hallways of the bloody school, he’s there with that undermining grin and this sense of superiority. There have been many occasions when I’ve tried to be nice, bloody hell I’ve even tried to not fight with the guy. He always seems to get a rise out of me and the fact that it never fails annoys the crap out of me. I can’t stand the way he mocks me in front of everyone especially if it’s about my playing ability. He knows bloody good and well that I am on point at every practice, if he cares to admit it or call out bullshit against me. Even that little smirk he pulls on me when he thinks that I’m talking nonsense…I can’t stand it! Point. In. Case. Harry Potter is the most sodding, pig-headed git in school and I, Charlotte Goodwin, cannot stand him.

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