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James Potter :)

“Oh Merlin, Mary.” I sighed, as soon as I reached her empty compartment, which I immediately realized was not empty, but full of three hyper teenage boys, all of them known as one of the Marauders.

There was Remus Lupin, with sandy brown hair that ended right above his ears, who always had a new scar on his face.  It was very peculiar; given that Remus was one of the sweetest guys you could meet, making his possibility of getting into late night fights very unlikely.  He had these golden brown eyes, and I would know, given I did have a daylong crush on him in fourth year. 

Despite his personality, he kept a lot of secrets, and he had this air of mystery about him.  It was very intriguing.  The thing was, I often wondered why Lupin was a marauder, since he often wanted to do the right thing, and tried his best in school.  He really didn’t belong with them, but on occasion he did join a prank.  But the thing was, that the marauders were his brothers.  And as much as I hated that stupid exclusive club of theirs, I respected that.

Next to him was Peter Pettigrew, who perplexed me even more.  He was short, stubby, had dirty blonde hair cut very short, which just made his baby face even more pronounced.  For 16, he looked barely 14.  He was a misfit, and awkward, even among his brothers.  Sirius, James, and Remus all took him in, but I never got why they let him join.  They were all outgoing, fun loving, and womanizing (that may be an overstatement), but Pete was none of these.

The last male in this compartment was none other than Sirius Black himself, the playboy of the school.  As much as I hated to admit it, he was very handsome, and very built.  He had dark brown, swept hair, with these piercing blue-gray eyes.  His eyes themselves were a wonder to behold. 

He had almost every girl in the school swooning for him at one point in their educational career.  And even if he was a prat, he never cheated on his girlfriends.  For being very flirtatious, he did not particularly date a lot.  He would always have a date for Hogsmeade, yet there would be tons of girls disappointed that Sirius did not kiss them on the first date.  From what I had heard, Sirius was a damn good snogger, and his snogs were always worth the second date. 

He was fiercely loyal to his brothers, and the black sheep of his family.  I often wondered if this was why, that he never truly had a family of his own, he stuck to the marauders like glue.
As I sat contemplating this and realizing I had realized that I had come into this compartment to talk to Mary, when James strolled into the compartment, his eyes searching for something.
“Prongs, mate…I haven’t seen you all day.  I was beginning to think you weren’t coming to school this year.”

“Now why would I leave Hogwarts alone to my best mate in my last year, Padfoot?”

He looked to over to me, I could feel it, “Hello Lily, Helga says that we better start patrolling soon, and that Alice is waiting for your patrol, Moony.”

James actually sounded serious, and I had to shake my head to realize this was James, “Merlin, Prongs?  Who are you… and since when did you care about authority?”  Sirius seemed just as shocked as I.

“I am Head Boy, Padfoot.”  He rolled his eyes, I actually chuckled, and I’m pretty sure I heard Mary gasp in the background.  I never thought I’d see the day when James chooses to follow the rules, and corrected Sirius in the process.  Thankfully, Potter didn’t see me chuckle, he would probably die of a heart attack.
“I guess we better get going then,” I sighed, not that I was enjoying it, but I figured life would be easier if I wasn’t yelling at Potter every minute.

“As you wish Evans,” he smirked, and I supposed he’d enjoy every minute with me.  I was surprised though, it had been almost an hour and he hadn’t asked me once on a date.
“Git,” I rolled my eyes, whilst following James out the compartment.  Almost immediately after we left the compartment, James smiled dreamily at me, it was quite annoying.  But still I wasn’t complaining, because he hadn’t asked me out yet.

“So Lily, how does it feel not hexing me into oblivion every five minutes?”
“Surprisingly empty actually,” I retorted, rather harsher than I intended, but James didn’t seem to notice.  Then again, I didn’t really have the energy to feel guilty about snapping at him for no reason.  It’s not like it was the first time I reacted like that.  I was just in a surprisingly good mood today, and not even Potter could ruin that for me.

“Well I like our sort of friendship Evans.”  I chose to ignore him and cantered down the halls, James rushed to follow me, I just rolled my eyes at him.

The rest of the ride was rather uneventful, and I had to literally run away from James’s grasps so that I could change into my robes.  But I changed successfully, and I just in time to meet up with the Marauders and Mary just before the train reached Hogsmeade station.
“So how was it spending all that alone time with James?” Mary teased, and it took everything in me not to hex her.  She was my best friend, but when my seemingly wonderful day was shattered by James’s overbearing presence, I turned into the moody mess I always was.  Oh, what a great way to start the school year.

“Don’t get me started…Potter’s…Potter.”

“I’m taking it that you’re upset with him, for what now?”

“For him being Potter, of course…I wish he’d drop the bloody act and act normal already, because I’d much rather have prat Potter than whatever he is now.”

“Oh, Lils, maybe it’s not an act.”

“Oh trust me Mary, it is.”

“Lils, you don’t really know James and you know it.  Maybe he’s not the one who’s changed.  And either way…Potter hasn’t hexed anyone, not even Snape since he arrived here.”

“That doesn’t change anything,” I crossed my arms at my chest, grumbling at her good retort.  One thing I hated about Mary was her being right, that and the fact she could really talk me into almost anything if she wanted to.

“Just give James a chance, and you’ll see yourself what you missed out on the past seven years.”
“Potter’s the bloody prat he always was, and I see no change in him whatsoever…and I refuse to believe anything else either.”

“Has Potter asked you out yet?”  Mary said suddenly, and out of nowhere, but it did shut me up.
“W-well no,” I mumbled nervously, terrified of where she was going with this.
“Don’t you remember last year?  The second he saw you at King’s Cross he started asking you out.”
“Yes, and every bloody ten minutes afterward for two months.”
“And now he hasn’t asked you out in two months, doesn’t that account for something?”

“Maybe he’s finally over me, thank Merlin.”

“Or maybe he’s not the git you used to think he was?”

“I prefer to believe he’s over me."

“Yes because James bloody Potter is going to give up on you after years of pining after you.  All of a sudden he’s going to quit cold turkey?  He has a plan…I can sense it.”

“That’s why I refuse to go out with that prat…he’s not even asking me out because he likes me, only because I’m the only girl our whole entire school who wouldn’t die to go out with him.  This is just a bloody game to him, and not because he has actual feelings for me.”

“I think he actually likes you Lils.”

“Yeah, and the Marauder’s don’t exist.”

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