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Chapter 22- mood swings.
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Over the next few weeks all of the prefects worked hard. They advertized for their candy grams and took orders. They planned for the dance and posted signs announcing it was going to be casual with a color requirement of pink, red, or purple. Since it was going to be casual they had decided to have games going on in the corners, while general dancing and eating and what-not goes on in the center. Hermione and Draco called a meeting to discuss what games to have.

“Thanks for coming everyone.” Everyone was there, except for the Slytherins of course. “I thought we should brainstorm for the party. We need some fun games to play. I have one idea, but I need others. The levels of maturity can vary, but we need options for kids as young as first years. Any ideas?”

“Could we hear yours first?” One of the Hufflepuff prefects asked meekly. 

“Sure,” Hermione smiled at the prefects. “I always enjoyed the game called ‘Darling I love you won’t you please just smile?’, do you all know what that is?” There were a few nods but mostly shaking heads. Hermione asked Draco if he would help her in a demonstration. He did not know how the game worked but he agreed. Hermione had him sit in a chair a bit away from the table, so that everyone could see. 

“Now,” she explained, “all Draco has to do is not smile. No teeth can show, no laughing, nothing. If he does, I win. If I can’t get him to smile then I lose and I have to move on to the next person. It is generally done in a circle, with the loser in the center. Once they win one then they switch and the person they beat goes into the center. The line that the person in the center, i.e. me, must say in their speech is “Darling I love you, won’t you please just smile”. They can say whatever else they want in an attempt to make the person smile, but they cannot touch the other person, no tickling, nothing. So here it goes.” Hermione knelt in front of Draco and folded her hands, appearing to plead with him. 

“Darling” she said smoothly, staring into his eyes. “Darling, I love you” she enunciated. “Won’t you please, please just smile?” Draco did not smile. “Darling, Draco sweetie, if you really and truly cared about me you would smile.” He still did not smile. “You know, I’ve added something to my list, we should check it off today. Number twenty-one is to make you smile in a ridiculous Valentine’s Day game.” Draco could not help it, he grinned. 

“And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done.” She smiled. “You can use any tactic at all. I could have told him a sad and totally not true story about my dog running away from me and getting hit by a quidditch player on a broom, I could have mimed kissing him and tickling him until he cracked, or I could have just stared at him until he could not take it anymore. That’s all the fun, there are so many ways to make someone laugh or smile.” 

“I only smiled at the thought of you actually being funny or entertaining.” Draco sneered, attempting to regain some of his dignity. Everyone at the table laughed.

“Very good Draco, you just beat everyone, but you forgot to say ‘Darling I love you won’t you please just smile’.” Everyone laughed again. “So, other ideas?” 

They talked for over an hour. In the end they decided on three games. Darling I Love You, a game called Paper Dance, and a Valentine’s Day themed charades. 

Hermione explained Darling I Love You, Charades, and Paper Dance to Professor McGonagall in order to get permission. “Paper Dance is a dancing competition of sorts. Couples compete to see which couple can dance on the smallest piece of paper without falling or slipping. If either partner steps off the paper they are out. Last couple dancing wins. Every few minutes or so the paper is folded in half, getting smaller and smaller until only one couple is still able to dance on it.” McGonagall approved all of the games, the color requirement, and she had already approved the candy grams. They were set to go with the dance. 

As the dance approached Hermione assigned a few of the prefects to decorations committee. She would have been on the committee herself, except that her illness, the unintentional magic and the sparks were a danger to the decorations. She had already singed one heart shaped centerpiece they had looked at. 

With Hermione being so distracted with the dance, Draco decided it was the perfect time to try and look in her Diagnose Your Own Magical Maladies book. He had not forgotten that mood swings were not generally a side affect or symptom of Fluxi Magus. He wanted to input all her symptoms, including mood swings, and see if something better suited came up. He knew the mood swings were not just a girl thing, they had been getting progressively worse the entire year. She was getting very difficult to predict. He would offer to help with something for the dance and she would snap at him that she could do it herself. But the very next minute she would smile at him and ask him if he could please help out. She would be sitting comfortably with him in front of the fire, and then she would get mad at him for holding her “too tightly” and huff off to her room. 

Hermione was out with one of the committees, making sure everything was going as planned, so he snuck over to the bookshelf in their rooms where she kept her precious book and took it off the shelves. He took it over to the couch and opened it up. Unfortunately before he could finish typing in the symptoms Hermione came in. 

Draco looked up at her, unsure of what mood she would be in, ready to defend his actions. 

AN: Sorry it took so long. This was supposed to be a short chapter that would come out while I was at camp for a month. Unfortunately they rejected it, like they do so many of mine, for stupid reasons, and by the time I saw that submissions were closed, so instead it’s  a short one to hold you over until I have time to write more. I’m preparing for my senior year, so I’m a bit busy, but I swear I’m not abandoning this story. Please read and review. BTW- I’ve been writing this story for 2 years now, thanks for sticking with me! Thanks!

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