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Disclaimer: I own nothing Harry Potter related :(

              Her eyes fluttered open at the sound of the heavy breathing that she could hear above her. Victoire Weasley was unsure where she was. She could not see anything, and the breathing was fading but the stench of the place was inescapable. Something about this did not seem right to her. Confusion enveloped her already fogged mind but she focused every ounce of logic she had left on the constant sound of the harsh breathing. Soon she started to feel her body moving slightly. Up and down she moved until she realized she was under something excruciatingly heavy. Victoire whimpered in fear as she realized her own helplessness in the situation, “Help,” she whispered softly.


“STUPEFY!” Yelled a male voice, and all of the weight and fear was lifted off Victoire as footsteps were heard crunching on the ground moving further and further away. Everything went black.


                Victoire awoke with a stinging migraine. Nothing seemed quite right as she took in her surroundings. She was in a dark alley, surrounded by the stench of sweat and dirt. She looked down at her dress which was ripped and frayed. How long had she been here? She tried to get to her feet but stumbled and fell down as a shooting pain ran up her leg. Victoire almost fainted as she saw the murky red that had stained her entire right leg. She needed to get help.


She shifted her weight onto her left side and with the help of both tired arms lifted herself to lean against the wall. She saw a ripped white fabric across the alley and realized what it was. She was no longer wearing any underwear. 


Everything came soaring back to her. The awful breathing, the heaviness, and the musky smell. Victoire Weasley had been raped. She started to cry at the thought. She had been a virgin and had been saving herself for him. For Teddy Lupin. He was her best friend and she had loved him all her life and now she was ruined, broken. She felt naked, despite the majority of her clothing still being intact. Who would want her now? Teddy certainly wouldn’t. Teddy would accept no less than perfection for that was what he was. 


How had she gotten here? Bad things weren’t supposed to happen to good people and surely Victoire was the epitome of good people. She had just finished Hogwarts and she held all of the titles: prefect, Head Girl, and even top of her class. She had immediately gotten a job working as a journalist at the Daily Prophet. Victoire had absolutely everything she could possibly want, except for him. She knew that if she could be Mrs. Lupin her life would be perfect. 


Her life had now taken a strange and unexpected turn and could never be the same. Unless, she could create a story to explain her leg, no would ever know. Everything could work out. Victoire was nothing but honest, everyone would believe that she had just fallen down and broken her leg. She would just have to keep this a secret. Nothing would change; she would just forget everything that had happened. In fact, she assured herself, she had already forgotten what had happened.


                “Her story seems odd to me,” said the Healer, “She has more injuries and in places that just don’t make sense for tripping over the sidewalk.   She has bruises on her arms and thighs that make me think someone else did this to her. Is there anyone that Victoire would want to protect? Someone that might want to hurt her?”


“But who could possibly want to hurt her?” Victoire’s sister Dominique questioned before her parents could say a word, “Everyone loves Victoire, she’s beautiful, she’s smart and so incredibly nice to everyone.”


“Our daughter eez right, Victoire eez darling!” Fleur shouted.


“Also, she would never lie.” Bill added.


The Healer looked sceptical before finally accepting his defeat and giving them the instructions on how to dress her bandages as it looked as if Victoire had a nasty infection on her leg.


The Healer watched as the Weasley family helped Victoire into a wheelchair and wheeled her down the hall towards the elevator, her younger brother and sister fighting all the while to push Victoire with looks of admiration adorning each of their faces. The Healer turned to his colleague nearby and said, “That girl has got them all wrapped around her finger. I am absolutely positive something happened to her,” the colleague shrugged and walked away whilst the Healer wondered If only I knew what did happen to her.



A knock at Victoire’s door made her squeal with fright before saying, “Come in.”


“Jeez Victoire, this fall has gotten you all jumpy,” Dominique said while Victoire smiled guiltily at her sister, “I have come to make you look presentable.”


“Excuse me?” Said Victoire with a look of confusion and offence on her face.


“Trust me Victoire. Let me do this, you will not regret it. There is someone here to see you and I know that you would probably kill someone if he saw you right now.” So it was a “he” she thought.


This comment sparked Victoire’s interest, “So, who may I ask,” Victoire started as Dominique began brushing her hair, “Is here to see little old me.”


“Victoire, I am extremely disappointed in you. You know full well that I would never dream of ruining a surprise, especially one this good.”


“Dom,” Victoire said in her warning voice, “Who is here to see me?”


“Please don’t make me say Vic, it’ll be so much better if you just wait,” Dominique responded, starting to apply a layer of mascara onto Victoire’s eyelashes.


“Fine,” Victoire nodded huffily, but then changing her tone to a much sweeter one, “So what does my visitor want to see me for? Who is keeping them company while I wait?”


Dominique’s face became gossipy and Victoire new she had now manipulated Dominique into telling her everything, “Well, he probably wants to see if you’re okay, he saw us on our way into St. Mungo’s and was worried when he heard you were hurt and I think Dad is keeping him company. More like interrogating him on whether or not he plans on keeping your virtue intact.” Dominique laughed but Victoire’s face turned to stone.


The word virtue brought Victoire back to the alley where she had clearly left hers. Dominique clearly did not notice the look of pure terror on Victoire’s face and said, “Well, I’ll go save him from Dad and tell him you’re ready to see him, okay?” Dominique smiled with assurance. Victoire could only nod.


Only a minute later there was another knock at Victoire’s door and before she could even say come in someone extremely tall and handsome walked in. 


“Hello Victoire, how are you doing? I heard what happened. Can I get you anything?” 


But Victoire could not respond because standing before her was Teddy Lupin.


 Hey Everyone! So this is my first novella I will be posting on here and I hope it's good.  A bit dramatic, maybe but it's your opinions that matter.  What does everyone think?  Do you like Victoire, do you think she should tell?  Any other characters you like/dislike?  Anything you'd like to see happen?  I'm feeling like this'll be a bit longer on the novella side.  SO I'm in it and devoted for awhile.  I have a few more chapters written so I'll post as soon as validation allows.  Anyways!  Read and Review, please! 




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