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You know the drill.... I own nothing, just my beautiful plot... everything else is because of JK Rowling... Brilliant.

        They were arguing again, and this time they did not wait for the common room to empty. Ron and Hermione did not seem to notice the stillness which had settled as everyone anticipated the end of yet another of the couple's arguements.
        From across the room, Harry Potter silently watched. His heart ached, not for Ron who was visibly losing, but for Hermione, the girl he loved. Why is she even with him? He angrily thought to himself, He may be my best friend, but she could do so much better. 

As he stayed in his gloomy corner of self pity and woe, his two best friends- whom he wished would break things off already - continued to scream at one another. It seemed as though Hermione would win yet again, that Ron would grumble and apologize while the intelligent girl glowed in triumph, until he said the one word you never said to the brightest witch of the age, Mudblood. If the room had been quiet before, it was deadly still now, all breaths held for the hex that would leave the blood traitor in the Hospital Wing for a good month. But it did not come, as she stood completely still staring at the boy who seemingly held her heart. The hurt showed in her wide eyes, and she turned quickly on her heels toward the portrait hole. Before she disappeared through it, Harry caught sight of a single tear running down her cheek. The moment he witnessed this unwilling act his aching heart took over. Not noticing what he was doing until he did it, Harry began chasing after her. But not before he gave Ron a glare that would make even the Dark Lord Voldemort asses all of the horrendous things he had done in the past.

     Harry knew exactly where she would go to. Her one safe haven, the Library. In the darkest, gloomiest, most deserted part of the Library, he found her. She sat there, crying upon the floor. Every sob was like a knife jabbing into his hear. As he walked toward her, she looked up at him in surprise. Harry could not help but to catch his breath; because even though her face was stained with tears, she was still the beautiful angel he fell in love with at the Yule Ball.

     Harry gave her a small smile, which she feebly returned. He took this as invitation enough and sat next to her as she continued to cry out all the betrayal she felt within her. Harry wrapped his arms arounds her small frame, as he pulled her into his lap, accepting her worry as it washed into the front of his shirt.

     He rocked her slightly, soothing her as she kept up her weeping. He knew this was wrong. Ron was his best mate, but at the moment he hated him. Hated him because he made this beautiful angel from Heaven cry. An angel should just be loved and adored. Not hurt and betrayed to the point of misery. As Harry continued to sooth her he said what had been on his mind for the longest time, "I'll always be here for you Hermione, forver. You may be a beautiful angel to me, but I will be your Guardian Angel forever. Remember that."

A/N: Again, a short one-shot... Hope yall still liked it though. :]
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