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Waking the Dragon by draikaina8503
Chapter 12 : Keep Running
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Fred's POV

I stared at the girl I had fallen for. That was all I had been able to do after she woke up screaming. She looked around, trying to make sure she was still in the right place. Then she looked at me and relaxed. "Hello, handsome," she said, falling back onto the pillows.

Before I could respond, the door burst open. Everyone in the house seemed to try to squeeze through the door at the same time. My mum actually pushed in first and ran straight to Analee's bed. "Oh, darling, are you in pain? Do you need food? Just tell me and I'll fix you right up!" my mother said hurriedly.


Analee sat up again, her hair catching the rays of moonlight from the window. "It's okay. I just had a bad dream, but I'm okay. I promise."


"Just a bad dream?" Lupin's voice came from the doorway, where he was standing next to Ginny. I had a feeling they knew something I didn't, but I didn't dwell on it because he started talking again. "If I may suggest, I believe it was more than a dream."


The blue-eyed girl's jaw dropped. "How did...I don't know what you are talking about."


"Oh, but you do. You see, you were sending the images to me as well. Since everyone is here, maybe we should discuss it."


Analee looked at the ground in shame. I believed she was probably cursing her abilities at that point, wanting to keep the dream to herself. Finally finding my voice, I came to her defense. "She's had a lot happen to her. Maybe it would be better to let her rest and meet tomorrow."


There were many nods of agreement throughout the room. "That's very well," McGonagall said. "Those in the search party for Carly should sleep now."


I saw Analee snatch her head up quickly and look at Lupin. He nodded to her and I wondered if they were communicating through their minds again. She opened and closed her mouth several times, trying to say something she didn't want to say. Sighing, she looked at the bed and bit her bottom lip. To comfort her, I put my hand on top of hers. She smiled gratefully at me and sighed again. This time, words followed. "Don't bother searching for her. It's too late."


There were many murmurs in the room. Moody was the first to actually vocalize his thoughts. "You mean they've killed her already?"


Analee shook her head, shame clouding her beautiful features again. "It's worse."


"What can be worse than death?" Tonks asked incredulously, and I was wondering the same thing.


The girl on the bed looked at Lupin, her eyes pleading with him to not make her answer. The longer it took for an answer to come, the more tension that built up in the air. McGonagall felt it too because she spoke. "Spit it out, child. We don't have forever."


"Do you not understand?" Analee finally asked. "Do you not get it? Can't you figure it out? She doesn't want to be found. She's a Death Eater!"


And with that, I could hear a pin drop in the room.



Tonks' POV


 "Wh-what do you mean? Carly can't be," I finally stammered. "She can't be a...a...a Death Eater. She's put too much in the Order."


Was Analee actually telling the truth? She was a Seer, but even great Seers were known to be wrong at times, and she was merely a young girl. Please, God, let her be wrong, I prayed silently, thinking of the woman who had befriended me. Let her be wrong.


Everyone in the room was in shock and disturbed. It was too much to bear. Ginny, the youngest in the room, said, "It makes sense, doesn't it?"


"Hush, Ginny!" Bill hissed.


"No, I won't. No one wants to hear it, but we don't have a choice now that the rules of the game have changed."


"She knows?" Analee asked Remus, who had finally moved closer to the bed. Looking at him made my heart flutter, but now was not the time for romantic daydreams.


"Yes, she does," he answered. "She figured it out the same time I did. It was later that I saw your dream and knew it was irrevocably true." He looked at Hermione with a joking look written across his face. "And as well as you pick up on clues, I have yet to understand how you didn't figure it out first."


The young girl blushed, obviously horrified that her brains did not discover something that important. Remus was offhandedly referring to how Hermione had realized he was a werewolf in her third year. He smiled gently at her to assure her he was merely joking.


"Enough of this evasive talk!" Minerva's voice boomed in the silent room. "I want details and explanations."


While I agreed with her about gaining the knowledge we needed, I was afraid of knowing the trouble that was brewing under our noses. And seeing Analee suddenly sit very rigid did not ease that uncomfortable feeling. Actually, it made it worse. But her words were what horrified me, and for once in my life, I knew what fear was.


"We need to get our wands and apparate," she said, sweat breaking out at the brime of her forehead.


"Why?" I asked, not really wanting her to answer.


"The Death Eaters are going to be here in ten minutes."


Silence filled the room momentarily before Kingsley said, "But the password..."


"Hasn't been changed since my mum left," Analee finished, fear filling her beautiful eyes. "Headquarters are about to be breached. We've got to do something!"


Harry answered the call of duty like he always had when times got rough. "Everyone knows the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade? Let's meet there in half an hour. Everyone start leaving now!"


The blue-eyed girl looked at Fred in terror. "I don't know where that is!" she exclaimed.


"I'll apparate with you," he assured her as he handed her wand to her. "Can you stand?"


For the first time since she woke up, she jumped out of the bed. They wrapped their arms around each other and vanished. Many others were gone as well. It left only Minerva, Moody, and myself.


"Minerva, Nymphadora," he said and I cringed at the mention of my first name, "leave now. After both of you are gone, I'll leave too. It's better if they catch me and not you two."


"But, Alastor," Minerva started.


"I don't want to hear it. Now go!"


She was gone and he glared at me. I was supposed to have gone as well. But I couldn't. I wouldn't leave him. It wasn't in my nature.


The door downstairs opened and I ran to him. Grabbing him, I apparated and dragged him along for the ride. As we were moving through time and space, I wondered if I should become accustomed to running for my life until the Final Battle. Are we always going to have to keep running?

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Waking the Dragon: Keep Running


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