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Chapter 2


Draco Malfoy sat down in the small, gloomy room that used to be Professor Snape's. He opened the drawer of the desk and frowned. Lily Evans was smiling at him in the photo. Lily Evans... Potter's mum. Oh, Potter and that pathetic trio... The red weasel and the know-it-all bookworm, mudblood Granger.


He took a deep breath, recalling last night. Actually, that mudblood had become a beautiful woman... He gulped. He had expected to see someone like a young Trelawney, with huge glasses, greasy hair and granny-clothes, sitting in the library all day. But he was wrong. When he saw her at dinner last night, she looked stunning. He couldn't believe his eyes. Her hair, her smile, her eyes... Her body...


The girl who would never smile at him. The girl he would never get. The girl who hates him and gets fascinated by a vampire instead. He balled his hands into fists. It was not fair. He could always seduce girls easily, just by looking in their eyes... He always won. He always conquered.


But now... There was this stranger... This vampire... A VEGETARIAN vampire... He chuckled. And this American Mr Niceguy wanted to help him, HIM, Draco Malfoy, to teach D.A.D.A! How dare he?


If this bloke hadn't been here, Hermione Granger would have looked at him, HIM, Draco Malfoy, during breakfast, lunch and dinner and she would have realised how devilishly handsome and attractive he was and how much he had changed since she last saw him.


There was not enough air in the room. He stood up and decided to have a walk.




Hermione Granger was walking in the rose garden of the castle, her mind always on Jasper Hale.


She had never thought she could like or feel attracted to a vampire. She'd seen some pictures of them in the DADA textbook but they were far not as handsome as Jasper Hale.


Jasper Hale. She was mesmerized by his beauty, drawn involuntarily to him, to get closer to him. It was crazy, she knew but she couldn't resist.


The way he'd looked at him... Merlin, she got lost in those eyes. It was strange, though, when he sat down next to her during dinner, he didn't say anything. He looked as if feeling unwell.


'Hermione!' She heard her name and saw a smiling Luna walking towards her. Hermione felt much better now. She needed the blond girl's calm wisdom.


'Luna, I need your advice,' she said without beating around the bush.


'Yes?' She looked at her friend curiously, smelling a pink rosebud.


Hermione took a deep breath.


'What do you think about this vampire? This... Jasper?'


Luna's smile spread from ear to ear.


'He's mindblowingly sexy.'


Hermione was surprised to words like these from Luna's mouth.


'I agree,' she said finally.


'So what's up? You fancy him?' Luna kept on grinning. 'He's gone veggie so no need to worry.' She winked at her friend.


Hermione sat down on a bench.


'He might not like me, though. He didn't even look at me after dinner.'


Luna sat next to Hermione.


'Come on, you are very... pretty. I'm sure he'll make a move. Just be patient.'


Hermione sighed.


'By the way, have you noticed Malfoy?'


Luna froze.




'He looks very... good now.'


Luna scowled.


'If I were you I'd definitely choose Jasper, not Draco,' she said coldly.


Hermione blushed.


'Of course, of course. I could never be attracted to Malfoy.'


'Good,' Luna nodded and stood up.


'I have a class, today I'm taking the students to the Forbidden Forest. So wish me luck. See you later, dear.' And then she disappeared among the roses.




Hermione walked back to the castle deep in thoughts, just to bump in Jasper Hale in a dark corridor.


'Sorry,' they said simultaneously.


'I... I think I lost my way. These moving stairs are... crazy.' Jasper said embarrassed, avoiding Hermione's eyes.


'If you're looking for your room, I can show you the way,' she suggested.'These stairs are really crazy,' she added, smiling.


The blond guy smiled back at her. His smile was kind and charming, she felt her heart warmed at once. Suddenly she felt comfortable. His eyes were getting darker and darker and he leaned closer... But before they could close the gap, they heard Professor Trelawney's misty voice.


'Excuse me, by any chance have you seen the Headmistress? Professor McGonagall,' she added meekly.


'No,' Hermione looked at Jasper who also shook his head. 'Isn't she in her office?'


But Trelawney didn't answer.


'It is of utmost importance that I talk to her. Very, very important. What shall I do?' She murmured nervously and headed into the other direction.


Hermione didn't really care what Professor Trelawney should have done. She took a step forward, to get closer to the vampire. However, Jasper took a step backwards.


'I'm not sure it's a good idea,' he said hoarsely.


'What?' Hermione asked confused finding it hard to keep the distance.


'To show me my room'.


Hermione's face turned crimson.


'You mistunderstood... Maybe the British accent...' She stammered. 'I wanted to show the WAY to your room. Nothing more.'


Jasper gulped.


'Yes, I know... The problem is with me...' His eyes were almost black now.


He took some steps backwards, as far as the wall. He felt the cold stone and it cooled him a bit.


'You... smell good,' he whispered.


Hermione couldn't decide if it was a compliment or an insult.


'I was told wizards and witches don't have smell... They don't have that tantalizing smell for vampires. But you... The scent of your blood drives me mad...'


'Yes, because I'm a Muggle,' she thought and took some steps backwards, afraid more of her own feelings and desire than of his.


'I never understood Edward, my brother but now I do. The scent of your blood is like a drug to me. It's almost impossible to control myself when you're around,' he whispered in the silence of the corridor.


Hermione leaned against the wall, opposite the blond vampire. Her heart was beating wildly, her hormones were raging. 'Like a silly teenager in love,' she thought angrily, angry with herself.


The silence, full of suppressed desire was broken by a familiar voice.


'Waiting for someone, Professor Granger?' Draco Malfoy appeared, his robes flowing behind him. 'And... Professor Hale...' He added, noticing his vampire colleague. It was obvious he was not too pleased to see Jasper there.


'I'm going,' the vampire said and left quickly.


'What do you want, Malfoy?' Hermione spat.


'Professor Malfoy,' he corrected her. 'You two are... dating?' He asked raising his eyebrows.


'I don't think it is your business.'


'How old is he? Two hundred?' He was grinning.


'He might be two hundred but he definitely looks better than you,' she retorted.


The blond teacher rolled his eyes.


'I know why you are so upset, Malf... Professor Malfoy,' she continued. 'Your pride is hurt you have a rival DADA teacher who knows something better than you.' She took a deep breath. 'And yes, guess what, he feels attracted to me.'


'Really?' He frowned. 'I almost forgot, vampires like mud-blood,' he said, regretting the words the moment they left his mouth.


But to his surprise Hermione Granger didn't start crying. She stayed calm.


'They do,' she replied quietly and hurried away gracefully. She was heading to the library to get some information about American vampires but as soon as she put her hand on the door handle, there was a terrible scream.


She ran through the corridor and looked down the stairs.


A body was lying at the bottom of the stairs. Professor Trelawney's motionless body.


End of Chapter 2


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