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  Harry sat in the Kitchen of his godfather's house. Waiting, there was a knock on the door, but Hermione let herself in before anyone could answer it. 

  "I'm in the kitchen." Harry called. Hermione walked in looking even more confused then Ginny had the night before.

  "Hey," She said, "Why aren't you at work? Why was it so important that I come here right away?"

  Harry stood up walking over to her, gently putting his hands on her shoulders and looking her straight in the eyes. 

  "Hermione, I need your help," He told her, "and I need you to not freak out, and I need you to keep this between you and me."

  "Okay." she said. 

  "No, you have to promise me, what I'm about to tell you, you won't breathe a word, especially not to Ginny."

  "Harry, you're scaring me, what's going on?"

  "Promise me, Hermione." Harry pressed.

  "I promise."

  Harry nodded, he's knew Hermione well enough to know she wouldn't lie, to know she wouldn't tell anyone no matter how much she would want to. That's why he went to her instead of Ron or any of the other Weasleys. He took off his jacket and started unwrapping the bandages around his arm. The second his black, dead skin appeared Hermione gasped, grabbing his arm and pulling it closer so she could have a better look. 

  "What the hell happened?" she demanded. 

  "Curse." Harry said simply. 

  "You need to go to the hospital!" 

  "I've already been there." He told her, "There is nothing else they can do. Hermione 
do you remember how I told you Dumbledore really died, putting on the cursed Horocrux?" 

  Hermione's brown eyes filled with tears of understanding, "No, we destroyed them all, no..."

  "Voldemort wasn't the only wizard who knew curses."

  Hermione understood instently, backing away. "H-how long?"

  "A month, maybe two." Harry told her. 

  Hermione threw her arms around him, sobbing into his shoulder. Harry held her, rubbing her back and letting her get it all out. He knew he couldn't cry, he promised himself when he found out that he wouldn't cry, he had to be strong, if nothing else for his friends.

  "I need your help." He whispered his voice tight. "Ginny can't know about this."


  "Please don't argue with me on this."

  "She's going to find out eventually."

  "I know." Harry said, "But not for a while, at least a month, I don't want her to worry." 

  "About her husband dying?" Hermione demanded. "It's not fair to her..."

  "A month of dread isn't fair to her either." 


  "Hermione." He took a breath before he lost his temper. "Please, just understand my point of view here. Whether I tell her or not it won't change anything why have her worrying when she could just enjoy the time we have left together."

  "Because she should be prepared. If Ron was dying I would want to know." 

  "Hermione, you promised." 

  She sighed; Harry could see the pain in her brown eyes, "So why did you even tell me? If it's so much better to stay in the dark, why didn't you give me that luxury?"

  "Because I need you to help me." He told her, "I need to make sure all my affairs are set in order. I don't want Ginny to have to deal with anymore then she has to." 

  Hermione nodded like she had a lump in her throat, “I’ll help.” She said, tears now streaming freely down her face. “But I still think you should tell Ginny.”

  “Please don’t tell her.” Harry whispered. 

  “I won’t,” said Hermione. “I’ll be here tomorrow to help you.” 

  “Thank you.” Harry said.

  Hermione started to turn away, but stopped; she turned and ran into Harry’s arms again, collapsing so Harry had to support almost all her weight. She buried her face in Harry’s shirt. Harry rubbed her back. 

  “You’re my best friend.” She cried, “What am I going to do without you?”

  Harry kissed the top of her bushy head, and hugged her, “I’m sorry,” he murmured, “I’m so sorry I have to put you all through this again, I wish there was a loophole this time.”

  “It’s not your fault.” Cried Hermione, “And I understand, it’s just so unfair.”

  “I know.” Harry whispered. “Thank you,” he said, “Incase I forget to tell you again, thank you for everything you’ve done for me the past eleven years, I can never repay you for that. I could never imagine better friends then you and Ron.”

  “Are you going to tell Ron?” She asked.

  “No,” Harry said, “Not yet.” Hermione nodded, Harry knew she knew the answer before she asked the question. Harry didn’t know how long he held her, but soon it dawned on him that she wasn’t the girl he wanted to be holding. “I’m going to go home to Ginny, I want to spend all the time I can with her.”

  Hermione nodded, "I understand." She kissed him on the cheek, "I-I'll see you tomorrow."

Author's Note i dont love this chapter, but i hope you like it, please review

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