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“Kari wake up with no memory of her being kidnap.” Kari say to ms Weasley my head hurt.” Ms Weasley came with headache potion to care her headache. Kari headache was gone.” ms Weasley say Kari go get some paper from my desk I teach you how to paint with magic.”

“Kari say OK. Kari get the paper.” Give to ms Weasley that say first step to cast a spell is to think of the spell you wish to use.” Next think about the words of spell you wish to use.” Next say the word or to cast a non verbal say non inside your mind talkingo and the words.” Ms Weasley did not know that the wind maker tell Kari who to cast spell.”

“Now Kari was vary good with non verbal which ms Weasley notice.” Ms Weasley sign Kari up for magic girl scouts. "



The leader of the magic girl scouts say to ms Weasley you say Kari is very shy yes" Kari is what Kari need someone to be her friend other then her millennium gold wand.” Say ms Weasley.”

"The magic girl scouts leader say what do you say her wand was a millennium gold wand.” That right say ms Weasley." The girl scouts leader say that is the most powerful wand you can get only 2 adult have that wand. "

"By the way" say ms Weasley "Kari is a master it non verbal spells."

" I see" say the magic girl scouts leader. "Can I talk to Kari" say magic girl scouts leader?

"Yes" say ms Weasley "Kari come here" say ms Weasley "your not in trouble."

"OK I coming" say Kari.

"Kari that is the magic scouts leader say ms Weasley OK say Kari say why is she here.” I what you to go camping with her." OK say Kari what is camping is it some kind of spell".” No say ms Weasley in a easy voice camping you sleep in thing call tent in the outdoor and go on nature walk and see a lot of animal."

"And meet people your own age." OK say Kari can I still use spell it the same time?" The magic scouts leader say yes Kari you can.” On Sunday we pick you up for the camping trap OK.”

"  Sunday came and the magic scouts leader say come with me outside" OK say Kari. We are going to use a portkey to get to the camp site say the magic scouts leader." OK I cant wait I hop to we have fun I cant wait.” Kari touch the portkey and Kari was now it the camp site with five other kids her own age.


"Today everyone we have a new magic scouts name" Kari say hello everyone hello Kari say everyone hello say Kari in a small voice.”



“Kari was still not good it talking to other people a girl name may came ask Kari to by her friends.” Kari say yes.”

"Say the team up for the nature walk and putting up the tent Kari only had to wave her wand to make the tent and line up to show the tent was up." And let go up to the nature path just then the was attack.


i put quotation marks i hope that help.


sorry the is as far as go in that chaper standby for next chaper


i fix the formating by hit enter 2 time to make easying to read.

thank you to bitterepiphany for pm a simply story that show correct formating


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