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AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter.



“What do you mean it’s disappearing…wasn’t it already gone?” Draco asked carefully, pulling her hair back from her tearstained face and tucking it behind her ears.



            What was going on here, he thought. Did she suddenly decide to have a break down about her magic that’s been missing for what, a week now? Why was she getting so upset? Well of course she would be upset, who wouldn’t when you lost your magic, but why now, why the tears?



“My magic is disappearing. Before I was practically a squib. I couldn’t cast but I could still see and interact with magical things around me.”



“Hermione you aren’t a squib, that’s a condition you’re born with and you would have to have been born from wizarding family. Which clearly you weren’t since your parents are muggles,” he said the last part with a slight distain in his voice though he didn’t realize what he did at the time.



Hermione stepped back out of his embrace suddenly as if he just slapped her, “You don’t think I know that Draco.” She spat now angrier then upset. “I was just trying to make my point.” She yelled at him, and then quickly turned away from him because she didn’t want him to see her cry again. “As I was saying before. I lost my magic back when I turned you into a cat, but the only thing I lost was the ability to cast. Now it seems I’m losing every sense of magic.” She took a deep breath, willing herself not to burst into tears again. “Every magical book I pickup I can’t open, or in this case all I see are blank pages. And I can’t even get into the back room anymore. The doorway won’t open for me. I’ve tried everything, one of the customers came up to me probably thinking I’ve gone completely mental because I was talking to a wall. Owls don’t recognize me…” she took another deep breath getting ready to admit the thing she’s been dreading to even think about, “I’m turning into a muggle.” She whispered, turning her back completely towards Draco.



            He came up behind her and intended to put his arms around her to comfort her, but she shrugged away from his embrace. Clearly still mad at him for the way he just described her parents.



“You’re not turning into a muggle Hermione. It’s just this curse that we’re both under. As soon as it’s lifted we’ll both be back to normal.” He managed to lay a hand on her shoulder and when she didn’t shrug it away he added, “I didn’t mean what I said about your parents. It came out the wrong way I intended.”



She was silent for a moment still with her back towards him. “What am I going to do?”



He laid his other hand on her shoulder and squeezed trying to massage the unwanted tension that has built up between her shoulders with his thumbs. “We’ll figure it out.” He said reassuring.



She snorted, “Yeah figure it out. Like we’ve been trying to figure out how to change you back?” she turned around to look at him making his hands drop to his sides. “It’s been 7 days Draco, and entire week and we’re still no closer to breaking this curse, spell, whatever the hell this is, then we were a few days ago. What if there’s some kind of timeline on this that we don’t know about? What if we get stuck like this forever?”



“We’re not going to be stuck like this forever.” He said.



“What time did you change back?”



He shrugged, “Around 3:00pm.”



“Bloody hell, you gained an hour. That means your 18 hours is up. You won’t be able to move forward from here.” She started pacing trying to think or at least clear her head.



“Hermione you need to relax, you’re going to make yourself sick if you keep on worrying about this. Why don’t you close early tonight? I’ll help. Then go home and relax. Unfortunately I have to meet my mother tonight in about an hour for an early dinner. If I could get out of it I would, but if I didn’t show up then she would know something was up and that would only lead to a lot of unwanted questions.”



            Hermione cringed inwardly knowing that one of the questions being his involvement with her…a muggleborn. She tried to push that thought away. She didn’t want to add her insecurities about her and Draco being together, to her growing list of things to worry and stress about. But if the question did come up, what would he say? Would he keep it a secret or would he tell her the truth? Wait, wait! What was she thinking; she was such a daft dimbo. First off, she told herself not to think about it and second, she and Draco weren’t even in a relationship, that’s what they agreed on last night…just fun, no strings.



“Don’t worry about it, I’ll be fine. I just had a moment where everything suddenly caught up with me and it was a bit overwhelming. But I’m better now.” She lied.



He eyed her suspiciously then nodded, “Okay, but I still think you should close early and call it a night.”



She let out a sigh, “Fine,” she said as she busied herself with the money in the cash register.



“Maybe we should talk to McGonagall again and see if she knows anymore about this?”



Hermione nodded, “I was about to write another letter to her before you walked in, but I won’t be able to send it to her. You’ll have to do that.”



“Okay you write the letter and I’ll close up.” He took the money out of her hands and started making his way to the back where her tiny office was.



            Feeling completely defeated, Hermione walked to the front door and flipped over the close sign. Then went back to the counter and made a small sign telling her customers that she would be closed tonight and to come back tomorrow. Then she went about writing the letter to Professor McGonagall.



            An hour went by quickly as they both managed to put misplaced books back where they belonged, changed out the keg on the butter beer and counted the money and stored it safely in the safe. She handed him the letter for him to read incase he needed to add anything else to it. Then he went outside to send it off. Hermione watched from inside the shop trying to look for any sign of Draco’s owl, but she never saw it.



“Done,” he said.



            She was dumbfounded and at the same time heart broken. She never saw the owl come or go. Apparently muggles were completely oblivious to the comings and goings of owl postage.



He must have seen the look on her face because he came over to her and put his arms around her. “It’s going to be okay.” He said then kissed her lightly on her forehead.



“Since when are you the rational one and I’m the nutter?” she mumbled into his chest.



He laughed softly, “Well for the record I’ve always thought you were a nutter. It’s just that no one has ever been brave enough to tell it to your face.” He teased.



She swatted his arm, “That’s not funny.” She cracked a small smile.



He glanced at the clock and let out a sigh, “I need to get going. I would walk you home, but the restaurant is in the opposite direction.”



“That’s okay I’ll manage on my own.”



He leaned in and kissed her again on her forehead. “I’ll see you later.”






            She watched him leave the shop. Then she herself locked the door and headed in the opposite direction to her apartment.



            She got home and was prepared to be greeted by Crookshanks. Poor guy he must have been having a tough week too. Not only was her attention distracted elsewhere but there was a new cat in their household…well kind of. Tonight she would give in and feed him chicken instead of his diet food. But just this once.



            She opened the door and looked around for him. He wasn’t anywhere in the living room. That’s odd, she thought. He always came up to greet her when she got home.



            She finally noticed him hiding underneath the dining table. She crouched down and reached out to pet him. But he made no move to come near her.



“Crookshanks, what’s wrong?”



            He inched forward to sniff her hand then pulled back and let out a hiss and darted into her bedroom.



“Great my own cat doesn’t recognize me anymore.” She said to her empty living room trying to keep her tears from spilling out.



            In some horrible way it made sense since Crookshanks wasn’t your normal house cat because he was part Kneazie, making him a magical creature. Why the hell is all of this happening? Not being able to cast was one thing, but she could learn to work around that. Losing everything was too much. Even her own parents were able to interact with Crookshanks, though he was a bit skittish around them. And they were always able to see owls when they were sent to her house. It was always difficult to have to explain certain things sense they couldn’t see some magic and tricks being performed, but they could still see some things, as long as they knew where to look and what to look for.



            Knowing it was completely hopeless she went over to her bookcase and pulled out one of her school books on Charms. She looked at the cover then opened it. Nothing happened. Argh, she wanted to throw it across the room, but she refrained herself for if she made a mess she would have to clean it up the old fashion way, the muggle way.



            She needed to call Ginny. This was as good a time as ever to have some major girl talk and she needed it badly. She went over to her phone and dialed her number. No one picked up which meant no one was home at their house. She tried dialing her cell number but it went straight to voice mail, which meant she either had it turned off or her phone died. Ginny always had a horrible knack for forgetting to charge her batteries. With a heavy sigh she put the phone back in the cradle.



            Now what was she supposed to do? She didn’t feel like going out since she was already home there was no point going out alone. She wasn’t very hungry since she discovered her lack of powers she lost her appetite a while back. But she should probably eat something so she wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night to a growling stomach.



            She walked into the kitchen and went through her cabinets. She found a can of soup, which was the only thing that sounded remotely good to eat. As she heated it up on the stove, she went ahead and prepared some chicken for Crookshanks and placed it on the floor. Even though he was still hiding from her.



            She found a bottle of cheap wine that she bought with Ginny when she told her that she resigned from her job as a healer at St. Mungos. Ginny insisted they celebrate by getting completely snockered that night, which at the time sounded good but they both regretted it the morning after. She popped the cork and poured herself a glass. She sipped on it lightly as she waited for her soup to heat up. Merlin this stuff was awful, but maybe it would help ease her racing mind and calm her nerves.



            When her soup was done she poured it into a bowl and went over and plopped down on the sofa and flipped the TV on. After she finished her soup and flipped through all the channels on the television she gave up. Watching TV alone wasn’t going to calm her down.



She went back to the kitchen to refill her glass of wine then headed towards her bathroom to run a bath. A nice hot bubble bath was what she needed to relax. She turned on the water till it was the perfect temperature then pulled out a bottle of exotic bubble bath that Ginny and Harry brought back from Hawaii when they went on their honeymoon.



Immediately she was surrounded by the aroma of coconuts and jasmine. She went to her bedroom and brought in some candles that she kept for special occasions and emergencies. Once all the candles were lit she turned off the small bathroom light and flipped on the radio that she kept on her bathroom counter to some random oldies station. Then slipped into the hot bubbly water with wine glass in hand. She leaned back against the tub and closed her eyes willing herself to relax and stop thinking.




Draco left the bookshop confused and worried. Why was all of this happening? And why was Hermione losing her powers? Why didn’t she lose everything when the curse was cast at the beginning? Was she losing power the more he became human at night? That every hour or minute he gained the more she lost? Was that possible?



            He ran a hand through his hair and quicken his pace. His mother had horrible timing. Tonight of all nights she choose to drop in and wants to chat over dinner. Luckily the restaurant she choose was close by.



He had a feeling that his mother was going to discuss the details of her upcoming birthday event. This in his mother’s opinion is better and bigger then the Christmas holidays. Of course he didn’t see the point in discussing the details like the decorations and food that will be provided since it’s always been the same every year; huge enchanted tents that get setup outside so they can enjoy the outdoor scenery and the gardens along Malfoy Manor in any weather condition. Tiny little tea cakes and pastries and finger sandwiches for people to snack on with champagne, which of course is always the most rare and expensive you can find. And his mother’s 100 or so close friends who are pretty much all women and the occasional husband or boyfriend who got dragged along.



He loved his mother with all of his heart but he hated every time she threw one of her parties because all of her friends who had eligible daughters regardless of age seem to think that they would be the perfect match for Draco. So at these parties instead of sneaking out to join all the men who gather around to play wizards chess or poker while sipping on Fire Whisky, he’s always got stuck trying to fight off the flock of girls who were trying to win his attention. Which was beyond annoying.



Yeah he much rather be spending time with Hermione then discussing details of his mother’s party. He slowed his pace as he thought about last night with Hermione. A slow grin formed on his face. He had no idea Hermione Granger was such a lioness in bed. Very responsive and definitely didn’t make him do all the work. She could do things with her body that would bring a grown man to his knees before her feet. And yet she had moments where she was so shy.



Like this morning when she woke up and didn’t want to walk to the loo in all her bare assed glory with him watching her. Which she shouldn’t have any reason to be shy or self conscious about anything especially her body?



            She might not look like a supermodel but she had perfectly toned lean legs, perfectly round hips, a tiny waist and small breast that were just the perfect size to fit into the palms of his hands. And she had the cutest bum he’s ever laid eyes on. Her skin was so soft he could spend hours stroking it with his fingertips and her hair though unruly and uncontrollable at times was as soft as silk that he loved burying his hand in when he kissed her.



            Ha, yeah he’d definitely rather spend time making love to her then having to go to dinner with his mother at the moment. Wait, when did he start to think of it as making love? He’s never thought of it as making love, with anyone. It was always just sex, it was only suppose to be sex between them. Or at least according to Hermione that’s what they were doing. But it’s not like her could tell her that in order to break the curse it has to kind of go beyond just sex and more into the emotional involvement between the two of them.



            And the worse part was, was that he was running out of time especially with this new development Hermione seems to be experiencing with her loss of powers. He suppose he could just come out and tell her that he loved her or was in love with her and just hope she says it back. But even if he attempted that, would it be the truth? Sure he had feelings for her, possibly strong feelings for her and there was the sexual attraction he felt towards her but was it enough to claim true love? With time he could see himself falling in love with her, rather easily now that he’s gotten to know her and spend time with her, but it wouldn’t happen that soon for either one of them. And with the added pressure of the curse hanging over their heads it was rather hard to let it happen naturally instead of being forced to which was how this all started out to be.



            Frustrated he ran another hand through his hair, then scolded himself knowing his mother wouldn’t approve of his unruly hair since it was no longer styled the way it should have been. But frankly he didn’t care anymore besides he was a grown man and didn’t have to do everything his mother told him to do.



            He finally reached the restaurant and stepped inside looking around for his mother, when he spotted her at a small table placed near the back. He tried to keep his amused smile from surfacing when he could tell how uncomfortable she seemed to be surrounded by muggles. But it was essentially her fault since she picked the restaurant.



            She spotted him and waved him over. When he got to her table he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.



“Hello mother. Sorry I’m late.” He said as he sat down to join her.



“Hello Draco, I’m glad you could join me, since your schedule seems to be so busy nowadays. It’s been nearly impossible to contact you this past week.”



“I know I’ve…been on assignment. One that McGonagall assigned me.” Damn he wished now that he talked to McGonagall about his cover story.



            He couldn’t tell his mother the truth because she would most likely think the worst and get Hermione in trouble.



“What does she want now?” His mother asked.



“Oh just to discuss and come up with new ways to ensure the students and faculty’s safety at Hogwarts, stuff like that. She wants to get a heads start with planning the upcoming Triwizarding Tournament that Hogwarts will be hosting again next year. And come up with ways to improve it from past years.” He said which wasn’t necessarily a lie since it was his job to look after the events of the Tournament since he worked in the Department of International Magical Cooperation at the Ministry and since the Tournament was next year it was only a matter of time when McGonagall would contact him about it. “So what do I owe this pleasure tonight?” he asked changing the subject.



“What I can’t spend time with my only son?” His mother had the decency to look offended. “Actually I wanted to discuss the events of my birthday party this weekend. I just want to make sure you attend this year.”



“Mother I always attend. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”



“Yes I know, but I just want you to be on your best behavior. I’ve invited the Greengrass family. You remember their daughters Daphne and Astoria don’t you?”



“Of course I remember them I went to school with Daphne and wasn’t Astoria a few years younger then I?”



“Yes, oh good you remember. Well Daphne is already called for but her sister Astoria is single and quite beautiful. She just got back from a two year stay in France.”



            Oh great she was trying to set him up with a Greengrass. He remembered them well. Some of the clingiest girls he’s ever met. Though they were beautiful, but annoying as hell to be around. And they weren’t the brightest girls out there.



When he didn’t respond his mother continued, “You know the Greengrass family is one of only a few Pureblood families left in the Wizarding Community. And no pressure or anything but don’t you think its time you’ve settled down and started a family of your own?”



“I’m 23 years old mother. I still have plenty of time to find someone and settle down with.”



            And he did not want to get set up with Astoria Greengrass, let alone settled down with her. When he did decide to settle down he wanted it to be with someone he choose. Hermione immediately came to mind. Which gave him an idea, though it would be tricky but it could prove to Hermione that he was willing to be serious between them.



“Actually mother speaking of that I actually wanted to ask you if I could bring a guest with me to your party.”



“Oh don’t worry I’ve already invited Blaise and Pansy. I could send an invitation to Gregory Goyle if you like but I thought you two lost contact over time after you left Hogwarts.”



“No mother that’s not it. Actually I wanted to bring along a girl I’ve been seeing.”



His mother looked surprised, “A girl? How come I had no knowledge that you were seeing someone?”



“Well its still relativity new and I didn’t want to jinx it by saying anything.”



“Do I know this woman?”



“Yes as a matter of fact you do. And I believe you talked to her earlier today.”



His mother suddenly paled and her surprised looked turned more into a scowl. “Please don’t tell me your involved with that Granger girl are you?”



“Yes, I am mother and her names Hermione.”



“But she’s a muggleborn.”



“Yes and I don’t care about that and neither should you. We live in a new time mother; things like blood status shouldn’t matter anymore.”



His mother looked away in thought. “So that’s why when I went to the Ministry and talked to Harry Potter he said to go to her bookshop to get a hold of you?” He nodded in confirmation. “Do you intend on marrying this girl?”



He let out a sigh and raked his fingers through his hair. “I don’t know mother, it’s still to soon to tell, but there is a strong possibility that someday…yes.” He noticed his mother taking a deep breath through her nose and sign that she was trying to control herself.



“You know your father won’t approve of this.”



“Quite frankly I don’t give a damn what father thinks of this.”



“Language Draco, we’re in a public setting. As I was saying your father won’t be pleased with this. You’re our only son and therefore the only one to carry out the Malfoy name. Although since the war and with your father’s involvement in such matters he’s managed to taint the Malfoy name indefinitely and we’ll never be as powerful as we once were. Although you’ve managed to save our reputation as much as any with your positive involvement at the Ministry and all of your hard work. I’m just making sure you know the consequences of being involved with Ms. Granger. Do you know what your father will do? Do you remember what happened to my sister, your aunt when she went off and married a muggleborn?”



“I’m well aware of that but like I said, times have changed and we shouldn’t have to live by these archaic customs anymore and I’ll deal with father when the time comes. I just want to make sure I have your approval first before anything.”



“My approval of what?”



“Hermione and I being together.”



She thought about that for a moment then sighed, “She’s not a Pureblood. She’s not even Half Blood. But if I remember correctly she’s rather intelligent.”



“The brightest witch of our generation and she would have made head girl at Hogwarts our 7th year if she didn’t take the year off to help Potter win the war.”



She nodded, “And she seems well mannered and polite. And she runs her own business which is always a good thing, its good to be a strong independent woman these days. She’s somewhat pretty in a mousy kind of way I suppose.”



She’s breathtaking; Draco wanted to correct her but decided against it.



“I guess as long as your happy then that’s all that matters. So therefore you have my approval.”



Draco smiled. “Thanks mum, that means a lot to me and I’m sure it will mean a lot to her as well.”



“I thought you two used to detest one another back when you were in school?”



He shrugged, “Times have changed, we’ve both have grown a lot since then and our opinions about one another have changed.”



“Well I still think Astoria would be a perfect match…”



“No mother case closed. I’m with Hermione now.”



“Fine but if you take her to my party you’ll have to deal with your father since he will be attending as well.”



“Why did you invite him?”



“We have to keep up appearances Draco, you know that. Even though he’s not the most liked man in the wizarding world, he’s still my husband, legally at least. And we still have a reputation to uphold.”



“You’ve been separated for the past what? Four years now. I think people would understand if you two just got a divorce like a normal couple. It’s not like it will be all that unexpected since I believe people already suspect that you no longer live together and barely speak to each other.”



“In the Wizarding world divorce is something that’s looked down upon. It doesn’t happen as freely as it does in the muggle world. And I’m perfectly content with our arrangement that we have going. He stays in France with his whores and I get the manor with house elves and his bank account at my fingertips.”



            Draco shook his head, he wished his mother would just settle for a divorce as they could get rid of the bastard once and for all and be completely free of him.



“Fine then I’ll just deal with him then. I’ll try not to let my new ruin your festivities.”



            After a quick dinner he kissed his mother goodbye and started walking in the direction of Hermione’s apartment. He ordered desert to go for Hermione since he suspected she only had a small meal by herself at her apartment. And maybe chocolate cake would be just the thing to help cheer her up.



            Now since he made a big deal of it, he’ll have to somehow convince Hermione to come to the party on Saturday as his girlfriend. He had the make some work excuse to his mother about having to arrive later since he would have to wait until he changed back before he could attend her party. But she said as long as he comes by and makes an appearance then it didn’t matter.



            He was even more relieved then he thought possible when his mother approved of his involvement with Hermione. He didn’t realize how much pressure he felt by telling her that. He now knew why Hermione as so against them being together because it would be nearly impossible to convince their friends and family that they were together and have them approve of it.



            His mother was already taken care of. Blaise and Pansy would probably be more shocked then anything but he’d think they would eventually approve as well. Ginny and Potter didn’t seem to have any real issues with them. But his mother was right his father would never approve of their relationship. He would probably do everything in his power to try to break them up. And it didn’t help that not only was Hermione a muggleborn but she seemed to be turning into a muggle more and more each day with this curse. And that was something he didn’t want his father to know about.



            He reached the apartment, but realized that he didn’t have a key to get into the building. He pulled out his wand and unlocked the door. He went up the flights of stairs until he reached Hermione’s floor and was about to unlock her door when a voice called out.



“Oy, who are you and how did you get in here?”



            He immediately tensed up, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. He recognized that voice anywhere. He turned around with a fake smile on his face to the old lady Ms. Moffit, who was wearing a bathrobe and had curlers in her hair.



“I’m a friend of Hermione’s. She uh buzzed me up.” Damn he knew he should have just apparated in instead.



Ms. Moffit narrowed her eyes at him. “How come I’ve never seen you before?”



“Uh I guess we just never had the pleasure of crossing paths until now.” He tried to put on the charm but she wasn’t giving in to it. “My names Draco Malfoy by the way. You must be Ms. Moffit, Hermione’s neighbor. She’s uh told me lots of um interesting things about you.”



“Isn’t Draco that name she gave that stray she’s been keeping?”



Draco turned to face her fully while hiding his wand behind his back so he could unlock the door without Ms. Moffit seeing.



He looked her straight in the eye. “Sorry I have no idea what you’re talking about. Well Hermione’s expecting me, it was great to meet you.” He said with his fake charm.



“Hrmp, I’m watching you boy.” Was all she said then turned around and shut her own door leaving him alone in the corridor.



“Crazy bitch,” he murmured under his breath as he opened Hermione’s door and walked in.



            As he shut the door behind him he had a strong urge to call out ‘Honey I’m home,’ like he saw someone do on some black and white television show he watched the other day. Instead he walked into the empty living room. The kitchen light was on but the living room was dark and empty.



            Just then a blur of orange fluff came darting out of her bedroom and went straight to Draco. Crookshanks started circling in figure eights between Draco’s legs then rubbed up against his leg affectionately while purring loudly.



            Draco bent down and gave him a good scratch behind the ears and under the chin since he knew first hand how good that felt.



“Hey buddy, where is she?” he asked.



            Crookshanks turned his head towards the bedroom then darted and hid under the sofa in the living room. He straighten up while shaking his head, strange cat, he thought. He took off his jacket and hung it up in the closet and was about to set the take out bag on the counter then decided against it and entered the kitchen to grab two forks instead. Then he made his was to the bedroom.



            The place was so quite he was almost afraid that she would be asleep. It was only 9 o’clock, to early to go to bed, but then again neither one of them got that much sleep the night before.



            As he got near the bedroom entrance he began to hear a soft hum coming from inside. He quietly opened the door all the way and peaked inside but she wasn’t there. The lamp by the bed was on and Hermione’s pajamas he seen her wear before were laid out on the bed. The soft humming sound was coming from the bathroom. At first he thought it might have been Hermione humming but he soon realized it was coming from a radio.



            The door was only cracked open and he could see a flickering light coming through the crack like from a fire or candles maybe. He quietly crept over to the bed and set the desert and forks down on the nightstand, then made his way to the bathroom door. If he was polite he would have knocked to make his presents known but he just wanted to see her so he quietly opened the door enough for him to slip inside.



            He stopped at the sight of her in the bath tub covered in bubbles. This throat went dry, dear Merlin she was beautiful. She must have been lost in thought because she didn’t notice him walk in. 



            She had her curly hair piled up on top of her head with a few tendrils that managed to escape were glued along the sides and back of her neck that was slick with moisture from the bath.



            The bath water and the bubbles came up just enough to cover her breast but just barely, he could still see the top swells of her breast peaking through the bubbles. As well as her exposed neck and shoulders. She had a wine glass in her hand and had it resting against her chest. The only other skin he could see was her knee which she had propped up along the wall and her toes which were painted a bright ruby red were peaking out at the end of the tub.



            The flickering light of the candles made the slickness of her wet skin glow making her look radiant, that it took his breath away. She was staring at unseen spot on the wall, as she worried her bottom lip causing her eye brows to draw together making the space between her brows crinkle in concentration.



            After a few minutes of just standing there watching her he lightly cleared his throat. She gasped and nearly dropped her glass of wine in the bubbly water. When she realized he was standing there, she immediately sunk lower in the water till only her head was exposed.



“How long have you’ve been standing there?” she gasped.



He shrugged, “A few minutes.” He replied with a smirk on his face.



“You scared me half to death; I wasn’t expecting you to be back so soon.”



He leaned back against the countertop and crossed his arms over his chest as he continued to watch her as she continued to stay hidden under the now rapidly disappearing bubbles. “My mother doesn’t like to linger long in places, so dinner was short and sweet.”



She nodded looking all shy and adorable in the soapy water. He couldn’t tell if her cheeks were red from the steam or if she was blushing with him being in the bathroom with her.



“So how did that go?”



“It went fine; she just wanted to talk about her birthday party she’s throwing Saturday afternoon. Which by the way you’re invited to as well.”



That got her attention; she sat up straighter in the water but still kept most of her body hidden. “Me? Why am I invited?”



“I asked her and she said okay.”



“She just said okay? Why do I think it wasn’t as simple as that? I’m not necessarily the most liked person among your family. Are you sure this is okay?”



“Yes Hermione, it will be fine, she approves of you.”



She gave him a skeptical look like she didn’t believe him.



He let out a sigh, “To be completely honest I want you to come along to be some what of a safety shield for me. You see if you come along with me, then people will believe that you’re my girlfriend and then all of my mothers friends who have eligible daughters won’t eat me alive.”



She smirked at that, and then bit her lip thinking. “If I go with you, then everyone will know we’re together or at least involved in someway. Like your family and all of your mothers friends and whoever else will be there will see us together.” She mused mainly to herself. “Are you sure you want to do this? I could ruin your reputation or something if you’re seen with me.”



“Hermione I don’t care about my reputation anymore or care about being seen with you. My mother already knows about us or at least suspects as much.” He told his mother they were seeing each other but he didn’t really know where they actually stood. “So will you please come?”



She looked at him for a bit, “I’ll think about it.”



He smiled, “Good enough.”



            The bubbles in the water were disappearing to the point where she had to bring up her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs to keep her covered. And even though she was doing her best to stay cover up it still left very little room for imagination.



“So do you need help scrubbing your back?” he asked smiling as she blushed a pretty pink.



“Actually I was about to get out before you came in.”



He grabbed a nearby towel hanging on the towel rack and opened it up and held it out for her.






He laughed at how adorably flustered she became. “You know I’ve already seen you from just about every angle and you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Your beautiful and you have an amazing body.” She just kept staring at him and made no move to get out of the tub, he sighed. “Okay you win I’ll shut my eyes.” He turned his head and shut his eyes but continued to hold the towel out.



            He heard her giggle and told him not to peak. He could hear as she pulled the drain in the tub and the water splashing about as she got out of the tub. As soon as he sensed her close by he quickly wrapped the towel around her body. He turned his head and noticed she was facing him looking up at him shyly.



“Hi,” he whispered, his arms still wrapped around her holding onto the towel.



“Hi,” she said back quietly before his lips brushed against hers in a kiss he’s been waiting all day to do.



            Her stiff body quickly melted away when he deepened the kiss. She managed to free her arms from the towel and wrapped her arms around the back of this neck. This gave him the perfect opportunity to drop the towel that he held around her. She squealed when the towel pooled on the floor.



“Hey you did that on purpose didn’t you?”



“Maybe.” He smiled down at her then kissed the tip of her nose.



            Before she could say anything else or grab something to cover herself up, he picked her up which caused another squeal to escape her lips.



“Draco, I’m still all wet.”



He kissed her on the lips, “Good I’m counting on that.”



She snorted then smiled, “Your awful.” She swatted him playfully, as he carried her out into the bedroom.

AN: Hey everyone, I'm sorry this chapter is soo long. I couldn't stop writing and I didn't want to separate it into different chapters. But I hope you enjoy it, and please, please review and tell me what you think so far. I'll try to get the next chapter up soon.

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