When Severus returned from his lab with the extra Pain Relievers and Anti-Nausea drafts he thought he might need, as well as Calming Drafts for Dudley's stressed parents, he found that Sirius had fallen asleep. Petunia, however, was awake, staring worriedly at her only child. Severus approached on cat's feet, and laid a hand upon her shoulder.

She jumped and nearly fell out of her chair. "Oh! Severus, you scared me!"

"I apologize. I forget, not everyone has keen hearing like I do. It comes from the fae blood within me." Severus explained. "You look exhausted, Tuney. You should rest."

She shook her head wearily. "I can't. I tried but . . .I keep seeing Dudley's face in my mind, all purple, and I just . . .can't sleep. I have to look, to make sure he's all right . . .he's the best thing Vernon ever gave me and I just couldn't bear it if I lost him, Sev. You understand, don't you?"

"Yes. I understand perfectly. Many's the time I stayed beside Harry's bed . . .or Draco's, nursing them through some injury or curse." Severus said compassionately. "But trust me when I say Dudley is going to be fine once he wakes up. A little nauseous maybe and achy, but otherwise well enough for you to hug him to death and then scold him into next week."

Petunia heaved a huge sigh of relief. "Thank God. But he's going to get more than a scolding this time, Severus. He—I still can't figure out why he wanted to steal that snake's egg. It's a magical snake, Lord knows what it could do! I would have never permitted it in my house."

"Hmm . . .I don't think he planned on asking you," Severus remarked. "As for why, I'd say he probably wanted a pet."

"A pet? Heavens, a pet is a cat or a dog, not . . .not some venomous three-headed cobra!" Petunia cried. "Boys! They never think twice about what is possible, only about what they want."

Severus' mouth twitched. "Sometimes that's true. I think part of Dudley's problem is that he's been spoiled for years, so he thinks that anything he wants, he can have."

"You're right. I permitted Vernon to do so and now I have a major problem on my hands. I've tried to set new rules for him to follow, and at home he's done well, but over here . . ."

"He falls prey to temptation," Severus finished. "That's only natural. But you need to make certain he understands his mistake and won't repeat it."

"Oh, he won't. My spoon and I shall make certain of that. I taught him that stealing is wrong, Severus, when he was little. I wasn't that big of a failure, I did try and instill some values into him and Harry too. Only on Harry the lessons stuck." Petunia stated, her face grim.

"He needs a good male role model," Severus said. He glanced over at Sirius. "I'm not entirely sure Sirius is appropriate, though that's really none of my business."

"Sirius has changed from when you knew him in school, Sev. He was a perfect gentleman to me and Dudley when we were dumped upon him by that old loony Bumbledork or whatever his name is. He was the first man since you that treated me as if I had a mind and a good head on my shoulders. He actually listened to me and treated me with respect. You know what Vernon gave me, Sev. Sirius knows too now. He's a good man, Severus. A bit of an idiot on occasion, and sometimes he acts without thinking, but he truly loves me and Dudley."

"Do you love him?"

"I do, and believe me, I never thought I would say that. Or agree to marriage again after Vernon bullied me. But Sirius is . . .he makes me laugh, and he can be very sweet when he wishes. He would never raise a hand to me, Severus. Dudley respects him also. It took a while for me to warm up to him, it didn't happen overnight, but one day I looked at him and I said to myself, You love him, Petunia. Admit it. And somehow his being a wizard didn't matter at all then. Nor does my being a Muggle—is that what you call us?"

"Yes. I am happy for you, Tuney. You deserve a second chance at a good life."

"Thank you, and the same to you. I just wish my son didn't contrive to make my hair white."

Severus chuckled. "Mine do that on a daily basis."

"Mercy, Severus! How do you handle it?"

"One day at a time," drawled Severus. "And I lace my tea with Calming Draughts some days." He held out a vial. "Want one?"

"Maybe later, thank you." She waved it away. "You know, this is the first time he's ever been hurt so badly. I didn't . . .I didn't know how to react, I was so terrified."

"It's every parent's nightmare, to have a child near death," Severus said.

"You can say that again, Snape." Sirius yawned and sat up. "Must have dozed off. Sorry, love." He flashed Petunia an apologetic grin. "What did I miss?"

"Severus commiserating with me about how our sons drive us insane." Petunia told him. "And how we need to come up with a suitable punishment for Dudley besides a few good licks with my spoon."

Sirius nodded. "A suitable punishment? Hell, I'm not much good at giving punishments, I'm better at avoiding them." He looked over at Severus. "You're a disciplinarian, Snape. What do you suggest?"

Severus almost choked to death on his tea. Black was asking him for advice? "I . . .well, it would depend on what method you think would be most effective. I find that Draco and Harry hate privileges being revokedand being made to do chores everyday all over the manor. They hate it worse than a spanking, not that they've received many from me. Only once or twice, and I did it mainly to emphasize how childish they were being, not to truly hurt them. Despite what you may think, Black, I don't enjoy beating my children or students."

"Hey, calm down," Sirius held up a hand. "I never said that you . . .well, I may have thought it once, but . . .Tuney told me how you thrashed Vernon for hurting her and managed to get Dudley to behave without being too harsh, so I . . .guess I was mistaken."

"I must be dreaming," Severus muttered.

Sirius smirked. "Pleasant dreams, eh, Sn—Severus? From what Tuney's told me, Vernon never really allowed her to discipline Dudley. Which is why I had such a hard time with him in the beginning, his attitude towards his mother was atrocious. Matter of fact, I did tan his arse once over it. Then his attitude towards Petunia and even me improved a lot."

"Sometimes once is all it takes. It did with Draco. However, now I've discovered that as they get older, it's privileges that really matter to them. When you take things like flying or, in Dudley's case, TV and video games, away from them it really hurts, especially over a long period of time. Last summer, I punished both boys by forbidding them their brooms for two months and doing the most tedious and time consuming chores around here, such as laundry."

"Two months?" Sirius' jaw dropped.

"Laundry?" Petunia looked puzzled. "But with a washing machine, laundry takes only an hour and a half to do."

Severus gave them a wicked grin. "Not if you do the laundry with an old fashioned wringer washer and hang the clothes on a line to dry."

"Ohh . . .now I see," Petunia smiled. "Then that would be a terrible punishment, especially for boys who are active."


"But didn't they whine and complain about it nonstop?" asked Sirius.

"Of course they did. But they learned that the more they complained, the more chores I added, until they stopped complaining and just took their punishments silently."

"Dudley loves to complain." Sirius sighed.

"Don't let him then." Severus said bluntly. "Draco does as well, but he knows what it'll get him with me. So he's learned to shut his mouth."

"I see." Sirius seemed to be pondering something. "Tuney, are you sure we should give him an additional punishment after what happened? I mean—he almost died, isn't that enough?"

Severus laughed softly. "For a normal teenager, yes. But our children aren't normal teenagers. Harry has had near death experiences for years and it hadn't curbed his tendency to rush in where angels fear to tread. Although, I think I've finally nipped that streak, when I followed him about everywhere for a week last term."

At Sirius' boggled expression, he told the tale of Harry and the green beer incident.

"That was clever, Sev," Petunia said afterwards. Then she turned to her husband. "While I'd normally agree with you, Siri, I think Dudley needs a sharp lesson in considering others, especially animals, and stealing. I didn't raise my boy to be a thief. He also owes an apology to Harry and Draco for trying to harm an endangered species. Perhaps if I do this now, he'll learn from it, and not turn out a selfish inconsiderate beast like his father."

"All right then, Pet. He's your son and you are right." Sirius conceded. "This parenting stuff is harder than I thought."

"And it doesn't get any easier as they get older. They just keep coming up with more problems for you to solve." Severus said.

"Oh, dear sweet Merlin!" groaned Sirius. "You mean you don't know all the answers yet, Severus?"

"Hardly. I learn something new everyday about my sons. It's the most aggravating and yet rewarding thing, Black. I am, by no means, a perfect parent. One thing I do know, however, is that you need to find your own balance regarding discipline. Neither too harsh or too permissive. And that is difficult, because they test you. Sometimes until you snap."

"What do you do then?"

"I walk away until I regain control over my temper and then I return when I'm sure I can discipline rationally. If there is one lesson I took from my miserable childhood it's never punish a child in anger, because you go too far."

"The way Vernon did with Harry," Petunia said sadly.

"Yes," Severus said tightly. Then he added silently, and my father did with me. Growing uncomfortable with the turn the conversation had suddenly taken, and having no more information to share, Severus decided to let the two parents discuss their child's punishment alone. He rose to his feet. "Well, it's almost dawn, and I am going to try and get a few hours of sleep. I shall see you later."

"Good night then, Severus." Petunia said. "Or maybe I should say good morning."

"I'll just wish you a good sleep," Sirius told him. "And . . .thanks for the advice."

Severus nodded. "Don't mention it. Any good parent would have told you it." Then he departed down the hall to his room, leaving Sirius and Petunia to finish deciding consequences for their wayward child.


Harry awoke to voices echoing to him from the den, and he sat up and rubbed his eyes. He could just make out Petunia's voice scolding Dudley, and Dudley protesting.

"But Mum, it really wasn't stealing—"

"Dudley Alvin Dursley, do not lie to me! Were you intending to bring the egg back? No. Then it was stealing. And you know better than that, young man!"

"It was just a snake, Mum!"

"A highly intelligent snake that was very upset you stole her egg," Sirius interjected. "What you did was wrong, son. Stealing from a person or an animal, especially a magical one, is a terrible thing. What were you planning to do with the egg?"

"Hatch it and keep the baby," Dudley said defensively. "I wanted a three-headed snake. Harry has a pet, why can't I?"

"Harry has a dog, not some monstrous snake!" Petunia corrected. "I will not have such a creature in my house, Dudley. You know how I feel about reptiles."

"And a runespoor wouldn't have listened to you, Dudley. It's a magical snake, you would have never been able to bond with it."

"But you could have talked to it, Siri." Dudley said sulkily.

Harry sniggered into his hand. Dudley was in way over his head here.

"No, I couldn't have. I'm not a Parselmouth like Harry. Even so, bringing home a dangerous creature like that is very irresponsible and not a smart thing to do. If you wanted a pet you should have asked us first and we could have discussed it. Doing what you did shows us that you aren't mature enough for a pet, any pet." Sirius said firmly.

"I am too! I'm fifteen!"

"And you're whining like a five year old. I'm very disappointed in you. You nearly got yourself killed by acting like a-a reckless idiot, and now you expect me to reward you for it? Sorry, but that won't work with me."

"Not only that but you also disgraced us in front of your uncle and cousins," Petunia put in.

Harry listened, wide-eyed, as Petunia told Dudley how he would be punished once they returned home—no video games, no TV, only a bunch of housework, including doing the laundry and weeding the garden for two weeks. Plus a smacking with Petunia's spoon.

Ha! About time they laid down the law to him. Sounds like they borrowed a few pages from Dad's discipline book, or my name's not Harry Snape.

Dudley whined and protested, until Sirius threatened to make the two weeks three weeks, and wallop him right then and there.

That shut his cousin up, except for the token, "You're so unfair, Mum! Nobody else I know of gets punished like this."

"Harry and Draco do. Next time don't steal anything and you won't have to worry about getting in trouble. Or almost dying. Now, you owe your Uncle Sev and cousins an apology as well, for not respecting their wishes and creating a major problem for them both. Not another word, young man! After breakfast, we're going home. We've caused enough trouble for Severus and his family."

Harry couldn't help but feel relieved at Petunia's decision. The whole visit had been a fiasco, and all he wanted was for his relatives to leave so things at the manor could go back to normal. Because of Dudley, Draco was now in trouble, or at least Harry thought Draco was in trouble for hexing Severus last night. Unless Dad changed his mind . . .Harry sighed and turned over and fell back asleep.

The next time he woke, it was to the smell of frying bacon and pancakes, and Draco was shaking his shoulder. "Wake up, Harry! Your aunt's making breakfast and you'd better hurry up or else your cousin's going to eat it all."

Harry yawned and sat up. "Oh, okay. Draco, did Dad talk to you yet?"

His brother shook his head. "No. I wish he would just yell at me or whatever and get it over with. It's making me feel sick to my stomach."

"Maybe he's waiting until Aunt Tuney and Uncle Siri leave," Harry suggested, rising from the bed.

"Maybe. I just want it over with. I don't even care what he does to me."

Harry cast him a sympathetic glance, then followed Draco into the kitchen, drooling over the delicious aroma permeating the air.

After breakfast, which Draco merely picked at, Dudley apologized to all of them for his behavior and thanked Severus for saving his life. Then the Black family bid farewell to the Snapes and said they would see them around Christmas. Severus went and escorted them through the boundary, parting the Endless Mist so they could return to the outside world.

"Good riddance!" Draco said feelingly. "Harry, if I never see your cousin again, it'll be too soon. He's a worse brat than I ever was, and that's saying something."

"But maybe he finally learned his lesson," Harry said hopefully, then he told Draco about what he had overheard this morning.

"Not that I'm gloating or anything, but—I'd say he has it coming. If getting bitten by a runespoor and that punishment doesn't change him then nothing will." Draco said sagely. "Wonder where Dad is? How long does it take to just part the Mist and say goodbye?"

"You that eager for him to hand you your arse?" queried his brother.

"No, but I'd rather have it done and over with." Draco replied. And he was also secretly hoping that Severus would have cooled down by now and go easy on him.

"Oh. I know what you mean," Harry said.

Just then, Severus' footsteps sounded on the walk and the door opened. Severus carried a fancy gold envelope in one hand and looked rather surprised.

Draco straightened up and bit his lower lip, eyeing Severus uneasily. His father didn't look angry, but looks could be deceiving. He could recall Lucius wearing a stony face and still beating the crap out of him for some infraction. Not that Severus would ever do that, but still . . .

Snape caught the look and said quietly, "I have some interesting news to share with you both, but first I need to have a talk with Draco. In my study, son."

"Yes, sir." Draco rose and preceded his father into the study. He sat in one of the two chairs in the front of the desk and waited for the expected arse-kicking to commence.

Severus sat down behind the desk and folded his hands atop it. He looked at his blond-haired son calmly.

Draco wasn't sure what to make of that. But he faced his father with his head up and determined to endure whatever came his way soundlessly.

A minute went by and Severus said nothing.

Draco fidgeted then went still when Severus cleared his throat.

"Last night I was angry enough to have taken your broom from you and grounded you for two weeks for what you did. However, now that I've thought about it, I realize that you did the right thing. I was on the verge of losing my temper and hexing Black severely. Sirius and I . . .we have never gotten along, we're like oil and water. There are things in my past that I . . .have never really forgotten or forgiven concerning him and all of that came out last night. If you hadn't acted when you did, Draco, there might have been bloodshed."

"But I didn't mean to hex you, Dad. I only was intending to hex Sirius. I don't know what went wrong."

"As you said, it was for the best. You couldn't trust me right then, so you did the prudent thing and bound us both. You acted quickly and with forethought, son, and I'm proud of you. I may not have liked the method, but I can't argue with the results."

Draco gaped. "Then . . .I'm not in trouble, sir? You're not going to . . .kick my arse?"

Severus' mouth twitched into a half-smile. "No, for you don't deserve it. I thank you for making a bad situation turn out better. Sirius and I both needed a good dousing with freezing water, like two stupid dogs. This once, Draco Michael, you have become the teacher and I the student."

"You forgive me then?" Draco asked, hardly daring to believe he had heard his father humble himself so.

"Did I not just say so?" Severus said a bit testily. "Or must I wear a placard about my neck proclaiming it?"

Draco chuckled. "That'd be a first."

Severus snorted. "Don't press your luck. The only punishment you've earned, Draco, is to teach me that spell you used. It's not one I'm familiar with, and it looks useful to know, especially for separating mortal enemies or hotheaded teenagers dueling in the hallway at Hogwarts. Would you say that's a fair consequence?"

Draco smiled. "Yes, sir! Uh, when do you want to learn it?"

"Whenever you are ready to teach it. There is no rush." Severus rose and beckoned his son to accompany him back to the den. "Come, I have news for you and Harry. A shimmerling arrived as I was returning to the house with a letter from Queen Titania."

"A letter from the queen!" Draco exclaimed. "What does it say?"

"I do not know. But I intend to read it right now. It is addressed to all of us."

Once they were back in the den, Harry gave Draco a you-okay look. Draco nodded and gave him a thumbs-up, sitting down on the couch next to him. Harry's eyes widened. Dad let him off? Holy bloody blue blazes! I wonder if he's starting to mellow? Nah, he's not old enough for that. Maybe he realized Draco did the right thing after all.

Severus told Harry about the letter, then broke the violet seal upon the gold envelope and slid out a piece of delicate sparkling fae paper. Written with golden ink in royal calligraphy was the following missive:

"Greetings to Severus Snape, Lord Prince, Harry Snape, Heir Apparent, and Lord Draco Malfoy:

You are invited to attend a Royal Revel at the Seelie Court, in the Moonsong Hall, at the royal palace. There will be dancing, feasting, and other entertainments. This is to commemorate Queen Titania's triumph over her longtime foe, Tom Marvolo Riddle, whose heinous crimes against the royal family went unpunished for decades, until now. She also wishes to acknowledge you and your family's part in her triumph and reward you accordingly.

Please join us three days hence, at the hour of seven o'clock in the evening. A shimmerling will be sent with appropriate feast wear for you, a gift from Her Majesty, and shall remain to guide you to the palace.

Best wishes and may the Moon and Stars bless you,

Balin, Prince of the Seelie

Royal Scribe for Titania Regina

Severus' eyebrows went up. "Well, I had been expecting an invitation from the queen eventually, but not one in which we were honored in any way. That is almost unheard of. You must be on your very best behavior, boys. Am I understood?"

"Yes, sir," they replied, almost in the same breath.

Harry whistled in disbelief. "Wow! That's just . . .incredible!"

Draco nodded. "I've wanted to see more of the palace and meet some more fae. Last time we were there, I was too injured to do much. But at least this is a banquet, so I don't have to worry about any Unseelie attacking me. It should be a blast, if half the stories about the fae parties I've heard are true."

"You will not be drinking any fae liquor, Draco." Severus ordered. "Those cordials are too potent for your system to handle."

Draco groaned. "Not even a sip?"

"No. Ask Harry about summerdew, he'll tell you what 'just a sip' turns into."

Smidgen blinked into the den. :Severus, Harry, Draco! The queen has summoned me to a revel! Did you receive her invitation too?:

"We did indeed, Smidgen."

"You're going too?" Harry said. "Good. Then we'll know someone else there besides Sarai. Sarai will be there, won't she?"

:Of course. The queen goes nowhere without her Blades, not the least her Captain.:

"For which I am most grateful," Severus said.

"I'll just bet you are," Harry blurted before he could think better of it.

Draco burst out laughing.

Severus glared at his son and said, "Mind your tongue, Master Impudence!"

"Sorry, Dad. I just meant—never mind." Harry trailed off, not wanting to get in even more trouble.

Severus tucked the invitation into his pocket. "Now you have something new to look forward to. And something to be remembered and shared with your children and grandchildren. A Royal Revel is most unforgettable."

"Have you ever been to one?" Draco asked.

"No. Only ordinary feasts and such. So this will be a new experience for me also."

"I can't wait," Draco sighed impatiently.

"Dad? Can I ask you something?" Harry wanted to know.

"Yes, you may ask me something, Harry," Severus corrected gently.

"Right. Uh . . .I was just wondering, when I tracked the runespoor by feeling it in my head, you told me that was because I had a connection to the land. Where did it come from? I was never able to do that before. And when Dudley was hurt, I knew it too. Same thing with Draco at school."

"The earth bond and the blood bond are all part of the gifts you inherited when you were chosen the Heir to Prince Manor. Both the Lord and the Heir are given those abilities to help them bond with the land and their families, because such bonds make them stronger. You will always be able to find me, wherever you are, by clasping your medallion. It is the same with anyone related by blood to you, or a blood adoption to you. You can sense when they are in mortal peril and find them to help them, or to call for help.

"The earth bond works a bit differently. With it you can sense certain creatures and plants which are tied strongly to the earth, such as the runespoor or a tree, and either find them or command them to do your bidding. All you have to do is concentrate, Harry. You are one with the land, and the land is one with you. When you came home and set foot on Prince Manor ground, what did you feel?"

"I . . .I felt good, like the land welcomed me. It was peaceful and I felt as if I had come home."

"Good. That is what you should feel after you have been away. If for some reason you feel different—afraid, fearful, nervous—it means something has happened to upset the Balance of the land and you must find what it is and right it. Such is your duty as the Heir to Prince Manor."

"If that happens, how will I know what to do?"

"You'll know. The land itself will tell you, if not Sev Prince himself."


"Your bond with the earth will strengthen after much practice." Severus told him. "Draco, if you will excuse us for a few moments, I have a simple exercise I need to show Harry. Come," he beckoned Harry to follow.

Draco yawned. "Think I'll take a nap. I didn't get much sleep last night." He curled up on the couch. He sure didn't envy Harry another set of lessons, even if his powers as Heir were pretty cool.

Harry paused beside his brother. "Tell me everything later," he hissed, then hurried out the door.

Severus led him to the middle of the lawn and said, "Take off your shoes and socks and stand here." He pointed to a spot next to him.

Harry shot him a puzzled look, but did as he was told. The grass felt cool upon his bare feet. To his astonishment, Severus had also removed his footwear.

"Now, clasp your medallion and concentrate upon your connection to the earth. You should feel a quiet warmth spread up from the ground and into you.

Harry did so, and felt a tingling sensation run up his legs and surround him with warmth. "It feels good."

"Try sensing that poplar tree over there." Severus indicated the second of the two trees at the end of the lawn.

Harry closed his eyes and concentrated. After several long minutes, he located the correct tree. He could feel the sap rising in it, the leaves opening to the sun, and he also felt the kind of slow contentment that comes of knowing for years that you belonged. "I can feel it."

"Good," Severus' deep voice sounded very pleased. "The land belongs to you. It is a sacred trust between the lord and the land and not to be taken lightly. Tend to the land and it shall tend to you."

He had Harry walk about the lawn blindfolded, and call out the things he felt with his earth sense. "A dandelion! A pine tree. A maple sapling. A rabbit lives here. A lady bug is sitting on this leaf. This wildflower is good for stomach cramps. Huh? How did I know that? I don't even know what it is."

"But the earth knows. And she shares her wisdom with you. With the earth link, you can never get lost when you are on Prince Manor grounds."

"Not ever?"

"Never." Severus clasped his shoulders and spun him about three times. "Now . . .find your way to the front door."

Harry hesitated. He was disorientated, how could he expect to know where to turn?

He felt for the connection to the land. Home. I want to go home.

Immediately, he felt a tug upon his psyche, and suddenly he knew which way the manor house was, even though he couldn't see it, he could feel it, like a warm shining presence. He began to follow it, even though he was blindfolded.

It took him two minutes to cross the lawn and tap on the front door. "I did it!" he yelled.

"Take off the blindfold." Severus called. "That was how I found you scrapping that afternoon in the orchard. I followed the blood link to you."

Harry grinned. "The more I learn about being the Heir to Prince Manor, the better I like it."

"Just remember, it's not all fun and fancy powers. There is a great deal of responsibility that comes with these powers, and there is much more you need to learn about the manor itself. But you may practice using the earth link now, and I'll show you a few more of the manor's secrets after we return from the revel."

"Okay. Thanks, Dad. Uh . . .if you can feel me, can you also tell what I'm thinking?"

"No. Just sense whether or not you are hurt. You might also sense when an animal dies, if you are particularly close to that animal, like the runespoor. That is one of the downsides to such a powerful connection."

"Oh." Harry grimaced slightly. He didn't particularly care for that aspect, but as Severus said, there were two sides to every magical power. "Will I be able to sense if something gets born too?"

"You may. It depends."

"So when the runespoor's eggs hatch, I might be able to know about it?"

"Yes. Now, let us see how strong the blood link is. I am going to Apparate somewhere and I want you to find me," said Severus, then he vanished.

Harry played a kind of hide-and-seek with his father for an hour or so, until they were both tired and hungry. Harry found his newfound powers fun to use, though he felt slightly sorry for Draco, who had no such bond with the land. Until Severus told him that Draco had his own connection with Malfoy Manor.

"Someday he will go there and renew the bond, and then you can instruct him on what to do and what to expect. Or I shall, if you prefer."

"No, I'd like the chance to boss Draco around for once," Harry admitted slyly. Then he said plaintively, "Dad, I'm starving."

"As am I. Using our powers, even in small degrees, makes us tired and hungry." Severus put an arm about his son, then they returned to the manor for supper and a shower. All in all, it had been a very interesting day, and they still had the revel to look forward to. Harry was sure it would be unforgettable.

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