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Ripped Apart by Siriously
Chapter 2 : Somewhere in between
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A/N: Right, the second chapter is here.. yay for that. 

Got like nothing to say so I’m just going to give it to you. Hope you’ll like it and review


Chapter two – Somewhere in between 

“Is she okay? What happened? Ella? How long have she been out. I can’t believe this. Ella, don’t you dare die” She heard it. She recognized the voice. She knew who it was. She wanted to say: ‘Stop worrying you stupid git. I’m fine, you know me, I’m always fine’

But she couldn’t, her mouth was dry and her eyelids too heavy to open. But she could hear it just fine.

“Take it easy Ed, you know her, she’s tough. She’ll pull through”

“Is she supposed to be that pale?”

“She’s always pale”

“But her lips are blue. Her lips aren’t usually blue”

He was worried. But why was he worried? She was fine… wasn’t she?

She was somewhere between the stages of being asleep and awake. That was what it felt like. Not quite asleep, but neither awake. She wanted to wake up. She wanted to know why they were so worried. But something pulled her back into the slumber. Back into the darkness and silence. 


When she came back again it was quiet.

But still she knew someone was there, she could hear the soft breaths of the person. She wanted to know who it was. Her body felt numb, and oddly disconnected from her mind. Like she wasn’t really there in some insane way. Floating around in some other space that did not let her land in her own body.

But she kept fighting to her body, kept trying to reach it. It wasn’t right to float around in the dark. She needed the light. She wanted to tell her brother everything was right. Wanted to tell everyone that everything was fine, that she was fine, even though she knew she wasn’t. Something was really wrong with her. She just couldn’t remember what it was. Something had happened.

Something terrible that made her terrified. Something so awful her mind shut it out.

Her eyelids fluttered, but no one was there to see it. Her twin brother Edmund was asleep in the chair next to her bed at St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. He had been there every day since she was admitted. A werewolf they said.

It had been a werewolf who attacked her, and they thanked Merlin that something had made it go back to the forest before it killed her. She had almost bled out before she even got to the hospital wing and Madam Pomfrey.

But for that they could only thank Sirius Black who had somehow heard her scream and for some idiotic reason gone outside at five in the morning. He had found her. He had carried her to the castle.

The whole school now treated him like a hero. He had saved the poor Hufflepuff student from dying.

She had been unconscious for a week, but the healers said it could take some time, but were hopeful she would wake up. The werewolf hadn’t bitten her, but it had still taken a lot from her.

Her mother who worked at the hospital had made sure she had the best care, but still only checked in once a day before she went home. Edmund had set down camp by her bedside and still hadn’t left her. He would never leave her. His baby sister.

Benjamin of course had been there a couple of times. But he was busy with his healer training to be there all the time.

Michelle had been there for most of the first day, but had grown sick of the waiting around soon and left to Hogwarts to try to think of something else.

She tried once again to open her eyes. It was hard, feeling so disconnected to her body she couldn’t even make it move.

‘Open your eyes!’ she thought to herself. “Open them. You know how to do it, you know you can do it. Just open your eyes!’ Nothing happened. The blue eyes still wasn’t visible to the world around her.

‘Speak then. If you can’t open your eyes, speak’ it wasn’t easier.

She heard something move in the background. Outside her own mind someone moved.

“Black” she heard her brother say. “What are you doing here?” it didn’t sound impolite or in anyway like he didn’t want him there. It was just curiosity. He wondered in general why he was there. It wasn’t like they were friends in any sense.

Ella had spoken to him three times that she can remember. All of them were in class and all those times the teachers had divided them up into teams. They had to speak. They didn’t even say ‘hello’ in the corridors.

And she was fairly sure that he did not even know her first name.

“Just wanted to know how she’s doing. Any change?”

“None what so ever. But the healers say it can be any time now. Her wound is almost healed thanks to them, but there was a lot of trauma, and even though they could heal it for the most part her body suffered. And it just need time to catch up” 

He was talking fancy. Her mother had probably explained it in that way and he was copying what she said.

“But she’s going to be okay?” 

“That’s what I said” 

Why did he sound so guilty? She wanted to know. Why was he even there? They weren’t friends.

She opened the heavy lids, but they closed quickly again. She wanted to speak, but her throat was so dry she couldn’t form a word.

“Did she open her eyes?” Black said surprised. It had been to fast for either of them to be sure of it.

“I don’t know. Maybe” Edmund looked at Sirius before walking over to her bed. “Elle? Ella?” he sat down on the bed beside her and took her hand. “Ella, are you awake?”

She wanted to scream at him. ‘Yes you fool! I’m awake. What happened?’ but when she tried to open her mouth it remained shut.

“Ella. Please just open those beautiful eyes of yours” said the cheesy Edmund.

She managed to open them and looked at him with hooded eyes. He smiled brightly at her.

“Hey, how you feeling?”

She didn’t reply but her eyes fell on the second boy in the room, who stood a few feet away to give the two a minute.

“Great” She said with a raspy sarcastic voice. Her head was too heavy to lift, as well as the rest of her body. She was surprised she was even able to speak.

“I’ll get you some water, and I have to get mum. She’s been here ordering people around all the time. She’ll be relieved you’re okay” he gave her a quick kiss on the forehead before leaving.

“Hey” Sirius was now at her bedside with a slightly uncomfortable look on his face. It was understandable. It wasn’t as if he had walked around worried for a week like her brother. If she had died his world wouldn’t have changed. He would be sad when Dumbledore made a small speech about her, maybe even have a small chat with his friends what a tragedy it was how she died. But he would have forgotten it the next day.

Nothing would be different.

She didn’t answer him though, but looked at him with curious eyes.

“It would be pretty lame if I asked how you were doing right.”

“Why…?” she looked at him with raised eyebrows. She didn’t need to tell him the whole question. He understood what she meant.

“I heard you screaming outside. I found you” he told her with a smile and shrugged. But something told her that wasn’t all. It didn’t sound like that was all it was. He found her and wanted to make sure she was okay. He would find out eventually anyway.

She nodded.

The door opened and Edmund walked in with a glass of water in his hand and her mother right behind him.

“Eleanora! What were you doing outside in the middle of the night?” She said and quickly pushed forward to check how her daughter was doing. “I thought you were smarter then that”

Edmund gave her the water and helped her to sit up in the bed. She greedily drank it but soon choked on it and started to cough.

“You have to take it easy” Edmund said with an amused voice.

“How long have I been out?” it was the first entire sentence she had spoken since she woke up. After the water the pain in her throat had eased and she was slowly feeling more and more like herself.

“A week” Her mother said fast and sighed. “I have to get back to work. But it is good to see you up. You will probably be staying here for at least two weeks until they let you go” she gave her a peck on the forehead and smiled. On her way out she stopped and looked at Sirius who was still in the background of the small family reunion.

“Who are you?” she asked crudely.

“Sirius Black ma’am” he raised his hand to shake hers. She only looked at it with a slightly disgusted face.

“Black…” she said with a sour taste in her mouth. “ How’s Walburga and Orion?”

Both Ella and Edmund looked at their mother. She hadn’t heard that he ran away? Not much unlike her.

“Mother” Ella said.

“I wouldn’t know. I haven’t spoken to them since the beginning of summer. But I can ask my younger brother how they are if you’d like. He is still on speaking terms with them”

Their mother suddenly got a better look on her face and this time reached out her hand for a handshake.

“Matilda Montgomery. I hope your parents are more forgiving then mine.” She said with a small smile. Sirius shook her hand before she left the adolescence alone.

“I’m so sorry about that” Ella said. “She’s not a fan of the Black family; I think they were going to marry her off to Alphard Black as soon she graduated school” she explained.

“She doesn’t like anyone from her parents’ circles” Said Edmund with a sigh. “It’s not just the Blacks’”

Sirius looked at them; he had no idea who these people were. They were both in Hufflepuff and he had known their last name was Montgomery. But he had had no idea that they actually came from that line of Montgomery, the line his family respected very much, something that did not come easy for them.

“Oh… Matilda Montgomery” he said more to himself then anyone else. He had indeed heard of her, more then once in his childhood. Shunned out from her family for getting involved with a halfblood, and here was the result. “Your mother is Matilda Montgomery” he stated.

They raised their eyebrows and Ella gave him a small, uncertain smile.


He nodded.

“Anyway. Glad you are okay. I should get back to school” Sirius said and turned away.

“Thanks for coming” Ella yelled with a hoarse after him, but he was already gone.

“That was strange right?” Edmund said with raised eyebrows as he stared at the closed door.

“Yes, it was strange. Why was he here? What happened?”

Edmund looked serious and moved away from her to sit down on the chair by her bed.

“You were attacked. A werewolf, they don’t know how or why you are even alive. You didn’t even get bit”

“But… why? Where?”

“You don’t remember? You were outside, not far from the forest when Black found you. They don’t know why it left you alone” Edmund sighed and ran his hands over his face.

Ella tried to remember, but couldn’t. Searching in her memory, what happened that night? She hadn’t been able to sleep, and she was in the Astronomy Tower and then… what happened that made her go outside?

It was lost to her.

She remained quiet and looked down at her hands.


She looked at her brother with a faint smile on her face.

“At least I’m alive, right?” She sighed and lay down on her bed again. 


“I thought you said she was all right?! But when I get here, she’s still in a bloody coma!”

Ella sighed and opened her eyes. She had been awake for a day now and it seemed as her classmates had finally decided to visit. Edmund sat in his usual chair while three girls stood by her bedside watching her with big eyes.

“You’re alive!” Cornelia Callaghan screamed and threw herself at the poor defenseless patient who had barely woken up.

“Yes, yes I’m alive” Ella smiled.

“Don’t you ever do that again!”

Abigail Kingsley smiled and gave her a hug.

“I’m so glad you are okay, we were worried out of our minds!”

Ella smiled at the last girl and was given a tight hug.

“Don’t ever scare us like that again” said Michelle Livingstone and sat down beside her.

“I can’t promise anything” she replied with a big smile on her lips. “So, what have I missed?”

She had been unconscious for a week and for some reason everyone had been devastated. Girls she didn’t know crying in the hallways, the thousand Get-well-cards she had already received with candy and flowers sent from both boys and girls she hadn’t said a word to ever. She was the talk of the school. Ella, a sixth year Hufflepuff student was the talk of the school. Something that probably never had happened before.

They don’t talk about or to the people in the Hufflepuff house because they assume they are nothing interesting to say. That they are defenseless and stupid. Hufflepuff students never make any noise and go by their days in silence.

The teacher asks a question in class and they let someone else take the glory of the answer because they deserve it. Hufflepuffs’ are friendly but stupid. That is the stereotype.

Friendly she can agree with. But stupid is all wrong, maybe they are a bit naïve, but far from stupid.

Still they don’t do anything to make anyone believe the opposite. They settle for what everyone else believes because to them it doesn’t matter. They know what they are and are satisfied with it.

Ella is not satisfied though. She doesn’t want to settle for something she is not. She doesn’t want to be seen as less then she is. She is better and everyone else should see it. What was so wrong with that? Other houses are dumber then they are.

Slytherin stab one another in the back every other day.

Ravenclaw are cold with no emotions.

And Gryffindor are reckless and too busy making up their own rules to see right from wrong.

Still it is them in Hufflepuff who are seen as the lesser of the four.

For whatever reason this had happened Ella was sick of it. And she would show them just how wrong they were. All those times she’d known the answer but never bothered to raise her hand high enough for the Professor to see it. Even though with Lily Evans in the same classroom she wouldn’t have much luck since that girl was practically already standing when a question is asked.

She would do the same. She would raise her hand as high as possible and answer. And if it is a discussion she would speak up and tell them her opinion, because it does matter.

She matters.

“Black and his friends have been acting strange all week too. I know Black found you and all, but still has he even said one word to you this year?” Michelle gossiped happily about everything that happened. “And the Slytherins’ are unusually cheerful. I don’t know why but they seems really happy that you were on the verge of dying”

Ella laughed.

“Of course they would be happy; it would be one less half-blood in the world for them to worry about. Too bad they didn’t get their way” she said with a laugh and took a bit of her chocolate frog.

“It’s quite bizarre to watch. Rosier and Avery have practically skipped to every class this last week. It was such a joy to see them walk into the classroom today with a bitter look in their faces when they found out that you were awake”

“I can only imagine their faces, but in my head it looks ridiculous”

“Well, at lease we are really happy that you woke up. I have no idea what would’ve happened to our house if you’d died. I don’t think anyone have smiled for a week. I’ll tell you it gets quite depressing after a few days”

It was just Ella and Michelle left in the hospital room. Abigail and Cornelia had already left with Edmund. Apparently the school thought it was time for him to join the real world now when she was awake and talking. Much to her disappointment when she found out she would have to stay in the hospital for two weeks or more depending on how she felt.

Two weeks was more then enough. She had only been awake for a day and already she was ready to leave for school.

“Anyways, Cornelia tried to get a date with Black to relieve her grief. It was so funny when he told her off and said that you weren’t dead. He looked absolutly mental”

“When was this?” Ella asked suddenly.

“The day before you woke up. Why?”

“Nothing, just wondering” Ella said and looked at her friend with a smile. “But he was here when I woke up. Maybe he just wanted to see if I was going to die or something”

Michelle looked at her with curious eyes. Yes, it makes sense. One of her friends goes up to him wanting to talk about how sad she is that Ella was in that condition and he wants to see if it was all talk or she had a real reason to be upset.

Of course she’s upset over her friend being in a coma. But the healers all said she would be fine as fast as her body catched up. And they had been right. It had just been a cheep of her to try something like that on him. They all know Black is not stupid.

“Probably. Anyways, he did the right thing to turn her away. She’s a slag” They laughed.

“Oh right. I almost forgot to tell you about Lupin!” Michelle seemed really exciting about this information she was about to tell her. Almost jumping up and down on the bed beside her. “He was in the hospital wing as usual the same morning they found you, but when he came back he was a wreck. No one knows what happened to him but he looks so sad all the time. I’m pretty sure he’s crying himself to sleep every night, that’s how sad he looks. Like he’s going to break down any second”

Ella looked at her with raised eyebrows. That was nothing to be excited about. It was tragic something made him feel that way.

“There are rumours all over the school about how he saved you from the werewolf only to get knock out. And others of how you two are a couple. People have come up to us all week to get answers. Of course we say we don’t know and that you are not a couple. But it would’ve been quite entertaining if you hadn’t been in a coma… Wait, you are not together with Remus Lupin are you?”

Ella sighed and looked at her with an amused smiled.

“No, I’m not together with Remus Lupin. I think I would’ve told you if that were the case”

“Okay, good” Michelle said and laughed. “Not that I wouldn’t approve, I mean he is very good looking and a real gentleman”

“Yes, because those are the qualities I seek in my relationships. We don’t have to talk, or have anything in common, as long as he is handsome and a gentleman” 


A/N:So what do you think? Tell me everything! I want to hear, it was a meaningless chapter in my eyes, like. Nothing happened really.. but still important! What do you think? And I want everyone’s opinion! And if you for some reason don’t have one I will be satisfied with just like an “update soon” or something.. if of course you WANT me too.. just something.. anything. Please? I demand reviews! Bye now you guys
OMG.. I forgot about the preview! How very unnice of me! (I think I just created my own word, awesome!) Well here it is for those who want to know what will happen next:

“Nora?” she said with raised eyebrows. “You don’t even know my name. Go away”

“Sure I do, Eleanora Montgomery”

“No, I go by Ella, or Ellie or Elle. You choose. Not Nora” 

And there it was.. the very very small and short preview. I can't give away everything right. TTFN <3

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