Hermione sat on the bench for some time. All she could do was think about him and cry. She wanted to prove that she could find her parents by herself, but she also wanted to bring Ron with her. She had planned on asking him to go with her over dinner, but after explaining that she wanted to prove herself. She then thought about how she was an over-achiever, always wanting to prove herself.

She sat there until she heard the clock chime ten times. Hermione finally came to a decision, she stood up and wiped the tears from her face. With a determined look, she apparated to the Burrow.


Ron walked into his bedroom and slammed the door. He jerked at his tie attempting to remove it. When he finally succeeded, he threw it across the room. ‘Why the hell does she have to be like that. She always thinks that she’ll be fine, she never thinks that she may need help. Damn, why do I have to love her?’ There was a knock at his door. He was expecting it to be Hermione, so he didn’t reply. He didn’t want to se her. Not because he suddenly hated her, but because he hated to see her upset. Suddenly, his door opened. It was Fred and George. ‘Merlin help me,’ he thought when he saw the identical faces appear.

“What do you two want?” he asked angrily.

“We heard the door slam,” George started.

“and we figured it could be two things,” Fred added with a smirk.

“Something bad. Or something naughty.” George was grinning from ear to ear. Well, from ear to hole.

“Obviously it’s the bad thing. What happened?” Fred asked, now concerned for his younger brother.

“I asked her about going to Australia to find her mum and dad. It went downhill form there as you can see.” he answered shortly.

“Now don’t worry, little brother. I’ve had trouble with Angelina like this. She’ll forgive you,” the two-eared twin said comfortingly.

“Yeah, don’t worry.” George added in. With that, the twins exited.

He lay back down on his bed. Closing his eyes, he tried to figure out what he did wrong. He realize he shouldn’t have jumped on her like he did. However, Hermione was a very defensive person. There was another knock at his door.

“Ron?” she said quietly. He could tell she had been crying, just by her voice. “Can I talk to you?” she asked.

“Whatever,” he huffed.

She came into the room, looking at the floor, and shut the door behind her. Slowly, she made her way to his bed and sat at the end of it.

“I’m sorry. I should have never let my temper get to me, “ she whispered, still looking at the floor.

“Hmmph.” was all that came from him.

“Ron will you please listen to me?” she pleaded. He jerked his hand away when she tried to take it in her own. “I’m just asking you to come to Australia with me. I was going to ask you at dinner, but things didn’t go as planned. Just think about it. Please?” she got up to leave. Her hand was on the doorknob when he spoke up.

“Wait.” he said. She looked back at him over his shoulder. Ron got off the bed and made his way to her. She turned to face him. His arms linked around her waist when he reached her. He stared into her chocolate eyes. She started into his blue. He planted a soft kiss on her lips before saying, “Of course I will.” She liked his lips like she liked butter beer.

The witch smiled. “Thanks.” With that, she left the room.


Hermione decided she needed a shower. She had always thought in the shower. About life, school, or whatever was on her mind at the time. She walked into the bathroom, shutting the old wooden door behind her. A wave of relaxation went over her as the hot water touched her skin. ‘Hermione, if you ever want to finish that list, you better take control over your temper. It’s always been that way with him. One of you says something that sets the other off. You both have terrible tempers, actually.’ the Hermione inside her own head told her.

After her shower, Hermione decided to sit on the porch outside. It was cool out, and surprisingly not muggy. She sat on the swing, listening to the night time sounds. In her hand was a list she made in sixth year.

1. Get high marks in all subjects for the last two years of school.
2. Figure out why every time I see Ron, I feel funny. (this was checked off) see below. was scribbled in next to the check.
3. Find out what Harry is up to with Professor Dumbledore. (checked off)
4. Graduate top of the class.
5. Improve the lives of house elves.
6. Get a job at the ministry, helping others.
7. Fall in love (this was checked off also.)

She smiled when she got to the eight thing listed. This is were she had begun her “see below.”

8 Get a date with Ron. (Check.).
9. Get rid of Lavender Brown. (Checked off, of course.)

There was more added in after this. One could tell that this was not long ago by the contrast of the ink and parchment.

10. Get married.
11. Have a family.
12. Find out if some things are meant to be

She jumped when she heard the screen door creak open. Quickly, she folded the list and shoved it into the pocket of her bathrobe.

“What was that you were reading, Hermione?” Ginny’s voice came from the other side of the porch.

“Oh, um, nothing really,” Hermione stated.

“Can I see it?” Ginny asked. Go figure she would want to see it.

“I don’t think you want to, it’s silly really. Just some stupid little to-do list I made in sixth year. To organize what I want to do with my life, you know.” she said with a slight blush.
“Well let me see it then,” Ginny grinned, holding out her hand.

“Fine.” Hermione handed it to her friend.

Ginny greedily took the piece of parchment Hermione held out to her. Ginny’s brown eyes scanned over the words. Her lips curved into a smile when she read the second thing listed. Her smile grew wider when she reached the seventh. The second she read the eight, she burst into hysterics.

“Glad you did that one!” Ginny managed to get out between laughs.

“Me too.” Hermione was obviously embarrassed.

Ginny finished ready the list and handed it back to her friend. “Are you serious about this, Hermione?” she asked.

“About what?”

“Marrying my brother, and having a family with him.” Ginny stated quietly. She was not joking around, she was serious.

“I…I never said that it had to be with him,” Hermione said quickly.

The smirk returned to Ginny’s face. “Hermione…” was all she said. Hermione looked up into her friend’s eyes. She knew Ginny knew it was Ron. It had been Ron ever since Hermione realized she loved him. The summer before sixth year, Hermione realized she got butterflies every time she saw Ron or heard his voice. Her stomach would do flips when they would bump into each other in the narrow hallways of Grimmauld Place. Then, he started dating that bimbo Lavender. It broke her heart when she saw them kiss. This, of course, is when “Get rid of Lavender Brown” was added to her list. She didn’t necessarily get rid of her, but Lavender and Ron breaking up was close enough. It had the same focal point--the two were no longer together. When she, Harry, and Ron were searching for the Horcruxes, she fell in love with that ginger-haired boy. Then she added the remaining tasks to her list.

“Yes, Ginny. It’s Ronald I want live the rest of my life with,” Hermione blushed again.

“Good,” Ginny said coolly, “my brother isn’t perfect, but he’s much better than that silent Viktor Krum. Does he even know how to talk?”

“Very little,” Hermione giggled. Ginny smiled and went back inside.

Hermione was just beginning to doze off when the door creaked open again. Out came Ron in his pajamas, which were just a pair of shorts. ‘Merlin, why does he do this to me? Does he like to show off his muscles?’ she thought to herself. She had never been attracted to looks. Or at least she tried to convince herself that looks didn’t matter, it was personality. Not how a man looked, but who he was. She had to admit, however, that Ronald Weasley was fit. Very fit.

Ron came and sat beside her on the swing. “So, Hermione, er…how are things?” he asked.

She grinned at his attempt for small talk. “Ron, I talked to you not too long ago.”

“I know,” he sighed, “it’s just that I’m not good with this romance stuff. Aren’t we supposed to go on a date or two before you consider yourself my girlfriend? Not that I mind. I love it that I’ve got a girl like you.”

Normally, she would have blown up at a statement like ‘consider yourself my girlfriend,’ but she could tell that he really was confused. She giggled, “Ron, I think we were a couple before but didn’t realize it.” Ron only let out a small laugh. Hermione scooted closer to him. She put her head on his chest and he wrapped his muscled arms around her. She mentally noted how perfectly they fit together. He did the same.

The couple stayed like that for hours. They softly talked about everything. Their years at Hogwarts, Horcrux hunting, the battle, and their futures. Hermione started talking about her last year of school, of course. She told him that she hoped to receive a Head Girl badge. Ron smiled when she told him. He had a feeling that she would indeed receive it. Thoughts of the Head Boy spiked a small bit of jealousy in him. “Who do you think Head Boy will be?” he asked.

“Who knows. If you and Harry returned, I would expect it to be one of you. But considering you guys aren’t coming back, I’d bet it’s either Neville or Malfoy,” she said, scrunching her nose when the latter name came from her mouth.

“I’d rather it be Neville than that slimy git. Sure his mum saved Harry, but I still don’t like him.”

“Same here.”

“Funny how we have so much in common isn’t it? I mean, you like chicken, I like chicken; we both used to like Krum; and we both dislike Malfoy,” he said. He was right, he wasn’t really that good with the romance.

Hermione smiled, “Great minds think alike, Ron. I’m going to bed, I’m exhausted.” She stood up, stretched, and gave Ron a peck on the cheek before disappearing inside. He sat outside after she left.

He sat outside after she went to bed. Little did he know, they had more in common than what he said. He reached into the pocket and pulled out a piece of parchment. He read it.

1. Make the Quidditch team. (check)
2. Meet Victor Krum. (this was checked, much to his dismay)
3. Why the bloody hell to I get nervous around Hermione?(checked)
4. Find a date to the Yule Ball. (checked off)
5. Burn those hideous dress robes.
6. See that Viktor Krum is no longer Hermione’s “boyfriend” (checked, thank Godric)
7. Kiss a girl. (this should have been checked more than once, thanks to Lavender)
8. Go out with Hermione. (when he was this he smiled, it was finally checked off even though it didn’t go very well)

9. Marry Hermione.
10. Become an Auror with Harry.
11. See if things are really meant to be.

He sat and wondered why he had made that stupid list in fourth year. He then decided it was time to turn in for the night.


Hermione woke the next morning to Ginny hovering over her bed. She screamed. “Ginny! What the hell?”

“I was wondering when you’d get up. Normally you’re the first one of the first to wake, other than Mum,” she said. With that, she bounded from the room. Hermione laid in bed for a few more minutes. She stared at the ceiling. She had to go to Australia. But when to go was the question. It was Saturday, so she decided to leave the next Wednesday. She got up and pointed her wand at the bed, performing a nonverbal incantation to make the bed. Being of age, Hermione was used to using magic for simple tasks. She got dressed, wearing a simple yellow shirt and a pair of shorts. As she was about to leave the room, someone burst into the room. She jumped.

“Hermione it’s just us, put your wand down,” Ginny said. Hermione didn’t know she had her wand out . She figured it was just an automatic action after the past year.

“No offense guys, but why are you in here? I mean this is your room Ginny but I was getting ready to come down,” Hermione said as she eyed the two suspiciously. Ginny was an instigating tease. ‘Poor Harry,’ Hermione thought.

“Harry has something to tell you!” Ginny exclaimed, grabbing her boyfriends arm and jumping up and down.

“Ginny what did you do?” Hermione asked seriously, her eyes growing wide.

“Nothing! But Harry has something to tell you,” Ginny said with an eye roll. “Tell her Harry!”

Harry looked at his friend, “Ron and I talked last night when he came in. He’s planning something for you today. I don’t know when or what. Just thought I’d give you a fair warning. I don’t think it’s a prank or anything. But, I just thought you should know so you don’t refuse to go with him or anything…” he said. He seemed to feel awkward telling Hermione this.

“Thanks for letting me know Harry. Do you know if Fred and George are involved? I you said you don’t think it’s a prank, but you’ve got to be careful with those two around,” Hermione said with a wide smile, which she attempted to conceal but failed.

“Ron said he wasn’t going to let them know about it. You’re Welcome,” Harry mumbled before leaving the two witches.

Ginny and Hermione broke into a fit of giggles. “Wonder what’s gotten into him,” Ginny manages to get out.

“I don’t know, but I guess he felt nervous around two girls and having to talk about what his best mate plans to do with one of them.”

“What do you think Ron has planned for you?” Ginny asked, finally able to stop giggling.

“I have no idea, Ginny.” Hermione answered her. She turned and looked out the window, wondering what exactly Ron was up to.

Ron was no where to be seen for the next few hours. Suspicious, yes. Hermione and Ginny helped Mrs.Weasley around the house. While she was dropping some laundry onto Ginny’s bed, Ron knocked at the door frame. She always wondered why he knocked when the door was open. She found it cute though. “Yes, Ron?” she asked without turning around.

“Come with me?” he asked her. She turned around to see him standing there in his glory, picnic basket in hand.


~A/N~ Well, there you go. Fifth chapter. Hmm…lists. No, neither one knows the other has list. You know that sentence “She liked his lips like she liked butter beer.” Well, there’s this song called “Hip To My Heart” by The Band Perry. A line in that song is “I like your lips like I like my Coco-Cola yeah”. I was listening to the song while writing the chapter. Had to do it. Heh. Well, remember that I don’t own anything and that it doesn’t take that long to review. So review please?

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