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Beautiful Chapter Image by Marit @ tda
Kellan Blythe :)



I sat up on to the kitchen counter and let my hands fall in to my lap. James stood between my legs and brushed stray hairs from my face. I breathed deeply against his skin as he hugged me and I tried to steady my breathing. Everything would be back to normal soon. It would.

I told myself over and over that it would.

I wanted to make myself believe.

I wanted it more than anything.

“Are you alright?” James asked caringly, his hand caressed my cheek. “Did he hurt you?” The pleading in his tone caught me off guard. I hadn’t thought the reparations that it may cause.

“Je suis parfait.” I breathed. ‘I am perfect’. The sarcasm wasn’t full proof.

“Georgie,” he whispered with the slightest tract of sorrow. He seemed sorry. “English.”

I let out a shady breath. “I’m fine.” James let out a breath of his own that he seemed to be holding. “He didn’t hurt me.”

James nodded. “Thank god.”

It was sincere. I wrapped my arms around his shoulder and hugged him close. He returned my tight grip within a second, his hands found my waist and they pulled me further off of the counter. “James,” I whispered, he didn’t look up. “James,” I pulled his head back and ran my thumb along his brow line. “I need to you look at me.”

He did.

To see James so dethatched from his usual lively and opinionated state seemed to strange. “What?”

He didn’t let go of my waist, he didn’t let the grip go and for that I was grateful. “There are, there are things that…” I stammered out the beginning, but I couldn’t seem to find the words to finish. “I left France to escape.”

He didn’t asked questions. It was another factor I was grateful for.

I took another shuddering breath. This was harder than lying to Molly, for that I felt emotion, for this I was numb. “I come from a pureblood family.” He nodded at my words. “There are still obligations, rules you might say, that we have to follow in France. The blood war may have ended here, in England. But it hasn’t in France. There it’s still fighting strong.”

He silenced me with a kiss. “I know that you’re keeping things from me, G.” He said. “But I don’t want you to tell me unless you want to.” I felt emotion fun back, flood in by the bucket load. When I look at him I know that he deserves better, he could do better than me. “There is some scary stuff in your past and I don’t want to make you relive it unnecessarily.”

I felt the tears well up inside me, but I bit them back. Crying was not an option here. It wasn’t an option anymore. For now I would have to be strong. James kissed my lips and pulled me off of the counter. I slipped to the floor and buried my head in to his chest. He kissed my head before I pulled away.

The kitchen that was decorated by Percy and Audrey Weasley could be described as quaint. Country wooden counters lined the surface tops, matching cupboards and draws were placed throughout. In the centre of the room there was a table for six, two on each side and one on each end. Percy would eat at the end closest to the door, the head of the table.

In the corner was a small red sofa, fit for two or three at a squeeze. It had a battered cream pillow plumped in the corner. I walked over to it, being careful not to bash my head on the cabinet above it as I sat down. It held a pristine plate collection that Molly liked to profusely make fun of. She considers it ‘dreadfully awful’.

I pulled my knees up to my chin and wrapped my arms around them. James sat next to me and put his arm around the cushion behind me. I rested my head back against his arm.

“I will tell you, you know.” I said quietly. My voice sounded hoarse.

He nodded. “I know you will.” He stood up quickly, much to my dismay and stopped at my expression. “I’m just getting you a drink of water.” He said with an amused smile. I nodded and laughed at my own self-inflicted-sillyness. I had myself so worked up.

He got a glass out of the cupboard closest to the sink, clinking a glass against another, and ran the tap until the water ran cold. He placed the glass under the stream of water and looked back to me with a quick glance. I could see that he was confused, but James being James, he wouldn’t push the point.

He handed it to me and I took it thankfully. I took a sip and rested it on my chest while I ran my finger over the rim. James stood infront of me and rested back against the table. “Tell me this,” he asked. “Have you told anyone else?”

His timid demeanor caught me off guard. It didn’t seem like James Potter. I cupped the glass in my hand ad ignored the heavy feeling that seemed to repeatedly fall over us like a blanket. “Molly might know,” I croaked. “She asked me something, and I lied to her. But she knows that it’s a lie.”


“I told her that it was.” I said laughing weakly. My skin seemed cold because of the glass.

James snorted affectionately. “You astound me sometimes.”

“I don’t like to lie,” I admitted. “Secrets, lies, rumors. They only cause problems.”

He picked up his wand fro the table beside the sofa and put it back in to his pocket. He smiled at me, a smile which I returned. “Georgie, did you know hi-“

“G, I’m sorry!” Molly squealed as she raced through the kitchen doors, she slammed it shut behind her and attempted holding the handle. When that didn’t work out how she planned she raced over to me and jumped in to the space on the sofa. “Uncle Harry was asking me what happened and I told him. I’m sorry, but I don’t wa-“

“It’s fine,” I insisted. “I would rather that you didn’t lie for me.”

James smiled warmly but didn’t move rom his position at the table, my eyes searched his face, taking in the features. They didn’t move when Percy and Ginny walked in, or when Audrey tried to tame a raging Dom. She walked in, dragging her brother behind her and knocked a glass off the drainage basin.

Harry walked in and leant on the doorframe, his eyes were filled with disappointment and worry. I had seen the expression once before on his son. But only the once. It was shocking how alike they were.

“What were you thinking?” Harry demanded from the doorway. “Georgette that was one of the most dangerous criminals that has ever lived -” My heart blazed at the thought. “You were stood on a hill, chatting away to him like he was your best friend.”

I didn’t have the heart, or the will to point out that at a time, he was.

Percy stood beside his brother in law and pushed his glasses up his nose. “Do you have any idea how dangerous that could have been, the implications that it may have caused for the rest of us?”

Harry moved, walking over to the table and matched his son’s position on the table. I shook my head. “I’m sorry.” I said quietly.

“Sorry is not going to cut it,” Percy snapped. His voice began to rise and it was obvious he was trying is very best not to snap. “I invite you in to my home, out of the courtesy of my heart and you bring filth with you.”

My eyes shot open at this, wile and inexpressible emotions ran through them, Molly jumped back a little. “I did no such thing.”

“Then how do you explain it?” he began. “How do you explain the Death Eater on my land?!”

James stood up hastily, staring wearily between his Uncle and me. “Death Eater?”

“Does somebody want to explain?” Dom asked, uncomfortable. I made an ungainly gesture as my protest; I had no interest in sharing.

A steely look flickered over Percy’s features as he brushed off the urgency in Dom’s tone. “Georgie brought a Death Eater her-“

“Percy!” Harry snapped. Something warm met my stone hand. Molly’s fingers gripped mine roughly and pushed it down between the sofa seats. My water was still in one hand. “Something’s are just a misunderstanding.” I looked up gratefully. “You say that you didn’t bring him here…I believe you.”

“You what?”

“Uncle P, mate.” Louis said indignantly; hand up in a waiting stance. “No offence but really just shut up.”

My mouth was open and ready to protest, but I was suddenly distracted by the sad expression etched on to James’s features. For a moment that was no care, no anger and no arrogance, only sadness. “I thought that he was just dangerous.” He said to his Dad. “You never said that he was a Death Eater.”

“I didn’t even know they were back,” Audrey shuddered; her voice was quiet, measly. “Are they?”

“Back?” I asked after a second or two, authority spilled from my gaze. “They never left. Not really.”

Harry’s concentrative and leadership-filled gaze dropped to mine. “In France, they only died down their arrogance for a few years before making their comeback.”

I mentally shook myself, if Harry knows who I am, then why isn’t he sending me away? Although that might still be to come. Why isn’t he taking his family and running them in the other direction. I wrenched myself out of a slight daze and tried to quit the thoughts from messing with my mind.

“I grew up in their world. My mother loved the parties, the arrogance. She thrived from it.”

Dom was stood behind her little brother, one hand on his wrist. I knew that her Aunt Audrey annoyed her to no end; she told me over Christmas. She considered her weedy and stuck up – apparently a perfect match for her Uncle.

Percy murmured something in response before grabbing the hand of his wife and forcing her from the kitchen rather impatiently. Harry rolled his eyes; his patience was lessening. James looked to my hand, the one that Molly had grasped. I was aching to know what he was thinking.

He parted his lips. “So what are they doing here?” His eyes darkened slightly. “What do they want with G?”

“My guess is that they want Georgie back,” Harry restated coldly. “To get here I would assume that they asked around, they probably never stopped following you when you left France.”

I shook my head. “That’s not true, not at all.” His eyes widened slightly at my situation, at my denial. “They wouldn’t want me back even if I begged, not after what I did. Not the adults anyway.”

“Do you want to go back?” Dom’s words hit me with a sudden proximity; my gaze flickered about in surprise.

“Never,” I spat. “I will never go back. I can’t go back.”

A dark frown pulled at James’s lips. “And are they following you?”

“No,” I denied. “Only Damon knows where I am– and he would never hurt me.” I added to Harry’s upcoming question. “He covered his tracks, blurred my path. Even if they wanted to the other Death Eaters couldn’t find me.”

“Why would they want to?” Dom asked questioningly. “What exactly did you do Blondie?”

My gaze lit up in frenzied amusement at her tone, she was lightening the mood in the kitchen by simply being there. Louis jumped up on to the counter as his sister did and smiled sadly.

“That doesn’t matter,” I muttered, rolling my eyes at myself. “What does matter is that Damon-“

“What I would like to know, for starters,” James interjected. “Is how you are on a first name basis with a Death Eater, Damon Aalis of all people?”

“How did you know it was Damon Aalis?” His father asked curiously.

James shrugged. “You’re talking about dangerous Death Eaters, she called him Damon. It wasn’t that hard to fit the pieces together. He was in The Prophet the other week. The attacks are becoming publicized.”

“I didn’t know about it.” Dom argued. “And I’m a trained Aurora.”

“Well maybe I’m just smarter than you?” James hindered, earning a smack of a perfectly manicured hand.

I looked up, my pained gaze shattering the tension in a heartbeat. James suddenly looked apologetic. “He’s all that I had.”

“What about Kevin?” Once again, his voice strained at the name.

“He joined a year early, along with Annabelle.” I scoffed. “You know the hypocritical thing is…they did it at my request.”

I glanced at my shoulder. Molly had rested her head on it and hadn’t moved. Harry’s lips lifted in to an ironic smile. “We have been searching for a certain member of them, one that no body knew who they were. Answer me this, Georgie,” he begged. “Have I had her in my living room, dating my son, all this time?”

James’s eyes narrowed slightly, stare growing a little more curious with obvious reasons. I blinked and looked up to Harry Potter though teary eyes. “I’m sorry.” Molly gripped my hand tighter at my choke. “I never meant to cause anyone any harm.”

Although Harry’s expression stayed the same, his eyes hardened. “Well you’re safe here, in England, with us.” A small smile grew on my features through gratefulness. “But the moment that you step back over the French border, you’re a free for all.”

Dom’s gaze flattened slightly. “Okay, I am so curious now. Georgie, what happened?”

“Now, now, Dominique.” Harry said as his lips curled in to a crooked frown. “Not everything needs to be admitted at this moment.”

James brought a hand to the back of his neck and rubbed it. He paused. “Just tell me one thing,” I looked up, a layer of thin water still clouding my vision. “Are you safe?”

My heart skipped a beat and did a little flip. He didn’t care about my family, about what I had just done. He only wanted me safe. “Here,” I said. “In England.”

Harry raised a dark brow. “You said that Aalis made sure of that,” I nodded. “How?”

“I would rather not know.” I admitted, sniffing slightly. “You said it yourself, he’s a murderer. I don’t know the lengths that he would travel for my safety.”

“But why?” Dom asked. “Why for you?”

“He follows Rebastian Lestrange.” Louis added. “He is the new leader, right? Why would he choose you over him?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” James leered as he eyes me closely. “He’s in love with her.”

I laughed a little before pulling the glass to my mouth to shut me up. “No, he’s not.” James still didn’t look convinced. “But there are more loyalties than one in an elite, a legion.”

Harry sighed noncommittally and looked me in the eyes, resting his hands on the table behind him. “What did you get yourself in to?”

“I got out.” I commented. “You yourself know possibly better than anyone else that not everyone who follows the cause is all for it. That not all of them are loyal to the leader, but they are loyal to another.”

“And you’re a leader are you?” Molly asked, speaking for the first time.

My expression faded. “I was.”

“At a point,” Harry’s eyes didn’t meet mine. “I believe there was a time when you were the best in France.”

A tense silence hung in the cool air for a moment after those words, James’s eyes glared at his father.

Harry chuckled ironically. “I think that in this room, there are only three of us that know what has been happening?”

“Three?” I asked curiously.

“Louis,” Harry admitted with a lighter tone. He jabbed his thumb back to point at his nephew who laughed.

James spun around to his cousin. “You knew?”

“I’m an Aurora.” Louis said calmly. “I just happened to be one of the many that got involved in this particular case.”

I scoffed heatedly at this, opening my eyes wide in disbelief. “You know what had been happening and you still talked to me at Christmas.”

“You left it all,” he said with an admirable glimmer in his eyes. “Anyone that got away safely deserves a bit of consideration.”

I reached over and put the glass of water on to the table by the sofa. Molly sat up straight. “Consideration,” she spat sarcastically. “Louis, she deserves a fucking award.”

“Do you know, Molly?” Harry asked curiously.

“Not really,” she admitted. “I know…bits. The things that I told you.”

Harry looked at me disapprovingly. “You told me that Georgie used to hang with the Death Eaters, and then you ran away, fingers in your ears, shouting ‘lalala’ at the top of your lungs.”

“Molly!” I shouted.

Harry shook his head. “I can’t believe that you told her, Georgie!”

I shuddered a breath. “I couldn’t lie to everyone,” I rounded. “I didn’t tell her anything that was dangerous, anything that could have got her involved.”

“Infact, she lied to her.” James said, taking a small and slow step towards the sofa, he squeezed in next to me and folded his arms over his chest. “Georgie didn’t tell her the truth, Dad. She won’t even tell me.”

I closed my eyes and looked away; I knew that it was bothering him, possibly hurting him deeply. “I didn’t want to tell them anything, which could possibly be used against them.” I admitted. “That and for shallow reasons.”

“Shallow reasons?” Dom echoed.

I nodded. “Pride, dignity.”

Harry’s gaze was steely and cold when he looked to me. “Georgie, I am going to ask you something.” He said, leaning down to my level. “I can ask you again in private, we can leave it to another time. But I need to know. Nobody at the Ministry can figure it out and your father’s memory has been wiped.”

I sighed and closed my eyes resentfully, I knew what was coming.

“What is the elite?”

I opened my eyes slowly, and returned his steely glamour. “The end of the line.”


I took a sharp intake of breath and rested my hand on to my thigh. “There are 400 hundred students at Beaubaxtons. Twelve of them are then carefully selected to form an elite. They’re always purebloods, bluebloods or exceptions.” Harry raised a brow. “They are the most intelligent, the most beautiful and they hold the most potential out of all the students at the school. For the first few years it is perfect, the best years of your life. But at the age of sixteen, you’re offered a position.”

“To be a Death Eater.” Harry finished.

I gave a simple nod and sighed. “You must stay on for your sixth year, learn the syllabus, after that you’re given another option to stay on for seventh, or leave a year early. This however isn’t your decision.”

Dom coughed once. “Sorry, if not, then who’s?”

“Out of the twelve there is one leader. They are the best of the best, the Queen or King you may say, royalty.” I bit my lip. “They must leave at the end of their six year, they may choose who comes with them.” I ran my hand down my jeans and looked anywhere but people’s gazes. “The twelve that are chosen are the best in the school, they are selected by the leader, who can or cannot be advised by the others. It’s their prerogative. This leader is in charge of everything, everyone, even the students outside the elite. They were never messed with; they were hardly spoken to outside their own crowds. They weren’t spoken to unless they speak first, but there were odd exceptions.”

I blinked as Louis slid down from the counter. “Which were?”

“Teachers, family, certain friends.” He nodded. “The leader would mould the elite how they wanted, how they were told to by their pre-assessor. There are so many rules.”

“For example?” Harry asked. “Is it to much to ask?”

I shook my head. “The one that I always remembered was that the pre-assessor can take back the crown if they thought that their chosen subject wasn’t teaching right. But the assessor before that couldn’t so a thing. Once it was handed on again, it became out of their hands.” James’s hand rested on my thigh and I suppressed a smile. “Until you were sixteen, you wouldn’t know a thing about the Death Eaters, there were rumors, but no body ever believed them.”

“And what if you turned it down?” Louis asked. “If you said no to becoming a Death Eater?”

I scoffed. “Nobody ever did.” He looked concerned. “When you’re surrounded by scary looking people in robes with wands and masks, you don’t usually go against them.”

“I could see that.” Dom added. “We’re they nice robes?”

“Not the time, sis.”

I smiled at their sibling rivalry and looked at Harry. “Once you accept your role in the elite, which everyone did. It wasn’t an offer that you turned down, you couldn’t get out.”

Harry nodded understandingly. Molly swallowed and looked me in the eye. “So when did you accept the crown?” She asked. “How many years did you lead them for, Ettie?” My eyes widened.

“Erm, Molly? We don’t know th-“

“Come on, Uncle Harry.” She snapped. “Think about it. She and Damon, the loyalty. You said it yourself that she was once a great leader. That she escaped from the Elite; who would know the rules better than the leader?” I chewed on my bottom lip. “Besides, I’ve seen the way that you talk to Nott when he antagonizes you. You may have left ‘Dearest Ettie’ back in France. But you can never leave it all.”

I looked at her questioningly. I have never seen Molly seem so intelligent; she really was her father’s daughter at times. I pushed a stray blonde curl from my eyes. “I was fourteen when I accepted it.” Harry did a double take, he opened his mouth to question it but I cut him off. “Two years before I found out what I was accepting it for, two years before I found out what I was building. Usually, you’re offered it at sixteen, so you know what you’re accepting.” I looked at Molly. “You know the strangest thing of it all?” She shook her head. “I accepted it from my brother.”

James gripped my leg. “But your brother is missing.”

“Not anymore,” I leered, looking at Harry. He was subtly looking anywhere but my face. “How long have you had him in Ministry custody?”

“How did you find out?”

I blinked and licked my bottom lip. “Damon. He and Kellan were best friends throughout Beau. Kellan left a year early and Damon stayed behind, to make sure that I would be okay; Kellan didn’t want to leave me all alone. Not in that place. It’s what he came here to tell me today.” I looked coldly at Harry. “You attacked my brother.”

“He’s a danger.” Louis interjected. “G, love you’ve got to understand. There was an attack at a Muggle harbor in France about a week ago. The French authorities couldn’t handle it by themselves; they called us in for backup.”

“But my brother has been missing or almost three years?” I whispered.

Harry shook his head. “How old were you when you passed on the crown?”

“Sixteen.” I answered.

“How old were you when you last saw your brother?”

“S…sixteen.” I stammered. “He disappeared just after a week after I passed it on. He was the one that convinced me to give it up.”

“Exactly,” he said. “He joined the Death Eaters ranks.” I opened my mouth to protest but with a simple glance I was silenced. “He didn’t want to shame you, to disappoint you. So he ‘disappeared’, you wouldn’t know where he went.”

I shook my head. “No, they took him.”

“And made him one of them,” Louis finished. “It’s what he wanted you to think. The younger siblings look up to their older ones.” He silenced a glowing Dom with his finger. “If he made you think that he had gone against his beliefs, would you have kept rebelling, or would you have given in?”

I looked to the floor with thought. What would have I have done? Then main reason that I kept fighting to get away was because of Kellan’s disappearance. If I thought that he was one of them…

“I left at the end of my sixth year; my father had departed long before that. He tried to take us kids with him at a point, but mother fought the case and won.” I explained. “Instead of staying in France, I came to England to live with father. I did it through the legal system, that’s what it’s all about in France - with the exception of murder of course.”

Harry shook his head. “So you think that if you had left earlier, taken Kellan with you-“

I interrupted.

I didn’t want to hear it.

“The Elite are the children version of the Death Eaters. But they don’t really know what they are getting in to. They are the pre-selected bunch, chosen by their peers so that the later lot doesn’t have to do it. When I joined I was invited by my brother. All I could think of was ‘friends, family, shoes, extended wardrobe, tiara.’ I was eleven. The Blythe’s are known throughout France for leading with a passion. You’ve met my father, I’m sure that in one way or another, you’ve come in to contact with my mother. They’re sharp, blunt and to the point. They don’t give up until they get their way. They lead by torture and by arrogance. It’s how we were raised and its how we passed it on. I was the leader, and I raised the greatest generation of Death Eaters that there has ever been without even realizing it.” Harry swallowed. “The second that I found out, I quit. I built them, I found a way to destroy them, and now I have to watch them fall.”


“I’ve answered your question, now if you’ll excuse me.”

I pulled away from the sofa, leaving Molly and James behind. Dom looked apologetic as I walked past, I didn’t dare look at Louis.

I walked past Percy and Audrey who were stood in the garden; teams of Aurora’s were walking the hills. They figured that Damon couldn’t have gone far. They significantly underestimate him, the things that he can do.

I ignored Percy’s shouting and sat down on to the staircase, straining my ears, I could hear James in the kitchen. “She told you what you wanted to hear, Dad.” He said. “Did you really have to push her so far?”

“She was never actually a Death Eater,” Louis said. “She got out before that.”

“What I would like to know is how.”

Something slammed against a table. “Find out how you like,” James said. “But you’re not asking her anymore questions.”

James pulled me close and I fell in to his step. It felt good to be back at Hogwarts. I breathed the sir in deep and dodged a passing first year.

Nobody had mentioned the day in the kitchen; it seemed that apart from the people that were in there at the time, nobody else knew. For the stories that were kept quiet, I was extremely grateful.

Later that night, Molly crawled in to bed next to me and pulled the covers over the both of us tighter. Five minutes later, James had joined; he sat on the end of the bed and rubbed my legs through the covers comfortingly. They explained it to me carefully, in a long and winded explanation. Kellan was under Ministry custody, under the joint alliance of French and English jurisdiction. He is in St John’s, the French Hospital. His room is constantly under watch, five aurora’s are there at anyone time. He has been in the ward for over a week. It’s likely he will be there from now on.

I swallowed that information and put it in to the back of my mind. It wasn’t what I needed to think about now.

“Excited to be back?” James asked me cheerfully. I nodded. “Good, I miss it when I’m not here.”

I laughed lightly. “Me too.”

“Guys!” We turned to Molly’s desperate voice. She ran down the corridor, surfing through a sea of students. Russell walked pleasantly behind her, taking his time. She halted to a stop and took a second to catch her breath. “Tammy transferred.”

I choked on air. “What?”

“Her parent’s moved her to Salem, in America.” She explained. “Something about being the object of bulling.”

James snorted and attempted to contain a smile. “That’s ironic.”

I shook my head. “Unbelievable.”

“But,” Molly braced “On the upside, we get a new student to replace her – but we don’t know what house’s she’s in.”

James looked despairing. “Another?”

“Yeah, because the last one turned out so bad for you.” Russell muttered, waving me a quick ‘hello’. He dragged his trunk behind him and dropped in on the floor. He hadn’t yet gotten to his room alike us.

“I guess it wasn’t all bad.” James admitted as if it was the hardest thing in the world. I punched him on the arm and he smirked darkly. “Come on, G. Lighten up.”

I narrowed my eyes and he laughed. Molly pulled us apart. “It’s weird that McGonagall hasn’t asked one of us to show her around or something.”

“She didn’t for me.” I said.

Molly bit her lip nervously. “Yes she did,” my eyes widened. “I just did a shit job.”

“She didn’t take it very seriously.”

I laughed. It was incredibly typical of Molly to do such a thing, she wasn’t one for responsibility. James joined in with a smile. “Maybe she chose Holly?” he said. “We haven’t seen her yet.”

“We have,” Russell said. “She was off with ‘Claw boy.”

James snorted. “I hate him.”

“No you don’t.” I said.

“Yes I do.”

“No you don’t,” I repeated. “Or I will never kiss you again.”

“I was wrong,” he quickly admitted to us three. “I love the Ravenclaws’, infact McCartney and I are best friends.”

“Do you paint each other’s nails at sleepovers?”

“Don’t push it Mol.”

James let go of my waist and went to pick up the other end of Russell’s trunk.

“Thanks mate.” He said.

“It’s alright.”

Russ shot Molly and me a triumphant smile. “To the Common Room!”

“To the Common Room!” James repeated.

Molly and I shared a concerned glance before shrugging it off. Russ and James were obviously never going to grow up when it comes to situations like this; they would forever be little children. Just, bigger. And with better hair.

The blonde in Russ’s hair had grown out over the Christmas holidays, his light brunette locks were back in, of course, cut closely to his head. I couldn’t imagine him wearing it any other way. James’s hair, on the other hand, fell in to his eyes with an elegance that couldn’t be known to man. Otherwise, it would have been rectified by this point.

I rolled my sleeves up to my elbows and folded my arms over my chest. With the flick of her hair and a bite on her lips we slowly turned away from the boys in unison and walked off down the corridor.

For a moment, everything was normal. For a moment.

This was until I caught a glimpse of the black hair. The medium wavy locks, finally grown back in after months of torture. The emerald green eyes, green enough to match Al’s. I swallowed and didn’t turn to Molly.

I couldn’t see her expression. I wouldn’t look.

I took in a quick breath and stepped forward, ignoring the hand on my arm. I brushed it off and walked face to face with the smirking girl. Her Gryffindor Robes hung from her arms – no doubt she would be in this house, the house of lions. Her oxford shirt was buttoned low over her chest, her skirt higher than stated. Her lips twitched in to a smile.

“Blythe.” She sneered.

I looked up in to the eyes of my enemy, my tone was unnecessarily calm. “Taggert.”

I trudged through the trees, my blue high heels hanging from my fingers, my feet sinking in to the ground. I pushed a branch away from my face and chewed on my lip nervously. I had mud smeared on to my shirt, for the first time in my life, I didn’t care.

Snottily, I pulled my hair over my shoulder and let it rest on my chest. “Kellan,” I called shrilly to the boy infront of me. I knocked him from his revere. “Why did you bring me out here?” I questioned. “We could have just spoken in the castle was it really necessary to venture out in to-“

“I need to be somewhere they can’t hear.” He snapped.

“And the school woods seemed the perfect place?” I said flatly. “You really know how to charm a girl.”

He snorted. “You’re my sister Ettie, I don’t need to charm you.”

“Yes, yes.” I muttered. “I’m stuck with you, I know.”

He gave me a shooting gesture with his fingers before stopping five paces infront of me. I joined him and pulled back on my shoes, over my muddy stockings. He sighed. It wasn’t like Kellan Blythe to sigh. He opened his mouth a fraction to speak, but stopped. I pulled a thin twig like branch from the tree beside me, it was the spring. The branch was new, fresh.

Kellan grasped my hand and held it still. “I’m in trouble, Ettie.”

“How?” I asked, furrowing my brows. “Did you forget to eat with the right fork at dinner again?”

He shook his head, no amusement in his eyes. “Not at all, infact it’s quite the opposite.”

“You ate with two forks?”

“Ettie,” he hissed. “Be serious please.”

“Fine, fine.” I sighed through gritted teeth. “What holy sin did you commit this time?”

“I didn’t commit a sin,” he said. His voice lowered to a whisper. “The only sin that I have committed is to you.”

I pondered for a moment, my free hand pulling leaves aimlessly from a nearby tree. “You pushed me a few times as a young child, apart from that-“

“Ettie!” I knew that this was the last straw; Kellan was never one to loose patience. “I gave you the crown.” I nodded. “Now I am asking you to give it up, pass it on.”

“What?!” I tried to hide the surprise in my voice, to ignore the begging in his. “You have to get out of here, leave France. You have to end the elite.”

My eyes narrowed. “Have you been drinking from the fish pond?”

“Georgette, please. I beg you.”

“Kellan,” I breathed, pointing to the small pendant around my neck. It can take the form of whatever you wish it to. Kellan had this pendant, I decided to keep it. “I can’t just leave, I’ve done so well.”

“Well?” He echoed. “Ettie, you torture those children!”

“I do not!”

“Gaspard,” he queried. “Last week, he didn’t complete his homework on time. You wrote to his parents and told them of it. You know what it’s like, they will curse him.”

“It what happened to us,” I said. “We didn’t turn out to bad.”

He shook his head. “And that’s where you’re wrong. Look at us, Ettie. We’re a disgrace. The way that we treat others is despicable. It’s how I taught you,” sorrow glazed his eyes. “And for that I am sorry.”

Pulling a branch from a nearby tree, I scoffed.

“There is nothing wrong with the way that I treat others, thank you very much. I will treat them however I wish to! I am in charge here. I only do what is in their best interests. Gaspard’s parents will be at the school tomorrow morning. I don’t think that he will hand in an assignment late again” I tossed my hair back over my shoulder.

“Georgette, please just forget this, forget all of this.”

I took his pleading as pathetic. He was, the great Kellan Blythe coming back and begging at my feet like this. “So you expect me to give it all up, just by a simple request?” He nodded, his eyes saddened, they were desperate. “Then you must not know me at all. It was you; after all I believe who told me that I was born for greatness. You’ve had your time, now let me shine.”

“Believe me, Etts.” He snarled. “You’ve shined; you’ve shined brighter than anybody has before.”

I was a little taken back. I stepped back, grasping on to a tree trunk as I fell over a root. “Kellan, what is this about?” He pulled me back up. “Kellan?”

“I can’t tell you – not yet.” He said darkly. “It’s too dangerous.”

“Oh stop being so mellow dramatic.” I laughed. “It’s my birthday in two weeks, Kel. I’ll be sixteen. I expect you to come to the party.” He tried to speak but I didn’t let him. “Damon and Wesley have organized it. It’s going to be epic. Now if you don’t mind, I will see you then having forgotten all about this little, mental breakdown of yours. Go back to your women; I have to change my shirt before somebody see’s this mud.”

I walked away, ignoring his cries.

But he didn’t come after me. He disappeared 13 days later. If only I had let him speak.

I looked in to Taggerts sneering eyes and swatted away Molly’s hand. “Welcome home.” I said darkly. She knew as well as I, that it was anything but.

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What did you all think of this chapter? What are your opinions on Georgie's antics? Can you believe what happened? How about James and his understanding of what happened? Will it last? What do you think will happen next, with Zoe Taggerts return and all. :)

If you feel at all confused in this chapter, feel free to ask about it, because I know that my writing can get confusing sometimes, but I tried to explain it as best as I could.

What about Kellan? Did any of you expect that?

The next chapter is called Of Sugar and Spice and Everything not so Nice.

He nodded persistently. “I can always count on you. Just like people can count on their Mums – well, not like you and me, because our parents are dicks, but the stereotypical ones…like in the cartoons.”

I didn’t know where to be touched, or to be worried that he had resorted to comparing our lives to cartoons to make them seem caring and average.

A little of Russell in the preview there for you. :) I will update soon!

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