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A House Elf Tale by dracoismyloove
Chapter 1 : The Beginning
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AN: This is just the introduction, so keep on waiting for more. Things will pick up between chapters 3 and 4. Please review, it means a lot. This is my first story, so enjoy! PS. I don't own harry potter or the characters, except for the ones i created. Everything else is J.K Rowling's!


The day my mum died, was the day I knew my life was headed down the drain. She was killed by a horrid man, who only cared about himself and money. I was separated from by brothers and sisters when I was 3 years old. They were all sold to families, some went to better homes then others. When I was finally sold, I went to one of the worst families ever. They treated me like I was a servant (I guess I was supposed to be one anyways), but they could have been nicer. Ever since I moved in with them, I knew that I was one day, going to be free. I was going to get money, wear proper clothes and eat meals. I knew I needed to get another life.

I was born in a small, dark and cold shack, where I first heard the cold, cruel voice of the person who was responsible for my mothers death. When we just had our third birthday, Master King came down to our home and started laughing out loud. He had a look that could kill on his face, which I had a feeling might actually happen. He stopped his cackling, opened the door and walked towards my sister. He picked her up and set her on the small shelf/bench thing that we would sleep on. He did this to each of my siblings (there are 7 of us total), then moved on to me. He moved me to the bench and I was told sit, and not move or make a sound. I did as I was told, like there was some force making me do what the man had said. I was about to ask my sister what was going on, but when I tried to make a noise, I just couldn't manage to make any. Then I remember that Master King told us not to make any noise, so I sat their quietly. I tried to see what was going on with my mum, but Master King was blocking my view.

We looked around in silence as the man uttered the charm Wingardium Leviosa. We were in shock when we saw that he used it on our mum and were wondering what he was going to do next. He flicked his wand from side to side and our mum was flung back and forth, hitting the wall. Then Master King dropped her on to the ground. I wanted to run to her but the spell or whatever was preventing me from doing so.

“Any last words for mummy?” he laughed at us. He pointed his wand back at our mum and uttered an Unforgivable Curse.
“Crucio!” He said, his voice full of hatred. Mum started whining and screaming. “You useless pile of bones! I said CRUCIO!”

We could see our mum in agonizing pain. She was screaming and shouting “Stop Master King , Stop! Case can be a good elf again! Please Master King”

“Poor thing, won't live to see her babies be sold for a handsome price” Master King said in a disgusted way. By now, my mother was sobbing and so were the rest of us.

“Avada Kadavra!” I heard him shout. I watched in horror as her lifeless body was lifted in to the air momentarily before crashing in to the ground in a heap. I broke free of the trance that Master King had put on me and jumped up to be by her side, but it was to late, she was gone. I was sobbing and I could hear my brothers and sisters doing the same.

I turned towards King and started shouting at him. “You killed her! Why would you do that? What did she ever do to you?”

He laughed then spat on my head. “She did her job, soon it will be time for your jobs! Three years old is when you guys mature, am I right? Of course I am. Now we just need to sell you off to some rich homes, and I will be able to afford a pool for my backyard.”

He proceeded to kick me to the ground, turn around and march our the door. We tried to follow him out, but he slammed the door in our faces and we heard him lock it. One of my brothers tried to unlock it, but was unsuccessful. We banged on the door and were yelling at King to come let us out. We heard him laughing in the distance, and after a few minutes, we were weak from crying, and gave up. I shut my eyes and fell asleep.

A few weeks later, after hardly any food or water, Master King came down to the shack. It was a surprise to us because he never came down here unless he was bringing us nourishment, which was rarer then finding a Cornish Pixie doing ballet. We saw him through the small hole, he called a window. He had no food or water with him, so we were very confused as to why he was coming down this way. Then we saw that he was not alone, he was being followed by someone we had never seen before. Master King told us one time when he was a bit drunk that he had never had a real girlfriend before. Right before he smacked one of my sisters in to a pile of broken wood and cursed us all a few times.

We all stood against the wall, like we normally did when he came here. It wasn't just because he was scared us, but also because he would curse us until he felt we learned a lesson in respect. As he got closer, we saw that this person was female, and was dressed entirely in pink.

“Not much longer, ma'am,” we heard him say to his guest. “Soon enough you will have a nice, er, helper to do your house hold duties. These are the best, um, creatures to help you, from mowing the lawn, to being a practice target for your spells. They are handy for cooking and cleaning as well.”

“Hem, hem,” a girlish voice said. I looked at my siblings in disgust. This woman sounded vile. “How much for one again?”

“A mere 75 galleons!” Master King said excitedly.

“That sounds unreasonable for such a lowly creature, but reasonable for what they can do,” She giggled. Her laugh was girlish and very high pitched. We winced as she continued talking to Master King.

The door was unlocked and a toad-like woman came in behind Master King. She had a squashed face, and a squat body. There was a pin with a kitten on her lapel, and a cloud of smelly, flowery perfume wafted with her. I crinkled my long nose in disgust.

“They are bloody hideous!” She squealed. “They are perfect though, their ugly side shows just how savage these things are.”

“They are not savage,” Master King said in a somewhat hurt tone, but then his faced hardened again. “They will do your every command. Now which one suits your fancy? You chose your elf, name it then pay me, Mrs. Umbridge.”

“It is Ms actually,” She corrected him in a snobby tone. She then started pacing up and down the line of us, examining and critiquing.

“Head is to small. Ears are to large. Knees are to knobby. Eyes are to yellow.” she sneered as she marched passed us. “Nose is to long. Eyes to wide. Well these are far from being human, but this last one will have to do. I mean I have a hectic schedule, what with being the Senior Under-Secretary to the Minister and all. I need a servant to help me with my affairs. I am sure you heard of my Tag the Mermaid plan? Those things need to be rounded up. We can not have half breeds or things like these ” she pointed at us. “Roaming around and interfering with humans.”

“Excellent choice ma'am.” cutting her off Now all you need to do is give him a name to call him, so when you need him, you can just shout it and he will Apperate by your side.” Master King rattled off. “Instantly” he added.

“Well, he is like an animal, so he will be named Shrew. Come on little bugger, you are coming with me. You know, you can help me win this Mermaid Tagging campaign. I have just spent so much time working on my Anti-Werewolf Legislation, that I need extra help.” She took out her wand and conjured out a white cloth looking thing. With a few flicks, the cloth was flung at the newly appointed Shrew and managed to make a small dress on him. He had a look of shame on his face. We made our way to say goodbye to him but Toad lady shrieked.

“Get those things away from me!” She turned around and stomped out of the shack, tossing a bag full of Galleons at Master King. “Come on Shrew, you are mine now. You have to obey my every command!” She giggled her girlish laugh and made her way back to Master King's house. Shrew looked behind as he followed her. He gave a weak wave as he walked behind his new Master... Mistress Umbridge. We all started sobbing and Master King looked at us and said “Don't worry, it will happen to you guys soon enough.” he laughed as he locked the door behind him.


AN:I hope you liked it! Don't forget to check in for new chapters!

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A House Elf Tale: The Beginning


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