Let your love be like the misty rains, coming softly, but flooding the river.  ~Malagasy Proverb

She sat at the old, banged up, wooden dresser; staring at herself through the rather large, dirty, beaten up old mirror of Grimauld Place. Her eyes glared hard at her reflection. Who is this girl? Who is this girl? Clearly, someone she had not ever known in her entire life, and yet she had been inside her, her entire life. She had always, somehow been that girl. That girl in the glass, looking back at her. That girl who smiled the same smile. Cried the same tears. Who asked the same questions.

Zoey sat back in her chair, neglecting to take her eyes away from the mirror. She decided it best to reach for the pale cover up lying upon the dresser, to hide the bags underneath her eyes. She failed to sleep for nights after words, simple words spooked her days before.

"His bride." She repeated. "His bride?" She had repeated in question wondering if the punctuation would create a new definition for the phrase. To her, it was all sudden. A young man she had only known just a few months, was to be her husband?

Malfoy? No.

Everything Hermione had ever told her about that name was attached to something hated. Everything until the moment he intruded into Zoey’s life; and made his way into her little pink bug. Everything had changed when he had entered her dream. Nothing was ever the same when he brought her up to the stars and dared her to kiss him, grasping her with his ridiculous charm and stunning appearance.

But...His bride? What did that mean?

Would that be soon? Zoey wasn’t ready to be married. The word was frightening in it’s own light. Marriage. She was barely able to utter the word love, how could she possibly give up her life to him. Would they have children? They must! Zoey smiled then. Excitement aroused at the suspicion of having magical children. Magic would surround her life. She liked that. Her smile toppled into a frown.

What about acting?

What about her dream? Would that be put on hold. If it was, would there be a chance of it flickering on again. Her heart pained at the sudden memory of the audition she had before her vicious attack. Even if she had gotten the call, she would have never shown and would have never played the part.

A war in many hearts as the prophecy had said. Did that mean a battle would break out between her people and his? She cringed thinking how absurd it would be for a nonsense war to break out because of her, her, her love!

Was she in love?

"Zoey?" Harry’s voice was heard from behind her bedroom door.

She turned her attention toward it, answering, "come in." He quietly entered and stared at her through the mirror.

"Are you ready? We need to take a portkey. It’s a bit different then apparation, you’ll see." Zoey nodded as she stood, letting the bottom of her bridesmaid gown fall to the tip of the boarded floors. Her concentration had been so focused on her apparent, soon to be matrimony, that she had forgotten all about her cousins day. She checked herself in the mirror one last time, primping her curly side pony before taking Harry’s hand. He lead her down the stairs and toward the front yard where a red, plastic crate sat in the dead, yellow grass.

"Hold on tight. Don’t let go of me!" He ordered. Zoey tighten both her hands around his shoulder and upper arm. He grasped the crate and a collision of atmosphere crashed around her. Harry let go and grasped Zoey the best he could around her waist. The impact was tremendous and daunting on the muggle girl, who had just seemed to be getting used to apparation. They landed awkwardly with a loud thud as their bottoms hit the ground. Harry helped her up as she brushed sand off her dress. They were just a walk away from Shell Cottage, Bill and Fleur Weasley’s home. Ron and Hermione were to be married on the beach, a little ways from the pretty house. Zoey felt terrible about Hermione having to change the location at the last minute, because of her. Her cousin insisted that she would marry Ron anywhere and the beach seemed to be a much more peaceful place to be married then The Burrow.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked, noticing Zoey had not said more than a couple words to him and was barely excited to share this glorious day with her very best friend. Zoey shook out of her depressed trance to look at him, indicating she hadn’t heard what he said. "I asked if you were okay?"

"Oh," she paused. "Yes." She turned back to the trail in front of her, with intentions of tuning out life once again, but Harry was determined not to.

"You don’t seem okay."

"Well, I am Harry. I’m just thinking." She answered very honestly for their was no use in lying. The elephant had been found in the room and everyone knew about the prophecy. Harry nodded, knowing of her thoughts.

"Yes, I can see the pressure, I know the pressure of a prophecy." He took her hand as he helped her up the steps to the Cottage. "The thing about a prophecy is, you’re the one that makes it come true. Their just words till then." His commentary made Zoey smile as he hugged her for comfort. Harry was happy to see her smile not fade. "And you should actually acknowledge that Malfoy exists today." He suggested, knowing very well that Zoey had been ignoring his work partner for many days since the prophecy. Harry knocked on the door adding, "he’s just as weirded out as you are." Zoey nodded in agreement as Ron’s older brother, Bill opened the door and welcomed them in. The home was covered in wedding decorations. The living room looked like a war zone of wedding gifts and the kitchen table was covered with white and red roses, sitting in tiny glass vases, waiting to be the center pieces for the reception outside. In the kitchen, were many witches and wizards in cook and waiter robes, dashing in and out through the back door. Zoey gasped as three tiny house elves pushed passed her to get their jobs done.

"I’ve never seen one up close before." She whispered to Harry.

"Welcome to the chapel." Bill cracked, slapping Harry’s back. "The Best Man and the Maid of Honor are finally here!" He called. Mrs. Weasley clamored out to the top of the stairs wearing a lavender dress and her hair was tasseled up in a mother of the groom sort of way. She happily pranced down the stairs to the second most important titles in the wedding.

"Harry dear! You must go, go outside to Ronald right now! He’s waiting for you." Harry stood their for a moment trying to remember which way he was supposed to go. "Now! Go, go!" Mrs. Weasley shoved him off towards the back door and he went hesitantly. "Lets go Zoey darling!" She clenched Zoey’s hand and pulled her up the stairs towards where Hermione was getting ready. Mrs. Weasley pushed the door open and Zoey stopped when she saw Hermione in white. All Zoey’s troubles melted away as she went to give her cousin a hug.

"Oh Zoe, finally!" Hermione chimed excepting the embrace.

"You are so beautiful Hermione." Zoey complimented, not wanting to let her lifetime rock go. Although she was very happy, she couldn’t let one person slip from her mind on this wonderful occasion.

"Oh, please don’t cry." Hermione pleaded, understanding Zoey’s hardship. "He’s here in spirit love." Hermione assured. "He’s watching over us, I promise." Zoey parted from Hermione and wiped her tears away, careful not to mess up her make-up. Oh, how angry she was that her brother was not here for their favorite cousin’s wedding. How angry she was at the sudden revelation that he would not be there for her wedding. Whatever the circumstances, Zoey straightened herself up and wore a genuine smile on her face. Fleur, merrily bounced her way towards the pair, handing Zoey her bouquet of white and red roses.

"Zis is eh wond-er-fal day Erm-I-one. I em so heppy you ave spent it, wiz us."

"I am happy to Fleur...very happy." Hermione took in a deep breath and slowly and nervously let it out.

"Okay let’s just get you some cold air." Ginny said, as Luna rubbed Hermione’s back. "Clodious." Ginny said with a swoop of her wand. A cold breeze brushed through Hermione’s hair.

"That’s quite nice. Thank you Ginny." Hermione said, still breathing a bit hard.

"Now it’s going to be fine dear." Mrs. Weasley informed her. "You are just going to march up that aisle and marry my son!"

"You ready?" Hermione’s father popped his head in. His eyes grew wide and sparkled, much like Zoey’s, at the sight of his only daughter in a wedding gown. "It’s that time already." He said quietly as he entered.

"Yes it is." Hermione’s breaths had calmed and she smiled merrily at him. She ran to him and threw her arms around his neck and kissed the top of his semi-bald head. His tiny, square specs became crooked to the side of his nose and he fixed them once they parted.

"Shall we go on then?" He asked lending an arm for Hermione to take.

"Yes Daddy. I think so." All four bridesmaids lined up in front of her in the final formation that Hermione decided on. Fleur lead the way, followed by Luna, then Ginny, then Zoey. Mrs. Piggleswatter, who was covered in neon pink from head to toe, was standing at the bottom of the stairs. She gleamed at the girls, clasping her hands together in joy.

"Awh, there they are. What beautiful ladies." She gushed. "And, awh. What an amazing bride!" She raved at Hermione. "Okay, now the groomsmen are waiting by the back door to lead you ladies out. Remember, Fleur and Bill, Luna and Neville, Ginny and George, and finally the Maid of Honor, Zoey and the Best Man, Harry. Alright? Alright, lets get this wedding on!"

The girls did as they were told and found four men in dress robes leaning against the wall by the door. They matched themselves up accordingly and waited for Piggleswatter’s call. A beautiful tune of classical music started to carry and the wedding planner offed the pairs out one at a time. When Ginny and George left, Harry and Zoey took a big step closer to the door. Zoey turned to her cousin to give her one last, big, encouraging smile before Piggleswatter called them off.

Harry and Zoey began their journey towards the alter. They had to venture through the reception area which felt like a big maze before they were met with the white strip of cloth, commonly know as an aisle. It was a windy day on the beach. Zoey breathed in the ocean and decided she loved the feeling of the wind dancing around her body. She had noticed everyone was watching her and she became quite nervous and held a tighter grip on Harry. She smiled humbly at the guests who smiled back at her beauty and the serene picture the beach painted around her.

She must of had radar for him, for their eyes met and locked. Malfoy was watching her. His unmistakable and irresistible smirk crawling up his cheeks. She playfully smirked back at him and bit her bottom lip, trying to contain the pleasurable burn in the pit of her heart. She stared ahead at Ron. He was so adorable in his dress robes. The expression in his face was a mixture of pure glee and fear. Zoey and Harry parted at the alter and took their places beside their peers.

The guest began to stand as Hermione walked up to the beginning of the aisle and the wedding march began to play. Little bewitched doves, flew delicately around her as she walked down, not being distracted by everyone like Zoey. Hermione only had eyes for Ron, who was beaming at her from the alter. This was the day they had waited for, for what felt like their whole lives. It was happening at this very moment. Just a few steps closer and Hermione became parallel to Ron. Ron shook her father’s hand and Mr. Granger lifted his daughters vail for a peck on the cheek, before retreating to his seat, beside his wife in the front row. The happy couple, held each other’s hands anticipating the minister to begin their ceremony.

"Dearly beloved," The old man started.

Zoey peered out into the crowd, instantly catching Malfoy looking at her about five rows back. He was sitting on the grooms side, making himself very easy to spot amongst the red heads in the audience. He grinned noticing that she had found him. His blue eyes twinkled at her, and she giggled silently finding it funny that they could have a conversation just between their eyes. She lifted an eyebrow and smiled, subtly and playfully to let him know she was not mad. He laughed silently to himself and nodded, gesturing toward the marriage, without taking his eyes off her. She rolled her eyes and faced back at her cousin, about to say I do. She knew what he was thinking, and how could she not as well. That this could very well be them someday, staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, vowing to belong to one another forever.

"Do you, Ronald Weasley take Hermione Granger as your lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold in sickness and in health. To love and to cherish. Till death do you part as long as you both shall live?" Those words stung through Zoey as Ron answered aloud, "I do." Zoey glanced back at Draco who was still staring at her as the Minister repeated his words to Hermione.

"I do." She answered.

"By the power invested in me, by the laws of the Ministry Of Magic, I now pronounce you Man and Wife. You may kiss your bride!" The crowd broke into loud cheers and roars of excitement as Ron and Hermione kissed for the first time as a married couple. Ginny gently nudged Zoey in the side to catch her attention. The bride and groom were walking up the aisle and Harry stood, with his arm out for Zoey to follow after them. Zoey smiled, embarrassed and took Harry’s arm.

 For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
~Rosemonde Gerard

Draco sat waiting patiently at his assigned table for Zoey. She was out and about taking pictures with the wedding party. Joining him at the table, was Oliver Wood and his lovely, Mediterranean beauty of date. A few people who he knew from the Ministry, but never really talked to, and a middled aged man with a full head of dark hair that was going grey at the sides. He was very tall and had big arms. He looked like, at one time, he was a very fit and athletic man. He watched Draco fiddling, nervously with the little card that directed him where to sit.

"You alright mate?" The man asked. Draco stared up at him startled, not realizing he was being watched.

"Oh, uh, yeah." He lied plopping the tattered paper on the table.

"You don’t look so good. Looks like you’ve been burned by a bird or somethin!" Draco rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders giving into the strangers kind observations.

"Yeah, well I guess I have."

"Women will do that to ya. Trust me I know." The man clasped Draco’s shoulder and pointed to a rather beautiful woman about the man’s age. She had very long light brown hair and eyes that were dazzling familiar. "See her there? That’s me wife. Well, me ex-wife really. We’re gettin a divorce you know. It’s really beatin me up."

"Why are you splitting up?" Draco bluntly asked. The man shrugged his shoulders and hesitantly answered.

"It’s amazing how tragedy can change a person son. Even if you feel like you haven’t changed at all." Draco was hit hard by this statement. He did know that change, very well. "Ah, but know worries. You’re a young, handsome lad. She’ll come to her sense. Even if she doesn’t; there are plenty of fish in the sea." Draco smiled politely but still felt unsatisfied.

"Hello everyone!" Dean Thomas’s voice boomed around the space and all eyes were on him. "Well, the party is about to start. Just let me introduce our star performers tonight beginning with the wedding party! Ladies and gentlemen please give a round of applause for Fleur and Bill Weasley!" Everyone clapped and cheered as the odd couple walked into the party, dancing to the music in the back round. "Luna and Neville!" Again, the not so odd couple leaped into the room. "Ginny and George!" In true Weasley fashion, George carried his sister on his back, then slid onto the dance floor in victory. Draco held the edge of his seat, keeping his eyes on alert for the next pair to enter the room. "Let’s give a big hand to the Best Man, Mr. Harry Potter, and the Maid of Honor, Miss Zoey Granger."

"That’s my girl!" The man cheered. Draco froze and stared boggled eyed at the man.

"Your girl?"

"Yes, my daughter is the Maid of Honor. She’s a sight for sore eyes. I haven’t seen her in the longest time."

"And finally, Let’s give it up for the stars of our show. For the first time ever ladies and gents! Mr. And Mrs. Ronald Weasley!" The crowd went nuts and Draco just sat there realizing he just received advice from Zoey’s father. The noise had died down and the man stuck his hand out to Draco for an introduction.


"Craig Granger." He announced. Draco abruptly shook it not wanting to be rude.

"Draco Malfoy, sir."



"Daddy!" Zoey’s voice chimed excitedly as he arms swung around her father. She sat on his lap and kissed his forehead, before she nuzzled her head between his neck and shoulder. Her happiness didn’t faze when she noticed Malfoy beside her.

"Hello darling you look absolutely breath taking, doesn’t she Malfoy." Mr. Granger praised hugging his beloved daughter.

"Yes she does." Draco answered simply.

Zoey cleared her throat before saying, "Daddy, remember the boy I was telling you about, like a month ago? Well, this is him." Zoey held her arms out as if presenting Draco. Mr. Granger was shocked, but still held a carefree face as he went to shake Draco’s hand for a second time.

"So, you’re the lucky wizard who has stolen my girls heart."

"Daddy!" Zoey elbowed him in the side for his embarrassing comment.

Draco had noticed the bride and groom were dancing to their song and after some time others joined in. "Would you uh, uh, sir, uh would you mind if I danced with your daughter." Craig pinched his daughter in the side and gestured for her to dance with Draco.

"Of course you can, but it’s up to her." He playfully pushed her off his lap.

"Apparently it’s not!" Zoey joked at the way her father was practically throwing her and Malfoy. She took Draco’s hand and they made their way to the dance floor. He held her gently behind the waist and grasped her hand as she grabbed his shoulder and the began to dance, slowly. The scene reminded Zoey of the Halloween party, but didn’t remember it being so public, with so many people watching.

"Your father’s a nice bloke." Draco started conversation.

"Yeah he is." Zoey said proudly.

"I think he’s still in love with your mum."

"Well, of course. They’re both in love with each other. They just hit a little detour and now they can’t remember where they started."

"Maybe they just need to be reminded." Draco suggested.

"Maybe they just need to figure it out on their own." She said hastily.

"Alright. Let’s play nice. Maybe we should discuss our own matters. Mrs. Malfoy." He joked. She didn’t find it amusing. "Oh come on, that’s funny."

"No it’s not! We can’t get married! We hardly know each other!"

"We don’t have to get married right now Zoey." He told her, trying his best to keep his voice under the music. "And we do to know each other."

"Oh really? What’s my favorite color?" She quizzed.


"Well, that one’s obvious, isn’t it? What’s my favorite song? Or movie, or picture, what’s my weirdest dream..." She was flustered with questions. Still dancing, Draco isolated them from everyone else. He smirked handsomely and responded.

"Your favorite song is Lisztomania, I think by some band called Phoenix? Right? I know that because when I was in your car it was playing softly in the back round and a little screen projected it’s name and band. You also hum the melody almost all the time. You don’t have a favorite movie it’s so hard to choose, but if you must it would probably be Titanic because you said you have seen it a thousand times and that’s what you picked to be our Halloween costumes. Your favorite picture is the one of you and your brother on your birthday. I know that because that was the first one you grabbed and began to care for after I found the pictures in the box. Your weirdest dream was the one where I came over and asked you to act. We had almost kissed. Don’t ask me how I know that because you wouldn’t believe me and might be very angry with me if I told you."

Zoey stopped dancing and stood their dumbfounded. She desperately tried to think of something, anything to retort. "Zoey, you don’t need to tell me everything about you. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about what I discover about you. Like how you always need something to cover your bare feet when their cold, like a cushion or under my arse." He chuckled. "Or how you never seem calm, when your trying to act calm. You hate artsy-indie films because you feel stupid when you don’t get the artistic meaning of the movie. You love your family and I know you’re dying for your parents to come to their senses and get back together." He grabbed her by the waist and kissed her cheek. "Now you try."

"I, I don’t know. I know you were a Death Eater, and you strongly regret it. Your father killed himself which I think is the main reason why you’ve changed. You only like Berry flavored Bertie Botts Beans, because those are the only one’s I’ve ever seen you eat. You like a band called The Weird Sisters, and you love Quidditch. A lot of the time that’s all you talk about. You love flying, but I’m still very upset that you haven’t taken me out for a spin yet."

"I will." He insisted pulling her closer to him.

"And you love your knew found friendship with Harry and Ron. They make you feel like you’ve actually achieved something, you’ve always wanted."

"And what’s that?"


"Zoey, give me one good reason why I shouldn’t say I love you?"

"I can’t."

Draco held her waist to his, and gently bumped his forehead against hers and whispered, "I love you Zoey Granger." She beamed at him and happily started to reply,

"I-" Her eyes rolled back into her head and she leaned backwards. Her body went limp in Draco’s arms.

"Zoey?" He swayed her, but nothing happened. "HELP!" He cried. He cradled her, again crying, "HELP!"

The wedding ran towards them. Zoey’s father and mother pushed passed the crowd to hover over them as Draco kneeled to the floor.

"Zoey, wake up!" He begged. "Please wake up!"


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