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“Madam Pomfrey said the Hermione would fine in a day or two. She’s been excused from today’s classes and we’ll see tonight about tomorrow’s.” Harry explained to Ginny. She wasn’t really paying attention to what he was saying just that he was talking to her. Harry had become used to this as it has been this way ever since they met. “She’s so lucky, missing Potions today.” Harry continued but was interrupted by the slam of the boy’s dormitory door. “Ron, you missed breakfast, but I brought you back some muffins and pumpkin juice.” Harry jumped up. “We have Potions in fifteen minutes Ron.” “Yeah I know.” He didn’t sound very happy about it. “Hey listen can we leave now I need to talk to you about something on the way.” They left the common room and started to walk slowly to the dungeons. “Last night Harry…” Ron paused. Harry could tell he was having a hard time getting the words out of his mouth. “Yeah?” “Ok you might think I’m going mad, as I already do.” Ron paused again. “Just spit it out Ron.” Harry said. He didn’t like the way this conversation was starting but wanted to get it over with before they got to class. “You called Malfoy, Draco. Why? I mean you’ve never called him that before as far as I know. Why would you start now?” Ron stopped and looked at Harry with that abandoned puppy look. “I don’t know I was just trying to get rid of him. It worked. Didn’t it? He left. I was worried about Hermi…” he was interrupted. “WHY WERE YOU SO WORRIED ABOUT HER? ARE YOU SHAGGIN” HER TOO?” He screamed the loudest Harry had ever heard him scream. “What?” “AND WHY WERE YOU BEING SO NICE TO MALFOY? FUCK HARRY YOU WERE SO CLOSE TO HIM LAST NIGHT YOU ALMOST BLOODY KISSED HIM.” Ron walked off to Potions with out Harry. Harry was frozen. He had never had anyone talk to him the way Ron just did. Not Malfoy, not Snape, not even the Dursley’s had screamed at him so horrifically. He ran after Ron, who was almost just outside of Potions class. “Wait just a minute Ron. I don’t like her that way. She’s my friend, and I care about he well being, that’s it.” Harry shouted down the hall, thus getting the attention of everybody in the class room, Slytherins from their near by dormitory, and Snape. “Oh is that so Potter? Than why be so sweet with that shitty little weasel Malfoy?” All the near by Slytherins flinched at that remark but did nothing. “Mr. Weasley!” Snape hissed at him. Just the tone of Snape’s voice was enough to chase the Gryffindors back inside the class. Neither Ron nor Harry paid any attention to Snape. “Like I said before Ron I was trying to get rid of him so we could get Hermione to Madam Pomfrey, That it Ron.” Harry was sweating he was so mad. His scar was burning it was so bad, but he also new that Ron was a lot more livid than he was. Harry hoped that this wasn’t going to go where he thought it was. “YOU”RE PROTECTING HIM POTTER, IS IT BECAUSE YOU KNOW ABOUT THEM OR BECAUSE YOU LOVE HIM YOUR SELF?” “Don’t be such a git Ron. ME LOVE MALFOY? You have lost your mind.” Draco woke up to all the commotion. If it hadn’t been for that he would have missed Potions class all together. He only had two hours of sleep. He was up all night. As he entered the Slytherin common room. He heard the yelling. “Potter” he said to him self. “Oh this should be good.” Then he remembered what had kept him up all night. Why he had no sleep. “DRACO. YOU CALLED HIM DRACO FOR A REASON.” Ron yelled “What?” he said Dropping his glass of pumpkin juice Crabbe or Goyle always leaves in the common room for him in the morning. He rushed out into the hall just in time to see Ron swing he book bag as hard as he could. It hit Harry square in the side of the head. Harry’s glasses flew off and landed on the floor only a second before Harry hit the ground himself. Draco could not believe his eye. Was he really seeing Potter and Weasley brawling in the hall? His stomach all about dropped down to the same level and Harry’s head. Ron walked over to Harry, but before he could do what ever he was planning Harry kicked Ron in the knee. Ron tumbled down to the ground. Harry stood up. He was seeing double. Partially because his glasses were some where on the ground and he had just been hit in the head with three text books, and what ever else was in Ron’s bag. If Harry had to guess he would have said he had a piece of the wall in there to. Harry lost his balance and fell right on Ron’s left arm. It was obviously broken and it was practically flat in the middle, not to mention that Harry though he dislocated his own shoulder in the fall. They both let out a shudder of intense pain. Harry made his way back up and began to make his way very slowly out of the hall. Ron how ever wasn’t done with him. He grabbed a piece of a broken crate and swung with all his power at Harry’s shins. The contact sent a wave on noise through the hall. It sounded like a bolt of lightning had struck two feet away. Harry went down again, this time hitting his head very hard on the ground. From behind all the commotion in the hall came a muffles incantation and a flash of light. Ron was frozen in his tracks. He was looking around but could not move any part of his body. Harry lay in the ground motionless. Blood began to drip out of the side of his mouth.

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