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Beautiful Chapter Image by Marit @ tda.
Lily Potter :)

I tore my eyes away from James as he hurriedly locked up the gates to the Quidditch Pitch. I smiled sheepishly, leaning my head against a nearby wall. I picked the area where my hair wouldn’t get caught in the vines on the wall and propped my broom up next to me.

I got quickly bored as he fumbled with the keys; each Captain has a set. I walked over, leaving my broom against the wall like his, and wrapped my arms around his waist. I stood behind him and rested my head against his back.

He laughed and stood up straight. He put the keys back in to his pocket and took my heads in his. He turned around; I put my head on his shoulder and pulled my hands from his so I could hug tighter.

I looked up at James’s expression as I did this. Happy. He put his arms around me and kissed my forehead once as I smiled. A deep happy light glowed inside me.

James poked my forehead with his nose. I looked up curiously only to be graced with a kiss.

“What was that for?” I asked, reaching forward and pushing a stray hair from his eyes.

He pulled me forward, hard and pressed his lips once again to mine. “I guess you’re just teasing.”

“Really?” I asked innocently.

He took a second to ponder before kissing me once more. “I would say so.” I pushed him against the door and kissed him lightly on the lips.

I pressed my body against his and he smiled before I laughed in to his mouth. He kissed me harder. He swore when I pulled away slowly. I ran my hands through his hair and looked deeply in to his eyes. He was all mine.

I pulled away from him and walked away. I grasped my broom from the wall and skipped happily towards the changing rooms.

“Noo!” He sighed before following me down the path. James grabbed hold of my wrists and pulled me back to him.

I leaned against him and ran my nose against his bottom lip, he kissed it. My chest felt as if it were about to explode. Surely it wouldn’t fail on me now.

He began tracing a line of kisses down my jaw, my neck, my lips. I bit his bottom lip with the softest touch as he kissed me.

It was at that moment that I remembered I had hands. I ran them up the side of his torso before reaching his shoulders. They travelled over the top of his shoulders and grasped his thin jacket. I pulled it from his arms and held it in my grasp. His hands let go of my waist as he pulled his arms from the jacket. It was a rush movement, but a movement all the same.

I didn’t drop it to the floor, as he expected. Instead I held it, pulled away from his hold, said an innocent ‘Thank you’, nodded and then ran away. I had his jacket, his smile and his kiss.

I sunk deeper in to the water, the bubbles covering my chin; the Female Gryffindor Bathrooms were a place of brilliance. There is the en-suite that you’re graced with, it has a shower, two sinks and a toilet, but the communal bathrooms were something else. When climbing the staircase to the girls’ dormitories, there is another door, a big bathroom. It’s never really used. But in times like these, it’s deemed necessary.

The stone walls somehow seemed inviting, along with the cobblestone floor. The paned windows were spotless and gave a view to the grounds of the school – the Forbidden Forest seemed crystal clear, until your vision reached the smog that is. The windows were lined with red curtains; Lily had only drawn them roughly before bombing in to the first bath.

The room was an odd oblong shape, each of the circular ends lined with these windows. I scowled bad-temperedly at the thought of the world outside this bathroom. A fire burned to my right, crackling loudly as it attacked the ins and outs of the wood it held.

In the room there was four baths, each sized to fit one person; they were built in to a slate-concrete slab that held a mixture of aromatherapy products. The girls kept this room incredibly nice. It was known as the chill-out room, if used in the evening, it can also be taken as something else. A warm orange light shone throughout the room. This bathroom had no electricity, no lights or lamps, but candles and fires – alike the rest of the castle.

Ellie lay in the forth bath, her feet crossed and sticking out of the end. Her hair was pinned on the top of her head in a small loose bun; small bits fell out and landed in the water. The colour of her bath was a pale blue, she had overloaded on the salts and in-scents. Dixie assured her that she would smell like lavender and jasmine for a month. The edge of her bath was surrounded by seven candles, each one releasing its own scent.

Dixie wasn’t much better; she was sulking over Freddy. She held a small rubber ducky in her hands and squeaked it repeatedly; her red lipstick had smudged over her mouth. She didn’t seem to care. On her head she wore head boppers, they bounced whenever she moved. A big movement and they flashed a red and gold light; Gryffindor.

“Dixie,” Lily warned from the first bath. “Another squeak and I will remove its head.” She grabbed her wand from the side and aimed it at Dixie’s duck. She threw it towards me in surprise.

“Lily, that’s really harsh.” She observed, looking to her right warily. “You’d never hurt my only love.”

I cringed at her tone. Lily seemed to do the same. On her head she wore a cowboy hat; it covered her wet locks beneath. Alike my bath, hers was overloaded with bubbles. She was sat up straight with her knees pulled to her chest. “Cheer up, Dix.” She attempted in a sweet voice. “Freddy’s just arrogant.”

“He’ll come around soon enough.” I added. I scooped up a handful of bubbled with my hands and blew them towards her. They popped and Dixie frowned.

She scowled and responded guardedly, she was fully aware of my situation. “That’s simple enough for you to say, you got the man of your dreams.”

“I did, didn’t I.” I absentmindedly picked up the duck from the side and let it float in the water infront of me; it bobbed until it reached the bubbles and got stuck in a power battle of who could block who.

Ellie smiled and began to skim her finger along the top of the water. “You don’t sound too sincere my love.”

“Oh, no I am.” I contradicted.

“Good,” Lily smiled. “You two are perfect for each other.”

Dixie nodded. “I love the way that he is such a bad boy, such a rogue, but then it’s like, you’re the only one that can tame it.”

“It’s like you’re in Hollywood.”

I laughed at my friends, they all nodded in agreement. I lay in a squief position. “I really am living in perfect bliss relationship wise. I just can’t help but think of all the horrible things that we went through before this.”

Lily combed through the ends of her long hair. “Oh, trust me; we are not letting him forget what he did that easily.”

I looked to her with vacant eyes. “Neither am I.”

“Together, we will knock his ego out of the country!” Dixie said, throwing her arms in to the air and sinking until her head went under the water. She popped back up for a second. “Besides, you were scoring with that top at the victory party. He nearly tore of Drew’s head when he tried to make a comment.” We all laughed at out friend and copied her former action.

I grabbed hold of my nose and dunked my head. I was in the third bath along. My hair was attached tightly to my scalp with clips and covered with the hat of a jockey, the straps (that were far too long) trailed down to my chin. Mascara probably ran down my cheeks with an unstoppable force.

I looked up through the water, the soap and products in the bath stinging my eyes as I did. The blurry image of the ceiling came from above, followed by a smiling face.

Water rushed in to my mouth as I opened it to scream. Dixie’s head boppers flashed brightly through the water and she leant over from her bath to my own. She retreated as I rushed up from the water, spluttering and screaming bloody murder.

Ellie’s laugh seemed hardly human. Lily simple squirted water from an empty bottle and hit Dixie square in the eye. I dunked myself back under and watched as the excess spray hit the top of the calm surface in small droplets.

James meant everything to me. He was my James, for the first time, I could actually call him that and mean it. He was mine and was his. For once, everything felt right. However I still couldn’t get that feeling that I was being watched from the back of my mind. I had expected it, if anything the rumours have become more vivid.

It was only three days ago when a lanky seventh year boy with primly combed black hair and masculine features asked me if I had any dog-like offspring. I mean, seriously?

There is a time and a place. There is also a line. The Hogwarts body seems to have trampled over that line and shown no means of stopping.

It’s their special talent.

Line stomping.

It didn’t seem like an hour since the girls had dragged my away from it all. Dixie had found me in the common room and taken my wrist, leading me away. She brought me to the bathroom; I hadn’t been in here since third year. You ad to have courage to bathe here, there were no locks on the doors and horrid girls took down the sign if you placed one on the door.

They had brought down all the products we owned and set up the bathroom. A towel sat by each bath, now probably soaked through. We stripped down to our underwear and climbed in to the hot water, little candles were placed everywhere possible. We had created a fire hazard.

I surfaced again, and took a deep breath as I did. “I swear,” Lily said astounded. “You’re part fish, I know that you are. You’ve always been able to hold your breath longer than others.”

I snorted. “No, Lily. I just have a bigger lung capacity.”

“Honestly?” Ellie asked. “That’s so cool?”

I felt a soap bar bounce off of the helmet. “Can you fly?”

“No Dixie, I cannot fly.” The answer was accompanied by an eye roll.

Ellie smiled, revealing a perfect set of teeth. “So what superpowers do you have?” She leant on to the side of the bath, crossing her arms over the stone.

“I’m not superwoman.”

Dixie raised a nicely-shaped-brow. “You’re pretty damn close. Come on, let up Batgirl,” I coughed. “Erm, I mean Wolfgirl.”

I gritted my teeth together and forced a smile. “I like my meet raw.”

“Already knew that.” Elle dismissed. “Come on, we want to gory details.”

My face broke out in to a shining grin, unintentionally of course. “Gory details, huh?” I echoed. Their heads nodded enthusiastically. Not even Lily knew these. In being perfectly honest, there really weren’t any affects to this that were positive, not in the way that they were looking for. “There aren’t that many. But I have really good lung capacity. I can sense when animals are near me. I also know when others are werewolves. And nearer to the moon all of my senses heighten.”


I leaned menacingly away from the back of the bath and towards the golden taps. My helmet fell over my eyes a little and Lily giggled. “I can’t take you seriously in that hat, Chic.”

“Take it off,” Ellie ordered. “I really want to know this.”

I didn’t oblige, instead I pushed it back and did up the straps. It was set in place. Dixie snorted. “My senses. It means that I have a better taste of things, I can see further and my vision picks up things that I usually wouldn’t. For example, if someone had an eyelash out of place, or writing with a different hand across the other side of the classroom. But my favorite has to be the hearing.”

Lily laughed. “Scorpius told me about this one.”

“I bet he did,” I snapped in defense. “He always catches up with me before the moon and enlists me in causing trouble.”

Dixie’s eyes turned to slits. “What kind of trouble?”

“Don’t worry, I never listen in on you guys.” Her gaze seemed to lighten; Merlin only knows what Dixie and Freddy did in their own time. “Take the other month for example. Scorpius and I ran past Flitwicks room and I heard him singing ‘Man I feel like a Woman’ by ‘Shania Twain’. I believe that Scorpius was failing charms at this point.”

Elle snorted wryly. “And now?”

“Now?” I echoed. My eyes widened in to bubbles of blue. “He’s getting an ‘O’. His parents are very proud.”

Lily clenched her fists at the truth. “I knew that there was no way he could up his grade that quickly. The scum – bloody lied to me.” She sighed. Scorpius had his Dad’s charm when he needed it. To others, he was unbelievably scary. “Charisma I am failing transfiguration.”

“I am not a spy, thank you very much.” I accompanied this with the duck thrown to her head. She dodged and caught it in one hand before putting it delicately in her bath.

I tightened the strap on my red bra and suddenly felt strangely defensive. What if they were careful what they said around me now? Maybe I shouldn’t have said it. Dixie rectified this quickly. “Realize, Charisma that I am not keeping anything to myself. If you hear something that you don’t want to hear out of anyone’s mouth, it’s your own fault.”

“I know.” I admitted. I quickly envied another of Dixie’s traits; her ability to speak her mind. She said the first thing that came to her mouth. It usually entailed a similar amount of tact as to a Nazi storm trooper. “Oh, I also love dogs.”

“Funny,” Lily deadpanned. “I always had you pegged as a cat person.” The first item that I could grab flew her way. A half full Herbal Essences shampoo bottle.

She ducked and it hit the wall behind her. I rested back against the bath, my knees poking out the top of the water. I looked to the floor, our school uniforms were piled in a mess, my jumper hung from a hook, while my trousers piled on the floor in a heap. There was a shoes hung from the curtain rail and a sock on the small windowsill.

“I like the new you, Charisma.” Dixie interjected. “It’s feisty, fun and out-there.”

“Wasn’t she always?” Lily tried.

Dixie shook her head. “Not to this degree.” I smiled. “Don’t get me wrong, Chic. I have always loved you and I always will. But the amount of nice-nice that you flaunted around made me look like a bit of a tit.”

“It’s not hard to achieve.”

She responded to this by water throwing.

Ellie’s tone tilted slightly as she spoke. “So, how did the other love interests take it?”

I nearly chocked on air. “Excuse me?”

“The others?” she repeated. “Drew and Harper, I mean they must have had some reaction to you and James becoming joined at the mouth.”

Lily laughed. “I think that Drew wasn’t too fussed either way.”

“Nu-uh.” Dixie briefed. “He has been like, in love with Charisma since forth year.” My eyes grew wide and my mouth dropped. I probably resembled a gaping fish. She turned my way and rectified. “Not in a serious way of course.”

Lily sighed as I visibly stiffened. “Charisma, he thinks that you’re hot. That’s it.”

“Our friendship is so pure.” I teased, beginning to examine my toe nails, they needed painting.

“Oh yeah,” Dixie replied, motioning at me haughtily. “You can go to him anytime for sex. I am sure he’d accept.”

I gasped in disbelief. “I have James for that, thank you.”

“Tread carefully,” Lillers warned. “That’s my brother you’re talking about.”

“She will be willing to karate-chop you if you mention S-E-X.” She spelt it out and Lily shot her a glare that read ‘I’m not six’.

While they continued in competitive conversation I merely stared in astonishment. Drew really had seemed genuinely pleased when James and I began to date. He was still Andrew, my bestest friend. Nate on the other hand, wasn’t.

It was understandable. He and James had never got along. However, rumor had got to him before I could. He isn’t annoyed that James and I are together, he is upset that I didn’t tell him straight away. I can remember approaching him after he first found out. He didn’t look me in the eye; he merely over-polished his prefects badge tentatively with his thumb. Dan told me that he likes this muggle girl that lives down his road. Apparently she is this tiny shop assistant. Lois says that she wears these skimpy outfits. I always imagined him to love a little girl with glasses and a book that would seem glued to her arm. Not a person calling slag ville.

He knew nothing of the Wolfsbane, he merely wished to annoy Dan. The misunderstanding explanation was still not one that James wished to accept. I knew from that moment that he and Nate would never get along. Not ever.

The girls dissolved in to quick giggles and returned to their own bathing rituals. Lily leant back in her bath and pulled her cowgirl hat over her face. “This is the life.”

I smiled. Ellie took a bottle of shower gel and started to soap up her arms. Dixie did the same; they really were physical-action twins. The room was suddenly semi- illuminated by a flash of lightening from outside; we had missed the thunder.

Hogwarts had recently been the victim of several raging storms that would leave destruction in its path. Freddy had snuck out only last night to find a group of pixies running around in the entrance hall. A few had flown in to escape the storm.

It’s Freddy we’re talking about here. He has spent the past few nights in detention with James for holding illegal fighting-pixie tournaments in their dorm room for a profit. They were caught by Longbottom. The startling factor was that Neville had joined in for two fights, only when he lost did he decide it was time to become to authority figure.

Ellie had slid under the water in fright while Dixie was merely laughing. She loved the thunder. The booming thunder suddenly became uncomfortably loud. Yet, the misty atmosphere in the bathroom still seemed soothing.

The rain began to smack against the windows as the wind rattled its frame. Another round of laughter appealed to us.

Ignoring the rumors that spread round was easy; it’s trying not to appeal to them that’s hard. While some ignore you and stay out of your way, others try to jump in and make your life hell. Evie’s friend Felicity is an example.

After my usual Hagrid visit I was walking back up to school, James was in detention; his new home. She stood in my path and refused to move until she got a rise out of me. I wouldn’t give in; instead I turned around and walked the long way back.

It was really hard.

I leant over the side and grabbed an assortment of bath and hair products. Lily laughed as I knocked over six more than I had taken. I picked up a red bottle labeled Shampoo. It purposively made your hair smell of berries.

Dixie yanked it from my hands. “Not that one.”

“Why?” I demanded trying to snatch it back.

She sighed and warily relaxed her arms over the side of the bath and on to the slate; she threw the bottle to the other side of the room. The red liquid splurged out and down the wall. It began to fizz. “It smells like shit.”

“It says, scented with berries.”

“Yeah, berries from a Hippogriffs arse.” Elle muttered.

“Elle, that is so rude.”

“Ladies, I don’t think that we should be arguing about the scent of it.” Lily interrupted.

Dixie’s tone turned to a snap. “Oh, so we should just let our best friend walk around smelling of shit. All the boys will swoon.”

“I meant,” Lily deadpanned once again. “That the scent wasn’t the most important thing about it.”

“Yes, sorry. How could I forget about the texture?” Dixie mocked. “Of course, it’s goopy and runny and viscous. Boiling point of 112.5 degrees.”

I sank lower in to the water and enjoyed the steam that began to billow around me dreamily. It was misty. As in unnaturally so. Lily accidentally knocked a splash of water from her bath with her arm; she flung it from the water with intense rage. “Ok then, I am just going to ignore the fact that it just burnt a small hole in the wall then shall I?”

Our heads turned simultaneously towards the bottle. Sure enough, a line that matched the leak of the shampoo had burned in to the wall. Small pieces of stone crumbled away leaving a large crack in its path. It stopped and a small stone fell from the wall. It landed with a little thud and left only the sounds of our breathing. Shockingly, the smell of the room wasn’t affected at all.

“Ellie, what the fuck were you playing at?”

“Don’t shout, Dixie.” She stuttered. “It’s not mine!”

“You brought it.” I pushed all of the products from my hands and let them roll off of the slate slab and on to the floor.

She shook her head. “I borrowed it off of Kyle!”

I dropped everything that I was holding.


The steam around me seemed to stop. “Dixie calm down,” I ordered. “Kyle and I may not be on the best of terms at the moment, but I sincerely doubt that he would try to burn a hole in my head.”

“Are you so sure about that?”

“DIXIE!” Ellie seemed genuinely upset. I could see her point. “I know of one person that would like to see him hurt, it was his shampoo after all.”

I shook my head. “No, don’t you dare accuse James like that.”

“She wasn’t accusing James.” Dixie stood up and grabbed her towel. “Freddy is very protective of Charisma, but he would never go as far as to hurt a person that badly.”

“Well, look at what he’s done to you!” She cried. “Dixie, you’re a wreck.”

She squealed a sound that was inhuman, grabbed her school trousers and stormed from the bathroom, her towel firmly wrapped around her bust. Ellie shortly followed, still shouting after Dixie. I am sure the Common Room could hear their ‘discussion’.

Lily stood up and moved one bath over. “Who said anything about Fred?”

I laughed quietly and swirled my finger lightly in my bath water. “They’re just touchy.”

She nodded understandingly and pulled the hat off of her head. She didn’t feel much like playing anymore. I followed her action and placed it down on the slate. Lily sighed. “Charisma, what if they aren’t joking about it?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean,” she began, her voice was quiet, scared. It didn’t seem like Lily. “I mean, what if it was meant for you – I don’t think that Kyle would do that. Not ever. But what if someone had tried to do that to y-“

“Lily, it wasn’t for me.” I interrupted. “I know what you mean. I’m scared about it too. But it was meant for Kyle.” She looked confused. “It’s something from the new line for Weasleys Wizards Wheezes.”

“How do you know?”

I used my foot to turn the tap on the bath. They began to shoot jets of hot water from them. My bath was getting cold.

As I am now legally an orphan, I will never be at heart. I will always have my real family. Teddy had been taking care of me since I was eleven, he wasn’t about to stop now. I have always spent my summer with him. I would spend the rest of them there too. Teddy is the guardian to everyone; he is at the age to be responsible, but still to have that flare of immaturity – Georgie seems to have never ridded it.

If the kids have a new idea, or a new prank they go to Teddy’s and try it out. Aunt Angelina would never allow it to be done under her watch. Fred spent the entire summer in Teddy’s back garden. It wasn’t until Dom was complaining how she wished that she could burn all the hair from one of her co-workers head, Fred got the idea for a new product for his Dad’s shop.

It didn’t hurt, you didn’t even feel it. It was simply strong enough to get rid of your hair; it could easily be grown again with a spell. But if you didn’t know that….

“I just do.” I smiled. “I am sure it was Fred.”

Lily chuckled. “Don’t tell Dixie that.” I nodded. “One question, how did Dixie know not to let you use that one?”

“She only said that she didn’t like the smell,” I added. “She may have honestly not known.”

Lily shook her head. “She’s best friends with Fred. She must have known.”

“Then I should say a big thank you.” Lily laughed along with me and I turned off the tap, picking up a bottle of bubble bath I took off the cap and began splurging it all over the place. “She was probably in on it.”

“You know our Dixie – Charisma, seriously what are you doing?” Still squeezing the big bottle I lifted it up. The quick motion sent the liquid flying from the bottle and in to the air. The scene seemed to happen in slow motion.

The light blue liquid flew up, swirling and twirling. That was until it seemed to drop, splattering the walls, the floor…and Lily.

A small amount found refuge in her hair.

It moved a little and fell from her hair in to the bathwater. Her face discovered several different emotions; shock, horror, revenge.

She stood up and dived from her bath, standing up and jumped in to mine, slipping, holding on to the taps and sitting down ‘delicately’ at the other end, leaning to my left she flew a handful of water in to my face. Her cowgirl hat had found its way back on to her head.

The slow mo’ had finished when two boys opened the door.


James smacked the back of Drew’s head. Each had a broom in their hands; they had used it to defeat the staircase, as usual. “Lily, that’s my girlfriend. Get your own.”

They stepped in to the bathroom and shut the door behind them. I was a little lost for words; I pulled the towel from my right down in toe the water and wrapped it around me. I was wearing underwear, yes, but I wasn’t about to show this to them.

Lily did a few breathy gasps. “You’re not supposed to be here.”


“In the girls’ bathroom.”

“…Or the girls’ dorm in general.” I added.

James smiled. “You’ve never had a problem with it before.”

“Yes, but I’m not that keen on the idea when I’m in the bath.”

James smiled and sat down on the step on the other side of the room; he moved my clothes to the side and picked up a shoe before putting it down next to him. Drew coughed. “May I just ask, on the whole topic of taking baths, is the sharing a usual occurrence?” Our glares answered his question. “Not that I have a problem with it or anything.”

“Pick your words carefully here, Drew.” James warned. “Look who is in the bath.”

He laughed well naturedly and sat down next to James. “I just mean, there are four baths in this room, couldn’t you have one each? – Oh, look they discovered Freddy’s formula.” He pointed to the wall.

“We discovered it alright.” I muttered.

Lily sank lower in to the bath. “So it was Freddy’s. Can I just ask…what the hell do you think you were doing with it? Giving it to Kyle?”

“We didn’t give it to Kyle.” James said. “We gave it to Elle; we just told her it was Kyle’s.”

My eyes widened. “It was for Ellie.”

“Well, we couldn’t put up with the way she was treating you, now could we?” Drew and James high fived.

I glared at Drew’s comment. “Yes, you could.” This wasn’t the reaction that I was hoping for. “I did.”

“But we’re not like you, love.” James smiled warmly. “You’re better than me, you’re better than us. While you take the high road and don’t sink down to their level, we take the other opportunity.”

Drew grinned. “We get down with the dogs – Hell, we could take on the Slytherins. We’re that bad.”

“Now, now Andrew, let’s not go that far.”

“God this is so embarrassing.” Lily muttered, I sent her a small smile.

I looked up to James with a hopeful smile. “Do you think that you could, you know.” I gestured towards the door. “Just while we get out?”


I glared.


Lily laughed. “Do you always have the affect on people?”

I stepped down the last stair and entered the common room, baggy sweats for my trousers and snoopy shirt that I borrowed from Dixie, the girl really was obsessed. It was late, later than I am usually up. But I couldn’t sleep.

Would the boys really be as horrible as to burn off all of Ellie’s hair?

She loves her hair?

Of course, that’s why they did it, stupid girl.

I pulled the shirt down over my midriff and walked out in to the Common Room, a few hours infront of the open fire would do the trick. I would eventually nod off. I had expected to see the odd student, maybe a seventh year fallen asleep in a book, or a younger student sat on the window sill, like James and I used to do. We were too big now.

What I hadn’t expected to see, was this. Evie.

She was stood up near the fire, her two girlfriends facing her with fearsome stances. Lewis’s cheeks were stained with salty tears and her clothes were different. Where her third button was usually undone on her school blouse, today it was done up. Her hair usually hung down in soft waves, an aspect that I usual envied. But at this moment, it was pulled up.

She, alike me, was barefoot. Her friends wore high-heels. She looked like a scared little girl, she looked…vulnerable. It wasn’t usual.

I had never expected to see her look so innocent, so young.

“-such a slut.” The brunette said.

The blonde companion laughed. “Felicity, little harsh don’t you think?”

Felicity shook her head. “Not in the slightest. Lewis has lost her touch.”

“You’re taking this too far.” Evie snapped. “I have just grown up, it appears that you haven’t.”

“Grown up?” her ‘friend’ echoed. “Lewis, you haven’t grown up, you’ve covered up. You’re not the person that I was friends with. You’re not someone that I would even talk to. Look at you. You’re a disgrace.”

My eyes widened, as if someone would ever treat another human being like that, let alone their friend. “Flick is right,” the other agreed. “We made fun with happy, fun loving Evie. You’re just a depressing cow right now.”

“I’ll get better, I’ll get happier.”

They shook their heads. “Face it, Eve, James Potter was the highlight of your Hogwarts life.”

“You’re done.”

Felicity turned on her heel and stormed past me to get to the stair case. The blonde stopped and blurted to me. “Eves drop much.”

“Bitch much?”

She blinked. “Excuse me?”

“You heard,” I said. “Where do you think you get off talking to someone like that – let alone your friend?”

“She’s no friend of mine.”

I scoffed. “Oh yeah, and who is. Felicity?” She nodded. “Do you honestly think that the moment that you grow up, that won’t be you standing in Evie’s position? You’ll have nothing. Felicity needs to grow a backbone and realise that you can’t treat people like scum. Even if it’s how they treat others.”

“Oh yeah…well, shut up.” She stormed past me; fists clenched and took a left up the staircase towards the fifth year dorms.

I sighed and nodded my head. Typical. I walked over to the couches and sat down. Evie was still stood up. She was infront of the fire. For a moment, I simply looked past her and in to the flames, but then she moved. I half expected her to shout and me, and I was fully prepared for it. Instead, she took three steps towards me and collapsed in to the sofa space next to me.

She undid her tie and threw it on to the chair next to her. “Is that what you felt like?”

I hardly heard it. “I’m sorry?”

“Is that what you felt like?” She repeated. “When I was a cow to you? Is that how I made you feel?”

I shrugged. “Sometimes.” I wasn’t expecting an apology. I didn’t get one. Instead I got a nod of acknowledgment. Her eyes, heavily make-uped began to run. I offered her a tissue from the box on the table infront and she took it gratefully. “Evie, you know that things will get better, right?”

“How?” She wailed.

I wanted to lean forward and put my hand on to her shoulder, offer her care. But I couldn’t seem to do it. My body wouldn’t let me. “It just will. It always does. It did for me.”

“Yeah, well you’re a dog.” She spat. “You deserve a bit of penance.”

I take it all back. She can go and burn in the fire.

She shook her head and looked to me through her watery eyes. “I’m sorry. It just came out.”

“Old habits die hard.” I admitted. My eyes danced in a contemplative fashion. “It’s alright.” She knew as well as I did that that was a lie.

“No, it’s not.” She admitted. “It’s never ok for me to say anything of the sort. I am such a horrible person. You want to know the worst part?” She asked. “I didn’t feel a thing.” My eyes didn’t widen, I wasn’t shocked. “While I spat out insults and acted like a coward, I didn’t once feel sorry for them. Every insult I meant. I didn’t say anything that I didn’t mean.”

“And that’s why you’re in Gryffindor.”

“I’m sorry?” She questioned, abashed.

I smiled warmly. “That’s why you’re in Gryffindor.” I repeated. A caring tone accumulated itself to my voice. “People are put in Gryffindor for loyalty, kindness and courage. You may think of yourself as weak, but look at you.”

“I am a mess.”

“You’ve just stood up for yourself.” I amended. “You’ve face the truth, not something many people can achieve. You’ve admitted to yourself what you have done wrong. You’re feeling guilty.” I could see she was about to protest so I carried on, I wasn’t going to let her interrupt. “You’re loyal,” I added. “While going out with James, you never showed him anything but love. You may not have been all sugar and spice to others, but to him, you were lovely. To yourself you’re loyal, you’ve never once been unsure of who you are. You’re not afraid to speak your mind.” She smiled a little. “You never lie.”

She gave a little shrug. “That’s true.”

“It is.” I nodded. “Evie, you may make a good Gryffindor yet.” She gave a cross between a small smile and a snort. A smorlt.

I stood up and smiled. Sleeping would be near enough to impossible now, no matter where I lay. “Thank you.” She said as I stood. “But if you ever try to stand up for me in public, I will kill you. I would rather just keep that small amount of pride that I have.”

I nodded. “Pride kept, dually noted.”

I was going to be sweet today.

I hadn’t in a while. Not to the degree that I used to be. I was going to achieve make-Dixie-look-like-a-tit type of nice.

I did sleep, but I felt strangely refreshed. Evie was owned. She wouldn’t be rising to my defeat any time soon. Dixie and Ellie, though are arguing constantly, are slowly getting back on track. Kyle is hanging out with Drew. They seem to be apprehensive of each other though. But who wouldn’t be?

Today is a brand new day.

Life is for living. Dealing with unwanted and unnecessary complications isn’t what teenage life is meant for. To hell with it all. I am going to live. I had hurried to the bathroom in a good mood and rushed through my morning routine. Dixie sat on the end of her bed the entire time, ‘telling’ me of Ellie’s treachery. I took more time over my hair, making sure that the ‘messy’ bun was in fact one of those buggers that took ten minutes to actually look ‘messy’.

I slipped on my trousers and my shirt, pulled my sweater vest over the top and did my tie. I saw kohl eyeliner on Dixie’s dresser; she encouraged me to use it. I did. I poked myself in the eye. It hurt.

I quit with that and grabbed my shoes. Leaving Dixie to get dressed in an empty dorm room possibly wasn’t the best of my ideas, but I wanted to see James. As always, he was waiting for me in the Common Room.

I was greeted with a kiss and a hand in mine as we walked. Bliss.

We walked in a comfortable silence; if possible we seemed to be getting closer as we did. Impossible I tell you, impossible. He was staring at me oddly, green eyes gaze looking at my features. I plucked up a pleasant tone and looked to him.

“James, what are you looking at?”

He corners of his lips twitched manically in the protest of my smile. “Just thinking of last night. You’re beautiful.”

“You were supposed to leave the room.”

“But you didn’t say that we had to wait out there long.” He stated. His face was suddenly bright with mischief.

My knuckled grew white as I grasped his hand tighter. “That didn’t mean come back I straight away.”

Unlike me, James seemed unfazed by the entire ordeal. He merely shook his head, a careless grin danced on his features. “I happen to find the red underwear very appealing.” I blushed a little and he nodded shiftily. “I now think of my darling, little girlfriend in a completely different light.”

I arched a brow and jabbed him in the ribs. “This isn’t funny.” I said. “It’s terribly embarrassing.”

“Dare I ask?” The voice wasn’t James. But I could tell rom his expression who actually spoke.

“No,” James snapped. “But I will tell you what you can ask.”

Scorpius shrugged conniving and pushed himself between James and me. I laughed, James on the other hand didn’t find it as funny as I. His hair seemed ruffled, Scorpius never wore that look, but today he seemed to be rocking it. “May I please borrow you, love?” He asked.


Scorpius simply smirked. “I don’t believe that I was asking you, Potter. Nor do I ever refer to you as, ‘love’.”

“…alright.” I said. I was still thoroughly puzzled and didn’t want a fight. I kissed James on the cheek and ignored his look of warning. “I will see you in History of Magic.”

Glancing away, I took Scorpius by the arm and pulled him in the other direction. He rolled his eyes at me. “Is he always that…cheery?”

“You don’t have to ruffle him up so much.” He shrugged and muttered an incredibly sincere apology of ‘sorry’. “So, Scorpius, my darling boy, how can I be of help?”

I ignored the knot forming in my stomach. Scorpius never asked anything from me. I could see he was going to question. “I want to know what Rosie’s doing.”

“I’m sorry?”

I hadn’t expected this outright display of gentlemanliness. It was strange to see such masculine features take on such a desperate look. “I want to know what Rosie does.” He stated again. “She’s avoiding me, so is Al – I can’t get any help through him.”

“Why is-“

“-Al avoiding me?” He finished. “Not a clue, but that’s why I need to find out.” He outstretched his arm a little reluctantly and I took it. “I love her so much, Charisma. I can’t stand the fact that she won’t talk to me.” I observed a flicker of something pass over his eye. It couldn’t be. Scorpius Malfoy was feeling insecure. He saw my open mouthed gaze and glared. “What?”

“Scorp,” I suddenly found words. “I am the reason that you two are so on edge. Do you honestly believe that she is talking to me?” he shrugged. “Look, I love you. You’re like my favorite brother…in the whole world.” He smirked at my analogy. “But Rose is something that I can’t control for you. Trust me, if I could. I would. But I can’t.”

He frowned suspiciously. “Ok.”

“But there is something that I can do.” He nodded. “I have recently become a very good little spy.”

“Ahh,” he cooed. “There’s more Slytherin in you than I though, Miss Price.”

I snorted at his expression, but that was Scorpius for you. “I am not telling you anything that she does. It’s her life, I am not butting in. However, if I do see her doing something that isn’t snogging you while I am, out for a walk per say. I will shove her in your direction.”

“And by shoving her in my direction…?”

“I mean prodding her for information on why she is being such a royal cow.”

“Hey, that’s my girlfriend that you’re talking about.” He was a tinge more perceptive than I had planned. “You know, I think that, that was the first time I have ever had to point out that you were being rude.”

I shrugged. “What can I say? I have grown up.”

“Sure,” he replied and matched my innocent smile.

I waved a good bye as we took note of the time. We were late, very late. I took a right at the end of the corridor as Scorpius took a left. I would head towards Binns classroom. The corridors were filled with suits of armor, old bricks and paintings. What they should not be filled with is frisky teenagers having a heavy snog fest. Especially not these two.

I stopped dead in my tracks as I recognized the red head kissing the brunette.

Rose and Josh.

There was no wonder Albus has been avoiding Scorpius. He knew that his roommate was having an affair with his cousin. Rose on the other hand. She has no excuse.

I resisted the urge to cough and break up their time. His hands held her in ways that I deemed totally inappropriate. I waited for the moment when one looked up and saw me. It didn’t come.

Scorpius is my brother. That dominated everything in this world. Including cheating little red heads. Let’s just say that I was very late to charms that day.

AN: There it was, the next chapter :P I hope that you all enjoyed it!

Rose and Josh!! For those of you that have forgotten (because I know that some of you have :P Don’t worry, I would have too, I am very forgetful) Josh is Albus’s best friend, he is mentioned a few times in previous chapters.

What do you think Charisma will do? Will she go mental, or will she fix it her own way? Maybe she will leave it, let it run its course. Opinions :D

What do you all make on the guys prank - inappropriate or funny? Or any other word that you can think of? What was your favourite part of this chapter? What was your favourite quote? If you hadn’t guessed, this is me fishing for reviews :P Subtle, huh?

The next chapter is the second to last. It’s nearing an end! Wolfsbane, my surrogate child as I like to consider it, is finally coming to an end. The next chapter is called Tongue and Cheek.

Dixie drew a big cross through Gemini. “Is this woman drunk?” She exclaimed. Putting on a mystic voice she mimicked, “As Saturn is in orbit, bla bla bla.” She slammed the magazine down in to her text book and snapped it shut. “Saturn moved out of orbit three weeks ago, Jupiter is blocking whatever hope we have of seeing it. It would be more likely to see old Professor Slughorn performing in a Weight watchers advert.”

“What was that Miss Pruitt?” Asked a passing Flitwick.

She airily waved a hand. “Nothing Professor.”

A little bit of Dixie there for you, there is also a bit of Al in the next one. Many of you seem to love him. I counted it up, the majority of reviewers were Team Freddy, but with team Scorpius coming up close behind. For those of you that voted Team McGonagall, you rock. :D

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